Adrian Julius Ceasar – Red Alert (Hot)

Adrian Julius Ceasar breaks into the Hip Hop scene with bold new track “Red Alert (Hot)”

LOUIS, MO – An up and comer in the Hip Hop industry, Adrian Julius Ceasar is an artist worth looking out for. Caesar has a sound that flawlessly blends Hip Hop with R&B to create gorgeously smooth tracks. His latest song “Red Alert (Hot)” is a stunning example of this.

Ceasar has been making music since he was only 14 years old. “I started off with my mom’s boy friend. He used to make demos and we would try to get him out there, but he never really took off. Eventually, I started doing my own thing. Now I am here and just looking to grow.”

Growing up, Ceasar was surrounded by music. Having been born in the 80’s, he took to artists such as New Edition, Prince and Michael Jackson. “There wasn’t really any particular incident or artist that got me started making music, I just knew that I was good at singing. I had been in the choir growing up and it just grew from there.”

Since his days in the school choir, Ceasar has grown as a musician and created a sound of his own. “My sound is full of energy. It is hype, a sort of mix between Hip Hop and R&B. It is kind of similar to R Kelly in my opinion. My music has a nice vibe that kind of sets me apart from everyone else though.”

Ceasar’s latest track “Red Alert (Hot)” is an amazing example of his smooth sound and overall vibe as a musician. The track was created in a home studio and has a smooth, professional sounding R&B vibe to it. “The song is just really catchy. It doesn’t really have any particular story behind it, but everything I write comes from my life and personal experiences. It is just a constantly moving thing.” To pair with “Red Alert (Hot),” Ceasar will be releasing his latest music video within the next couple of weeks. This exciting track will no doubt come with an amazing visual experience.

With more exciting tracks than just “Red Alert (Hot),” Ceasar is gearing up to release two more singles, “Everywhere I Go” and “Only Lover.” “Everywhere I Go” is a fun and upbeat party track that will be released on December 19, 2020 and “Only Lover” is a sweet song about a childhood romance that Ceasar experienced growing up. This track will be released on January 16, 2021. Ceasar plans to follow both tracks up with music videos as well.

Adrian Julius Ceasar has big plans for the coming year with music, videos and more. His music is available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Pandora, iHeart Radio, and Napster.

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