Stand-In – Burn It Down

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Former dancer for P!NK taps into magic combination of pop/punk and lo-fi ambience on new EP 

LOS ANGELES, CA – After years as a professional dancer, touring the world with P!NK’s “Beautiful Trauma World Tour,” West Coast multi-faceted artist Anthony “STAND-IN” Westlake has launched a new career as a recording artist. His debut EP “This One’s For The Skinny Jeans In High School” is an alt-rock, pop punk, heavy guitar-driven angst-fest of heart-felt sounds and vibes that serves as a great introduction to the originality of this young up-and-coming musician.  

“This EP is all of the shit I would have liked to say if I had the balls to when I was in high school, and how I would have liked to say it,” he said. “I had a relationship with a songwriter, and when it went south, I realized I had fallen out of love with her and into love with the thing she loved (songwriting). I was in a weird head space, and though I had never been one to write down what I was feeling, I decided to try songwriting. While on tour In Europe, I bought a small audio interface, grabbed a guitar and I still remember on June 13, 2019, while we were in Amsterdam, I loaded up Logic for the first time and tried to put the thoughts I’d written down into a song. I did that for the next three months while in Europe when I had the freedom to, and when we came back to LA I built a home studio and dove into it. I don’t know when it became serious, but I feel like it’s always been a part of me. The more I do it, the more I realize how important music really has been to me.” 

STAND-IN went on to say that his first inclination when approaching songwriting was to explore sounds within the lo-fi, R&B world. He was writing about love, relationships and breakups. He said it felt natural to incorporate sounds from those genres to go with his lyrics. After a year of producing and writing every day, he hit a point where he was uninspired and almost burnt out on the music he was making. He started searching for new sounds and took a deep dive into some of his old playlists from high school – the type of music he listened to when his jeans were too tight and his hair had too much gel in it, including artists such as Fall Out Boy, All Time Low, and Blink-182, among others. The alt-rock, pop-punk sound started to evoke memories, and he remembered how much that kind of music impacted him. Soon after, he realized there’s a new wave of that sound emerging in the industry. As he started creating and emulating some of what he’d been listening to, songs just started flowing out of him. 

The stand-out track on the project is a great example of the magic that came from that process. “Burn It Down” is a narrative that he said a lot of people will be able to relate to. It’s about a relationship that you know is going nowhere, yet you try to convince yourself that you can make it through.  

“You know it’s doomed, but you wanna stay in it because it still feels good,” STAND-IN said. “It’s those last fleeting moments leading up to when it breaks you. When I finished ‘Burn It Down,’ it was the first time I felt like I was making music that came from a real place. It’s a little scary because it feels like a piece of me. I definitely still incorporate a lot of lo-fi and R&B elements into my music, but ‘Burn It Down’ was really my first step into the pop/punk world which, at least for now, is the type of music I want to be making.” 

More music is definitely coming, STAND-IN said. But first he’s eager for new listeners to check out his debut EP. “This One’s For The Skinny Jeans In High School” goes live on all streaming platforms May 28.

To listen to STAND-IN’s music, or to find him on social media, please visit the following links: 

This One’s For The Skinny Jeans In High School! EP on Soundcloud  

@canyoustandin Instagram 




Z-Gang – Home Cooking 2

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Chicago Rapper and ‘Street Teacher’ Z-Gang Brings New Flavors on Home Cooking 2 

“It’s real. Take it serious. I’m teaching the youth. This ain’t just boppity bop music. You’ll hear my words clearly,” says Chicago rapper Z-Gang. Drawing on a wealth of backstory from being an acrobat as a child with the Jesse White Tumblers to helping to keep peace in the streets to recovering from a severe car accident, this rapper has no shortage of perspective to offer. He brings those viewpoints—as well as his own stories—to Home Cooking 2, his second EP, due out May 28. 

Coming on the heels of Home Cooking 1, dropped at Thanksgiving 2020, the new EP continues to introduce the artist, with the help of impressive guest-stars  Katiegotbandz and Matisse Love. He feels blessed to have surrounded himself with such a strong and supportive team. It is a bit like cooking a meal with people you like and how much better the food tastes. 

Like home cooking. Smiling audibly as he explains the title, Z-Gang says “It’s like home cooking. It’s the best of everything. It’s seasoned well. There’s nothing like it.” The artist has been around long enough to see trends come and go and therefore to be confident he offers listeners something new. One song on the EP, “New Shxt,” celebrates that power of innovation and growth.  

Yet, the rapper himself nearly wasn’t here to make the song at all. “People don’t know I died in a car accident in 2019. I couldn’t walk. Everything felt like it was over. I couldn’t stay sitting still. I had to get back to me. I was working two jobs. I had to stop working ’cause I couldn’t stand long. I got back up, and I ain’t sitting down,” he promises. In that spirit, he’s already formed his own label where he is the manager, producer, artist, and everything else.  

Another standout track is the party song “Left Right,” a challenge song featuring Queen of Drill Katiegotbandz.  

But the artist has a more sensual side too, one on display in “You,” a song he says is for the ladies. “It’s summertime in the islands, you’re with your significant other,” he says, trailing off to imply where the songs leads. “It’s a hip hop song and an R&B song,” Z-Gangs says. 

Despite the versatility he displays on the new project, there’s one thing you’ll never hear him do, and that’s glamourize the gang lifestyle.  “I don’t condone that gang-banging stuff. I’m Z-Gang, but that’s Zillionaire Gang because we’re about earning and growth. Not hanging out on the street,” he explains. He’s even acquired the well-earned nickname “the Street Teacher” for his peacekeeping efforts. “I’ve stopped shootouts from happening. I’ve done a lot in my community. I actually teach the street kids to stop doing what they’re doing, even though they ain’t gonna listen. At my studio, two oppositions were there, and I made them work together and shoot a video together. Nobody went to jail and nobody got shot,” he says.  

Z-Gang’s second EP, Home Cooking 2, will be out everywhere May 28. 

Little Moses – The Rain Came Falling Down

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Jazz, Funk and Blues adopt modern-day twist on sophomore album from hit-maker Little Moses Jones 

DENVER, CO – Little Moses Jones has always been an overachiever when it comes to music. At 5 years old he answered music’s calling before his feet could even touch the floor when sitting at a piano bench, and for the next 30 years he continued his devotion to learning and perfecting as many facets of the art and industry as possible. Today he’s become known as one of the most expressive musicians in the Jazz, R&B, Funk and Blues genres, and his latest album “The Rain Came Falling Down” is a blast of amazing sounds and vibes that feature award-winning artists from Gladys Knight, Earth, Wind & Fire, and Dotsero.  

Overachiever? Indeed. But if this new project shows anything it’s that Little Moses isn’t resting on his laurels. This second funk and blues-oriented project is a powerful expression of big band music perfect for the atmosphere and environment of today’s music industry. Not only does it indicate that there are many more good things to come from Little Moses over the next decades, but it also shows the world an artist at the top of his game presenting a mastery of his art. 

The debut single from the project is the perfect example of how Little Moses is tapped in at the height of his game. Taking its name from the project, the single “The Rain Came Falling Down” features artists Tim Huston, Jazzie J, and Tony Exum Jr. The song originated with Huston, who at the time had been writing a song for the legendary Anita Baker. He’d been wanting to work with Little Moses for a while, and when the latter provided some music for Huston to listen to, things just clicked. 

“He put his lyrics with my music and when they came together it just turned out nice,” Little Moses said. “It has a nice soul, funk, contemporary sound, with lyrics that talk about relationships and splitting ways and moving on. I’ve always been a big band guy with that old-school, big type of sound. I like to play with the funk and old-school sounds, but then add in new elements to create a fresh vibe. You can hear a lot of influences, like Earth Wind & Fire, Kool and the Gang, and Bruno Mars. I just like good old music – the kind of music that used to mean something. Nowadays I feel like a lot of music doesn’t have a lot of meaning, and I want to get back to that true essence. I’m providing great music for people to listen to and enjoy.” 

If his accolades are any indication, fans all over the world are loving the music that he’s bringing. Through his career he’s mastered multiple instruments – all of the various saxophones, piano, tuba, drums and other percussion instruments, and more – and he’s built and directed dozens of highly successful dance and party bands. He’s performed more than 1,500 live concerts, and managed and assisted many other artists toward successful careers. His previous album “Legendary” hit No. 1 on the Latin Jazz R&B Funk & Blues charts, and his radio show LMSS Radio has thousands of regular listeners from all over the world.  

Following the release of “The Rain Came Falling Down,” Little Moses said he plans on releasing a couple more singles later this year – “Making Crazy” and “Perfect For Me.” To listen to his music, or to follow him on social media, please visit the following links: 












Jobbaloon – Days

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Detroit duo Jobbaloon welcomes fans into otherworldly experience with debut album ‘The Invitation’ 

DETROIT, MI – It’s difficult to describe the music of Jobbaloon. It’s psychedelic, but catchy. It’s spiritual, but poppy. It’s thoughtful and serious but contains elements of dark humor, satire and straight-up silliness (as the duo humorously puts it in their bio, “Their commitment to never sell out is unwavering…except for the purpose of professional success, in which case there is no limit to the level that they would compromise their principles.”) It doesn’t fit into just one specific genre, yet it remains universally appealing enough to be enjoyed by any type of music fan. It could almost be considered singer-songwriter (with acoustic guitar, piano, and lilting, emotional vocal melodies) but has electronic elements that you might hear in a modern-day pop beat. It seems no musical instrument is off-limits – from strings and horns, to synth sounds and trap high hats, reminiscent of the experimental aspects of the baroque pop of the 1960s.  

That said, Jobbaloon’s premier album, “The Invitation” is just plain good music, with a plethora of very positive reviews to back up that claim. It’s an album meant to be listened to from beginning to end, in one sitting, as if being guided on a mystical, musical journey. Similar to Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” or The Beatles’ “Sergeant Pepper,” it’s a cohesive piece of art. It begins and ends with spoken-word by a Jamaican Zen Master, book-ending six single-worthy tracks, including the upbeat and undeniably catchy “Days,” whose music video is a reimagining of the famous “Singin’ in the Rain” scene 

Hailing from Detroit, Jobbaloon is doing something very unusual as it pertains to their current local music scene. With Jack White-influenced garage-rock being a staple sound in the city, a Jobbaloon show is less like seeing a band, and more like a psychedelic experience, complete with abstract video projection, an atmospheric light show, smoke, confetti, and more – all sitting atop electronic music and live singing. Their new live show format, known as Jobbaloon 2.0, is sure to give audiences a truly unique experience, when it debuts later this year. 

If that all sounds too serious, please be directed to their satirical web series, “Pastor Roy” – a fictional Westboro Baptist Pastor (in the vein of Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat) who condemns everything from pop icons and democrats in his online sermons, to everyday people he interviews in his man-on-the-street segments. Its dark, offensive humor will have you simultaneously laughing out loud and cringing, much like the antics of Tim and Eric, Eric Andre, or the work of the late Andy Kaufman. The resulting online controversy, and that confusion that the majority of audiences experience when they can’t tell if it’s real or satire, is enjoyed by its creators.  

The best way to learn about Jobbaloon is to experience the project for yourself by visiting the links below. 

Social Media: 

Official Website:  




Music links: 

The Invitation album, on all streaming platforms: 




Youtube Channel: 


Days” Music Video: 


Pastor Roy” Web series: 





Lord Divine – Whatcha Gon Do?

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Rapper Lord Divine offers aggressive street anthem with new single ‘Watcha Gon Do’ 

ATLANTA, GA – A new street anthem from Atlanta-based rapper Lord Divine is here to put snitches on notice that they better watch their backs. “Watcha Gon Do” is an upbeat jam that will get people hyped, whether they’re in the clubs or just hanging with friends. It’s aggressive and filled with energy that’s sure to get people turnt, which is exactly what Lord Divine was going for when he created the hit single. 

“It’s a song that says, ‘You better watch your mouth when you talk to me,’” Lord Divine said. “I’m on another level that you can’t see. We don’t f*ck around! I will tie you up and lay you down if you don’t watch yourself. So whatcha gon do?” 

Originally from New York, this fast-rising rapper has a distinct accent and attitude that comes with his years growing up in The Bronx. Though he still reps New York, he’s been pursuing his career as a recording artist full-time in Atlanta for the past few years. And it’s in Atlanta that he’s discovered his signature sound and style. 

“I’m talking about real-life situations in my music,” he said. “I’m dropping real bars with real situations. I’m in your face. A lot of people compare me to 50 Cent or DMX. I bring storytelling that’s honest and brash and has that aggressive vibe. But the ladies also like what I bring. I’m keeping it street, but I’m making it accessible to anybody.” 

Lord Divine said he first started writing rhymes while he was serving time in prison. He was charged with 15-years-to-life on a drug charge, and during his time inside he became known as the guy who could write really good letters. The other inmates would come to him asking for letters to their wives or lovers, with clever poems or thoughtful quips to help their relationships along, or even entice those women to make regular visits.  

“My penmanship was really good, and one of the dudes saw the rhymes in my letters and was like, ‘This is hot right here! You should be a rapper,’” Lord Divine said. “I didn’t think much of it at first, but then I had one of my little homies show me how to count bars and when I got that down pat, I had 8 million stories to tell. It was non-stop from there. That’s the biggest thing people can expect from me as an artist – stories. Some will make you laugh. Some will make you cry. It’s a roller-coaster with me. But I have a lot of things to talk about, and I know I’m gonna be an icon in the game because of what I’m bringing. My sound is totally different than what’s in the industry right now. I just feel like I’m the bridge between the old and the young. I’m that voice to bring everything together, and I definitely will be one of the greats.” 

To listen to Lord Divine’s music, or to follow him on social media, please visit the following links: 

All social media: @lorddivine100

Traakoo – Bout Time

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Traakoo ‘The Famous Gasser’ puts turnt up sound to the test with new single ‘Bout Time’ 

LOS ANGELES, CA – Traakoo (pronounced “TRAY-Ko”), born Tyshawn Tray-vion Edwards, is not your typical artist. Born and raised in several different parts of Los Angeles County throughout his younger years, the 20-year-old emcee has developed a level of talent that far surpasses his age. His West Coast roots developed a deep appreciation for the LA culture, and growing up he bumped artists such as Snoop Dogg, E-40, and The Game. But his knowledge of the hip-hop industry also gave him a deep appreciation of East Coast rappers such as Jay-Z and 50 Cent. It helps that his uncles provided strong figures in his musical life and upbringing, introducing a young Traakoo to these artists’ music as well as sharing their own raps with him. This jump-started Traakoo’s passion, and at just 6 years old he began picking up a mic and reciting lyrics that were written for him. He hasn’t looked back since, leading him to partner with his uncle to form STACK Entertainment Group, where he released his first EP “The Famous Gasser EP.” Releasing music professionally over the past six years has led to Traakoo branching off with his own Label called GASSER Entertainment, as well as his own clothing merch store. 

But even with that rich background and business progression, Traakoo feels like he hasn’t gotten the respect he deserves. At such a young age he’s still a veteran of the industry and has the kind of high-quality sound that should stand out from a crowd. And so with his latest single released on his new label, “Bout Time,” he’s sending a message to the world that he’s an artist and boss who demands attention. 

“I’ve been rapping since I was 9 and I’ve been good at it for a long time,” Traakoo said. “I’ve been building a brand and a name, but people have been throwing dirt on my name. So this song is basically about my respect. I’ve been doing this for a long time and you need to give me respect.” 

More than anything, Traakoo said he labels himself as a Gasser – “The Famous Gasser,” to be more precise. Any song he lays vocals on, he gasses it. One of the sayings he’s become known for, and shows up in all of his songs, is “I’m Finna’ Gas This Bitch, Aye!” He’s an artist who owns this unique niche within the hip-hop genre that is all about gassin’. Essentially, he’s created a sound and style that no one else is doing the way he does it. He’s even gone so far as to make the gas emoji the official symbol of his brand, and you can see that symbol in almost all of his music videos and featured on a lot of the clothes and jewelry he wears on a daily basis. 

“I make turnt up music,” he said. “I make aggressive music. I’m gassin’. When you turn me on you’ll know I’m that famous gasser who is gonna get you pumped up and get you lit. If you’re at a party and it’s boring, put my music on and it’s gonna get you jumpin.” 

To further showcase this style, Traakoo says he plans to release another single called “Gas A Lot” within the next month to serve as the perfect summer song. With diverse styles, Traakoo has also had success with singles like “Dollar $ign” and “AirBNB.” He’s also working on an EP set to drop later this year called “Something for the Ladies.” Traakoo is definitely someone you want to keep your eyes and ears on. 

To listen to Traakoo’s music, check out his merch, or to follow him on social media, please visit the following links: 


“Bout Time” 

BabyChuckii – Family

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Baby Chuckii inspires others through transparent truth on hot new single ‘Family’ 

ATLANTA, GA – Claudel Fabien has never had the kind of family life that most would call ideal. At age 13 his mother passed away, and on the day of her funeral his dad kicked him out of the house. He remained homeless for a little more than a year before his best friend took him in. He has two sisters and a brother who don’t talk to him, and on the random times he would interact with his father in his teenager years it was contentious, at best. Essentially, he grew up without a family and had to learn to fend for himself and do whatever he had to do to survive.  

That’s the story he weaves with clever-but-aggressive wordplay on his latest single “Family,” which is currently available across all streaming platforms. Operating under the stage name Baby Chuckii – a name given to him in elementary school when he was dared by another student to stab someone with a pencil … and he did – this up-and-coming Southern rapper has a pocket full of stories and a determination to succeed in the industry. With those two things combined, he’s on a mission to make music that inspires other people to push through any hardship to achieve the dreams they have for themselves. 

“Everybody has a story,” Baby Chuckii said. “Everybody came from somewhere and has their story to tell. What sets me apart is that I can’t rap about nothing else but that. Other rappers usually tell their stories and then drift off into other realms of rap. I can’t do that because there’s just too much of a story to tell. This first song, ‘Family,’ is just the tip of the iceberg for me. It’s the beginning of what happened with me in life, and it’s all truth.” 

Inspired by artists like Lil Baby, Rod Wave, and NBA YoungBoy, Baby Chuckii has developed a sound and style that is all his own. He has a distinct cadence, and the raw edge of his delivery definitely captures the tension that permeates his life while also building energy from which listeners all over the world can draw. But more than anything, he makes music that shares raw, unaltered truth. 

“I really want people to hear it and know that the struggle is not everlasting,” he said. “That’s why my label is called Mind Over Matter. I came from the deepest part of hell and I made it out. I want everyone to know that no matter what the issue is or problem is, it’s not forever. The storm comes and then the sun comes back out. At one point in my life I thought it was over. People thought I would die before I turned 21, or end up in prison. Thank God those things didn’t happen to me. And I want people to see my story and to know that no matter the odds that are stacked up against you, there’s nothing out of your control to change your circumstances.” 

In addition to “Family,” Baby Chuckii said he has another single called “On My Block” that should drop later this summer. To listen to his music, or to follow him on social media, please visit the following links: 

The Artist 9 – Smile

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 The Artist 9 Lifts Our Collective Spirit With New Single “Smile” 

With his bright, upbeat new single, The Artist 9 makes us all “Smile.” The song’s smooth percussion helps ring in the spring season. As COVID restrictions come down, “Smile” serves as a welcome transition back to the outside world. “And I said hey,” sings the Artist 9. “Them problems gon go away/I promise girl it’s okay/I wanna see you smile.”  

But The Artist 9 has many more cards in his hands. He expressed pride in another new track, “My Boo.” “That was really catchy,” said The Artist 9. “It’s got a fast-paced beat to it, and it has a different sound to it. It’s a good song for people to drive and listen to. All good energy.”  

The Artist 9’s manager and business partner, Lavale Byrd, emphasized his passion for “My Boo.” “That track is hot,” said Lavale. “It’s gonna be a banger. The sound is pure originality. There’s no Autotune on it or anything like that. ‘Smile’ is the music that a lot of audiences are looking for.”  

The Artist 9 refuses to be classified or have his craft isolated within a single genre. “The Artist 9 doesn’t make trap music because he’s not a trap guy,” Lavale explained. “He’s a college kid. We don’t have time for flashy. We’re trying to open up an avenue for people. Whether there’s somebody that’s 65 or 15, we want them to hear it and understand it.”  

Another important element of The Artist 9’s music is his willingness to look closely at tragedy. 9’s song “See Me Blow” mourns the loss of a dear friend who passed too early. “His name was Derek,” remembered The Artist 9. “He was killed in a motorcycle accident a couple of years back. It didn’t just affect me. It affected everyone around me.” “See Me Blow” finds The Artist 9 reflecting on the fragility of life. “I stay alert,” he explained. “I stay watching around.”  

Fans of The Artist 9’s work should pay attention. He gave some details of his upcoming album release. “My World will be the name of the next project to drop,” said The Artist 9. “It’s just gonna be me giving you all these different sides, or places that I’m in when I made these songs. That’s what I want to go for as an artist.”  

Committed to diversifying his sound, The Artist 9 assured fans that they should never expect him to be comfortable with a single musical style. “You’re never going to get one type of music from me,” vowed The Artist 9. “Because I feel like I’m not one type of person. I feel like everybody has moments where they want to open up. Moments when they want to be hype. So I speak for the unspoken.”   

The Artist 9’s music comes courtesy of Lavale Byrd and Kloud 9 Records, an independent record label located in northern Alabama. “The Artist 9 will be the first mainstream artist to come out of this area,” proclaimed Lavale. “We stay humble, we stay focused. And we make dreams a reality.”  

Stream the Artist 9’s music, and follow him on all social media channels, via the links below.  

Instagram : @_kloud9records / @theartist9_ 

Twitter: @_Kloud9Records / @theartist9_ 


TikTok: @TheArtist9_ 

Big-T the Mayor – Shake That

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Club-ready dance vibe ‘Shake That’ drops just in time for the summer from hip-hop veteran Big-T The Mayor 

ATLANTA, GA – Big-T The Mayor is a name that’s been familiar to music industry insiders for many years, but which many music lovers haven’t heard. He’s one of the best veterans of the game, working with other notorious artists on smash hits that peaked at No 12 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was certified two-times platinum. He’s been a hype man for the County Boyz, and performed many live shows with them before branching off on his own to create his label 3 Way Entertainment South. It’s a label that embraces the three things he said every good artist needs to make it in this industry: money, power and respect. Those three things are always represented through his music, and the music of the artists he has signed to the label.  

Today Big-T The Mayor continues to make amazing music, and his most recent single “Shake That” is the perfect song for women to dance to this summer. The bass-driven club vibe features Atlanta legend Raheem The Dream, and is one of those songs that doesn’t have any kind of agenda other than to give people a good time.  

“A lot of times my lyrics have something deeper to talk about, but I’m also just somebody cool who can give you a good time,” Big-T said. “I just want my music to stand out above others. I want people to appreciate the good music and the hard-driving bass. It’s something you can relate to, but it’s also something you can just put the top back on your car and ride to. Just drink the drink and see what you can see and have some good times.” 

Most of Big T’s career has been about setting himself apart from the rest of the crowd. As he branched off from the County Boyz, he set out to follow a similar path Luther Cambell took when he first emerged on the scene. With fast-paced, bass-driven 808s and raw, sexually explicit lyrics, he set his mark in the Atlanta area and 3 Way Entertainment South started making a name for itself. Today the label represents two artists. Big-T The Mayor is currently in the studio working with multi-platinum producer Phenk Dawg, who produced the song “A BayBay for Hurucain Chris,” and “Do the Ratchet” by Boosie.  

Big-T said he has a bigger project planned for later this year that he knows fans will be excited about, and that he’s looking forward to introducing 3 Way Entertainment South’s talent to the masses.

To listen to his music, or to follow him on social media, please visit the following links: 

you tube – 

facebook – 

twitter –           

instagram –    
twitch –

OTF Bombay Bugzbe – Free Smoke

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OTF Bombay Bugzbe brings bouncy vibes to the summer with new single ‘Free Smoke’ 

LOS ANGELES, CA – The Black Puerto Rican is on the scene with a brand new album and a hot new single that is ready to set the summer on fire. OTF Bombay Bugzbe has just dropped his new album “La Boriquen Negrito” (The Black Puerto Rican), and already fans and industry insiders are giving it quite a bit of praise. With a mix of old-school hip-hop and new-school vibes, OTF Bombay brings a unique rap style that hasn’t ever been heard in the game before. As he talks about his influences and his journey from Chicago to LA, he offers a transparent introduction to who he is and what he brings with his music. It’s an album that not only establishes his talent as an artist, but also shows the world a serious entertainer who is in it for the long-haul. 

The summer-ready first single from the album is “Free Smoke,” which is currently available across all streaming platforms. It’s a bouncy jam that will have people up on their feet and vibing over the next few months. Whether out on the beach, cruising down the street or just hanging at home with friends, this is the kind of song that is perfect for any occasion. 

“I’m passing out free smoke,” OTF Bombay said. “Everybody wants to contact me because I got free weed. That’s what this song is about. If you got problems, you can come to me and I’ll help you out. It’s a song that shows off my style. The way my accent is and the way I speak and rap is like no one you’ve ever heard. You can’t compare me to anyone else.” 

Bombay Bugzbe said he first started rapping as a child when he was influenced by a friend from school. He was always a shy person as a child, but the friend encourages him to freestyle one day and it was such an enjoyable experience that he never looked back. He started spending his evenings writing verses, and as he’d share those rhymes with his friends they would be extremely encouraging of his natural gift. Eventually he moved to California to attend art school, and graduated with a degree in music production. Today he puts those experiences and training to work as a recording artist, and he’s excited for the world to check out what he has to offer by way of entertainment. 

“I hope people see me as someone who never lost track of the vision I wanted to accomplish,” he said. “I also hope I inspire a lot of other people to do the same thing. Pursue what you have in your heart to do. I want to be that kind of big influence, and I’m just taking it one step at a time.” 

Following “La Boriquen Negrito,” Bombay said he’s got a single he’s developing with Philly Young Mel called “Yerky Hours,” which is set to release sometime this summer. He also has a single called “Insidious” that he’s collaborating on with the artist I WEST WEST, which should also drop before the end of the summer. 

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