#ComingSoon @bikerboiscooter ‘Scooter The Magnificent’


New Artist Alert: Blazing hot coming out of Brevard county Fl, Bikerboi Scooter. Ep out now on all digital platforms, Self titled “SCOOTER the MAGNIFICENT” streaming heavy over 1 million streams collectively til date and counting.The lead single “Run it up” video over 100k views, 2m views on Worldstar,1m hits on soundcloud, streaming 400k on Spotify. Curators voted and said he”s the next hottest artist coming out of Florida. Ep has been on over 79 playlist which landed on one of the hottest playlist “”New music Friday” 2nd release “Talk” also did extremely well.New single “Get to da Bag” out now off the highly anticipated EP2 Called “SAUCED” drops 8/5 stay tuned.

#ComingSoon @bikerboiscooter 'Scooter The Magnificent'

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Lul Soufside – Rumorz

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Louisville rapper Lul Soufside releases new single “Rumorz”

LOUISVILLE, KY – Rap artist, Lul Soufside, has released his new single, “Rumorz.” The lyrically complex track features an unusual vocal mix with layered effects over a steady, chill groove. “Rumorz” is the first recorded piece of a long term venture. This project which he calls 3$ummerz, is a collection of unreleased songs which have been crafted and perfected over the past three summers. While he continues to work on other tracks, he’s making plans to put it all together into an album.

Known in the local Louisville music scene, Lul Soufside (aka Twjuan Sellers, Jr.) is unique in the market and has his own way of bringing the sounds. “I come on tracks different than a lot of people in the industry,” says Lul Soufside. “Just the way I come on the track, the way I post a beat is different from a lot of people.” He feels that over the years, his music style has evolved since he first began writing. The music he’s making now is more lyrical with an expanded sound and generally has more craft. He’s been performing for groups locally, but is working hard towards gaining more worldwide exposure.

Encouraged to pursue his music by friends and family for over six years, Sellers has had to overcome hardship and tragedy. Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, he grew up on the Southside of Louisville in the tough neighborhood of the Iroquois projects. He has endured the loss of family – three cousins were murdered and another cousin died in a car accident. While alive, these family members pushed him hard and told him that he would escape the projects someday. He says “every song I make is for my lost ones.”

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LilC843 – Chill Session

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LilC843 Pushes Ahead after New EP Success

CHARLESTON, SC– LilC843 has always had a love for music flowing through his veins literally since birth. He recalls hearing stories when he would move to the beat of music he heard while inside his mother’s womb. Eventually, this passion turned into that for a full-fledged career that he would develop overtime later in life. Inspired by his father’s rich musical background through his group “Verbal Assassinz”, he knew he had it in him as long as he put the hard work in.

LilC was always into free styling as it came so naturally and easy to him. As he navigated his adolescent years, he tried to figure out where he truly belonged, which always led him back to music. “In high school, I listened to all different music. I wanted to be involved in it however that was. After making my first song, I was so happy to see that everyone actually loved it and encouraged to keep going,” said the artist. Since then, he’s never looked back and has been full speed ahead to the top. It’s been a long time coming as he’s even taught himself how to do mixing and mastering all on his own. 

LilC recently released his EP which has been out for about 3 months. The positive response stemming from the release has been constant as LilC is pleased there hasn’t been any negative feedback. “People are wondering how I’m not worldwide yet. So now, I’m trying to push it to the next level. The whole album is something you can vibe to – just enjoy yourself and try to have a good time,” said the rapper. He’s focusing on his two biggest hits “Company” and “Chill Session” with the heavy hitter being the latter as fans dig the party vibe. 

Up next, LilC is focusing on the bigger picture as he has set goals he’s determined to accomplish. He’s always putting on for his hometown, Charleston, hence his stage name. There’s definitely more music on the way, so expect to hear more from LilC. Who knows, you may even see him on a stage near you!

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[NEW MUSIC] SELFMADESILU- Mixed In My Thoughts @selfmadesilu


Albany, GA Native SelfMadeSILU releasing his single “Mixed In My Thoughts” for the Massed Produced by DC Hooligan> Check out this exclusive below








[Single] Danny Taylor – Dope Game


Danny Taylor @taylormade_198 recently released “Dope Game” a track produced by Mike Zan @salinasbeats which is heavily influenced by the trap. It’s the description of the frame of mind we live in when we running around selling drugs acting a fool — Its a new vibe for Trap Music – #Trap #GetMoney #TeamGoals #Taylored

Listen to his single on Spotify now https://open.spotify.com/track/4eu3wKkOp35K4z80DpjaaS?si=s0F_kJUITDq3UouTxJfeIg

Emerging artist Zay Brown brings what the Industry has been waiting on!!


Zay Brown has a unique sound which is making it easier for new fans to join the wave. When questioned in a recent interview he shared some amazing insight into his world as an upcoming talented artist
We asked: What’s the biggest problem you’ve had to overcome so far?’
Zay Brown: Learning to self motivate myself to make the music I wanna make and not worrying about the negative energy this world has to offer and surrounding myself with the positive thoughts and people
‘What do you enjoy most about being a musician?
Hearing people tell me they genuinely enjoy listening to my music that it helped or did something for them
We asked: What do you hate most?
Zay Brown: Not being as consistent as I know I should be I hate that I don’t put more energy in my music
We asked: If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?
Zay Brown: To me I would change the amount of people that get screwed over for trying to invest in themselves as artists I understand you can’t really buy your way into the industry but at the same time it’s a shame of how many people are getting  played because they believe in there music
We asked: What drew you to the music industry?
Zay Brown: I was always a singer growing up I singed in my church choir I was always afraid of being heard but I realized that I had no reason to be scared either there gonna like you or there not it’s that simple but right before I lost my sister in a car accident I had began rapping for fun with my friends we would freestyle to random beats on YouTube every day then I got to a point where I wanted to start trying to record my own songs it’s been a bumpy road but I’m glad I stayed on the same path I’ve definitely come a long way from when I first started
We asked: Who are you inspired by? Please explain your creative process
Zay Brown: My favorite rapper growing up was Eazy E and Nas can’t forget about any of the other greats from NYC from B.I.G. To Big L Gang Starr the list goes on and on right now I’d have to say J. Cole is easily my favorite Artist because of everything he had to overcome to get to where he is today And then made an entire family in dreamville I would love to sign to that label one day and be apart of Revenge of the dreamers I know that album is going to be incredible but my creative process is simple I take a situation I’ve been through or witnessed and I create a story from that add a dope melody to it and make sure my verses are something to remember because first impression is extremely important but I will always be myself no matter what
We asked: What advice would you have for someone wanting to follow in your footsteps
Zay Brown: It’s tough for me to answer this because I’m still a new artist myself but from everything I’ve learned so far I’d say if music is truly something you wanna pursue go for and aim for the moon because you never know you might land on a star I’m just a kid from Connecticut with dreams of going far 
Stream emerging artist Zay Brown and discover for yourself what all the buzz is about and why many people are getting hooked on his one of a kind style.

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Stream on Spotify https://open.spotify.com/embed/artist/1Bo0qEI6KHAvgSEaoGPTo6

[New Music] Krayzie Bone feat Caine – Slippin


Krayzie Bone of Bone Thugs & Harmony recruits upcoming Cleveland native “Caine” for the new release “Ya Slippin”. The electric sounding infusion catches Krayzie Bone’s reality flow about mobilization and world views over the Jay E produced track. Krayzie Bone is celebrating the 20 year anniversary of debut album “Thug Mentality” with a tour featuring artist on “The Life” label this fall.

Soundcloud Link: https://soundcloud.com/user2977116/krayzie-bone-feat-caine-slippin