Industry Spotlight

Introducing ‘Prettyboy’

The land once known as the sovereign of england is the soil in which many iconic level musicians and sound crafters bred from. This area presently known as Hampton Roads is the home of various legendary songwriters and producers that have collectively contributed to over a billion records sold worldwide. …

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Introducing New Pop Artist MAXX

The diminutive singer-songwriter Maxx is a pop artist originally from Ocean Township, New Jersey. She began singing, performing, and writing at a young age, but never viewed it as her career because she was pursuing horseback riding; she loves horses. During her childhood, she encountered traumatic experiences which affected her …

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Who Is C Glizzy?

C. Glizzy is a South Florida rapper who made headlines in 2021 after being shot in his eye (Complex, Hip-Hop Dx, Heavy). C Glizzy is also well known for his relationship with the late XXXtentacion, as well for his debut project called Numb the Pain in April 2019. This tragic situation …

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