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BeeUpNext – Romance

BeeUpNext Puts the Fun Back in ‘Romance’  JACKSONVILLE – Nineteen year-old Brandon Seward, aka BeeUpNext, blends his vocal training from childhood with the hip hop vibes he’s perfecting the past few years in his home studio. These skills, and his wide variety of influences, combine to make him a true original, an artist who shows promise …

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VUNG – Slow

“Slow” Down And Unwind With VUNG  Victor Ajamolaya manifests mindfulness of his own identity. Originally from Nigeria, Victor (AKA VUNG) moved to Alberta, Canada to further his education. Though he began writing songs at age 8, 2020 witnessed VUNG’s emergence as a full-fledged songwriter. “I was going through a lot,” said VUNG. “And I always …

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Real Deal Wit It – No Cap

Midwest artist Real Deal Wit It shares inspiring musical journey with ever-widening global fanbase    AKRON, OH – To understand the music and talent of Midwest artist Real Deal Wit It, you have to understand where he comes from. Living in the streets of Akron, Ohio is already a rough starting place, but add to …

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Yokouno – Mhm Rewind

Emotion-filled music takes center stage from fast-rising young artist Yokouno  ATLATNA, GA – Everybody is familiar with the sound you make when you agree with something. It sounds like “mhm.” When you agree just a little bit you might make the noise quietly. When you agree a lot you would make it aggressively. And …

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Flyght Club – Olivia

International artist Shauvik Sharan explores diverse range of sounds and styles with new single ‘Olivia’  LOS ANGELES, CA – A contemporary music project that has its origins in India and has fully bloomed through the influences of American Pop Culture is making its way to the masses from up-and-coming young artist Shauvik Sharan, AKA Flyght Club. His music prioritizes extreme …

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Dutch – Clarity

Abstract rap pairs with intriguing melodies on new EP ‘Feel Something’  DALLAS, TX – Dutch from Dallas is an artist who loves to get people hyped. He has sounds and styles made for all types of people all around the world – upbeat and happy music, or vibes for those who …

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