24kay – BLUNTZ (prod. By DEMAR)

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New EP from 24Kay combines grit of streets with smooth flow from one of hip-hop’s hottest new artists

CHARLESTON, SC – Kendrick Fludd – better known by his stage name 24Kay – is an artist best described as a smooth street dude. His impact on the music industry is unique and creative because he’s one of those public figures who play under the radar. But hip-hop’s best kept secret won’t be flying under the radar much longer once his new EP comes out.

“Kickin’ New Flava” is a five-song project that 24Kay describes as “fresh and new.” Collaborating with long-time friend and music producer Demar, 24Kay has created a collection of songs that are sure to make people hit “repeat” over and over. They’re songs people can party to and vibe to and ultimately come with a sound that 24Kay said “nobody has ever heard before.”

“I know the ins and outs of the streets – what to do and not do, or who to talk to or not talk to,” 24Kay said. “But I’m also quiet and nonchalant. That’s why I think of myself as a smooth street dude. I can express myself in a brutally honest way, but also in a joking way. And I make music that people can party to and that can influence them in a positive way. I’ll never be negative. I’m always having fun with it. I’ve been through a lot and cleaned myself up and I think a lot of what people can learn from me through my music.”

24Kay’s journey toward professional music started at age 9 when he would listen to his step-uncle, a professional musician from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The more he listened to his step-uncle’s music, the more he felt drawn to music. He knew it was something he wanted to do and by sixth grade, he was writing his own rhymes. But coming up, he didn’t have much support and help with his music career. He found a way out of Lithonia, Georgia, where he grew up and where the majority of his life struggles originated. Once he got out of that area, things started to pick up. Eventually, he reconnected with his childhood friend, Demar, and they literally created their first song together on the first day they reunited.

Since that time, they’ve worked hard on more music and 24Kay said he’s proud of this new EP. The first single from the project, “Bluntz,” is already getting some major recognition from fans and is trending on Spotify. True to its name, the song is “something you smoke to,” 24Kay said.

“The hook is really catchy and the beat is amazing,” he said. “It’s diverse and a lot of people like it. But at the end of the day, it’s definitely a song you can smoke to and party to and vibe to. It’s a good song all around.”


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