Moe Prada – Right Now

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Moe Prada shows the world a new brand of high-class Hip Hop with new album “#Numbers” 

LAS VEGAS, NV – If there’s one thing you can expect from Hip Hop artist Moe Prada, it’s that his music and fashion are high quality. Everyone who knows him personally knows this to be true, and the rest of the world is about to find out thanks to the release of his new album “#Numbers.”  

Distributed globally across all streaming platforms on Dec. 14, the album features nine hit songs that display this fast-rising artist’s truly original sound and style. Self-dubbed as a freestyle artist, Moe Prada likes to walk into the studio with an idea or a topic in mind and then riff off the top of his head. What comes out is an organic flow of hit lyrics that are connecting with people all over the world. 

Take “Right Now” for instance – the debut single from his project. Based on his current romantic relationship, the song explores the passionate desire he has for his woman. Set against a laid-back, chill vibe, the song perfectly captures the yearning of a lover in ways that anyone who has ever been in love will be able to relate with.  

He follows that with singles “Demons In Me” and “Remix the Box.” The first is an aggressive track that talks about the experiences he’s had growing up and living on the streets – from gang violence to spirituals and all of the gritty things that come with that lifestyle. The latter is a remix of Roddy’s hit single, but done in a way that is sure to draw attention from fans all over the world. 

“Music is a part of my life,” he said. “Without music there is not me, and I think people will see that on this album. I love music. It’s in my blood.” 

Moe said he first got started with music when he was a kid, performing in choirs at a young age before exploring his natural ability to rap during his teenage years. His first single, “It Costs,” was his first recorded freestyle. Currently available for people to see on his YouTube channel, the single is a perfect example of the kind of natural sound he offers to the world. 

“Nobody can copy my style,” he said. “I’m doing it off my dome. The way I rap, you can’t copy my flow. How I even start off rapping is way different than any others. At the end of the day, I want my music to be known for reaching out to the public. I don’t care when it comes to gang banging and mainstream rappers, I cater to everyone. People said I couldn’t do it, but I want to show that I can. My heart is out there in my music.” 

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“Demons In Me”

“Roddy Mix Remix the Box” 


Chilla – Watchlist

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Chilla Tokage kicks off 2021 with chill vibes on new single ‘Watchlist’ 

LOUIS, MO – With the New Year comes a hot new track from Midwest artistChillaTokage. Released on Jan. 1, “Watchlist” is a wavy flow of chill vibes that is the perfect slow jam to enter the world into the new year. With steady 808s and a laid-back vibe, “Watchlist” features Chilla’s one-of-a-kind sound and style with a song that offers a timely message to the world. 

“Last year was a crazy year and in the middle of that I had a brief encounter with some federal agents that made people think I was on a watch list,” Chilla said. “This song is about that experience. I’m not a bad person and I wasn’t doing anything wrong, the whole situation was just circumstantial. But it was a situation that ended up with me being weirded out and the best way I could deal with it was through music.” 

Chilla’s journey in music started when he was very young. His oma was a concert pianist who started teaching how to play when he was only 3 years old. As he grew older, he played in recitals and soon mastered the piano so well that he became bored of playing other people’s music – so he started writing his own. When he was 7, he wrote his first composition, and ever since then he’s been fooling around with different sounds and styles.  

“I lately have moved more toward professional recordings and I want to make music that can be enjoyed by many people,” he said. “I like getting audio quality that sounds great and makes people feel a certain way. It’s like therapy for me making it, and for them hearing it.” 

Chilla said 2020 brought an opportunity to really explore a variety of sounds and styles. He especially played with different vocal styles and has found a unique groove with a higher-pitched vocal that he said is reminiscent of The Weeknd. Other inspirations include Juicy J, Three-Six Mafia, Wiz KhalifaAlexi LaihoPost Malone, and the late XXXTentacion 

“Like them, I want to be known as hella good,” he said. “I have different songs for different vibes. If you’re feeling hype and want to listen to something to pump you up, my music will stand out. If you’re sad and you want to mellow out, then you can listen to my melodic songs and just vibe to it. If you’re chilling and want to sit back and smoke and feel good, I’ve got music for that. But I’ve also got music that can make you pissed off. I just have different vibes for everybody.” 

In addition to “Watchlist,” Chilla also has the singles “Spaceship” and “Loud Pack” that are making waves among fans, and he has another single called “Legend” that will come out later this year.  

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snapchat @pistachiobutter

OG Casey – How We Move

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King of the Midwest OG Casey relaunches career with new single ‘How We Move’ 

CHICAGO, IL – When OG Casey started his journey as a musician 10 years ago, he didn’t think he’d end up where he is today.  

Like many other artists in the world, 2020 has been a life-changing year for this young and fast-rising artist from the Midwest. Though he’s been making music for the better part of a decade –with multiple projects and singles to his name – it wasn’t until this year that he took a big step forward with his career. He’s marked that monumental leap with a rebranding that changed his previous stage name, Ex$ange, to OG Casey. It’s a move that signifies a more mature sound and style from this young artist which is showcased fully on his new single “How We Move.” 

“I want to show people what I can come with and how versatile I am,” he said. “Everybody wants to comment on things they don’t know, and this song is about how only the people who are in it with you know how you move and how to act in certain situations. This is how we do our thing.” 

Featuring female artist Onna Deshae, the song is a display of OG Casey’s ability to blend and mix different types of styles and ideas into one seamless song. In many ways, his thinking is on a whole other level from other artists in the game today – to the point that some might call him a musical genius. 

“That started when I was young,” he said. “I’ve always considered myself destined to be an entertainer. I think my music is timeless. It’s so different from anything else that I really believe that 20 or 30 years from now it will still be played and be as relevant as if it dropped yesterday. And at the end of the day, I hope people hear my music and know that they can be themselves and not conform to what everybody else is doing and still be successful. I’m a backpack rapper, but I rap for people who are in the streets and for those who have never seen the streets. I’m a good combination of both sides.” 

OG Casey will further put this signature style on display with his forthcoming album “Life of a Gemini.” As is true of those with the Gemini astrological sign, his new album will be a mixture of light and dark – hard core and gritty sounds mixed with lyrical and great vibes. He said it’s a project that will take listeners on an emotional journey in a way that will make them want to play it over and over again.  

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Mulatto Dinero – Aunt Deanna

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High class and style take center stage across multiple entertainment offers for fast-rising artist MulattoDinero 

BALTIMORE CITY, MD – Everything in Justin J. Jefferson is a mixture of multiple things. From his many business endeavors to his heritage, and even down to the fusion of multiple sounds in his music, the combination of multiple inspirations is the thing that drives him every day. It’s the reason he has adopted the stage name MulattoDinero – a nod to the way he generates money through a variety of means. It’s also the reason why he’s always at work, releasing new products and music to the world to showcase the art that can inspire others.  

In 2021, he said he has a goal to release a new song every day on his social media accounts – all of them produced and edited by him before being launched. He wants his music to serve as a platform for his other entertainment options so that he can become one of the world’s biggest influencers. And when people hear his music, they’ll know immediately that he has a one-of-a-kind sound that cannot be denied. 

“My sound and how I flow and how I spit are what set me apart from anyone else,” he said. “That and my delivery and my character. And the number one thing that’s different is that my videos come with raw footage to match up with what I face sometimes. I have footage from when I was homeless, and from the time around when my mom got murdered, and good times with her before she got murdered. I make professional videos but in a raw way that people can look at and see the things I’ve been through and hopefully relate to them in some way.” 

MulattoDinero has been into music since he was 9 years old but prior to that, he was arrested at age 8. Since then he said his life has been a recycle habit, and he falls victim to the system. In October of this year, he was in his car in the middle of a shootout. The car got hit nine times with him in it and he didn’t get hit once. That’s just one of many examples throughout his life of times when his pursuit of music could have been derailed, but every time he walks away from those experiences, he knows he’s on this earth for a reason and he wants the world to hear his story. 

At age 12, he built his own home studio that he used all throughout his teenage years. Now in his early 20s, this fast-rising entertainment influencer has upped his game with new equipment and honed skills that he said will take him onto the international stage in no time. 

“I want to do all kinds of entertainment and create myself in a variety of ways,” he said. “I want young people to look up to me because I’m trying to show people that I’m up and I’m about to make it. Ultimately, I just want to be known for being one of the best entertainers the world has seen in a long time. I’m just different and ready for people to see it for themselves.” 

Be on the lookout for MulattoDinero’s new project “Glory2God”. 

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Spotify :MulattoDinero 

@MulattoDinero On All Platforms

Nostalgia – January Jewel

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Global music scene gets fresh blast of sound from Melbourne native Nostalgia

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – It’s been a while since the music industry has heard a truly original sound. But in 2021 that trend will change thanks to a new vibe coming out of Melbourne. With a fusion of synth Pop, EDM, Hip Hop, R&B and Indie Folk, this new sound that has yet to be named is both intriguing and captivating. It’s a sound that perfectly captures the vibe of the city from which it has been born, and it’s a sound that is starting to put some of Australia’s young artists on the map. 

Tarun Zachariah – AKA Nostalgia – is one of those fast-rising young artists who bring this new sound to the world. With a plan to release a new single every month of this year, Nostalgia is poised to become one of the world’s new artists that demands attention. And he’s kicking the year off with his debut single, “January Jewel,” which is currently available across all streaming platforms. 

The song begins with ethereal synth keys that offer an airy kind of opening that leads perfectly into Nostalgia’s falsetto vocals set against a Pop beat. It feels a bit like Maggie Rogers meets The Weeknd, with some electronic elements thrown in for good measure. The overall vibe is chill and laid back with a groove that makes the listener want to sway to the music.  

“It’s for that summertime chill vibe because it’s summer over here but I still wanted people to be able to enjoy it wherever they were in the world, even in the snow,” Nostalgia said. “I was inspired by the song ‘Woman in Love’ by Barbara Streisand, a song about a woman under the unforgiving spell of love which is forcing her to succumb to it. Love is beyond her control and she’s getting lost in it. I sampled it at the early stages of this song and I wrote this chorus to it about what love can end up costing you. Often you hear people talk about love in terms of it being a great part of life, but I took a different perspective of love being so overbearing that it becomes detrimental to you and at times you wonder if it’s even a good thing. It might seem magical at times and something for which you’d fully give yourself and sacrifice for, but at the end of the day, what if it isn’t worth that? If you sacrifice so much that it ends in pain or heartbreak, it makes you question if love was meant for everyone.” 

Nostalgia burst onto the Melbourne music scene with darkness and seduction a couple of years ago. Drawing from a wide range of influences, he is able to sustain a traditional element that’s laced with hints of EDM and ambience. His somber vocals pair perfectly with his self-produced tracks in a way that makes this Melbourne crooner a voice that delves into unknown territory. He showcases versatility and innovation, and the world is starting to pay attention.  

“When you say you’re feeling nostalgic, it’s a hard word to describe because you’re just longing for a feeling you once had,” he said. “That’s what I want my music to evoke – that reminiscing of what life was like in the moment you first heard my song, or the 20th time, or the hundredth time, or whatever. The times I feel most nostalgic is when I’m listening to music because it’s so good at embedding itself as part of your memory. I hope my music gives others that same feeling – that bookmark in their life.” 

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“January Jewel”

Q the Music – Lust & Pain

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Q the Music sets the tone for 2021 with new single ‘Lust & Pain (L&P) 

A mix of Trap, Soul and Rock take center stage with the latest single from Hip Hop artist Q the Music. “Lust &Pain” is a track created by this Navy engineer currently stationed in Guam. He’s been a writer and producer for other artists for many years and over the past couple of years has taken the time to create his own music, which he is just now ready to share with the world. “Lust & Pain” is the first of those offerings. The aggressive, gravely vocal is set against heavy 808s with a distorted synth keyboard melody in the background that takes listeners on a journey. The bouncy beat drives people to bop their heads while the deep lyrics make people want to hear more of Q’s story. 

“It’s basically a re-enactment of a time when I was in LA,” Q said. “It was one of those crazy nights when you go out and party and you’re with a toxic individual that you don’t realize how bad they are until later. My music is an emotional ride and I really want people to vibe with it. You can put on all of my tracks throughout the day and get a bunch of different vibes, with lyrics that make you think and intrigue you to make you want to listen to it more.” 

Q said he first got into music when he was younger. He started off as a dancer, and many of his first jobs as a dancer were enough to keep him off the streets in Michigan where he grew up. He knew he had a gift for entertaining, but never tried writing songs of his own until he got older. He recalls listening to Otis Redding, Frankie Lymon, The Temptations, and especially Prince when he was younger – all of whom influenced his sound and style over the years. Around age 14, he started dabbling with writing and then during his teenage years, he began working on several movie sets as an actor and production assistant. But all along the way, music has been the main thing that has stayed true for him. 

“I write my music based on my light and dark experiences of growing up and from traveling around the world with the U.S. Navy,” he said. “I consider my form of music to be genre-blending, using old and new forms of sound – from Rock & Roll to Hip Hop. When I’m not writing music, I’m creating concept EP and album covers. Music is the greatest stress reliever, especially when I’m out at sea for months and I don’t see land. I’m an engineer so I’m always looking at lights and hearing the engine non-stop, and I would write lyrics at night to get through those things. Music has always been the thing that has gotten me through hard stuff.” 

Q said “Lust & Pain” is just the first of many songs yet to come. He’s working on an EP called “Prisoner” which should drop in March, with even more music slated for later in the year. 

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Complexion Of Sound – Lose Control

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Best artists in New York come together to redefine EDM and House music on new project ‘Complexion of Sound’ 

NEW YORK, NY – A new sound that is redefining the genres of EDM and House music is about to be unleashed on the world through a new project called “Complexion of Sound.” Featuring a collaboration of some of the East Coast’s best artists and producers, this string of singles – set to begin with “Lose Control” on Jan. 8 – is a high-class-meets-underground fusion of gritty EDM and splashy House music. Executively produced by businessman Bryan Glass, “Complexion of Sound” is a vision that will enlighten listeners all over the world.  

“I’m a huge fan of electronic music and I wanted to make a splash in the House and EDM world,” Glass said. “I always thought I could do it just as good, or better, with the right people. So I built a studio and hired a bunch of really talented producers, writers, vocalists and music engineers from New York, and they’ve been in the studio every day this year cranking out music. We have a whole lineup ready to roll out this year, and I really think they’re going to make a big splash.” 

Glass said the first track, “Lose Control,” is the first original that the collective XIMONE who also wrote some of the lyrics. According to Alpha Moses, it’s a perfect song to kick off “Complexion of Sound” because it shows off the versatility of the group with its mix of Pop, Electronic and House vibes. 

“The entire project will be showing off that versatility, and this song is going to kick off 2021 with this new vision,” he said. “We’re trying to break through the House and Electronic sound into the Pop radio sound. It’s a similar vibe to DJ Snake or Diplo – kind of crossing boundaries and melding two different worlds.” 

Alpha Moses said “Lose Control” is a song about longing for love. It explores a forbidden relationship between a guy and a girl who are with other people but long to be with each other.  

“Even though they have a connection and tension between them, they know they can’t be together,” he said. “She’s pleading with him to leave the person he’s with so he can be by her side. It has a Dua Lipa cute-pop-strong-woman kind of feel to it. It’s almost Calvin Harris-esque, with that pop lyrical kind of cute vocals with dancy upbeat music under it. It’s a good time, and I think people will enjoy hearing it when they’re out having a good time.” 

Alpha Moses said the song first started when he and PHNTM Live were in the studio running through Calvin Harris tracks trying to recreate that feel with a new-school sound. They started with a demo and after he started writing some lyrics, he got in touch with XIMONE to help elevate the song. In his words, she “leveled it up,” and QR’N helped give it that extra push at the end to make it as high-quality and professional as possible.” 

“It really was a collaborative effort,” PHNTM Live said. “At the end of the day, we want our music to be known for good energy and open-mindedness. We want our music to be a good time. Even when we might be talking about something darker or sadder, we still want the energy to be uplifting. We want the people who listen to our music to have a positive mindset, but keep on dancing.” 

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DeeZire – Tell Me

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R&B Duo DeeZire brings back classic 90s sound with new single ‘Tell Me’ 

ATLANTA, GA – While there are many artists emerging from the booming Atlanta music industry, few of them possess the unique talent and style that DeeZire exhibits. This up-and-coming R&B and Hip Hop duo comprised of members cousins Swade and X’Clusiv offer a truly special blend of sound, style and influence to the world. They have everything it takes to become the next big name in music.  

Their recent single, “Tell Me,” is a great example of the kind of groundbreaking sound they’re bringing to the international market. A true love song that’s indicative of the late 1990s and early 2000s R&B sound, “Tell Me” is all about putting that loved one on a pedestal.  

“It’s speaking to your significant other and wanting them to tell you what they want from you,” Swade X ’Clusiv said. “It’s about supplying your significant other their needs. The 90s sound of this song is a lot like all of our music, which plays a big influence in how we write and sing. It’s a totally different sound than what’s on the radio today with R&B and Pop. We do a lot of harmonies and a lot of arrangements with live instruments across all our tracks.” 

DeeZire formed in 2013 when Swade and X’Clusiv came together in Atlanta. They both had a mutual love for music, and the more time they spent around each other, the more they realized they shared the same inspirations – from Michael Jackson and Prince to New Edition and Usher, among others. They soon realized that if they worked together, their shared passion to use music and share their artistic voice with the rest of the world could lead to something truly original.  

“We’re bringing that classic sound of R&B back,” X’clusiv Swade said. “Everybody has been saying it’s dead, but we don’t feel that way. We feel that R&B isn’t being marketed the way Pop and hip Hop is right now, and we want to bring that back to the table. We want to show that there are still people out there doing quality R&B music that you can vibe and rock to. We want to put that sound back on the map.” 

With a follow up to their debut EP, “Love Therapy,” The duo hopes to do just that with the release of their second debut EP, “Love ZoneTherapy,” which is slated to drop in the next couple of months. One Two more singles, “Raindrops” and “Love Zone” is are slated to release before the full EP, however.  

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“Tell Me” 

DEMO – Hey Sofia

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International artist DEMO brings funky fusion of sounds with new single ‘Hey Sofia’ 

LOS ANGELES, CA – Fusion of sound is a staple for international artist DEMO. With a funky blend of R&B and Rock that features influences of Pop and Dance Hall vibes, DEMO has the kind of unique sound and style that truly caters to a wide audience all over the globe. That one-of-a-kind sound is put on full display with his new single “Hey Sofia,” set to drop wide across all streaming platforms the first week of January.  

With a funky R&B swag that has a great bassline and groovy guitar licks, “Hey Sofia” is a song about finding inspiration in the midst of a creative slump. DEMO said the song was born from his own battle with creative frustration during a time when he was looking to expand his reach as an artist. The accomplished singer/songwriter has worked with international artists and producers for many years, and his move to LA was in an effort to take his career to the next level. 

“Sofie is like a muse, and she’s a metaphor for the thing that helps you find inspiration from others,” DEMO said. “It’s a song about finding inspiration in the midst of whatever artistic endeavors you’re involved in. It’s a good song for the clubs and it’s very good to dance to.” 

Over the course of his young career, DEMO has become known for seamlessly fusing wisps of Pop, Funk, R&B and Electronic into a smoke signature Indie sound. His lyricism – ranging from morose to whimsical – offers an unvarnished reflection of life and self and relies heavily on metaphoric imagery.  

“I’ve played mostly in Rock bands growing up, but with some of my more recent music, I’ve been able to fuse sounds of Rock and Funk with a producer who is more into Electronic Synth sounds,” DEMO said. “My sound is harnessing the Rock and R&B and fusing that with Electronic Synth into a sound that I think is pretty unique. Ultimately, I want to be known for being introspective while having sounds that are playful. ‘Hey Sofia’ is very dancy and poppy and fun, but the lyrics are about a person who is unsatisfied with his creativity in music. It is self-criticism done in a way that’s more fun. The lyrics are more in depth and prone to making people think, but it’s a song that’s going to help people have fun. You could almost ignore the lyrics and just dance if you want to.” 

DEMO has seen some success over the years and has had the opportunity to perform at notable venues across the U.S. and France, including the 9:30 Club in Washington DC and the Gibus Club in Paris. In addition to “Hey Sofia,” he has also released a funky single called “A Different Way” which is getting some good attention, and he’s also working toward a bigger project that he plans to release in mid 2021.  

To listen to DEMO’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit:

“A Different Way”

JFK – Sonic Hedgehog

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 Chicago rapper JFK shares artistic gift with the world through new mixtape 

CHICAGO, IL – If there’s one thing Jonathan Kelly has known for most of his life, it’s that he has a gift of music that he was meant to share with the world. It’s a gift that he’s honed and developed over the years. Today, he offers that gift to the world as the hottest new Chicago-based artist operating under the stage name JFK.  

His latest mixtape, “A Gift from Me to You,” is the exact kind of music that he knows he was destined to share with others around the globe. The mixtape is his version of bringing bars back to the industry with real songs that will touch the soul, and with vibes that will take true Hip Hop fans back to the days when “music was real music,” he said. 

“It’s an emotional roller coaster ride of songs that are gonna make you feel every word,” JFK said. “Every lyric in each song is my gift to the world. The thing that sets me apart is my wordplay. Every song is crafted. You’re going to see the talent behind every song. Nothing is rushed. It all comes from the heart. And there’s music for every genre of Hip Hop – it’s not all gang banging, drill stuff. It’s family music and emotional music and stuff from my everyday life.” 

The first of the 10 songs on the album is “Sonic Hedgehog” which JFK said he chose as a debut because of how hot it is. The club banger features motivational lyrics that inspire others to take care of business and make fast moves so as to stay on top of the game. The up-tempo party song is the perfect song to introduce a new wave of fans to JFK’s music, and he said he’s anxious for it to begin making its way across the country. 

Another single from the project that is making waves is “One and the Same.” Inspired by the social unrest that came to a head in 2020, the song is JFK’s way of encouraging others to try harder when it comes to mending racial lines and working together to overcome the social injustices of the world. 

When you walk around in Chicago, it’s so segregated,” he said. “White people won’t talk to you because you’re black, and this song is basically saying that I’m not different than you and you’re not different than me. We could be best friends, but you won’t even speak to me. It’s a song about how people could have so much in common, but fear is letting one walk away from a person. You could lose a soul mate just because you’re afraid to say ‘Hi.’”  

Following “A Gift from Me to You,” JFK said he’ll drop the album “Dinosaur and the Marvel” by March.  

To listen to his music or to follow him on social media, please visit: