Mik’Que – Parallel

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Lyrical versatility shines on new single ‘Parallel’
from D.C. artist Mik’Que

WASHINGTON, D.C. – You never know when a life-changing flash of inspiration might strike. For D.C.-based rapper Mik’Que, it happened the first time he heard Kendrick Lamar’s first album, “Section 80.” 

Though he’d been a fan of music for most of his childhood and had even played around with making music videos and free-styling with his friends, there was something about Kendrick Lamar’s album that unlocked a world of potential. It was the first time he really wanted to make music legitimately, and it was the first time he really appreciated the power of profound lyrics.

“That single album made me listen to his other albums and see how he evolved and changed and grew with his audience,” Mik’Que said. “I started learning about the business side of music and everything he did to get better, and it gave me inspiration. Not long after that, I started searching for studios and investing in myself. And the rest is history.”

In the years since, Mik’Que has seen some success with singles and mixtapes across multiple digital streaming sites. As he had consistently released single after single, he has slowly grown his audience and made a name for himself. Most recently, he dropped the single “Parallel” which he calls a “summertime-banger type of song.”

“The littlest thing can inspire me like with ‘Parallel,’ I was starting to get some royalties from Spotify on my previous song, ‘Proud,’ and it inspired me to write a new song,” Mik’Que said. “I released that last song around the New Year and it has a money-type theme to it. The royalties have been good and ‘Parallel’ paints a picture that parallels my life lately.”

More than anything, “Parallel” shows off the versatility that Mik’Que brings to the game. He can be very lyrical, but he can also whip any beat and can easily rap on anything or talk about any subject. He likes to tell stories from his life or touch on issues from within the culture, or even likes to look to the past for inspiration. But more than anything, it’s his lyrical versatility that stands out.

“I don’t want to have an EP or album that sounds the same as the one before,” he said. “I always want to explore something new and have something for everybody. That versatility and my lyrics are what make me stand out, I think. I can get technical, and I was more so when I first started. But I’ve become more lyrical over time and I think that helps me connect with people more.”

Mik’Que said he’s planning on putting out an EP of five or six songs by early November, and he’s currently working to book some shows throughout the Northeast later this year. 

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TJ Da Hustla – Miss Daisy

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TJ Da Hustla lives up to name
by dropping three EPs in six weeks

NASHVILLE, TN – When TJ Da Hustla opens his mouth, whether in conversations or rapping on one of his hot hip hop tracks, one of the first things people notice is his silky-smooth Southern drawl. Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, this artist embodies Southern hip hop music with a combination of Deep South sounds and stories that are laced with experiences that audiences all over the U.S. can relate to.

Many of those stories can be found on his recent string of EP releases, which started with “Street Bible” on July 30, followed by “Drug Dealn Demon” slated for release on Aug. 12, and will continue with “Life of a Hustla 3” on Aug. 26. Some people might look at that aggressive release schedule and think he’s overdoing it. But he would quickly point them to his name and emphasize that part of his persona is being an artist who never quits.

“I’m just going hard and I ain’t playing with nobody,” he said. “I’m trying to drop something every two weeks because I’m in that mode where I’m going hard and I just gotta go hard right now. It allows me to be more diverse with my music to show off a little bit of everything. I’m on the way, and I’ve been on the way for a while now.  I’m definitely on the edge of something big right now.”

TJ has been doing music since age 10 when he recorded his first song on a Boombox. He recalls having to push, play and record at the same time and try to figure out how the system worked to capture the sound he wanted. He hasn’t looked back from that first moment and in the years since released at least 10 different projects, including a documentary.

His first project, “Life of a Hustla,” was released by a recognizable Atlanta DJ named DJ Scream. The follow-up project, “Life of a Hustla Part 2” was also hosted by a household Atlanta native, Lil BankHead. Other projects have featured collaborations with notorious names in the music industry, including super-producer EnSayne Wayne who has worked with T-Pain and KeyGlock. Most recently, TJ was able to connect with Antt Beatz out of Detroit and is excited about the music they’re been able to create together.

“My story is different and that’s what’s gonna separate me from anybody,” he said. “A lot of music today isn’t unique or real, but my music is real. That’s what separates me the most from anybody else – that and the fact that I’m a hustler. My music is gonna speak for itself. It’s so real. I’ve recorded over 800 songs and I’ve never lied on a single verse. I put all my pain in my music and tell stories that everybody can relate to. That’s why people love my music.”

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X – Boy You Is Broke! featuring Smoooveee

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Calling out the fakers! New single “Boy You Is Broke” by artist “X”

ARLINGTON, TX – There’s a hot, new young artist out of Texas who is creating something unique for music lovers everywhere. The 19 year old artist, Xavier Donald (known by the artist name “X”) combines Hip Hop, Rap and R&B to deliver fresh rhythm and rhyme, unlike anything that has come before. His new single, which features some haunting and clean piano, “Boy You Is Broke” calls out the wannabe big shots who flash the cash, but really don’t have any money at all.

Unlike most artists of his generation, X doesn’t use explicit language in his music. He keeps everything clean and radio ready to make music that everyone can enjoy, regardless of their age. Created when X started freestyling after discarding his original beat, “Boy You Is Broke” was recorded at a home-built studio in Hurst, TX. His cousin joined in, and the track just came together. X knows plenty of people who flash their money around, and he also knows how broke they really are. “I keep seeing people my age flashing money,” said X. “I know they’re not really having money like that. They just wanna put on a show for their followers.” He is sure that by flashing money around, these people just make themselves targets.

X dropped his very first single, “Runnin’” earlier this summer. In that short time, he’s changed things up and keeps growing. While the beats for his first single were written by his father, X wrote the beats for this latest track.

A committed artist who lists Daniel Caesar, Russ, Kanye West, Drake, and John Mayer as his greatest musical influences, X comes from a family that has always loved music. His dad had a band back in the day, and they had a recording studio in their house. When Xavier was a kid, he and his sister would play around with writing music. While in high school, he started writing beats for YouTube. Back then, X was not interested in recording his own music – he was practicing his rhyming and improving as an artist.

After the family moved and built another recording studio, X started to get more serious about his own music. About a year ago, he started laying out plans to launch his career. Preferring to maintain financial and creative control, X writes everything for his songs, including his own beats.

Recording, working a full time job, writing beats and spending time with his family keep X crazy busy. He’s had to prioritize responsibilities while chasing his dreams, which include making lots of videos. The video for “Runnin’” is already out, and another for “Boy You Is Broke” is coming soon. After releasing a few more singles, X intends to release his debut album, “Success Is My Revenge,” in September.

In these times of increasing tensions, X is an artist with a powerful belief. Instead of spreading hate, he’s promoting the message that we need to start spreading love to everybody. Without a doubt, this X from Texas is one to keep an eye on.

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Heartless – We Made It

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Profanity-free rapper drops inspiring new single ‘We Made It’

PITTSBURGH, PA – Lendell Black, more commonly known as the American rapper and hip hop artist Heartless, is a one-of-a-kind musician who is doing everything he can to rewrite the stereotypes of a genre that he loves so deeply.

Heartless is known for his profanity-free and upbeat music within the world of hip hop – something that’s nearly unheard of within the genre. And that profanity-free street music is setting him apart from a lot of other artists in greater ways than just his standout lyrics. His beats and vibes are making feet move all over the country, and his unique sound is the kind of ear candy that fans just can’t get enough of. 

“There are other artists out there who don’t use profanity, but my distinctive style is different and sets me apart from those who do,” Heartless said. “Usually you hear something in the hip hop genre and within 5 to 10 seconds, there’s profanity. I wanted to do something different. When I first started making music, I used profanity, and when my father heard it, he told me he understood what I was trying to accomplish but he encouraged me to reach out to my fans in a different way to make them understand where I’m coming from. A lot of people told me I wouldn’t be able to accomplish it if I went profanity-free, but over time, it has become easy and natural to me. I liked where I was going better than using curse words, and I hope my music shows other people that you can accomplish what you want without using profanity. Besides, street music does exist without profanity. I write about my life and have a lot of storytelling – a lot of things I’ve been through or am going through, or places I want to take in my life. And through all those experiences, I’m giving fans stories and different things from the street but through an entirely different lens.”

Most recently, Heartless dropped the new single “We Made It.” Described as a “gritty, upbeat-tempo song about getting out of the streets,” the song is one that Heartless said is something a wide range of fans will like because it taps into an idea with which everyone can relate.

“It’s about making it to a better place than where we were at before,” he said. “I grew up in the projects. Most of my time was spent doing ‘projects’ stuff. That’s where the song comes from – wanting to do something bigger and better. I always wanted something better for my life and when I started listening to people like LL Cool J and Mc Eiht, I started to dream about using music to make a better life for myself and think about those better places. Music was basically a way to escape everything I was going through. And the journey has been a good one with some pretty great fans. I have much love to all the fans who have been supporting me this far. I hope to have more people get to know about me, but I know that without the fans I have today, I wouldn’t be where I am and I appreciate them greatly.”

In addition to his work as a musician, Heartless is also a philanthropist who works hard to give back to his community. Most recently, he has become involved with the Mixed Connective Tissue Disease Association. He has people in his life who battle the disease and he said it has become an important cause which he hopes to raise awareness and financial support for.

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Eway – I Want It All

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Flash of inspiration leads to hot new hit single
‘I Want It All’ from Minnesota-based rapper Eway

ROCHESTER, MN – There are moments in life that sometimes happen in a flash but end up lasting for a lifetime. For Minnesota-based hip hop artist Eway, that happened one night in a recording studio when he was younger. He was there with his older brother watching as he recorded some music with some friends. His older brother was free-styling on the mic and looked into the booth at him and spit the bars, “I see you out there. Your name ain’t Eddie no more, it’s Eway!” The name stuck and it served as a flash of inspiration for a young artist who hasn’t looked back since.

Today, Eway is making music professionally and on a fast-track to become one of the country’s next big musicians. His new single, “I Want It All,” is the kind of upbeat track that has audiences hopping and playing on repeat. 

“Eway is a name that holds a lot of weight,” he said. “You think something big when you hear it. When people speak it or hear it, they think big. My brother is incarcerated right now and when we have the opportunity to talk, he always brings that up because he called me that. People tend to gravitate to me because they perceive me like I’m already there. I’m bigger than life. I respect people and they respect me, too. I’m Eway and I’m making it big.”

That’s the entire sentiment behind “I Want It All.” It’s a track that tells the world what his mission is and how he isn’t going to stop until he achieves the success that he’s been seeking for so many years. And yet in similar ways to how he was given his stage name, the song came to him in a flash. Like all of his music, he was playing with sounds and producing new beats. As he was making the beat for this song, he just kept repeating over and over “I want it all. I want it all. I want it all.” The words fueled the beat, and the beat fueled the words, and before he knew it, the song had written itself. And since its release, it has become his most popular single to date.

In addition to giving fans an upbeat vibe to have fun with, it’s also a song that shows off his unique style and sound. 

“I have my own unique flow and delivery,” he said. “I have my own style and my wordplay is different. My style is just me. If you get to know me and then hear my music, it all makes sense. I rap about stuff in my life and what others I know go through, and it’s all real authentic. I’m not being like the rest out there. I’m not trying to fit in or blend in. I’m just being me on the track. I produce the majority of my beats and it’s all drawn from emotion. It’s all me so when people hear my music, I want them to know it’s a good artist behind that sound. I make good music. That’s the legacy I want to leave behind – a larger-than-life guy who makes good music that people will gravitate to and want to hear over and over again.”

For the time being, Eway said he’s releasing singles from his catalog of work, but he hopes to lead up to a larger project sometime in 2020. He’s also anxious to show off his skills with some live performances and encourages people to come check him out on Aug. 31 at the Splash Bash in Rochester.

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JoeCash – Big Money

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JoeCash is set to drop 11th album ‘Art Money’ on Oct. 4

ALBANY, NY – When you listen to JoeCash’s music, it’s impossible not to feel the raw emotion dripping off his bars. People connect with his music. They feel his struggles and his happiness. They join him on his journey through pain and power. They see the stuff he’s been through or the people he’s interacted with. They feel his stress, his relationship problems, and his good times. And what they feel through his music reflects similar emotions from their own lives in ways that make them keep coming back for more.

It’s this connection with audiences all over the world that has helped JoeCash to have such a long career in music. Since age 12, he’s been writing raps and laying down bars with high success. And on Oct. 4, he’s set to continue that wave of success with the release of his 11th album, “Art Money.”

The eight-track album features themes that explore what it takes to be successful in life and “get that money.” JoeCash said he wanted to explore the joy of buying expensive stuff as a reward to hard work paying off. Since releasing his first album in 2001, he has had multiple tours and shows and has worked hard to achieve the success that he enjoys today. “Art Money” is a celebration of that success, told across a diverse range of vibes that is equal parts laid-back and hard-hitting street lyrics.

“I’m unique, I’m genuine, there’s no fraudulent with me,” JoeCash said. “I stand out from the crowd. I have passion. When they hear that off-the-hill- Joe sound, they’ll know immediately that it’s me. I’ve always been trying to get up and come up, always been on the paper chase. People started calling me JoeCash because of that since I was young, and so I used it as a rap name.”

He said he’s worked hard to develop a truly original sound, and has studied some of the greats over the years to see what they’ve done to attain success. He points to artists like the Wu Tang Clan, Nas, Biggie and Tupac as some of his favorites. He also lived in Hinesvile, Georgia for a time and said he learned a lot from artists such as Pastor Troy and Jeezy. 

Today, with “Art Money,” he hopes to bring together all of the things he’s learned from those legends alongside all of the things he’s learned from the past 18 years of making music into one great project that will catapult across the country. It’s a gritty tale of survival in the urban communities that he said is sure to satisfy a wide audience. 

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Orlando Artist “Playboy Ronnie” Drops 2 New Projects “Say Less” & “Say More” | @implayboyronnie

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Currently pushing two new projects, Playboy Ronnie returns with a slew of hits in the bag. He continues to build on his momentum with the release of two new projects.

It’s been a few months since we’ve heard from the Orlando homie Playboy Ronnie. Its always a special event when he sends over new material to review. Last time we ran across each other he sent over “Hard Enough” which now has more than 10K streams and growing on Sound Cloud. This time he sent us not one, but two EP’s, a new single, and an eye catching new video for yet another single.

Both EP’s titled “Say Less” and “Say More” feature 5 tracks each, the main singles are “Guns And Butter” and “Mercy“. Its a dope collection of music, the Orlando native taps in and brings the summertime vibes from Florida.

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His fans know that his grind, and versatility is unmatched. Playboy Ronnie peels back the layers to reveal himself, and to better connect with his fans. He does this when many of his peers are lacking substance and quality content in their music. Doing this he is able to capture his listener’s who are streaming his music and tuned into his visuals.

I took some time to listen to both projects. I hear a distinct difference between these projects when I sat back and tuned in. Playboy Ronnie is a talented artist who deserves more attention from the people, I believe once his music reaches a mainstream audience his fan base will grow with speed and efficiency, then its take-off time for him. Fly high young home fly high.

For now stream both projects, let us know which one you like best! Social media info and the official video for “Guns and Butter” featuring 2Tooly are below!




Chevy Quis – Shotgun

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Ride shotgun with passionate emcee Chevy Quis and his new single “Shotgun”

LOS ANGELES, CA – Chevy Quis, in conjunction with Ivree Productions, will hold a rooftop Release Party to launch Chevy’s new single, “Shotgun” atop the Ivree Production building in Hollywood on July 17. “Shotgun” is a west coast style cruising track, described by the artist as a trendy and witty lyric rhyme-scape blended with R&B vocal harmonies and tongue-twisting rap schemes.

The song takes inspiration from Chevy’s two sets of parents, both married for over a decade. His mother and stepmother are women who are fully supportive of their men. Describing his own ideal partner, the song celebrates having that ride or die chick that is just for him. “Riding shotgun by my side” – she is down for him 110% no matter the situation.

Chevy’s music combines a modern day R&B sound with melodic rapping. Showcasing his ability to switch it up, Chevy uses different variations of his rhyming with tempo twists and turns, adding a little sparkle and shine from the R&B side to hip hop beats.

Chevy is one artist of an independent group of artists known as the Famous Gang Entertainment (F.G.E.) Group. They grew up together in Minnesota and worked on several successful projects together. Taking a risk, the twelve artists made the 27 hour drive out to California nearly a year ago. Not all of them are still in California but those who remain are still pushing and making music.

He expresses his creativity by communicating his message in different and unique ways which allow listeners to relate to him as an artist. Chevy is working on the follow up to his 2018 debut album, “Epitome 1” which will feature music written since his arrival in California. He also plans to continue dropping singles and make a music video for “Shotgun.”

The book, “The Law of Attraction” changed Chevy’s way of thinking about how to take control of his life, how he could attract what he wanted, and to live life according to his calling. Chevy wants to encourage others to keep pushing. “Be the creator of the world that you live in. Go hard for what you wanna get in life, and go hard for what you want. Don’t ever let nobody tell you no. If somebody tells you “no”, convince them otherwise.”

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Mike Colin – Electro Americana

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Colin blends hip hop and electronic rock
in new homage to electronic music

DENVER, CO – Freedom is a word that Mike Colin finds himself using quite a bit. The artist from Denver, Colorado has been making music for more than 30 years, and a common theme over the years has been the free-flowing, organic nature of creativity. He also feels extremely blessed to live in a country that allows him to pursue his passion for music so freely and to create whatever he wants to. 

All of those ideas and more are captured on his new hit single, “Electro Americana,” which is a mash-up of rock, hip hop and electronic influences. It’s a song that fully embraces all that’s good and awesome about electronic music, while also pushing forward a message that encourages others to be free in whatever endeavors they choose to pursue.

“I think about how free I am to do this and how wonderful that is, and I’m not sure everyone knows how free they are to do what they want to,” Colin said. “Maybe I want my music to represent that. There’s such an attitude sometimes that something shouldn’t exist unless it’s popular, and I just don’t believe that. It doesn’t hold up. If my music represents anything, I guess it’s freedom and my imagination which are one and the same – and the attempt to inspire other people to embrace that freedom and take advantage of the opportunities they have before them.”

Colin has been taking advantage of that freedom and pursuing music as a career for more than 30 years when he first started performing in middle school. He’s been in rock bands, hip hop groups and even spent time in the 1990s as an acoustic performer during a time when music took a hard swing away from electronic sounds. He nods to the influences of classic rock legends like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Jimmy Hendrix, all of whom were regular staples in his household growing up. But it wasn’t until high school, when he picked up the guitar and started really learning about music, that his passion for that artistic expression really took off. Since that time, he has created an archive of music that spans decades and offers the world an eclectic menu of organic sounds and styles. 

With “Electro Americana,” Colin said he’s attempting to create something that’s “just fun” without having too much of an agenda. When he sat down and started creating the song, he had no intentions of making a statement to the world. However, out of the free-flowing creative process, he discovered that the song came to represent the genre of electronic music in ways that he hopes champions the sound to a wider audience.

“I’ve framed it for people to look at electronic music a bit differently,” he said. “I make music in every which way you can imagine. This is a good time for electronic music and it’s a genre that shouldn’t be looked down upon. I was in an acoustic band in the 1990s when people were abandoning the whole idea of electronics, and I got it at the time. But there’s nothing wrong with electronics and there’s nothing wrong with acoustic. I’ve made both and they’re both great and it’s all good. And with this song, I just want to celebrate something that’s fun and organic and free.”

Colin’s “Electro Americana” is currently available across all digital distribution sites. A free anthology of his music – consisting of more than 150 MP3s for people to download – is also available. 

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TheDropout Spectrum – Take Off

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 TheDropout Spectrum taps into
depths of the cosmos with diverse new sound

DALLAS, TX – To truly get a feel for how deeply moving the music from new Dallas-based artist TheDropout Spectrum is, you have to look deep into the cosmos. His sound and style is otherworldly. As his name indicates, it’s a sound that explores a spectrum of genres and influences in ways that make the word “diverse” seem inconsequential. His crazy flows and deep poetry are catching the attention of new fans all over the world, and his new album “ZenStellar” is set to launch him into the stratosphere of success.

Born in Benin West Africa, Brice Danvide, now best known for his stage name TheDropout Spectrum, moved with his family to Texas when he was a child. He started his music journey in 2008 with the release of the single called “I’m On.” The success he found with that single was enough to propel him into making music a full time career, and he’s been pursuing that dream ever since. 

“ZenStellar” is an album that celebrates the diversity that he embraces through his music. His songs talk about current problems in the world or day-to-day issues that people go through. In particular, he said the art of this album is associated with “the universe and the cosmos, particularly the Libra constellation.”

“If you can locate Zubeneschamali, it’s the brightest star in that constellation,” he said. “That’s what I want this album to represent – shining bright. Most of the album has a pretty upbeat vibe – you will move without realizing that you’re moving. It will also show people how I think and the way I choose my ideas and how I’m able to shift gears from slow pace to faster pace. I have a wide diversity of flows.”

Though the album isn’t set to be released until the end of the year, the debut single from the project will be available on all digital streaming platforms on July 13. It’s called “Take Off” and it’s an upbeat song that TheDropout  Spectrum said he’s sure will end up being motivational for a lot of people.

“It’s about anything you do in life that can propel you into a good mindset or success,” he said. “Anything you envision and take steps forward to realize and make it happen. When you wake up in the morning, you can take off. When you go to work, you take off. It’s a term that you can use for anything that can allow someone to propel themselves from the initial mindset that they had into something higher. Really, I want to show them that they can do whatever they put their minds to in life.”

Ultimately, TheDropout Spectrum said he hopes his music will explore and reflect “all the spectrum colors of light” in a way that is “so deep that you can’t track what’s going on. You’ll just know that it’s amazing.” 

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TheDropout Spectrum