Hip-Hop Group The Underdogs Aspire to Inspire

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Hip-hop group The Underdogs are embracing imperfections, and creating a brand and musical identity that emphasizes on helping others through hard times.

On their latest single “Be About It,” the New Jersey-based trio—Lady Ink, Rafayel, and Butta—go straight to the point on the track, and see it as a gateway for listeners towards the rest of their music.

“We have Spanish records, we have records about the struggle, but I feel like people receive those things better when they know you better. And so that’s why I felt “Be About It” was one of the stronger ones to push as a record and to drop first because it’s very straight to the point,” says Lady Ink. “We’re just trying to engage the audience before we try and convince them of anything. When it goes like the more emotional records or the records that we’re trying to pull out people’s heartstrings we have to get the people engaged first before we drop those.”

The Underdogs met through mutual friends. Butta is cousins with Raf while Lady Ink re-connected with him through Instagram after he moved from Florida to NJ. Lady Ink has experience in the industry, previously signed to Hit City Records at 17-years-old, and Rafayel’s own project has over 80,000 streams on Spotify.

Their music ranges in variety—trap music, Latino rap that represents their Dominican and Puerto Rican cultures, and East Coast-style bars. On their 2022 record Who let The Dogs out? The Underdogs represent all of that, showing listeners what they’ve got.

But that isn’t all that they’ve got. Underdogs are both their sound, and a collective brand and movement. Under the name 360 Underdog, the group sells a luxury sneaker brand handcrafted in Italy. It’s not just about the aesthetic, but a way for Underdogs to help and advocate for others in need

“The whole point in creating the brand was to reach those people who we can relate to, people who come from nothing and those people who have those doubts and kind of hard to believe in themselves to do anything in life,” explains Lady Ink. “I want to be the advocate for comfortable living, basic human needs, and giving back to the communities in ways where it’s consistent […] We buy into so many things and we support so many things and there seems to be little to no return in doing those things. And I really want my brand Underdog to be that one where I invested in this brand, I’m wearing it, and I can really see how it's putting structure in my life or affecting my life in a positive way and it's not just for show or for glamor. It's really helping people at the end of the day consistently.”

Underdogs want to connect in-person with fans once they begin performing live, and getting their energy out there. But there’s no rush—the group wants to create as much content as  possible for listeners to see and for them to understand how serious they are about their work.

“I don’t want to go out there and try to connect with people and they search us and we have one video and an album. I feel like I really want to get a good amount of content and product out there that when we do reach the consumers and we do get our energy out there, they have something to go off,” says Lady Ink. “We're really just taking our time and really putting our best foot forward and making sure that everything we put out there is 100%.”

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Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/album/who-let-the-dogs-out/1645191998
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGuJCaNDU_I
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/360underdog/

New Music ‘2Turnt2Litty’ by The Ville


Illinois based singer/songwriter, The Ville, has been broadening his professional talents over the past few years. The Ville has blended his childhood years spent in the church choir with his creative visions to expand his musical portfolio to include acting, modeling, and even radio hosting. Finding his inspiration in knowing that there are others who look to him for inspiration keeps him driven. The Ville is an independent artist who does not limit his talents to any specific genre. He has co-hosted alongside Tina Renee for Flight Radio’s Soulful Discussion and is best known for his rap single “GANG” and his R&B/hip hop track “Fake Friends.”

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Instagram | @_TheOfficialVille

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 booktheville@gmail.com Booking Concerts | Radio | Acting Speaking Engagements + More TheVille | EPK

Reime Schemes releases his latest single ‘Maneno’ (Feat Maddoh and Khalli)


Maneno is a love Ballard by Reime Schemes featuring Maddoh and Khalli using a mixture of Swahili and English from Tanzania to the USA.

[ Chorus ] Babe don believe them even one time Wana sema uwongo ili we ujae I know hooo ooo My Love ooh Usipagawe na maneno yee ooh huwo Maneno yeee Usipagawe na Maneno yee Yao ya kwao

Check out the official lyric video

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T.Rozie Is An Undeniable Entertainment Force Setting New Standards


Talented across a myriad of mediums, T.Rozie is leaving her mark in the music and film industry as one of the most versatile and creative artists out.

Decatur, Georgia-born, T.Rozie was connected to music since in the womb. From her early ages into her adolescence, she would spend a culmination of 25 years expanding on her interests in dancing and rhythm, becoming a trained professional in the arts of ballet, tap, and hip-hop, along with modern, contemporary, and jazz dance.

Founding her production company, Lilly’s Vision Productions, named after her late grandmother, T.Rozie is expanding her horizons as a professional recording artist manifesting her dreams alongside Abe Clark of Salt Media Management. Thus far, her releases have proven to be of worth, resonating with listeners and building a connection that has given way to a rapidly growing fanbase.

Always one to be creating art, T.Rozie has a number of projects recently released and in the works that will change the scope of who she is and the future awaiting her in the industry. Her Freshman EP “Luv it here” with the suspenseful story of a crybaby thug has already broken the 1 million streams level with fan-favorite tracks like “Tragic,” “Luv it here,” and “Boy.” As its success continues to shatter milestones, T.Rozie is also making moves as the second half involved in the new anthem for the Atlanta Falcons alongside fellow Atlanta artist, China Monae. T.Rozie has also been exercising her talent in the film industry, appearing in the Valerie Knox, Paige Gaines, and Jamia Tucker-produced afro-inspired play, XOXO Sane Jane recently performed in Atlanta Ga at the 7Stages Theater.

T.Rozie is on a mission to influence with her tomboy style as she creates music relatable to the modern-day community of young leaders. Already touring and opening up for artists like Jacques, her name is reaching worldwide. Check out her body of work and stay locked for the upcoming visuals for her chart-climbing song “BOY” on October 17th.

Website: https://iamrozie.com

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2FQ5lwDr95dCpxIJifwVyJ

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/iamrozie

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/t-rozie/1578977680

R&B Artist Roger Hill is the True Definition of Talent


Roger Hill is an R&B singer who has been compared to Ron Isley. He never intended to sound like Ronald Isley; it’s just part of his DNA. So, when he heard people compare them it let him know that he was on the right track. His music is authentic R&B with a smooth sound that will touch your soul. With Roger Hill’s traditional sound and him singing about life experiences, takes you back to the Freddie Jackson days of R&B.

From the age of 5, Roger and his sister started singing in church and they knew that they were onto something when the members were moving. Roger was inspired to level up with his music by Katrina Mia, who is a member of legendary group Klymaxx known for the soulful throwdown. She told him he was ready and the rest has been history.

Who Is C.A. Brown?

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Corey Brown, known as C.A. Brown & formally “Trigga Trend” is a recording artist and entrepreneur from Chicago Heights, IL. The second youngest of 6 siblings, C.A. grew up with vision and alot of entrepreneur spirit which he credits his mother for : “I am like both of my parents in many ways, i have the the entrepreneur spirit like my mother but i think and execute in life a lot like my father”.

Despite an upbringing that Includes witnessing everyghing from drugs, gang activity and crime, C.A. Brown as always been musically Inclined. Inspired by other emcees like 2pac & Jay Z, which he admires the most because of his accolades, catalog, and longevity, C.A. plans to make his mark indefinitely. Most of the rappers in Chicago tend to fall in the categories of Drill, but C.A. Brown is a versatile MC more focused on Real subjects, lyricism, and activism though still influenced by the streets.

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C.A. gained recognition from 2010-2017 under the Trigga Trend moniker with the early success of a string of mixtapes that Include “Meet The Trigga Man”, “M3”, “Break Bread or Be Food” & “CONGO”.

As of 2022, C.A.Brown continues to elevate his music career with several independent singles and an the follow up to his anticipated album release titled “King’s Testimony” w/ #KT2 (King’s Testimony 2).

In addition to his rebrand and resurgence, C.A. Brown is also pushing his brand CONGO to new levels that include merchandise and other ventures in the works.

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New music ‘Act Up’ by female star, iamtheHopemusic!

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If you are looking for a fierce, and fiery new female star in the making, then look no further than, singer-songwriter, rapper, and dancer, iamtheHopemusic. Originally from Las Vegas, Nevada and inspired by artists such as Normani and Doja Cat, iamtheHopemusic is extremely committed to excellence, growth, and forward momentum! She is hands-on in every aspect of her career, from the obvious elements such as song-writing, recording, and creative direction, to the potentially not-so-obvious facets such as being her own stylist and makeup artist!  Going on 10 years in the music industry, iamtheHopemusic has been strengthening her resolve and using the many ups and downs of her journey, to power her unique approach, delivery and visual choices. Her live performances are another area that she stands far out from other artists in her genre. She takes pride in building her shows to be an engaging and captivating experience that is high-energy, and includes a lot of choreography!
 iamtheHopemusic promises to deliver more music and visual content for her supporters and fans, in the coming months, and her latest single “Act Up” which has already charted solo on the iTunes Pop Chart, is a much-needed breath of fresh air for her, and an opportunity to let loose a bit considering her consistent hard work and dedication to her craft.  She shared that 2022 has been a rough year for more reasons than one, but wants her followers to recognize that resilience, hard work, and faith will yield results that no man can take away!

In regards to her latest single, iamtheHopemusic would like to give a special thanks to Raphael RJ2 (Beats How U Want Em) for music production, King Al Hefner (Vidz How U Want Em Cinematography) for visual production, and her management team JAHMa for everything they do behind the scenes!Be sure to tune in and keep up with her continuing journey. She will not disappoint!

45Redline Brings Eclectic Tastes To The Table With Alternative Rap/Rock Fusion

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The five artists behind the West Coast group 45redline, each grew up listening to different music – everything from classic rock and grunge, to early 2000’s nu metal and rap.

Coming into their artistry, they’ve made the unique decision to fuse styles into something innovative; if I could paint a picture, it would look like the Red Hot Chili Peppers had a baby with the Migos and birthed the sound of 45redline. A sound best described as a blend between alternative, rap, and rock music.

The group released its first single in February of 2022, “NIGHTMARE,” a mashup of guitar and electronic beats with some vibey vocals. Followed by two EP’s and nearly a dozen tracks in all.

“Those were teasers,” says Blake Evan, an artist and videographer for 45redline. “They’re really a test to see what it would look like when we put all our music together for the first time. We were really proud of those projects, and I think they resemble what we’ve got going on.”

Other releases include, emo-inspired, “UPSET!”, thus far reaching 14,000 plays on Spotify alone. The Red Sun EP featured, “So Close” and “Death Letter,” featuring mypoorneighbor.  The latest EP, Dark Moon! includes four tracks and another feature from mypoorneighbor and up and coming artist, bats.

“bloodyred6,” from the Dark Moon EP, is a colorful introduction to 45redline. It’s a rage driven track that alternates between screamo and rap.

“It’s a song where we’re laying it all on the line,” says Flam Pkmn, an artist and one of the founding fathers of the group. “The song definitely brings intense vibes; The beat goes crazy. It’s more of a rager, I’d say.”

The origins of the group – which consists of Cole Henry (artist, producer, videographer), Hersadhero (artist), Flam (artist), Duxe Lee (artist), and Blake (artist, videographer, photographer) – dates to late 2019 when Cole and Flam (Founding Fathers) started writing, producing, and recording in some of Sacramento’s hidden gem in-home studios.

As a hobby turned into an undeniable passion, the two began reeling in other friends who shared the same love and ability to make music – including guitarist Miguel Ramirez – and by the middle of 2020, the group took shape and began to focus on developing its sound.

Interest from industry insiders and artists generated some notoriety for the group, and 45redline built on the momentum by working with Grammy nominated and award-winning producers and engineers like MILLION DOLLAR SNARE, Q MADE THE BEAT, J3M Sound, JORGE MARROQUIN and Tatum Martin.

In February of 2022, they signed with independent label PAKKMAN RECORDS.

“We all have our own sense of influence with music and so we each bring something unique to the table with our skillset and influences,” says Flam. “I’m not exactly a lyricist but I can definitely come up with clean bars, hooks, punch lines and definitely direct a beat.”

Blake says, ‘it’s all a huge team effort”. In addition to being one of the artists, he handles some songwriting duties as well as videography, photography, along with managing 45redline’s social media accounts.

“We have many jobs assigned to everyone so we can keep the ship rolling,” he says.

Cole is one of the main producers in addition to being an artist and writer. He plays a big part in constructing the structure of their songs and handles the engineering and mixing.

The group’s name was also a collaborative effort: Flam, liked the sound of “45” and another friend liked “redline,” so they put the two together.

45redline is set to drop a full project come this November 2022, featuring new songs with sounds nobody’s heard before.

“We’ve had some snippets on social media but this project doesn’t have any songs people have heard before except one or two,” Blake says. “Most of the new fans won’t recognize it. It’s going to be exciting.”

The group says the sound will be more polished, distinct and unified.

“It’s going to be a real display of what we’ve been working with,” Cole says.

45redline will return to the stage in October for a performance at Kushstock Festival.

Make sure to stay connected to 45redline on all platforms for new music, videos and social posts.

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0o1vKOhY268e6gbFFHfndE?si=5FRiVI8CQ3m78k6wqs8VDg&nd=1

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8Q6I7XlFa2dYc1h9Rv6Qfg/about

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/45redline

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/45redline/?igshid=1d1lm45vass1z&hl=en

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@45redline

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/45redline?eav=Afb9fuq0F8PVMKRdBNMUuHYvtiv-2OmjXUkLNbswi1hFpJ7MFGehN5PSg1U11kkirzs&paipv=0&_rdr

Maurice Carroll Teams Up With Grammy-nominated Carolyn Malachi For New Dance Track

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When it comes to his music, Maurice Carroll has a simple goal.

The Baltimore-based composer and producer has worked with artists who’ve been nominated for – and won – Grammy awards and others who’ve delivered chart-topping hits. He’s toured across parts of the U.S. as well as eastern Europe and in Africa. He coaches other artists to help elevate the independent music scene.

But at the root of it all, Carroll wants to expose more people to house music by combining it with other genres like R&B and hip hop.

“The intent is for people to not pigeonhole dance music for a certain type of person,” he says. “It’s not just for one type of person. I want to make people more aware of it so they can enjoy it more and understand it more.”

For Carroll, it’s as simple as this: house music is easy to move and dance to. With a background in multiple genres, he says this genre is the party genre for him.

“It makes it easy for people to dance and be free of what they might look like when they’re dancing,” he says. “Be free with it. You don’t have to know specific steps and dance moves, you can move freely in it. I’ve also found it’s a controlled musical genre for me. It’s simple to the average listener but it has intricacies that I enjoy and it’s about the placement of those intricacies.”

Beyond just introducing fans of other genres to dance music, Carroll enjoys the difficulty of combining house with those other styles. When he’s mixing with something like R&B, for instance, his music isn’t written and arranged the way a traditional R&B song would be.

“You have to leave enough room on the front and back end for the DJs to blend it,” he says. “Placement for the vocals is important, and even if you’re featuring instrumentalists, where that instrument is being showcased within the song is important and has to be calculated because you have to anticipate what the dancers are doing during that song and not abruptly introduce another element where the listener isn’t prepared for it.”

Carroll has worked with artists like Michelle Weeks, a dance music artist who was a singer in Little Shop of Horrors. He’s worked with Michelle Shellers (vocalist for the electronic hit song “Keep on Rising”), The Floacist (formerly of Floetry), Ruff Endz and more.

He’s been building a buzz with his 2-step mix of “Ooouu Work It” featuring rising hip hop artist Lor Dae. And he recently composed, produced and arranged the dance track “Under My Own Weather” for Carolyn Malachi, a Grammy-nominated artist.

“KP (Kevin Powe Jr.) insisted that she work with me. Then she asked me to produce a song,” Carroll says. “When I sent it back to her, she was really taken aback by what I did. She said it was exactly what she was looking for.”

Malachi sat with the music for a while, wrote to it and then brought Carroll into the studio to hear where she’d taken the project with Grammy-winning and multi-platinum producer and engineer Andros Rodriguez.

After listening to the song, the two asked Carroll for his thoughts. He said it sounded good, but they still sat waiting for his real producer’s response.

“I said okay, can we listen to it again? I have some suggestions,” Carroll recalls. “Let’s move this here, place this here, manipulate it this way. Then we sat back and listened to playback and everybody in the room was like oh, I get it. That’s what we’re hearing as the record has been released, those changes and arrangements are what we hear.”

“Under My Own Weather” appears on Malachi’s new EP, Counter Narratives, which was released Aug. 26 and is available on Apple Music.

Make sure to stay connected to Maurice Carroll on all platforms for new music, videos and social posts.

Website: https://mauricecarroll.net/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO1DqJMN6SssUG3dz2viDTw

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MauriceLCarroll

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mauricelcarroll/