Snoop Dogg vs DMX Verzuz (Full Battle)

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Tune in if you missed it or to watch it again!! Snoop Dogg vs DMX Verzuz (Full Battle) with HD sound!

Nellagy – Girl From Philly

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 East Coast crooner shows off smooth swag with anthemic single ‘Girl from Philly’ 

NEWARK, DE – Smooth swag takes center stage on the new single from Philly born singer/rapper Nellagy. Titled “Girl from Philly,” the song is equal parts Hip Hop and R&B but done so in a unique way that turns a sultry song into an anthem for the people of Philadelphia. Though written as a love song to a girl he met in his hometown, the hook begs listeners to embrace the anthemic chant while the verses show off Nellagy’s amazing voice and catchy flow. It’s bouncy but in a smooth way, and his layered harmonies create little nuggets of sonic joy in the midst of a beat that makes you want to move your feet.  

Currently available across all streaming platforms, “Girl from Philly” is the perfect example of the kind of “mood music” that this young up-and-coming artist aims to create. Raised by a father who had a career in the music industry and educated in the professional studio of his father as wellNellagy has a leg up on many other artists in the industry today. That added advantage shows in the quality of sound of his production and the skill that he brings to both writing and rapping. 

“When I create a song, I put my own feelings and emotions and anecdotes from my life into the music,” he said. “I want to capture the essence of a feeling and make people feel the same emotion. It’s not just about creating a catchy song but making the audience feel an experience with every song every time. Basically, I try to make music that makes people feel things. For me, music is a bit therapeutic – I listen and it helps get me through something or to be able to release some kind of emotion. I want my music to do the same thing for other people – to help them express themselves or show individuality or be uninhibited.” 

Since Nellagy has dedicated himself to the pursuit of a music career, he has seen a steady growth of success. He left his job as a systems engineer to become a full-time artist. Along the way, he’s developed into a seasoned performer touching stages from Philadelphia to New York, while dropping singles such as “Shameless” which has seen a couple thousand streams since its release.  

Nellagy works closely with his father as his main producer despite the fact that growing up Nellagy thought he’d never want to be involved with the music industry. He saw how difficult it was for his father to struggle and make ends meet. But as he grew older, he realized how much he loved those times with his father in the studio and how badly he wanted to be an artist himself. Over the past few years, their father-son collaboration has led to some amazing beats and new singles. Nellagy said he has so much music that he could drop a full album but instead, he wants to take the rest of 2020 to release a few singles to help build a fanbase and give audiences all over the world a diverse taste of the different types of sounds and styles he can create. 

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Jashua Ryan – Make You Mine

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Advancing Artist Jashua Ryan Is Making Waves With Debut Single “Make You Mine”  

GLENDALE, AZ – Las Vegas native Jashua Ryan released his first single “Make You Mine” on July 11th. It’s the first release off of his upcoming “From Vegas With Love” mixtape that’s dropping on August 25. Using influences of past relationships and hardships and beats with influences of Bryson Tiller and Drake, Ryan melds them together to create a catchy sound that will make you want to keep listening to it on repeat. With no surprise due to its melodic beat and its catchy lyrics, this track is also getting quite a bit of attention on TikTok. 

“Everything I do, I do with intention to focus on the story,” Ryan says about his writing process for this track, “if it’s dating a girl or a bad breakup, I see it for what it is and I take pieces from everything and apply it to my performance. It’s a story.” 

Jashua Ryan grew up with a humble upbringing in the Las Vegas area, moving there with his family at the age of four. He always knew he wanted to pursue music seriously but couldn’t do it while sitting in a high school classroom. Leaving to tour at 16 on his own, opening for acts such as Tyga, Mark Battles, and Euroz, Ryan knew if he kept pushing he could make it. With the support of his local church, some of his savings, and his family, a way was opened for him to push for his passion and perform. “I knew it was something that I had to push for if I wanted it. My family was scared at first but when they saw what I was doing and could see my professional take on it, they got behind me,” Ryan says.  

Right now, Jashua is taking the time to continue writing and connecting with fans over his social media. He’s looking forward to performing as soon as possible.  

In the meantime, check out “Make You Mine” at the links below and keep an eye out for the full mixtape “From Vegas With Love” at the end of August. 

Snapchat – @jashuaryan  

“Make You Mine”

Lamar MakeitWet – Sky Pillows

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West Coast artist Lamar MakeItWet drips with talent on forthcoming new EP ‘Cloud Chasers’ 

SAN JOSE, CA – Reinvigorated Soul laced with bouncy 808s and Lo-Fi melodies comes together in perfect harmony for a hot new West Coast sound from San Jose artist Lamar MakeItWet. Like his name implies, his beats are dripping wet and his sound is so one-of-a-kind that it’s making people all over the U.S. sit up and pay attention. As he cooks up a unique flow mixed with clever wordplay that is deeply rooted in Bay Area culture, Lamar is creatively creating a progressive new sound for the industry that is desperately needed in today’s often stale world.  

‘’My sound is soulful but up to date,” he said. “It’s not Trap Soul, but Lo-Fi. What makes me stand out is the unique melodies and wordplay I use, and it’s all mixed with production that has been influenced by my travels from all over the world. I have smooth R&B that’s Soul-driven mixed with modern 808s and Trap, and no one else is making music like that.” 

That unique sound is put on full display on Lamar’s newest EP, a seven-song project called “Cloud Chasers.” The double-entendre title nods to both people who, like Lamar, dream of something bigger for their lives and who, also like Lamar, enjoy high quality marijuana. He calls the EP the perfect kind of music for linking up with the ladies and just vibing while smoking and having “high conversations and higher thoughts.” 

“But it’s also about how everybody is trying to be famous and chase that 15 minutes of fame,” he said. “It’s bouncy and chill and laid-back and features other Bay-area independent artists who also make smooth music.” 

Two other artists from the Bay area are specifically featured on the project – FunnyGuy Shaw and Squad Tree. Lamar said their unique sound blends perfectly with his signature style to create something that’s truly original. And more than anything, that’s what he hopes to become known for in the music industry: an artist who sparks a new sound in Hip Hop and Soul.  

“I want to be the bridge to a new sound that varies from what’s going on everywhere else,” he said. “I want people to remember my name as a person who introduced this wet sound to music.”  

The first single from the project is already starting to put him on the map in a big way. “Sky Pillows” is a single about smoking the highest quality marijuana, the kind of Kush that will put people on a cloud – or a “Sky Pillow.”  

“Cloud Chasers” is set to be released across all streaming platforms later this fall. The debut single “Sky Pillows” will drop on Aug. 7.  

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DJ Timeko T keeps it official by being consistent in the music business @djtimekot

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DJ Timeko T is a 10-year veteran DJ out of Denver, Co that has a versatile style for spinning all types of music and can cater to any event.

Her affiliation with DJ coalitions like Fleet DJs, Coast 2 Coast DJs, Definition DJs & Tablemannerz DJs has put her in position to make moves within the industry that gained her the respect she deserves.

Her hard work and dedication to her craft has landed her on multiple radio stations spinning music in multiple markets. She has the ability to play music from artist that may not have the resources to touch the markets she has access to.

Atlanta Based Radio station is a family friendly old school and RnB feel where she spins Monday-Friday from 12 Noon MST and 2pm Eastern. also an Atlanta Based station is where DJ Timeko T has the ability to spin independent & unsigned artist music and artist submissions are accepted daily. Catch her live every Thursday 8pm MST and 10pm Est is an New York based radio station where DJ Timeko T can also play new music and accept submissions from independent artist. Although these stations may be based in specific markets their listeners come from multiple markets giving artist the opportunity for to get their music heard anywhere.

Looking to Submit your music? and put artist submission in the subject line of the email. Make sure to follow @djtimekot on IG/Twitter and DJ Timeko on Facebook.

As an artist having a relationship with DJ’s is important and DJ Timeko T is definitely a DJ you want to connect with.

RGT – My Own Skin

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Summer gets a shot of energy with new EDM track from RGT and Bailey Jehl 

NORWAY – If you’re a fan of EDM and House music and you haven’t yet heard of RGT, it’s time to pay attention. His upcoming single “My Own Skin” with Bailey Jehl is yet another smash hit from a recent string of singles that are making the rounds in clubs all over Europe. His sound is dynamic and current with twists and turns that are intriguing to the ear and tailor-made for moving. And with Bailey Jehl’s soaring vocals playing counterpart to the throbbing beats, the music is truly out of this world. 

Hailing from Norway, this fast-rising young producer has been making beats and creating songs for the past twelve years. Each song brings him a little more attention to the point that today he’s quickly becoming one of the most sought after producers in Europe. “My Own Skin” is set to propel him onto a global scale.  

The song is about a girl who is coming out of a toxic relationship and is exploring her newfound freedom. RGT said it encapsulates the essence of good vibes and is the perfect song for the summer. 

“It has a powerful, tropical hook that gives it some power while also making it more happy,” RGT said. “Bailey is basically singing about moving on – it’s the summer and she’s gonna have fun. She doesn’t care about anything else because she’s free. I want my music to be known mostly for good vibes and I think this song shows that. It has a powerful chorus and I hope that people will soon come to recognize my music so that as soon as they hear one of my songs they’ll know immediately who created it.”

At only age 23, RGT is on the fast track to international importance as one of the more progressive beat makers in the industry. He mixes tracks that are immediately accessible by a wide audience while also staying true to the essence of EDM and House music. The attention to detail and self awareness has led to some amazing collaborations, including his most recent work with Bailey Jehl on both “My Own Skin” and their previous single “I Would,” which already has 200 thousand plays after only being released last February 

RGT’s fusion of Electronic sounds with Pop melodies and vocal performances is proving to be quite successful. He perfected that sound by creating dozens of songs for Norway-based record label Optic Studios. It wasn’t until recently that he started creating music for himself, and with that solo career just getting off the ground, RGT said he’s excited about how far he might go. 

“I think what I can bring to the table is that I always try to find multiple sounds and experiment,” he said. “A lot of producers have specific styles and only make music in those styles and as a result, their sound can become repetitive. I mix things up. I might go from a guitar-based track – like with ‘I Would’ – to more of a piano-based track – like with ‘My Own Skin.’ I want to mix it up and not get stale or old-feeling. I’m constantly trying to stay fresh with making new sounds because when I make new music, I want that sense of anticipation for anyone who listens.” 

RGT said he already has more collaborations in the works, including a track that he’s already collaborating on with notorious EDM singer Rødy. Their song should come out toward the end of this year or at the beginning of 2021, at the latest. 

To listen to RGT’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit: 

“My Own Skin”

Tim Shepherd – This Magic

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Midwest musician Tim Shepherd drops chill summer single ‘This Magic’ 

KANSAS CITY, MO – A combination of Rock, Country, Pop, and R&B come together on the hot new track from Midwest artist Tim Shepherd. “This Magic” is the latest single from this fast-rising artist whose sound has been compared to Rob Thomas, Charlie Puth, and John Mayer. His groovy melodies and intricate guitar combine with an emotive vocal style make listeners want to go dancing or for a drive with that special someone. 

Set to drop wide on July 24, “This Magic” was created in collaboration with Kansas City guitarist Gregg Wright, and engineered and mastered by Rob Murray of Poolside Sound who has credited work with multiple artists including Gavin Degraw, Wiz Khalifa, and Major Lazer. Shepherd said he wrote the song for his girl when they were having a fight. 

“The words came to me immediately and I wrote it in one day,” he said. “It was one of those rare lightning-in-a-bottle moments where the song just flowed right out of me. I think of it as a chill summer song that anyone who has ever been in a relationship will be able to relate to. Couples are going to fight and have challenges, and this song reminds people of “this magic” that first brought you together.” 

Originally from Dallas, Texas, Shepherd moved to Kansas City about three years ago and has been actively pursuing a career in music ever since. He released his first single in early 2019 and other singles along the way such as “Walking,” “Her Song,” “Cappuccino and Champagne,” “Hey Rox” and “Quaranteens”. These singles have all garnered major attention from fans all throughout the Midwest. In all of his songs, Shepherd said he likes to create an intimate feeling for the listeners while giving them a story with which they can connect. Being relatable is the No. 1 priority with his music, followed closely by an exploration of a variety of sounds and styles that push all of his favorite genres into something new and different. His collaboration with Gregg Wright, for instance, incorporates Wright’s penchant for Reggae riffs which adds a subtly Caribbean vibe to “This Magic.”  

“I’m not afraid of any type of music or genre,” he said. “I recently worked with a Rap/Hip Hop producer on one of my tracks, and a lot of people liked it because it had a deeper sub-bass/808 feel. I also recently did a Gospel track called “All Rise” with my friend Will from Ohio. I like to incorporate different genres into my songs, and I think that’s what’s been unique about me and sets me apart. Music, to me, is an extension of who we are and my passion and the way I express my feelings. With all that is going on in the music industry and the way artists are treated by labels, I am content for now that I get to be an independent artist. In less than two years of producing, writing and performing, I have gained friends and fans in Indonesia, Germany, South America, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and across the U.S. I really believe that this song has the potential to breakthrough.” 

To listen to Tim Shepherd’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit:   

“This Magic”

Ti Akiel – Just Left Me

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Ti Akiel offers introspective reflection of reality with new album ‘Samson’s Delilah’ 

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – One of the most powerful lyricists to hit the Hip Hop market in recent years is an artist from North Minneapolis known as Ti Akiel. His new album, “Samson’s Delilah” is a tour-de-force of clever Hip Hop riffs paired with smooth R&B tracks, all of which showcase this fast-rising artist’s ability to cut deep with lyrics that are equal parts relatable and cutting edge.  

Currently available across all streaming platforms, “Samson’s Delilah” uses eight songs to take listeners on a journey through the ups and downs of relationships. Akiel said he was inspired to create the album after having gone through his first real adult heartbreak. 

“We all start our relationship experiences when we’re younger and we don’t really know what’s going on,” he said. “But there’s always that moment in life when you lose something you’ve really invested in and thought would last for a long time, if not forever. It’s the first time you go through an adult heartbreak. This album is me walking through that whole experience. It was my first time experiencing that and music has always been my form of expression and therapy. I’m trying to find strength in vulnerability and to navigate all that comes with that, and it all came together in the form of this project.” 

Over the course of his young career, Akiel has been known to create music that navigates between introspective narratives, life realities and the ever-changing pursuit of growth and happiness. Easily weaving together Hip Hop and R&B, Akiel has created a signature style that allows him to tell his story of overcoming adversity while staying resilient in the process. And although his music is what he’s most known for, his work in the community is what he’s most passionate about. Most recently, he started a nonprofit organization called Give N Grow which aims to restore equality to marginalized communities around the Twin Cities. 

“I got together with people I know and organized donation drives for people affected by the pandemic and riot situations,” he said. “I’m from North Minneapolis but there’s a lot of destruction going on the other side of the city, which is a low income area. They weren’t getting resources that they needed so we started a donation drive. We raised $20,000 and an additional $80,000 worth of supplies. I care deeply about being in the community and helping in whatever ways I can.” 

Akiel said that as his career as a musician grows, he hopes to be able to continue to invest in his community in greater ways. His music never neglects the lyrical element that made him fall in love with Hip Hop, but it is often contrasted with catchy melodies, hard-hitting 808s, and ever-changing production styles. His debut single, “Just Left Me” is a perfect example of this. He describes it as an upbeat radio vibe with a catchy autotune sound that will make people want to get up and move when they hear it.  

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“Samson’s Delilah”

The Upward Avalanche – Livin’, Pt. 1 (feat. Chantel Rey)

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 Advancing EDM Producer and DJ, Dom Richardson, AKA The Upward Avalanche releases his debut single “Livin’” Part 1 and 2 featuring Chantel Rey 

BRISTOL, TN—The Upward Avalanche’s debut single “Livin’” released July 3rd and brings a compelling and eccentric new blend of the Future and Chill House sub-genres of EDM to the scene with sheer devotion for musical creativity and influences of Martin Garrix, Oliver HeldensCamelPhat, EDX, and Deadmau5. 

Tennessee-born hybrid producer/DJ Dom Richardson worked throughout the pandemic with featured vocalist Chantel Rey, creating an exquisite synergy from different sides of the United States, having never met in person, to produce and finalize this single. Structured in a two-part release, Pt. 1 is much more mellow, featuring a Future/Chill house hybrid regarded as the original mix with Pt. 2 being more dance intuitive with Rey’s vocals — paying homage to the era of trans-eclectic backtracks synthesized with its dance-along beat and references to the counterculture EDM genre’s top club tracks. 

“Where I come from, electronic dance music isn’t really that big. I’m hoping to broaden the horizons of those around me, show them a new genre and why I enjoy it so much. Though that’s incredibly hard to do, it’s essential to remember to also teach them that no matter what it is, if you stick to what you love, it will love you back,” Richardson says regarding the typical music that mostly comes out of Tennessee. Few EDM tracks in Tennessee and the Southwest US have been met with such a warm reception and as a resident DJ of a well-known club in Bristol, TN, Richardson is doing just that. 

Due to the pandemic, there’s been a great decline of business with DJing to express his adoration and share the distinguished repute of EDM; in exchange, Richardson sticks to sharpening his production skills and continuing to work on projects for future releases, all while being generously active to his followers on social media.  

After a full year of working with Chantel Rey, finalizing this track throughout the pandemic and working tirelessly from his home studio, The Upward Avalanche will spend the next few months promoting his single heavily on social media until bars and music venues re-open.  

To listen to The Upward Avalanche’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit these links: 




Instagram (Chantel Rey): 

Livin’, Pt. 2” (feat. Chantel Rey)” 

Big Foldjaz – Open Wide

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Big Foldjaz blends influences from Chicago, Atlanta and Texas into original new sound 

HOUSTON, TX – Houston-based rapper Big Foldjaz is a divine blend of bars and drip, which he puts on full display with his two latest singles “Open Wide” and “Kill Us Again.” These songs are perfect for the kind of brand he’s trying to create – what he calls DripDeck, which stands for Dedicated Respected Independent Presidents.  

Born and raised in Chicago while also spending much of his early 20s in Atlanta, this now Texas-based rapper blends multiple musical influences to create a truly one-of-a-kind sound. He takes the energy of each of the cities in which he’s lived and melds them together into something truly original. 

“I’m the best part of waking up,” he said, nodding to his stage name. “I’ve got the kind of Twista vibe and energy of Chicago rappers, and I have a lot of the Atlanta swag and finesse with my flow, and living in Houston gives me a lot of soul. Add that to the fact that I write music that’s appealing with deep lyrics, and you get a whole different energy than anything else out there right now. I’m a good blend of all those things with style and catchy hooks and real lyrics. I grind like coffee beans.” 

With “Open Wide,” Big Foldjaz takes a comical approach to waving goodbye to past wrongs. With a sarcastic wink and explicit lyrics, Big Foldjaz dedicates the song to his probation officer while at the same time creating an energetic anthem that listeners can use as a chant for situations in their own life in which they want to tell someone to “suck my dick.”  

“It’s about somebody who doesn’t give a fuck,” he said. “It’s about being a rebel, but in a funny and comical way. The video will be funny, as well.” 

“Kill Us Again” on the other hand, is more of a current hit that touches on the continuous racial inequalities that have been brought to light again in the wake of the George Floyd killing. He said it’s a song that will remind people of Tupac with its raw energy and a message that cuts to the core while being necessary for today’s society.  

At the end of the day, that’s the kind of music Big Foldjaz wants to be known for – the kind of music that connects with people in deep ways and says something that makes them come back for more. 

“I’m trying to touch the crowd,” he said. “I’m making real rock star shit and I’m trying to push my sound to different audiences. One of the audiences I’m trying to hit right now is that crowd of aggressive skateboarders. I’m trying to push my sound to that skater crowd because I think these songs fit that group. But that’s just one kind of music I create. I’m always talking some gangster shit, too. I’m gangsta, I’m a player … I’m a little bit of everything.” 

To listen to Big Foldjaz’s music, or to follow him on social media, please visit: 

“Kill Us Again”