M3LO Capone Drops “Paper Route” Visual

The song “Paper Route” describes how M3LO made a full turn around from being on the block and not doing anything productive to rerouting and taking a lane only dedicated to money and making every second a dollar making decisions.


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Melvin Ector, also known as M3lo Capone (born January 26, 2000), is an American rapper/songwriter born and raised in Chicago, IL.

M3lo started rapping at the age of 13 while seeing other major artists rap about their lives and wanted to hear his own voice on the radio. This instantly turned into a passion while at the same time kept him out of the streets. He found himself doing something positive at certain times when things could have gone left while living in Chicago.

The three rappers that influenced him to start making music the way he did was Speaker Knockerz, OJ Da Juiceman and Waka Flocka Flame. 

Nell Da Juggernaut Drops Jupiter 2 Deluxe



Cleveland rapper, Nell Da Juggernaut, found his calling during an especially dark time when his grandma was in a coma. While going through this depressive time, he began writing rhymes to keep his grip on sanity. After she passed away, he began pursuing music full-time. Within a few years, he started recording himself and brought his gritty, witty, relentless, ruthless street style to his 2018 debut EP, Jupiter hosted by DJ Ryan Wolf.

A native of Cleveland’s often-dangerous Southside (U.T.W), Nell Da Juggernaut found himself in trouble early on in life. By age 15, he was on the brink of crashing out. He began rapping while focusing on himself and his craft and took it more seriously when he realized it was therapeutic for him. He released his first song, “Spazzing,” in April 2017. From there, the rapper quickly ascended, self-releasing several singles like Kick, 6PM in Cleveland & Thoroughbred. He soon caught the attention of national-level stars. Then collaborated with Trapaholics & DJ Ryan Wolf on Jupiter 2.

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Rio – Last Daze of Summer: Arcade Edition


Just in time for the changing of the seasons, as the clock springs us into longer days and warmer nights, Dolla Billz Music Group CEO, and artist, Rio drops off his latest musical installment “Last Daze of Summer: Arcade Edition”. The definitive version of his breakthrough EP sets the perfect score for summer city cruising, intimate gatherings, poured libations, and rolled indulgences. It’s worthy to note that a good half of the project’s production was undertaken by the man himself. With the laid-back flows and contemporary nostalgic vibes on “Last Daze of Summer”,  this ode to life, under city lights, is posed to be an instant classic.
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JMC Bugatti Drops His Latest Album Titled “The Fall Of P”


Originally born in Bennettsville, South Carolina, JMC Bugatti or Gatti as his peers call him grew up all over North Carolina. Claiming Rockingham North Carolina as his hometown he gained a lot of life lessons in the Tre 4 area of the state Winston Salem, Greensboro, & High Point. Music was always around Gatti as he grew from either singing in the church choir or his grandfather recording him at the young age of 13. His grandfather, a lifelong musician with his main instrument being the guitar taught him everything he possibly could. 
Gatti met Rockaway, a producer from New Jersey City with the same name at the age of 15. Rockaway introduced Gatti to countless artists but the main one that stuck was MF DOOM & NAS. Over the years he’s elevated his craft and met countless producers and artists which has made for some amazing music. 9 projects since 2015 the growth and versatile style is shining more than ever what’s truly next for Gatti..guess we’ll see.
“The Fall Of P” is a love story of a young man distracted by temptation. Gatti struggles to gain his true love back expressing his feelings of regret and pain. 
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Vandes Jackson Drops Visual Titled “Old Dude” @vandesjackson_



Chicago Native “Vandes Jackson” releases the visuals for “Old Dude”.  An incredible record! You can definitely feel the energy from the production to the lyrics.  Vandes shows a smooth side of a city that’s mostly known for drill music. It’s safe to say versatility to the finest degree is the code of ethics Jackson has followed as he continues to show the world just how dangerous he is musically. Written by Vandes, Produced by level, he is no stranger to wearing multiple hats.  He is currently working on new music to be released in 2021 linking with some of the top Artists in the industry.  Watch “Old Dude” now on youtube & follow this rising star below.

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Meet NickYardy, A Many Of Many Talents Including Producer, An Entrepreneur Specializing In Internet Marketing & Stocks!


Nicholas Hunter, also well-known by the name NickYardy, is a 24 year-old entrepreneur who is taking over the social media space. Hunter primarily specializes in his social media marketing business, but also owns a clothing line and owns his own record label as a producer. He is also a skilled investor in the stock market in which he has made as much as $15,000 in just one day of trading stocks. Hunter is known for using his strong social media platform which boasts over 120,000 followers to help educate people on important subjects such as trading stocks.

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Vs Friz Drops New “16 Shots Later” Album

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Sixteen shots and he hasn’t just survived – he’s thrived!  Nicholas Friz a.k.a. VsFriz was born in Flint, Michigan and out of adversity and is set to conquer the music world.  He spent most of his childhood growing up in Baltimore, Maryland after his older brother he idolized was murdered due to gun violence.  This loss and his urban circumstances greatly influenced the drive and determination VsFriz has in his bourgining music career.

VsFriz has a sound that echoes the strength that can’t be manufactured or fabricated – it’s all gutter.  Deep-rooted from the experiences of living life in urban mayhem and fighting to make his own place in this world.  His unmatched, soul-stirring content is winning fans over one song at a time and making industry heavy hitters take notice.  He is a breath of fresh air in a scene polluted with mumble rappers and marketing experiments.  He is an example of the purpose of hip-hop; to express the feelings of the people with all the odds stacked against them, but continue to persevere. 

As he started to make his way in music, he was hit with sixteen shots – literally.  VsFriz sustained injuries and rehabilitation beyond what the average person could even fathom – yet alone survive.  VsFriz rebuilt himself and continued on with making his music and setting his sights to make his mark in music.  It is definitely his time now!

I got another chance my family and supporters inspired me to keep going after I was shot. I’ve never really realized how many people I’ve touched and inspired until I got an endless amount of love and support in the hospital. So many people told me I made them keep going at their lowest points and I motivated them to get money and shine!
-Vs Friz

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Fre$h drops his highly anticipated visual for “Bottomless Mimosas” @elvisfreshley

WATCH HERE Fre$h is back with his re-release of his single, “Bottomless Mimosas“, this time with a high quality visual showcasing a story of too many mimosas. “Bottomless Mimosas” was inspired by actual events. I had a girl who went to brunch with her girls then out of nowhere started texting me obscenities of what she was gonna do to me when she leaves. It was so inspirational I had to sing about it. The video which drops on the same day portrays a more comical version of that evening, kept it PG for the kids.. -Fre$h

Rising Jackson, MS star, Parkway Man, showcases his lifestyle in his new visual “Neat Freak” Featuring Babyface Ray


Jackson MS rising star, Parkway Man, drops his latest visual featuring Babyface Ray titled “Neat Freak”. In this visual, Parkway showcases his lifestyle and authenticity alongside Detroit’s own, Babyface Ray.
Premiering on WSHH Dec. 30th, the video has already garnered over 2.8M views
“I reached out to Azae and he brought my vision to life”
-Parkway Man
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