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Ashley Aurora – No Matter What | @theashleyaurora

Ashley Aurora brings energy-infused pop with an edge
with new single and EP

HOLLYWOOD, CA – When Ashley Aurora was very young – no older than 4 – she very matter-of-
factly and definitively informed her mother that she was going to move to Hollywood and
become a star.

While at the time it was something for her family to laugh about, the highly talented Aurora has
displayed over and over again in her life just how serious she was about that statement. And
she made good on her promise when she moved to Hollywood to pursue music and performing professionally. Now, with the release of her new single and a forthcoming EP, she’s ready to
make good on the second half of that promise as she’s on a fast track to stardom.

The single is called “No Matter What,” and it’s an upbeat, energy-infused pop/EDM-inspired
vibe that talks about knowing what you want in life and going after it no matter what.

“I’d give anything for everything,” Aurora said. “I know what I want and I’m not ashamed of
that. I’m going out for it and having a good time doing it. I hope this song is inspirational for
others while being upbeat and fun.”

Aurora said that most of the music she creates is upbeat because that reflects how she sees the
world, and though she does have a wide range of tempos and moods featured in her music she
admits that her work is mainly upbeat and energizing.

“I’ve loved music all of my life and that’s the kind of music that speaks to me the most,’ she
said. “I was maybe 3 or 4 years old when I heard Britney Spears for the first time and I
remember her music just made me want to dance. It made me happy. Over the years that kind
of music has always been what gets me through the day. It gets me through my workouts or
through tough moments. It helped me do my chores – in fact, when I was little I’d make up
songs about the chores as I was doing them. I guess that was my first songwriting. I’ve been
singing ever since.”

Aurora is quick to point out that though she does lean toward energetic and exciting music,
she’s not at all one-sided. Upbeat pop with a youthful feminine sound is her norm. But she also
embraces a darker side with rock and trap inspired pop, and edgier lyrical themes.

“I guess you could say on the surface I’m straight pop, but if you look a little closer some of it is dark pop. My music is something I hope everyone can relate to on different levels. Sometimes it can take you deeper and make you think a little bit more about certain themes of your life. But it’s all still fun catchy pop music.”, Aurora said.

“No Matter What” is the first single off of the upcoming EP “In The Eye of the Perfect Storm,”
which is slated to drop later this spring.

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