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Asi Nicole – Rich Dollaz (Prod by Akan Drummin) | @Asi__Nicole

Small-town talent aims to catch attention of entire nation
with major opening acts this summer

CHESAPEAKE, VA – Asi Nicole is a little-known artist with an extensive resume who is about to burst onto the scene in a big way. Her powerhouse vocals and witty wordplay have caught the attention of some of the country’s most prominent hip-hop artists, and the result is a lineup of opportunities in front of her that will soon have people from East to West Coast knowing her name.

That pathway to superstardom will start in May when she opens for Kendrik Lamar, and will continue throughout the summer as she tours and performs at various other venues around the country before capping it off with an opening performance for Chris Brown in July. But that’s not the beginning of her journey. In fact, Asi Nicole has been on the music scene for about 10 years, and originally started her music career at only age 14.

It started merely as a hobby. She loved poetry and used it as an outlet for her emotions and to get her through the struggles of teenage life. She soon discovered that she could sing and rap and her poems quickly became songs that were catching the attention of friends and family.

“My first time recording was on my mother’s cell phone singing Keyshia Cole’s single ‘Love,’” she recalls. “As I continued through my high school years and started expanding my horizon of music, I began to write my own lyrics. Once I found a studio that I felt comfortable recording at, I began to save and invest in myself as an atist, and I put time and effort into my lyrics. I began to study other artists, such as Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, Missy Elliot, TLC, SWV, Escape and others. This molded me into the artist I am today and gave me the confidence to just take a chance and do something that I love.”

That hard work paid off, and soon Asi Nicole was performing at venues such as Shaka’s, Vertigo, Baxter’s, Island Twist, Spades and the Norva. She’s been booked to perform at parties, hosted club events, made cameos in music videos, and been featured on radio shows such as Cheesetown Radio of Chesapeake, Virginia and Highly Unique Radio out of Atlanta.

“With the purpose of unleashing the truth and daring anyone listening to not be able to sing or rap along and bounce to the beats, I make it my mission to talk to the people through my music,” she said. “With the experience that I’ve gained and the paths that are presenting themselves before me, I’m ready to take my artistry to the next level. I want to make music that produces a sound that fits everyone’s mood. And eventually I want to be a global artist. But more than anything I want people to see that music is my passion. It’s something that I love deeply. It makes me feel good, and I hope my music makes other people feel good, too.”

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