Take A Smoke Break With Yung Gwapa | @YungGwapa

Smoke Break Interview

Yung Gwapa sits down for a smoke break with 1K Media Group. He tells it all from his childhood influences to his struggles as an independent artist. This exclusive interview with Gwapa brings you into the person behind the name. Smoke break wit Gwapa from Black Heart Vision on Vimeo.

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[Interview] RETRO x ET on iHeartRadio @Retrostarkey

RETRO‘s latest interview with ET (@ETCALI) on iHeartRadio (@iHeartRadio). RETRO, just released his first project titled nine1, two weeks and responses have been amazing. Be on the look out for more visuals from RETRO and a continued push on #nine1. Share on YouTube Stay Connected @Retrostarkey

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Mystics Ent Interviews with Nightime @Nightime1

What’s good Nightime talk to us about how music became your passion? I Started doing music in highschool i was infatuated with the battle rap scene & the thrill of just being in a cypher. Harlem, New York birth place of some of the dopest MC’s in the business. How …

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