Bre Lee – IDFWY

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Deep South rapper cuts to the core
with new EP ‘Guilty By Association 2’

PENSACOLA, FL – Bre Lee grew up on the east side of Pensacola, Florida – a part of town that she said is filled with nothing but bad kids and bad influences. It’s what she came from, and that wrong crowd influenced her in ways she isn’t always proud of. But now, her whole life is switched around and she can thank music for it.

For the past three years, Bre Lee has been creating music that cuts to the core and makes people take a second look at their pre-conceived notions. Her first mixtape, “Guilty By Association,” gained her major attention throughout the South as it explored real-life situations and everyday struggles. The project took an unabashed look at the good and bad of her life – from her arrest to her brother being shot, and how her love of music brought her through such difficult times. And following the success of that project, she’s set to drop a follow-up mixtape this April with “Guilty By Association 2.”

“This one, I switched up the flow in ways that I think will grab more attention,” she said. “It’s music for all crowds and it shows off how I can rap and sing, and I don’t use auto-tune. I don’t sound like other artists coming out of Atlanta, and I can switch it up whenever. I’m very versatile.”

When listening to her music, most people will notice right off the bat her deep southern drawl. When listening closer, fans will discover an incredible lyrical flow with a witty wordplay that is simultaneously catchy and convicting. The single, “IDFWY”, is a perfect example of this. This debut single from the upcoming mixtape is an up-tempo song that Bre said is guaranteed to grab people’s attention.

“It’s about not hanging with the crowd you used to hang with because they’re not on the same page you’re on anymore,” she said. “It’s about making that hard choice to walk away – whether it’s because they’re not supporting you or they hate you because you’re not where they want you to be. It’s a great song to show what I want my music to be about. I want to let people know that whatever they’re going through in life, they should not give up. Keep going. There’s always someone going through something worse and no matter what you’re going through, you can always make a way out of it.”

In addition to music, Bre Lee is pursuing other entertainment business avenues including a clothing line called GMP which stands for Get Money Pro.

“You’re a hustler, no matter what you do,” Bre said. “GMP is about doing whatever you need to do to get some money by any means, regardless.”

Bre said she’s excited for people to become part of the GMP brand and to enjoy more of the music she’s preparing to release throughout the year.

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