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Navy Vet turned rapper offers words of encouragement to hurting world with new single ‘Kel 

VENTURA, CA – Not a lot of Rodderick “Anomaly” Smith’s Navy buddies took him serious when he would spend his free time in the barracks writing songs, dreaming of a day when he’d make it big as a recording artist. It got to the point where he just assumed someone was going to criticize him any time he took out a pen and paper to write down some lyrics. But those criticisms never made him stop. In fact, they fueled his fire. And after a while, he began to give them a comeback line that was both empowering and prophetic: “See You When I’m Famous.” 

It’s only appropriate that this would be the title of his forthcoming album, set to drop in the first week of August. The 10-song project is one that Anomaly said will not only prove the haters wrong, but also announce to the rest of the world that he’s an artist worth paying attention to. 

“I want to be known for being 100 percent authentic at all times,” Anomaly said. “I write off whatever I’m feeling at the moment. I’m also a devout pothead and I partake in the devil’s lettuce a lot. I’m real big on my feelings and I’m usually in my head a lot and tend to overthink shit. Whatever I feel at that exact moment, I put flare to it. That’s what this album will be – me using music to make everybody feel that. I’m a super positive person and I try to talk about stuff that’s more uplifting. And with this album, you’ll see that I try to talk to you on the ground level and talk you out of your negative feelings by the end of the song.” 

A good example of that is the debut single “Kel (Hol Up).” It’s a song inspired by Anomaly’s cousin, Kory, who was gunned down by police in 2008. Though it starts off with hurt and downtrodden emotions, by the end of the song, listeners are brought to a more hopeful view of the future. Featuring Anomaly’s signature Trap and R&B fusion, the single is one that is already turning heads along the West Coast. 

“I blend rapping and singing but I’m not a crooner,” Anomaly said. “My voice is deeper. This song shows my voice off. I remember the feeling I had when I first heard about Kory dying, and those feelings match a lot of the way I’m feeling now with all the shit going on in our world. So this is a song about me being down and out and depressed about a lot of shit and being in my own head and basically relating to a lot of other people feeling the same things. It’s one of the first times I’ve been able to be that transparent on a song, but everybody who has heard it so far has said they’ve felt it and can relate to it.” 

Anomaly said “Kel (Hol Up)” is just one of a diverse offering of songs that he will display with the new album. He has multiple styles, with a voice that is distinct and undeniable. When that robust voice combines with a unique ability to find the pocket on every beat he’s on, it makes for something out of the norm … an anomaly.  

There’s definitely something different worth checking out with this fast-rising West Coast artist. To listen to his music or to follow him on social media, please visit:

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