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A lot of independent artists are “struggling”.  They spend their time, energy, and creativity making music but not profiting from their work.  Artists work hard writing and recording music, making videos, posting on social media, and more.  However, that does not always translate into being a paid career, a big fan base or capturing the attention of music industry professionals.

Road to Success

Every artist reaches the point when they need to couple their creativity with an understanding of the music business in order to reap the rewards of their talent, dedication and the ability to be heard by the world. A successful music career depends on many factors. Debbie Egel, Esq teaches the core strategies for Indie Artists, labels and managers that provide a roadmap and have a huge impact on the Artists success.

Strategy #1: Successful Artists Define their Brand

Before we can even begin talking about how an artist can build a successful career, the artist has to be able to define who they are, what they believe in and what they want to relay to their fans.  Branding is a reflection of the artists’ vision of who they are, it expresses their personality and values, and tells the story of who they are; thru an image, name, logo and more which is incorporated into their overall image in the public.  Branding is vital for recording artists, so that they can stand out in a very competitive music industry and help connect you with your fan base emotionally and build fan loyalty.

Strategy #2:  Successful Artists & Music Production

Successful music begins and ends with creating GREAT music.  This takes time and hard work.  Successful artists are not afraid to work and are dedicated to creating great music.  This requires an artist to be consistently in the studio producing and creating music.  In order to make a “hit” record you may have to create a large body of music.  This will help you to find your sound and determine who and what your fan base likes.

Strategy #3 – Getting Paid – Protecting and Profiting from your Music Rights

The authors of the music (the songwriters) are afforded a copyright for the intellectual property they have created which is the Performing Arts (PA) copyright.  The performance  and production of a particular recording of the sounds is a Sound Recording (SR) copyright.  The owners of these particular copyrights are entitled to different income streams from the use of the music.

There are a variety of income streams afforded to the owners of these rights when their music is played on the radio, sold on digital platforms, webcast or streamed on interactive services, performed in public, sampled or synced.  Learn how the royalties are split between the songwriter, publisher and sound recording owner.  Find out about the 5 registrations needed in order to get paid.

Strategy #4: Launching your Release

Planning is the key to success. You have spent time, energy and money getting your music right. Don’t be in a rush, you will need time to promote the music before and after its release.  Plan ahead and do it right. You won’t be able to launch this song again.  You will probably need a minimum of 4 weeks or more to get ready for the release, especially if you want to pitch the song for playlisting to Spotify.

  Here are just some of the things you should consider promote your release:  

      • Social media/ blog promotion
      • How do you position your music to get on playlists?
      • Song premiere
      • Lyric video and/or music Video
      • Who will you use to distribute your music globally?
      • How are you going to attract listeners, encourage streams, and drive downloads and sharing
      • Will you release a single, EP or album
      • Video premieres
      • Press
      • Cover artwork
      • Promo tour
      • Playlist and radio promotion

Strategy #5: The Artists Team

Working as an Artist creating music and recording along with defining your brand, posting on social media and performing can be a full-time job.  However, you may have people around you who support your artistry and have skill sets conducive to the music business.  Remember, it takes a village to have sustained success and one of the benefits of building a team is the ability to scale up quickly and make money.  Learn about the core team who is involved 24/7 working with the Artist and involved in revenue sharing from the Artist.  Find out about the creatives who help bring the music to life, the marketing team that gets the music to the masses and the independent consultants who can be hired, as necessary, for a particular project.

Call to Action

Remember the long game this is about investing in yourself and more important investing wisely. “You can always replace money, but you cannot TIME.   I am personally inviting you to subscribe to my website @ where you can find the “For the Record”  E-Book and Audio Book.  You can also join me in September when I host a 5-6 week course where I teach and coach Indie Artists, labels and managers.  In addition, there are bonus videos and the opportunity to meet industry professionals who can change your life!!! 

FM Duke. CEO Capital Structure Ent. & CEO B.T.C. Entertainment stated after taking the course: 

This course is one of the best courses there is if you want to understand the music business. It introduces you to parts of the business that you never knew existed and no one ever tells you about. Also you learn about when, where and how to do business. Where the money comes from. And also how to register and represent yourself in those areas. But the hidden jewel of this course is how simplistic and easy Legal Egel uses her education in law to break down the legal descriptions, contracts, everyday operations and front office bureaucracy into laymans terms. Good job Debbie. And Thanks !!!


[Indie Film] This Thing Called Hip Hop

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THIS THING CALLED HIP HOP One of the world’s oldest hip hop websites specializing in urban progressive events and films. In 1999, Velocity Productions founded It currently stands as one of the world’s oldest hip hop websites.  In 2001, Velocity Productions completed the narrative feature film HipHop for Life, which premiered at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and later screened at the Sundance Film Festival (2002) and Acapulco Black Film Festival (2001). Following the success of Hip-Hop 4 Life, the company produced a national city vs. city mc battle documentary series. This fifth and final installment of the series, Hip Hop Life (2007) became one of the first streaming hip hop movies on Netflix. It is now available on both iTunes and Amazon.  The original mission of the website was to end all violence within the culture of hip hop through the elevation of MC Battle competitions. Over the last decade, the website has evolved its mission into creating the Neo-Hip-Hop movement.  Neo-Hip-Hop is a rising subculture of Hip-Hop that seeks to shine inspirational light in dark places and challenge many popular and highly successful rappers over reliance on homophobia, misogyny, the “N-word”, materialism and gangsta violence in their lyrics.  The site’s first Neo-Hip-Hop film, The Low Key Savage Sunday was released in 2018 and is now streaming on Prime Video.  The company’s newest, 4K, Neo-Hip-Hop feature film, This Thing Called Hip Hop, premiered on Prime Video in March of 2020 and is now steaming at

Click Here to stream and download the movie for $2.99

Mixtape: Click Here To Stream The This Thing Called Hip Hop Mixtape

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Yishay Zimrah – Dry Bones (Wake up Judah)

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Servant Brother Soldier and Child of the Most High YAH, Yishay Zimrah uses music to pass on a message to the world on the brink of the end times 

LAS VEGAS, NV – Yishay Zimrah is not afraid to tell the truth. He’s a man who will hit it straight and right down the middle. His new single “Dry Bones (Wake up Judah)” is the perfect example of that. 

The socially conscious song deals with Hebrews and their identity and the travesty that so called “African-Americans“are facing in today’s society. It’s a spiritual song with inspirational vibes that mixes in Folk and Soul with a bit of Gospel. 

“It’s a song about where we’re at right now and what we need to do to get to where we’re going,” Yishay said. “It’s a song that’s relevant for the times we’re in. There’s an awakening going on among the Most High’s hidden ones around the world, and this song answers some of the questions that so many people around the world have today. It’s a song that deals with the social ills that the so called  “black“ people are facing in America. They don’t know their identity. It has been stolen from them. And this song helps them to deal with the deeper situation behind that. Our heritage can be found in historical facts and prophecies, and it’s my responsibility to share what the Most High gave me with others. It’s all part of the plan to help repair some of the ills we’re facing and to wake our people up. It’s honesty and love and good music.” 

Yishay is a former Marine who embraced art – and specifically music – as a way to help share the importance of the truth, and this is his message along with praise. In fact, “The Message” is the title of his upcoming album which features his new hit single  “Dry Bones” and other songs such as “Blood Screaming From The Ground” which is in the same socially conscious and whistle blowing arena. Yishay said his style can be described as “Truth” with elements of Gospel and conscious Hip Hop found in almost everything he creates. 

“My music is not just to entertain but to inspire and inform,” he said. “My background is in the scriptures (the Bible), and my desire is for us to return to the old paths where our souls may find rest. I’m a patriarchal Hebrew Israelite man, servant, soldier and child of the Most High, and I feel a deep responsibility for every word uttered and every representation made of the Most High.” 

Yishay’s album also features songs like “Blood Screaming from the Ground” and songs of worship such as “The Only Way” which further expand on his messages of injustices, degradation and conditions of certain groups of people. 

“This is the time of the great awakening,” Yishay said. “The scriptures are real. Prophecies are real. What we saw in part is now being unveiled to witness face-to-face. Most High willing, I shall usher in a new thing with the restoration of the old.” 

To listen to Yishay Zimrah’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit: 

Priceless Lion – Roller Coaster (feat. Drvmatik)

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Inspirational artist, Pricele$$ Lion recounts personal triumph over his challenges with new album “Changes: A Lion to Mufasa 

LINCOLN, NE – Many young men who grew up in challenging circumstances have turned to music as their escape, and David “Price$$ Lion” Stefan is no exception. Born with mild cerebral palsy which limits the range of motion in his left arm and leg, David was bullied most of his life for having a disability. Today, the artist gives hope to those who have been bullied for being different. “I use my music to change the world’s perception – it’s OK to be different,” he said. “Being different is greatness.” 

David’s journey from bullied kid to well-traveled recording artist and entrepreneur is told in his new album, “Changes: A Lion to Mufasa. “ The story about the changes in David’s life over the past five years is told from start to finish over the course of the album. Lessons learned and obstacles overcome have taken him to heights he had only dreamed of before. Recorded at Sanctuary Studios in Nebraska and mixed and mastered in Houston, the new album was released earlier this year. 

The 13-song album showcases David’s talent with EDM, Pop, Rock and Roll, and has something for everyone. A particular favorite, titled “Superhero” tells how anyone can be that rock for someone. Another standout track deals with getting off the “Roller Coaster” of toxic relationships and realizing self worth. “Once you get out of that toxic relationship and truly find your own worth and love yourself, the world is unbelievable,” the artist asserted. 

David “Price$$ Lion” Stefan started seriously making his own music in 2006. That year, he penned “Let Me,” a song for the athletes of the Special Olympics. A few years later, he wrote the follow up song, “Let Me Anthem” which conveys his passion for assisting and inspiring others to overcome their own challenges. Over the years, David has performed in front of tens of thousands at Special Olympics ceremonies in several states and for international audiences. Last year, he opened for big name acts such as Nappy Roots, Scarface, Rittz and Jadakiss during a multi-state tour. David is also a Nebraska Special Olympics Hall of Famer, winning over 50 gold medals, 8 silver, and 4 bronze over the years. 

Influenced by artists such as Nelly and Michael Jackson who were never afraid to go outside the box, David experiments with his latest album to step outside the box himself. A passionate and caring creator who works to help others achieve their dreams, David is making music for all the people who feel like they don’t have a voice. 

To that end, David records meaningful music with a message. He also helps give kids and others the chance to live their dreams and do things they love through his philanthropic efforts of the “Let Me Foundation,” which he founded in 2006. 

He also founded the recording label and marketing company, True Fortune Ent., and remains grateful to the crew of artists he’s working with. The label provides an outlet for Drama, Psykes, Justin Pickett and JuJu the Mystic, in addition to an online merchandise shop for these and other artists. 

With all the craziness that is going on in the world, “Price$$ Lion” has released “Changes: A Lion to Mufasa” to show there is still hope and a belief that things will improve. “If you feel down in any way,” David said, “all you gotta do is simply believe in it – you can overcome everything!” 

To listen to Pricele$$ Lion’s music or follow him on social media, please visit: 

“Changes: A Lion to Mufasa 

[Book] A Greater Story: My Rescue, Your Purpose, and Our Place in God’s Plan by Sam Collier

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A Greater Story: My Rescue, Your Purpose, and Our Place in God’s Plan by Sam Collier

Speaker, Pastor and National TV/Podcast Host Sam Collier Releases A GREATER STORY, Revealing His Journey From Poverty to Purpose Collier Reunited with Birth Family On “Steve Harvey Show”, Launching His Gripping Story of Hope Despite Adversity. Sam Collier didn’t have an easy start in life. When he and his twin sister were born, their biological mother gave them over to foster care, leaving them mistreated and rejected as infants. After being adopted by a loving family at an early age, Collier still felt that crucial pieces of his life were missing until he learned to lean on his faith. In 2014, with the help of The Steve Harvey Show, Sam and his twin sister were reunited with not only their birth mother, but also their three other siblings, confirming to Collier that God is the best author of our lives. Despite the splashy family reunion on a national television show, however, there is plenty more story to tell, revealed in Collier’s book in a winsome and warm way. In his deeply personal and universally relatable upcoming book, A Greater Story: My Rescue, Your Purpose, and Our Place in God’s Plan (August 2020, Baker Publishing Group), Collier tells the inspiring journey of his experiences of abandonment, sacrifice, rescue and gratitude that led him to discover his purpose and place in God’s plan. In the book, Collier shares that your purpose is wherever your passion, giftings and God’s provision intersect. “I’ve made my living telling people that despite what they believed their story was about abandonment, addiction, graduating from high school, getting a promotion, finding true love, being adopted, reconciling with a loved one, or getting fit in the gym—I believe it’s all a part of God’s plan,” writes Collier. “And that by deciding to connect with Him intentionally, meaningfully, and enthusiastically, they will find true purpose.” A Greater Story is full of reminders that God has a better plan for every single one of us. Collier intertwines Scripture and his personal experiences in a way that relates to each reader’s journey of finding their purpose. Whether in hard seasons or times of great triumph, readers can use the lessons in Collier’s new book to see how God is working in their lives. “I look back now and see that through every loss—my music ambitions, my ministry experiences, my nonprofit—God was there to spur me on, always prompting me to keep his main thing my main thing, instead of letting my will, my way, take control.” Collier’s perception of his success and failures has led him to recognize the greater story that can only be written by God. A Greater Story encourages readers to consider that while God’s plan may look different than we’d like at times, His story is always greater than the story we could write for ourselves. About the Author: Sam Collier is a pastor, speaker, writer, and host of the “A Greater Story with Sam Collier” TV show and radio podcast. He is a speaker and host at North Point Ministries, founded by Andy Stanley, and he also communicates nationally and internationally as a speaker and contributor to the ReThink Group, Orange Network, Orange Tour, Alpha International Leadership Conference, Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit, Culture Conference, and more. He has also been interviewed on numerous TV shows, podcasts, and radio programs. Collier lives with his wife, Toni, and daughter in Atlanta, Georgia. Support Speaker, Pastor and National TV/Podcast Host Sam Collier ordered New Book A GREATER STORY now.

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p33di – I’m Da Man

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Southern rapper p33di drops hot club track ‘I’m Da Man’ 

JACKSONVILLE, FL – An artist from the Deep South is making a name for himself by creating up-tempo club music with a twist for a new version of Krunk. His name is Pierre Janvier but he goes by the stage name p33di, and his latest single “I’m Da Man” is the perfect kind of banging beat that the summer of 2020 has been looking for. 

Highlighting p33di’s Southern roots by way of his self-described “Floridiana” twang, “I’m Da Man” takes an aggressive beat and gives it a modern twist for a bouncy vibe that is sure to have fans all over the world bopping their heads. It’s a song that makes you want to move and puts a smile on your face as you list and nod your head – both because the music demands it and because you agree with everything p33di is saying. The hook is particularly catchy. People will be singing along to this dripping hot track for years to come. 

“It’s an anthem for that moment when you’re at the top of your game,” p33di said. “It’s that kind of confidence-builder type of song that makes you believe that nothing can stop you. You’re that dude and you feel great, and this song is your song.” 

Originally born in New Orleans but raised in Jacksonville, Florida, p33di comes from a family originally from Haiti. While most of his unique sound and style is influenced by the South, he does tap into some of the island vibe from his heritage. But more than anything, he embraces what he calls a “turn up vibe” in ways that are familiar to Hip Hop fans while also introducing new sounds to the genre. By mixing club beats with Krunk and fusing that with more lyricism, p33di is able to bring a unique style to the music industry. Recently, he’s partnered with TJ Lee Entertainment and super producer Evil G to help develop his sound, and he’s excited about more people around the world checking out what he’s created. 

“I want to be known for creating music that people can move and jig to and be themselves,” p33di said. “I want people to feel it in their soul. When people are listening, I want them to feel like they are the best at what they’re doing.” 

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Alejandro Jomar – Tailored Garments

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Alejandro Jomar showcases original sound on new album ‘Trap-Fi’ 

LONG ISLAND, NY – New York renowned fashion designer, R&B vocalist, music producer and professional influencer Alejandro Jomar has claimed his space in the music industry, displaying his in-depth production skills and vocal talent with a new sound he calls Trap-Fi. He began his journey through sound with heavy bass “boom-bap,” but as he grew older, he began to create more commercial, modern sounds that feature heavy 808s and punchy production. Those two styles combined give Alejandro a unique perspective on today’s modern music landscape and help him carve a niche with his signature Trap-Fi sound. 

Appropriately, that sound is put on full display on a new album from Alejandro entitled “Trap-Fi.” It’s a project that offers music fans a brand new take on today’s music landscape. After a six-month process with Propaganda Entertainment LLC, Alejandro is ready to deliver an emotional yet uplifting album that ensures he is here to stay.  

“I struggled with suicidal thoughts and depression for a while, and this album is reminiscent of those emotions and the journey I’ve taken through that,” he said. “I want to spread a positive message that if you feel like you can’t get through whatever you’re dealing with, I promise you can. I am still here even after I attempted to commit suicide in 2015, and I feel like I am an example that people can use to get through. And today, I have a side of me that encourages people to live their lives and be happy and push through the dark feelings to the light on the other side of the tunnel.” 

“Trap-Fi” opens with a melancholy saxophone symphony with filtered drums that create a reverb effect. Alejandro begins to harmonize over the saxophone as the beat begins to build. His blend of Trap 808s alongside an orchestrated boom-bap pattern come in and right away, listeners are introduced to his signature sound. With raw vocals that showcase his vulnerability and lyrics that explore everything from relationship issues to suicidal thoughts to eccentric lifestyles and even the death of loved ones, “Trap-Fi” is a tour-du-force of emotion and sound.  

One of the standout singles from the project that has been getting a lot of attention since the albums release on June 25 is a song called “Thursday.” The bouncy Dance/Pop tune blends perfectly with commercial Trap and sets the stage for Alejandro’s raw vocals. He speaks of finding beauty in women of all colors, races, shapes and sizes – ultimately elevating women all around the world. 

Another hot single from the album is “Tailored Garments” which displays Alejandro’s ability to create a catchy hook. This radio-ready hit features punchy 808s and a fast-paced, upbeat tempo. Inspired by A$AP Rocky’s “Out of this World,” “Tailored Garments” is a song that name-drops a plethora of high-end fashion designers and speaks of Alejandro’s eccentric lifestyle as a fashion designer and influencer. 

Yet another hot single from the album that’s been getting a lot of attention is “Roll Up” which features a beachy guitar riff accompanied by heavy 808s. The song also features bars from Alejandro’s brother Deja, who is also the CEO of Propaganda Entertainment. This track speaks of Alejandro and Deja’s experiences with Cannabis – selling it at an early age – as well as luxury fashion and women. 

Alejandro’s label, Propaganda ENT LLC will be releasing a stream of singles over the coming months, beginning with the release of “Young Kings Forever” featuring Deja. The label will also release Deja’s “Black Flag” album later this year for which Alejandro produced the majority of the beats. Alejandro often collaborates with the members of Wasting My 20s Collective – a team of talented New York-based artists in photography and videography formed by the members themselves – that was integral in helping him create “Trap-Fi.”  

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YSD – Greatest Rapper You Don’t Know

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Emerging artist, YSD releases debut EP “Nowhere But Up” 

GAINESVILLE, FL – While some other rappers are content to just find a nice beat and do their thing to it, YSD is a genuine storyteller who speaks the truth. A young artist who made the decision to pursue his music career in spite of obstacles, YSD kept rapping through life’s challenges. Any listener who has been through challenges themselves will hear what YSD is saying. “I really like to take my time and put a message out there,” YSD said, “and if you are one of the real ones, you will get it.” 

A versatile artist who blends Hip Hop with R&B melodies, YSD hits from many angles to deliver a mix of dope tones. All of his creations have a distinct vibe. While each song carries his signature sound, the vibe is different on every track. 

For his first major project, YSD wanted to create something truly outstanding. His debut EP, titled “Nowhere But Up” has been in the works since October of last year.  Recorded at Century Studios in Jacksonville, Florida with AB’s help, the project was finally released on July 24 of this year.  

Two standout tracks include the intro and the outro. The EP’s lead track “A.G.N.B.” talks about his feelings from a complex viewpoint. “It sounds good on the beat, and people who know me know that my music comes from a deeper place,” YSD said. “The way I put it on the beat, I put it on in a way that people can relate and still vibe to it.” 

The last track, “Greatest Rapper You Don’t Know” is the representation of YSD as a person in song form. He is driven to showcase his abilities in the music game and strives to prove himself with steady projects over time. 

YSD has also collaborated with several artists on various projects. YSD and the artist, Wavvy have made loads of music together, including the tracks “Bad Habits” and “Big Schemes” which were released by Wavvy. 

Born and raised in Florida, the 23 year old YSD counts Lil Wayne and Tupac Shakur as some of his greatest musical influences. Seriously concentrating on his music career over the past year and a half, YSD has been working on his craft, perfecting his songwriting and honing his lyricism. A slow and steady rapper who still keeps a pace, YSD wants his music to speak for itself. “I will never put out trash.” he asserted. “It’s never low, it’s never dull. If you’re listening to it, you’re definitely gonna bounce to it.” 

“Nowhere But Up” is just a little taste of what this hot new artist is capable of, and he promises that much more is on the way. 

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“Nowhere But Up” EP 

Artist Anderson – Nope

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 Multigenerational musician Artist Anderson releases timely new album ‘Free’ 

LAS VEGAS, NV – Artist Anderson, born Marlon Anderson, is the kind of inspirational musician whose unique sound and style is not only entertaining but also motivating. In a day and age when so much of the world is confusing and filled with despair, Artist Anderson is creating music that not only influences people to make better life decisions but also motivates them to choose hope. 

His new album, “Free” dropped on July 31st, and its 10 songs explore themes of emotional and spiritual freedom. It’s a message that he uses to inspire people every day of his life as founder and director of the nonprofit organization The Renaissance Movement (TRM). Founded in 2018, the organization exists to build community and expand culture through faith, love, unity and fellowship. TRM offers programs to communities all over the world that teach, train and empower people through a wide variety of disciplines – physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and even practically with things like home stabilization and vocational skills. 

Artist says his new album “Free” is designed to draw attention to the rooted issues hidden deep in us as a human race. It gives a soundtrack to TRM as a nonprofit organization while also standing alone as a spark of inspiration for anyone who listens.  

“No one is really free until they’re mentally free,” he said. “On this album, I talk about helping people heal from hurts and pains and unforgiveness. It’s about healing overall in general and understanding that in order to be really free, we have to be honest about our mental oppression. You, along with God are the only onewho can really set you free.” 

Artist Anderson comes from a storied family pedigree of musicians and has seen success as a musician in years past. His father, Robert James Anderson III, was a singer, musician and songwriter, as was his mother Sharon Anderson. Artist got his start in music by singing with his dad and brother, Branden Anderson, who now serves as his manager. Collectively, they were known as Bob Anderson and Sons. The group became very popular in their hometown of Richmond, Virginia, appearing on television shows and singing every week at various churches across the area.  

Later, Artist would be one of the founding members of the international and award-winning group G.I. They went on to have numerous Billboard radio hits and top albums. In 2010, Artist left the group to pursue a career as a pastor, but five years later, he returned to music and began his solo career. His debut EP “Life x Love x Music” in 2016 received wide acclaim, and his single “I’m Blakkk” released in 2019 has seen millions of streams.  

Today, Artist said he wants to create a sound and style that is unique from anything else on the market while also serving as inspiration to help heal communities and expand culture. 

“What I talk about in conjunction with the type of sound I create doesn’t usually go together,” he said. “My music catches the ear and has a message that touches people. I’m unique, but I also have a mixture of a lot of what’s going on right now in music. I’ve recreated myself and my sound is branded from all areas of my life – Hip Hop, Rap, Conscious, Gospel and so much more. At the end of the day, I want my music to be known for one thing: lives being changed and people becoming whole. Healing is my brand and healing is my message.” 

To listen to Artist Anderson’s music, to find out more about his nonprofit organization, or to follow him on social media, please visit: 



Mr. Talkbox – Hold On Change Is Coming

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Mr. Talkbox parlays success with biggest names in the industry into fifth solo album ‘Playlist’ 

NASHVILLE, TN – It’s time to start paying attention to the artist you don’t know you know. You’ve been listening to him for years … you just didn’t realize you knew it was him. 

His name is Mr. Talkbox and he’s been featured on some of the biggest singles in history. Take Bruno Mars’ “24K Magic” – Mr. Talkbox performed the iconic intro to the song. It’s a song that has been streamed more than a billion times. There’s also Kendrick Lamar’s “Loyalty” featuring Rhianna, or the Cardi B/Bruno Mars collaboration “Please Me,” or T-Pain’s “May I.” The list goes on and on. He’s worked with contemporary Christian artists like Toby Mac, Cece Winans and Andy MineoHe’s worked with Jazz & Funk Greats like Nathan East & Bootsy CollinsHe has Grammy awards and Dove awards and has been on global tours with the biggest names in music. And yet he has flown under the radar for far too long. 

All that is about to change with his new album “Playlist,” set to debut on Sept. 25. The 15-song project takes a three-prong approach to displaying Mr. Talkbox’s unique sound and style, with three separate playlists showcasing his highly original music.  

“This album embodies all the vibes you feel on the weekend,” Mr. Talkbox said. “Friday’s Playlist is the post-work dance break that we all need. Saturday’s Playlist has the R&B and Hip Hop tracks that make you wanna cruise with the top down. While Sunday’s Playlist takes you to a hip church service that encourages the soul. It’s an album that’ll make you want to dance a bit but also feed your soul, and the way we do it with the Talkbox is pretty cool.” 

Pre-orders for the album will begin on Aug. 28 and run throughout the course of the next month. Not only is the project one that will put the Talkbox instrument on full display, as well as showcase his mastery of that sound, but it’s also an album that will feature a wide range of other well-known artists. Included on “Playlist” will be features from: T-Pain, Andy Mineo, BJ the Chicago Kid, Avery*Sunshine, PJ Morton of Maroon 5, J Moss, Shirley Murdock of the original Roger and Zapp, John Cooper of Skillet, Cory Wong guitarist from Vulfpeck, Mono Neon who was the last bass player for Prince, Shelby 5, and his own family members who are recording artists in their own right – his mother, Sharon Chambers, and his daughter and son Yaubryon and Lil Byron.  

The debut single from the album is already available for people to listen to. It’s called “Hold on Change is Coming featuring Shelby 5. It is a remake of the award winning Sounds of Blackness featuring the Legendary Late Great Roger Troutman. Shelby 5 uses their pop styling to partner with Mr. Talkbox to pay homage to Roger Troutman who is perhaps best known for his work with Tupac and Dr. Dre on the song “California Love.” 

I have hit songs in every genre and I want ‘Playlist’ to mirror that,” Mr. Talkbox said. “My career has been built on this instrument, and I’ve been fortunate to appear on so many artists’ records. I’ve won Grammys and Dove awards and toured with the biggest names in the industry, but I’m still the artist that you don’t know you know. You’ve been listening to me but you didn’t know it was me. This album will change that for sure.” 

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“Hold On Change Is Coming”