Getting to know Jadi Torres


Introducing Jadi Torres


We’re happy to be speaking today with a phenomenal Latin American singer Jadi Torres!
Before we get started, how has 2022 been treating you thus far?
2022 has been nothing short of amazing. I have been able to jump head first into many projects that were only a dream in conversation a few months prior, so needless to say, I am loving 2022!!!

Tell us the story behind your brand name came to be?
I was born in Dominican Republic so there’s always a shortened version of the full name, I was nicknamed Yadi with a “Y” since I was a baby, but in America people pronounced it (Yahdee) for us the “Y” has a j sound. So I simplified it as a total artist boss move lol, to Jadi with a “J”.

How did you learn to sing / write/ to play?
I grew up around music, choirs, talented musicians that were self taught. Music grabbed me very early on in my life and I fell in love with it. Writing poetry, developing them into songs. It was easy to want to learn to play instruments and sing because I was always around it. I realized I had a talent and I work everyday to perfect it.

What was the 1st concert that you ever went to and who did you see perform?
I was young, I went to see a live band in concert ill never forget the feeling even though they weren’t a largely known band. I knew that’s something I saw myself doing.

If you could have a musician tag along with you on tour, who would it be?
Wow! I would want someone like Alicia, or HER for sure! Let’s create music at any time on tour. We’d probably have 3 albums by the time we’re done.

Do you prefer to listen to music more or create?
Create for sure, I can honestly say I can go a few days without listening to music but in my head I’m always creating.

Being Bilingual do you think you have more Latin fans than American fans?
I know my Latin America fan base is pretty big so I would like to say maybe lol, however within the last few records I’ve made I’ve tapped into more of my English side and it’s gotten a pretty big response from the American fans, but Latinos are definitely on the higher end, for now.

Have you experienced stress on stage before? If so, what do you do about it?
Not really, I don’t normally stress out. I always get sudden butterflies in my stomach feeling, but that goes away the moment I step on stage.

As a female artist, if you could change one thing in the music industry. What would it be?
I feel there may be, more now in this culture than before, a high demand for “sexy” to be a part of being a female artist. For me that’s a box I would like to see broken, you don’t have to be half naked to attract the Audience’s attention.

If you didn’t pursue a music career, what would you be doing?
I love being able to make a difference in anything that I do, I remember for the longest time I wanted to be a doctor, a surgeon or something like that. Maybe I would’ve pursued medicine.

What can your fans look forward to seeing next from the phenomenal artist Jadi Torres?
They’re going to get the best music they have ever heard from me! I’m going to continue to inspire every dreamer with my life and accomplishments so I hope they don’t get tired, I’m here for the long run. There’s a lot of acting in the works, so they’ll be seeing my face on the big screen. I’m excited for that experience.

Celebrity realtor Douglas Parson Jr sells million dollar mansion to King of Reality TV executive Carlos King


Douglas Parson Jr.: Multi-million Celebrity realtor, The Art of Flipping Bricks (Full Interview)

Celebrity realtor and Author  Douglas Parson Jr. sells “King of Reality TV Executive Carlos King a million dollar home in Atlanta, Georgia. The home has a pool, master bedroom complete with balcony, and plenty of space to lounge, and entertain. The mansion is right in the middle of a golf course! For over 20 years as a top realtor in Atlanta, Douglas Parson Jr. has dominated the business by specializing in luxury estates, He has sold millions of dollars in the Atlanta, Georgia real estate markets. In addition, he is certified in the Fair Housing ACT, and in servicing market information, and is a Certified Buyer Agent (CBA).

Carlos King
Kingdom Reign Entertainment

Douglas Parson Jr.
The Art of Flipping Bricks

Meet Christina Clement of Dynasty Healing


1. What is your legal name and age? Dang, ya’ll want my government given name?

Lol Well New York knows me as Christina Clement, born on Christmas, 2 gifts not 1. And not a big ass teddy bear either.

 2. What is your stage name and how did you come up with it?

People call me Queen, I don’t know why they just started calling me Queen. I often share with people that I used to correct them and say my name is Christina, but they still call me Queen, so It just stuck. Even when I tried renaming myself to Unity, that didn’t work either, lol. So Queen it is and I’m fine with it. So thank you to the people.

3. Where are you from?

I am from everywhere, I am energy. My birth body settled in New York, born to and raised by West Indian parents. I love reggae music, roots and culture. My dad (DJ Jah T) was a DJ and played as a child with Bob Marley, so I heard roots and reggae all the time, I love reggae music. Dem ting and ting.

4. Where are you now?

I have moved to Georgia so my children can have some grass to play in. I love nature. My children are getting older now but I built such an empire here in Georgia, I have more planting to do here.

 5. How would you describe the work that you typically create? 

My message I am promoting is that it is okay to be your true self. I am on an assignment from GOD so the message isn’t going anywhere and it has always been consistent, To thine ownself be true, Each One Reach One, teach One. I speak about the journey also in my book on Amazon, Locs linked to spirituality by Christina Clement. (

6. Who influenced you most throughout your career?

GOD, Danielle Thompson, Freak, The Hype Magazine, Ugly Money Music, Coalition Dj-Big X, Dj trini, Hoodrich, & Derrick Simmons. Other artists Just seeing their passion and willingness to grind through pain and hunger to reach their goals. That’s real dedication. I see some driving cars that look like they shouldn’t even be on the road, but they are doing what they have to do in the game and that feeds me and what I do. So many don’t have food in their place of stay but they are still laser focused. I also started an Artist Admin Team which is a freelancing service so artists can make money and get their paperwork done without being wronged or just ignoring the business part of our career because that’s where the money is. (

7. What are your most notable achievements in the music industry?

We won business of the year with ARS Radio in Atlanta, and I have mentored so many into their passions, and businesses where they range from script writers-motivational speakers- to legends in the industry. (King & Queen (Conversation’s) Episode 3️⃣ (Trust The Process)  Queens Ig:@Dynastyhealing To see us excelling moves my heart and I love what I do. I support Passions.

8. Talk about your latest release. 

My clothing line which is soooo, let’s just say I am super excited about that. Along with the sponsorship My product line will share a platform with them on their website. So artists can earn money selling the shirts too. My videos will also be on platform, you will find other content creators on there like Killer mike and King June, which I have the pleasure of being offered a channel on there. I will also have other conscious artists on my channel. So to all the artists, I will support that music that you really want people to hear and feel and that is true to you. Send it into me and I’ll have a channel on my network for you.  My Ig is @dynastyhealing @njshaircare when you are ready to get your locs right.

Contact: and and For premium roasted coffee beans and DH clothing line inquiries and for locs maintenance, loc community association

website URL,

social media links – @dynastyhealing @njshaircare @leadingrindscoffee @sportscards4sale2022

Q&A with Virginia Songstress Damikia Jackson


By Mikala ‘Vibe’ Zelalem

A woman inspired by greats and on the path to become great herself, Damikia Jackson is here with the upcoming release of her debut ep  “Promise in the Rainbows”

From 8 years old to a mother of 3, the one constant for Damikia has always been her love for music. Through so many trials and tribulations, music got her through it all. She understands the depth and comfort that music can provide to its listeners, and that is something you can feel all throughout her music. In this interview, we get deep with Damikia Jackson about where her journey began and where she plans to go.

In one sentence, who is Damikia Jackson.

A pure reflection of Divine Majesty.

When did your love of music begin?

It hit me one day when I was jumping on my momma’s couch. There was Prince – Diamonds and Pearls,  when I heard the song I sat down. My momma came around the corner right afterwards, so it’s safe to say music saved my natural born life.

Who would you say your biggest inspiration is?

It’s not true if I say just one person or thing is my inspiration, unless I first give honor and credit to The Grand Creator of it all, who we’ve all mirrored our special talents after. I’ve found his reflection in art, fashion, literature, but mostly music. Artists such as, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Jill Scott, Aaliyah, 2pac, Bone Thugs in Harmony, Outkast, Brandy, Monica, Andre3000, Sade, Amil Larrieux, Diana King, Zhane’, Maxipriest, Arrested Development, Luther Vandross, Patti Labelle, and so many more. I really couldn’t get enough of music once I started to experience life.

How long have you been on this journey and what keeps you going?

I started singing in front of people at 8yrs old. That was a long time agos days, but I remember it because I hadn’t originally planed to do so. It’s my fathers doing. See, that Monday at school we had Show and Tell. I had this Barbie Horse and Buggy that I wanted to show. Well as kids were often scolded to put our toys away and were under the constant threat of them being thrown away. So we were outside playing and saw flakes falling. We were so excited to see snow but as it fell we quickly realized this wasn’t snow. My dad had our toys in a barrel burning lol. So for Show and Tell I got the courage to sing in front of my class. I kept at it from there. Life has given me so many reasons to stay true to this. While I don’t let it take over my life, it’s a huge and unapologetic part of who I am and I absolutely love it.

Why should people listen to your music?

Maybe there’s some kid out there jumping up and down on their mommas couch. Bob Marley said, “one thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain” It certainly would feel better than a fresh pair of house slippers across these hind parts. My music will sit you down. It’s filtered so that you and anybody you’re in company with, can listen with all ears.

What is the theme of your EP?

Back in The Day Vibes, a reminiscent vibe

Which song is most special to you and why?


It’s dedicated to my 3 children. Each verse is written with a different version of my personality that each child reflects. I’ve gone through so much in this life, some trauma, some things due to not knowing how to truly love myself. But despite all that I endure and overcome, I’ll carry the weight of the world on my shoulders just to see them smile. Any parent that has natural affection for their children would do the same.

What is one thing you want your audience to take away from listening to this body of work?

It’s ok to be ahead of your time. It’s ok to go against the current flow of the way the world around you thinks. Stay Bubbly with positivity in hard times. Blaze them with truth always. Face yourself and continue to grow. And spread that feeling of Sunshine to those you love and who love you

Follow Damekia on Instagram: @freestyle_ambiance

Stream “Promise In The Rainbows”:

Meet John Holcombe of The After Set on WRFG 89.3 FM in Lil 5 Points


Thanks for sharing your story with us John. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
A guy by the name of Victor Walker had a radio show on WRFG 89.3 FM called Ridin Durty Radio that came on Thursday night from 3 am to 6 am. I was working at the airport and had Wednesdays and Thursdays off. So, one day, I went up there to support him. I saw he was playing music from Underground/Independent artists that I heard in the clubs that the other radio stations weren’t playing. After the show, I told him how can I be a part of the show whether it was promoting the show, finding music, booking guests, anything I could do to bring value to the show. A year later, I met a woman named Christiana Davis aka ‘Bosslady’ and we became really good friends. She was given an opportunity to start an internet radio station called Atlanta Hott Radio. At that time, the internet radio was just popping off. So, I was doing Atlanta Hott Radio and sitting in at Ridin Durty. Whatever I was learning from Vic I was applying to our show. Later, I would get my own show called The Prezidente Suite Radio Show which I started from my dining room. I would buy mixtapes, albums that came out on Tuesdays, music from the record pools and any independent artists that sounded good. From the Internet Radio station, Bosslady and I started a showcase BattleHottlanta where we would give away a thousand dollars. After 12 showcases we stopped, but I continued to do Ridin Durty with Vic until he retired. WRFG had a broadcasting class to be a program engineer. It was close to Father’s Day, so my kids surprised me by paying for the class. Took the class and graduated. I met a guy by the name of Horace Hawkins aka DJ Powerlord through Vic and the broadcasting class. DJ Powerlord had a show idea and that is how the After Set show came about. I also started a production company Prezidente Suite Productions which I produce along with DJ T-Did-That a show called Down In The Dirty Mixshow where we are preserving the roots of Southern Hip Hop while playing independent artists.

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc. – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
My wife passed away in 2011. I fell into a deep depression. I was a single dad with three kids working and doing radio. I felt like quitting, but I couldn’t let my kids down. With help from my in-laws, I was able to work and do the radio for the last ten years.

So let’s switch gears a bit and go into The After Set on WRFG 89.3 FM story. Tell us more about it.
The show is called The After Set Hosted By DJ Powerlord, Big Al, and me J.Prez. We are only showing on Atlanta FM radio that plays Bass Music, Funk, Soul, R&B and Gives Independent Artists a shot at airplay through our monthly Pump It or Dump It segment. All you have to do is have your song CLEAN song (RADIO EDIT)

Has luck played a meaningful role in your life and business?
Ain’t no luck. Just believe you can do it and put a plan together and following it through.

      Contact Info:

Get to know Spice 1’s artist from Temple, Texas ‘Real Smokesta’


Artist name?
Real Smokesta

What genre of music do you create?
I do it all. Hip Hop, Pop, R&B you name it. There’s nothing I can’t pull off. My mother didn’t allow me to listen to Rap until I was a Sophomore in High School. So I grew up listening to a lot of Gospel and Alternative music.

What city and state are you from?
I’m from Temple, Texas but we call it Trouble Town. A beautiful city but you can get into trouble easy.

Email address to send blog links?
Definitely My Label

When did you realize you wanted to be an artist? Tell us your story?
The moment I realized Hip Hop was therapy for me. It saved my life. I mean really saved my life. In and out prison and not taking my life serious. There’s nothing else that would’ve taken me out of those streets. Not my Mama, Friends or Religion but Hip Hop opened up a different perspective on life to me. I have a unique story. In 2020 I got signed to Spice 1 from all these unique stories. Hip Hop is a way of life for me.

What project are currently pushing?
I have two new albums out I just released. Unfortunately I don’t see myself performing this year. More like next year.

What challenges have you had to overcome along the way?
I don’t think people really understand the stress artists go through. We’re human beings too. The mistakes. High expectations. Failure. People hoping you don’t succeed. Industry people scamming and all those things. I took a lot of loses before I ever started winning. To be the underdog and still win is Real Smokesta.

What makes you different from other artists?
Being authentic. When I create I don’t force myself to be different. I don’t care about what people think. I’m different naturally without thinking about it. The subjects I speak on aren’t popular but I’m cool with that because I don’t make music to please people. I make music that I’m pleased with to share with people.

What advice would you give other artists that are just starting?
Nothing is going to come running to you no matter how talented you feel you are. You have to put in the work to make it work. The work never stops.

What does the word success mean to you?
Success to me is doing what I love and seeing results from hard work. To come from a dark place as I did and still pursue my goals is success to me. To inspire people makes me happy.

What’s next for you?
I’m working on something special right now is all I can say.

Finally, what are your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook links?

Q&A with MakaSound Producer Aye YB


Q&A with MakaSound Producer Aye YB

By Micah ‘MØW’ Wormley


From sleeping on his friends couch, to becoming one of the most sought after up coming producers in the industry, Malachi Haden, known to most as AyeYB, is proving that hard work and dedication can take you places talent alone will not. Born in Atlanta, Ga and raised in Richmond, Va, AyeYB’s love and passion for producing has manifested through his youth into a thriving career in his young adulthood. In this interview, we got to know a little more about AyeYB as he chronicled his journey, as well as dropping gems for the next generation of producers. 

Where did your passion for music flourish? And at what age did you first aspire to be a music producer?

Aye YB: My passion for music flourished from being in the church, growing up around the piano players and the drummers. My mom used to always tell me how she would put headphones over her stomach and play music like Mozart and jazz. I honestly think that’s why music has such a strong hold on me as well. I first aspired to become a music producer at age 13 watching videos of Southside and Lex Luger making beats on Youtube. This was right before I got to high school. I wanted to make music a long term thing. I just did not want to become a band teacher.

Who and or what were some of your inspirations while learning to produce? What did you take from them and how did you apply it to your sound?

Aye YB: My main inspirations as a producer are Metro & Wheezy. At age 14, I watched Vlogs of Metro Boomin after school everyday. His melodic melodies were my biggest takeaway and the way he layered sounds blew my mind away. Then when It comes to Wheezy the bounce of his drums and the way he put them together is crazy. I studied it all through high school. It really helped grow my sound and taught me the right pockets to insert my drums. I took away so much knowledge.


The Making Of 2 Chainz & Big Sean “Wreck” W/ Aye YB (Co Prod. Hitmaka & Duce)

How did the pandemic affect your journey as a producer and content creator?

Aye YB: The pandemic affected my journey for the best. I was stuck in the house so much I couldn’t do anything but make beats. Being locked in really helped me get into the position I’m in now as far as getting signed. I woke up, made beats until about 3, took a break then got back to making beats until about 11pm in the evening. It allowed me to get so much stuff done and it set me ahead of the curb. I was living with TB digital at the time so as far as content creating he helped guide and show me everything I needed to do.

How did you join team ProducerGrind? And how did their platform help to make you a better producer?

Aye YB: I joined Team Producergrind through TB Digital. I was with him all the time watching him make kits, livestream, and create content. I was always the guy behind the camera and helped set things up. It came to a point where he asked me if I wanted to join and so I took the opportunity and never looked back. The platform helped me understand the viewpoints of the producers from the ones who just started to the ones who have placements. It helped me grow my patience a lot more than anything.

You seem like a naturally quiet person. How hard was it for you to come out of your shell while creating content? Any tips you could recommend?

Aye YB: It was hard for me to break my shell at first being in front of the camera. But I honestly think that is what I am known for just being a chill laid back person. I still am currently working on communicating and talking more. You honestly just have to be yourself and just talk.


Can you give some insight on how you joined MakaSound?

Aye YB: I joined makasound simply by just sending beats to the songwriter and President of Makasound Chirshan for a little over a year. We had so many demo’s together where it got to a point and he asked me if I wanted to join the team. Once I joined, he flew me out to Florida and got me in the room with Turbo, Jetson, Vory, Tay Keith, Murda Beatz, and some other producers and songwriters.

What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned from Hitmaka & Chrishan?

Aye YB: The most valuable lesson I learned from Chrishan and Hitmaka is that you can not take anything personal. You have to keep it strictly business in this industry and grow some tough skin because things do not happen when you want it to. 

How do you define success and what does success look like for you?

Aye YB: To me success is being able to take care of your family and yourself and also putting your people in the position to win and take care of their families. It’s all about paying it forward. It’s not about money, money is only a tool to help you reach financial freedom.

It definitely shows that you put in a lot of hours to reach this level of success. What do you enjoy doing outside of music?

Aye YB: The only thing I do outside of music is play the game and hang out with my brother and cousins. I hate being in the mix. I just like to stay out the way.

If you could give one valuable piece of advice to an aspiring producer following your path what would it be?

Aye YB: The biggest valuable piece of advice I would say is to build relationships. That’s all you need is to have strong relationships with people it goes farther than anything

Follow Aye YB on Instagram @1AyeYB


Introducing Pretti Peach CEO of Peach Aura


Who referred you? How did you hear about us? Be specific

Agent Matthews

What is your Preferred Name? Alias ect.

Tia \ Pretti Peach

Your Gender


Your Age


What is the name of your business?

Peach Aura

Are you currently employed or have multiple streams of income?


What Is your Social Media?


How many Instagram followers do you have?

Started at 900 at 1500

What product/ service are you selling?

Health & Wellness services, Clothing Brand, Motivational Blog

How long have you been in doing this? and what are some of the accomplishments you have achieved?

2 years – sold 2000 items plus

Tell Us About You!

How did you develop your name/ alias?

I developed the name “Pretti Peach” from a lesson i had to learn on a spiritual journey. On this journey i learned that sometimes life can bring struggles and challenges that drain your motivation and shift you into a negative perspective. Sometimes we need a shift in perspective that can serve us positive results.
I created a health and wellness brand that helps spark creativity and motivate people to be their best version of themselves. When you be yourself, give a positive AURA your spirit will attract positivity into your everyday life. Welcome to ‘Peach Aura’ what is your aura.

What Is your Social Media?


What projects are you currently working on?

Health & Wellness Products, Membership Services, Book Club, Courses, Brand Clothing, and more

How long have you been in doing this? and what are some of the accomplishments you have achieved?
I have been in communications since college which was in 2008 over time I interned and hired on at a local television station and also in the University’s African American Center also doing media work for the office.

Name 3 things you feel you need to be successful, and explain why!

I believe 3 things you need to be successful are Patient, Integrity, and Mission. Patience is the key to understanding yourself, what is for you and what is not for you, and how to become a clear thinker in all ways. To have integrity is to have honesty which usually comes with loyalty and I believe that Integrity is the most important part of becoming the best part of you who else to have integrity with first other than yourself. Lastly, the need of mission is the most important part of life. If you have no mission or purpose in which drives you to live your best life then you can miss out on the journey meant for you in this lifetime.

What is your weekly budget to invest into your career? after bills etc….


How do you plan to make money in this business?

I plan to make money in this business by selling products that will help heal the body, mind and spirit along with branded clothing and other goodies to go along with Peach Aura’s mission. In addition, Peach Aura will be launching a membership only Book Club and discussion with special guests to help heal and elevate the world. Lastly, there will be courses on multiple subjects from spirit, effective communication, cosmetics and much more!

Provide links to your work

Introduce yourself and how you developed your creative name, business name, or brand name..

What is Your Aura? I’m Pretti Peach -I am not a CEO I am the Brand.

Explain when and where you realized you had a passion, talent or skill?

I realized I had a passion for helping people at a really young age. I was very naive and was not aware of discernment. Overtime I always found myself in careers were I was helping other people like “Advanced Customer Service” and “911 calltaker and dispatcher” even down to the internships and work in college; therefore, it has always been a natural trait for me to build and connect with others.

Where are you from and what about your city inspired you?

I was originally born in Rome, Georgia and raised in Wilmington, North Carolina.

What projects are you currently working on?

I am currently working on a membership only book club with discussions -special guests, communication courses, health & wellness products.

What team members, coworkers or supporters encouraged you to be great? What did they say or do?

I can exaggerate when I say a part of my growth has definitely been due to the support I receive from Agent Matthews and the effective guidance in relation to your area of brand and development. The preparations that are needed to begin to develop a  brand can be very exhausting and scary at the same time; however, when you have effective guidance from a credible source then it can make the process much easier.

What is your definition of success?

My definition of success is when you are able to look back in life and see your growth and changes that led you to be the best version of yourself where you are the most happy and able to create the best financial growth for yourself and the ones you love.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far in this business?

The biggest lesson I have learned is to be patient and know that when things are not happening on your time to be aware and craft your skills even more to the liking of your knowledge.

How do you balance your business life and personal life?

I balance my business life and personal life by what is priority based. I am a mother so I have certain priorities and my life that are needed as well to survive in order to provide. I chose the best options and made sure everything is taken care of in a priority manner.

Aside from business, What are your favorite hobbies and activities you enjoy?

I love to sing, read, make content videos, research and just have fun doing different activities.

What are your social network handles?

Instagram, Facebook

Get to know Angela M. Wong


Tell us a little about yourself.
My name is Angela M. Wong I was born and raised in Bedstuy Brooklyn. My mother raised me and my sisters and made sure that she gave us everything although she didn’t have much. Her smile is what inspires me to reach higher for my goals because I don’t know how to repay her for raising me to become the woman I am today. I am a versatile artist, and I am currently working on different styles and genres I want people to get up cry, dance and just be
yourself, because today we are so in tuned with following social norms that we usually don’t express ourselves because we are afraid of who is watching us.

How did you come up with your name?
My Artistic name is La Diva, which was given to me by my Grandma, because she said I was into fashion.

What are your influences?
My musical influences have been Salsa singer La India, my mother bought me my first Walkman and cassette at the age of 5 and that is when we first noticed I had a voice. My sister played a major part in helping me develop my writing we would pick topics and write songs and poetry when we were home bored with nothing to do. My musical influences have also been my music teacher Ms. King-Everette I attended Progress High School for professional careers and she taught me how to breathe, harmonize and use my voice. I also would go to an Afro-Cuban church every Sunday where I learned Yoruba music and hope to work on some projects with that sound and language.

How did your musical career begin?
My music career began at the age of 18 I did my first show at a community event in Brooklyn.

What inspires you?
What inspires me is my love for music and how it can heal anything you may be experiencing at the moment, growing up in a poor neighborhood does not stop you from succeeding, I want people to believe that they can make despite all adversaries.

What are you working on?
I am currently working on new projects that have not been released yet.

Is there anything we can check out now?
I have 3 new songs currently out on all platforms entitled Runtz, Honey which are trap songs and Mentira which is Spanish reggaeton and I am Currently working on releasing a few new projects with visual 2 songs one entitled Bully and the other is Trenches. I may also release an EP sometime next year.

Are you on instagram?
My Instagram handle is @divalapr_ladiva

What would you like to say to your supporters?
I want people to believe in themselves no matter what always say you can never say you can’t.

Check out Runtz Some of La Divas Music below