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Prophet Mike speaks truth to the world through music
while touching on hot-button issues

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Prophet Mike is an artist who isn’t afraid to be controversial. In fact, you
could almost say that he seeks out controversy and even instigates it through his music. It’s
kind of the cornerstone of who he is as an artist.

“When I rap I’m talking about politics or what’s happening in society today,” said the fast-rising
musician out of Washington, D.C. “It could be abuse or abortion or racial division – anything
that’s riding the wave of what’s trending and topical. I’m trying to be more of the Kanye of this
generation. So, yes, I’m definitely going for controversial.”

His most recent EP, “Resurgence,” is a good example of that thought-provoking and sometimes
antagonistic music. Released in late October 2017, the project is one that explores R&B and pop
sounds while touching on subjects associated with relationships as well as social issues. One
single from the EP, “Nikki,” was written through inspiration from a relationship he had with a
woman that he used to work with. Another single, “Facts,” was written while he was in London
in 2015. He said they’re songs that really fill a unique lane for his particular style of music.

“I do rap, but I don’t like to be called a rapper because I’m actually more of a songwriter,” he
said. “I write a lot of tracks for female artists or male R&B artists. I write pop and rock and also
produce a lot of those sounds. I’m trying to do everything, not just in one genre. In this
generation of music you have to be more versatile. You can’t just be a rapper who can just do
hip-hop – and I’m the guy who can do R&B on one song, then venture into jazz on the next one,
then hit you with rock somewhere else.”

Born in southeast London, Prophet Mike has always been interested in music. His family moved
to Maryland when he was young, and his experience between the two countries gave him a
unique cross-cultural perspective that shines through in his music. For the past decade he’s
been following in the footsteps of his idols – Michael Jackson, Nas, ABBA and The Beatles – by
writing, rapping and producing. Recent performances in New York and Maryland are just a taste
of what he can do, he said.

He released his first full-length mixtape in 2016 called “Motivation X Segregation.” It was the
first time he showcased his controversial side, with songs like “Shootas,” “Beat Killer” and
“Black and Proud” proving to the world that Prophet Mike is an artist whose lyrics are relevant
and hyper-aware of social justice issues happening all over the globe.

While riding the wave of success from “Resurgence,” Prophet Mike said he’s back in the studio
and hoping to release three full EPs, with the intention of really sitting down and crafting a
classic album over the next two years.

“I really want God to work through me so I can take time and build something prophetic,
controversial and, as always, deeply touching and thought provoking,” he said. “I want to find
new ways to evolve my style and music.”

To listen to Prophet Mike’s music, or to follow him on social media, please visit: 640551900/7-p- mike-nikki- mix2

B-Smooth & Boogie Black – We Came to Get Down | @IamBoogieBlack @Humblesoul33

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B-Smooth and Boogie Black collaborate for new hit party
‘Came to Get Down’

NEW YORK, NY – Grand Groove Unlimited Records has a whole host of hit-makers on their
label, and two of them have come together to collaborate on the hot new single of 2018.

B-Smooth and Boogie Black have created a hot new party song called “Came to Get Down,”
which will drop Jan. 23 across all digital distribution sites. The up-tempo song with a driving
beat is one that’s sure to have people dancing, and will definitely make the rounds at clubs all
across the country. According to Boogie Black, who has been successful in the industry in recent
years because of his signature raspy sound and clever hooks, said the moment he heard the
first samples of the song developed by B Smooth, he knew it was going to be something great.

“When I heard that song I knew it was already a hit,” Boogie said. “(B-Smooth) is real talented,
and I’m always down for anything that’s going to make people dance and have fun. That’s what
I’m into – I’m all about helping people have fun and enjoy the party. And then when I met him,
his energy was positive and there was never any cursing or headaches. We just went in the
studio and made it do what it does. It was a no brainer working together.”

B-Smooth is a 26-year- old singer and musician with a degree in music business. At a young age
he began to experiment with music and has already seen some lofty success – such as winning
amateur night at the World Famous Apollo Theatre two times in a row, as well as appearing on
TV shows on Cable Vision, BAM, Wendy Williams and others. This debut single is his next step in
announcing himself to the world of music and establishing himself as a bona fide force in the

“I think my versatility sets me apart more than anything else,” B-Smooth said. “I’m always
writing based on how the beats make me feel. Most of my music is about what I would want to
listen to in the club. How do I want it turned up? Sometimes it’s music that’s just for chilling and
dancing or having a good time, and sometimes it’s music for getting wild with people that I
love. This song in particular is all about coming in and getting your dance on and having some
fun and having a lot of drinks.”

Boogie hails from the Bronx and has been in the music industry for a minute. He’s the nephew
of a hip-hop pioneer who passed while Boogie was a teenager. To escape the pain of his uncle’s
passing, Boogie became a member of the World Famous Skate Key, where he befriended an
aspiring DJ. The two of them would go on to create a writer/producer bond that saw them
creating one hit party song after another.

Eventually Boogie found himself in line with Chris Powell under Grand Groove Unlimited
Records. Chris is one of the most popular party hosts in the clubs of NYC and has collaborated
with a handful of artists under the label. Later this year Boogie and B-Smooth will be featured
on a compilation album with seven other artists from the record label.


To listen to “Came to Get Down” or to follow B-Smooth and Boogie Black on social media,
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Scatta RPee – Medicine | @SCATTARPee

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Scatta RP prepares to drop new album with
release of first single, ‘Medicine’

TRENTON, NJ – SCATTA R.Pee always looked up to his older cousin growing up. Hailing from
Trenton, New Jersey, he was born into a musical family – uncles who were members of Instant
Funk, a father who was one of the top singers in the state, and a cousin who was signed to
Atlantic Records under the name True Love. Of all the influences on his life, True Love was
definitely the strongest.

“I remember I used to steal his tapes and run up to the attic and play them over and over,”
SCATTA said. “He caught me one time and I remember telling him that I was always watching
him. His career was a big influence on me and when he did a record called ‘Love Rap Ballad,’ it
was the first time I really saw how the music industry works.”

From that moment forward, SCATTA pursued music as a career. He was a founding member of
a group called TRUTH-OR SQ. out of Trenton and together they released a wide range of songs
over the years. In 2009, after releasing five mixtapes, SCATTA released his first solo album. It
was called “Jawanda ECM-Authenticness,” and was named after his older sister who also
heavily influenced his music career. Since that time Scatta has released two other full albums
and one mixtape. And today he’s preparing to releasing his fifth studio project, an album he’s
calling “Da Agriculture.” Every song on the album is produced by Divine Drummah, and the
sound throughout is one that not only nods to the early greats of hip-hop but also to Scatta’s
unique sound and style.

The first single from the album, “Medicine,” is a perfect example of how SCATTA is pushing the
expectations from hip-hop by turning common conventions on their heads.

“This song is basically about the need for hip-hop with substance to it,” he said. “It’s not the
everyday radio song that you hear nonstop nowadays. It’s mid-temp with an East Coast feel. I
suppose some people would say it has that progressive boom-bap sound, but it doesn’t sound
like what’s on the radio today. The music I make is more of what you would hear on college
radio or certain golden-era vibes. It’s relative because it speaks on issues that people are
dealing with every day. Plus, it’s just good quality music. That’s what I was raised on and that’s
why I gravitated to it when I created this.”

SCATTA said he hopes that as people hear his music and get to know him as an artist, they’ll see
a guy who is authentic and always stays true to his principles and convictions. He admits that
he’ll likely never be the artist who makes music born from the trends of the day. He will,
however, always deliver head-bobbing music that has a story or strong lyrical content. It may be
comical, historical, relational or even just something to party to – but every time it will be
something that listeners can grab onto and take something from it.

To listen to Scatta’s music, or to follow him on social media, please visit: 141821665864977
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Fye – Chase | @1Fyetoonz

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“Droughts Done” new project drops from Memphis artist

MEMPHIS, TN – The artist known as FYE started out as a producer from Memphis, Tennessee
who would sell his beats online and gained success in partnering with YouTube. He was a
talented musician who eventually gained a name for himself and did well online, so much so
that fans begged him for a full album of his own music. He rewarded them with a mixtape called
“Home Field Advantage,” which he released more than a year ago. After that release, he
stopped making music and focused on working hard and making what money he could through
selling beats and studio time out of his apartment. As Memphis is known for its hardcore
gangster rap scene, FYE hopes to bring a new wave of artistry to his home town among a group
of people that is trying to compete with music industry majors. His approach is to employ a more
urban, wavy sound.

As a tribute to his fans and to his favorite artist, Lil Wayne, FYE is ready to launch a new album
that he’s aptly naming “Droughts Done.”

“My fans have been waiting and waiting for me to drop new music, and now the Drought is
Done,” he said. “I’m getting ready to flood the industry with this new wave of music. So get
ready for that flame.”

FYE has 18 songs ready to drop on the project – six of which are covers. He said he did this
intentionally as a nod to Lil Wayne’s six-mixtape series called “The Droughts Over,” on which
the famous hip-hop artist would rap over the top of popular songs of that time. FYE said he
hopes to build a music career for himself that is similar to Lil Wayne’s, and it only made sense to
create a new project that was similar to his music icon’s.

“I want people to know me as the one of the greatest entertainers who ever lived,” FYE said,
emphasizing that his future plans are not only for music. “I’m not just rapping or singing or
dancing, I’m doing everything. I’m writing, I’m behind the scenes doing the production, I’m out in
the streets doing the ground work and relating to the public, and I have my own independent
label (Late Night Sound) based out of Memphis. I want to start doing music and blow up in the
industry, then eventually start my own clothing line and movie company and be a great creator.
I’ve always wanted to do things that were never thought of, and this music is the ticket to
manifest those things. I want to be just like Michael Jackson and Lil Wayne and all the greats
who came before me.”

The first step of that journey starts with the new album. He said it’s the perfect project to show
off all the skills that he has. The lyrics, clever bars, wavy beats and witty wordplay are 100
percent unique. One of the lines from his track “On” emphasizes this point and nods to Michael
Jackson’s lyric: “She think I’m Michael Jackson Chamone.” Fans can also see him perform
smooth dance moves while entertaining the masses across the country on different stages and

FYE’s style is futuristic, heavily produced and sonically engineered, which gives his fans a more
melodic, dreamy, lullaby-ish sound. FYE said he can’t be put in a box of any specific genre
because it’s impossible to know what he is going to do next. He said he knows this is what
keeps his fans enticed and wanting more.

“Ever since I was a kid, all I ever wanted to do was entertain people,” FYE said. “I feel like I was
put on this earth to entertain people. So that’s why I’m here: For Your Entertainment.”

To listen to FYE’s music, or to follow him on social media, please visit:
Snapchat @1Fye

Diaz – The Will | @_D1AZ_

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Diaz travels globe seeking out inspiration for new music


NEW YORK, NY – Diaz is on a journey to discover the best music in the world. His path started in
upstate Rochester, New York and has taken him all over the world, including his current stay in
China where he’s seeking out the next new voice in hip-hop. He’s willing to look anywhere and
everywhere for inspiration and his new six-song EP “More Game” shows exactly what happens
when that inspiration strikes.

The project is one that he said has a 90s-type vibe to it with a new generation flow. The songs
on the EP deal with subject matter that is both conscious and lyrical. He calls it “music with a
message,” though nothing is so overly serious that it can’t be enjoyed merely for the pleasure
of the music. And at the end of the day, that’s what Diaz wants to be known for: good music.

“I just want to have good music with good lyrics,” he said. “I have a different way of rapping
that you don’t hear on a daily basis. I’m a good song writer, and I hope other artists will
recognize that and want to come to me for a hook or a verse. I have a different sound from
anybody else. The way I put my lyrics together – hopefully I do it so well that it’ll make you
want to rewind it and hear it again. I like listening to music that makes you want to rewind it
over and over to understand it. And that’s what separates me from others. My music is

Diaz said he became interested in music at a very young age. He remembers fondly jumping on
the kitchen counters with his brother to perform for their mother. In middle school he visited
his cousin’s house and was introduced to the recording process of music. At age 13 he moved
from the inner city to the suburbs, and that was when he began to experiment with his skill as a
writer and lyricist. And though he continued to write for the next decade, it wasn’t until 2010
that he began to record – putting out one or two tracks here and there as he tried to perfect his
sound and style.

Last year he reconnected with a high school friend who had grown to become one of the
country’s best music producers. He and Count Blanc worked together on “More Game,”
creating a project that he said he’s very proud of.

Notable singles by Diaz is “Blessing”, “The Will” and “Never Suffer”. To listen to Diaz’s music or
to follow him on social media, please visit:
Snapchat: d1azz
Never Suffer:

KC Jockey Karl – Marx Love In The Air | @kcjockey

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Multi-Genre Singer and Songwriter KC Jockey Releases
Reggae-Centric EP “Love in the Air”


LOS ANGELES, CA – The music industry has seen a trend within the influence
of reggae and dancehall. Mainstream hip-hop artists are routinely incorporating
the island, carefree vibe within their music, especially in the last few years.
Breakout reggae star KC Jockey is here to grace the fans with the Jamaican-
style music they’ve been craving. With the artist’s native roots tracing back to
Kingston, it’s no surprise that his music truly captures the essence so naturally.

Coming from a strong background in music within his family, KC Jockey knew it
was his destiny to develop a musical career. Ever since he knew how to make
sounds as an infant, he was always humming and singing. Once he moved to the
states, he pushed further in making his musical dreams a true reality, no matter
how much work was involved. “Due to my parents being protective, I grew up
somewhat sheltered. Once given the opportunity to go out of my element, I really
wanted to get into my roots through music. So, I would perform around the
neighborhood, and at block parties. It all spiraled from there,” said the artist.
When it comes down to what makes him stand it out, it’s simply how organically
he goes outside out the box. KC Jockey is the type of artist that avoids the easier
route just to get to his final destination. “I try to take the harder route because I’m
always searching for results in the end. I’m very versatile, so I like to blend my
music with a little bit of everything, from pop to jazz to reggae. Not many people
can do that,” said KC Jockey.

Recently, KC announced the release of his new hit single, “Love in the Air”,
which belongs to his upcoming EP of the same name. It has been a busy month
for the artist, as he is gearing up to film the visuals for the single in the next few
weeks. The single is a true reflection of KC’s artistry, as it showcases happiness,
joy and love. “I like when people hear my music, and it brings them back to a
dated moment. It’s something to remember; it’s something that brings you back
to that certain memory. The EP has songs that reflect long-term memories with
substance,” said KC. The EP will encompass his timeless, infectious sound he is
known for.

Not only is he an all-star vocalist and songwriter, KC also uses his platform to
promote positivity throughout the world. Four years ago, he created his “Say No
to Domestic Violence” project, which he poured his heart into. He will also bring
awareness to the aggressive sickness that is cancer through his single, Cancer”.
He will also address the issue of bullying through his song “Don’t Bully”. With
such a variety of talent, such as acting in major motion pictures like I Am Legend
alongside Will Smith, he plans to utilize his skills when putting the visuals
together for his EP. Is there anything KC Jockey can’t do? One thing is for
certain: he sets an example for artists from all genres to follow, both off and on
stage. It’s no surprise that music labels are knocking at his front door, trying to
work with him.

Make sure to follow KC Jockey on his social media sites below, and stay tuned
for the release of his new EP! F-Waite

Salat – Win Instead | @FMSLProductions

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Former federal fugitive uses lessons from life on the run to
inspire others through music

NEWARK, NJ – After years behind the camera, shooting music videos for other artists, Salahadin
“Salat” Williams is stepping in front of the camera to show the world that he, too, has the skills
as a hip-hop artist.

Hailing from Newark, New Jersey, Salat is a man who has seen his fair share of violence and
struggle. Though life has been rough, he’s managed to stay clear of legal trouble for the most
part, though there have been some close shaves. In fact, for the past five years he’s been
dodging federal marshals and a warrant for his arrest from something he claims he didn’t do.
And in 2017, he defied the odds of becoming a statistic within the judicial system by beating the
federal case that had chased him for years. That experience and the lessons he learned from it
fuel the lyrics behind his music – lyrics that help him inspire other people dealing with difficult
situations through singles like his new song, “Win Instead.”

“I was on the run for the past five years and in the midst of that I had to sit down and figure out
what I was going to do,” he said. “I couldn’t travel anywhere because I couldn’t afford to get
pulled over because the Marshals were coming for me. My cousin was doing music, so I decided
to get a camera and shoot some videos for him. Soon I was shooting other peoples’ videos and
learning the business. The more I worked with artists, the more I realized I have some good
stories to share. So when my name was cleared last year, I found a good writer and told him my
stories about life, then found some beats and a good producer and created this project.”
“Win Instead” dropped on Jan. 9 and is what Salat describes as a motivational single that serves
as an anthem to empower anybody dealing with adversity. He said it’s a song for people who
are feeling down or feel like there’s no hope – people who are insecure about themselves or
their situations and need something to inspire them.

The music video for the single follows the true story of Ausar Walcott – an NFL prospect who
was signed by the Cleveland Browns on a multi-million- dollar contract and then immediately
cut four days later after being charged with attempted murder after a bar fight.

“He was signed on a Friday and cut on a Tuesday,” Salat said. “I’m using this video to let people
look at his story. It’s a real story. He was locked up but he posted bail and he was fighting the
case on the street. When he got out, he started playing in the arena league, the NFL D-League,
and now he’s close to getting a second chance to play in the NFL. Everybody counted him out,
but he was proven innocent at the end of the day and he never game up. His story shows that
through whatever goes on, you can ‘Win Instead.’”

“Win Instead” is available on YouTube, Vimeo and Vevo.

To listen to Salat’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit: instead

Elis King – Sexy Body | @Elisking_ckm

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New artist highlights Hollywood with help from African heritage


LOS ANGELES, CA – Emeka Peter – stage name Elis King – is a singer, songwriter, producer,
rapper and businessman who has a world of music knowledge at his fingertips.

Raised in Africa and America, Elis King grew up in three different African nations before
eventually moving to the U.S. to pursue a music career. His grandparents migrated from
Jamaica to America. His mother was a recording artist in the 1970s and 80s who was actively
looking to be signed with EMI Studio in Lagos and worked as a recording artist. She later got a
music deal with Tabansi Recording in the mid 80s, during which time she met Elis King’s father.
But even after becoming a mother, she never gave up on her music career, and from the
moment he was born, Elis King said he was destined to follow in her footsteps.

“Literally almost from the moment I was born my mom had me into music,” he said. “She was a
singer and would bring me with her to the studio. She was really into music, and as a result I
have always loved music. It was literally put into me from the moment I was created.”

Today Elis King works as a recording artist, just like his mother, albeit in the thriving music
scene of Hollywood, California. In fact, his new single, “Hollywood Beauty,” is a song that he
dedicates to his new home town and the culture that thrives all around him.

“It’s a song that talks about how beautiful California is,” he said. “I’m talking about the state’s
weather, and sunshine, and how it’s really pretty. It’s the perfect place to live. Everything that
you’d expect from California is right here in Hollywood, and you’ll see that in the music video.”

That song and video should be released soon. But in the meantime, Elis King said he has
another recently released single called “Sexy Body” that is lighting up the West Coast. Quickly
becoming a staple in clubs all throughout LA, “Sexy Body” is a hard-cord rap/pop fusion that
taps into the rock genre. It’s a song that Elis King said has been embraced by bikers around
town, but he said it’s one that anyone who enjoys a pretty woman will love.

“It’s pretty simple,” he said. “It’s a song that talks about sexy bodies and pretty women. When
people hear it, I want them to think of a hard-core party guy. I want people to see me as
someone creating a new style of music. It may not sound familiar, but if you give it a chance
you’ll recognize African beats with pop, rap and rock all infused together. It’s a party song for
night clubs and strip clubs – especially when you play it and watch how the ladies are rolling on
the pole, shaking their ass. That’s what you are going to see from the music video coming out

Elis King also expressed that he is dedicating the song “Sexy Body” in appreciation of all the
pretty women out there by means of bringing back the love and respect that has been taken
away in recent times. He hopes the song will encourage men to love and trust their girls, ladies,
and moms to make a better home and future to all in love.

To listen to Elis King’s music, or to follow him on social media, please visit:

TmmyX – Backdown (prod. Lehday) | @Tmmyx

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New York Hip-Hop Artist Tmmyx is Making
Major Moves in 2018

LOS ANGELES, CA – When it comes to hip-hop music, Tmmyx has been all
about it ever since he could remember. At a young age, he discovered the world
of hip-hop, and instantly felt connected to it. He would often dream about
becoming a major rapper one day, and as he grew older, he stayed dedicated to
making that a reality. One thing always remained the same no matter what was
happening in his life: his ultimate love for everything that hip-hop was.

As Tmmyx continued to pursue his musical dreams, he kept working in a behind
the scenes way. The artist wanted to keep things “on the low”, mostly due to the
fact that he didn’t know how people would respond. “If you are not huge, people
don’t always accept it,” said Tmmyx. “When I was in my younger years, I didn’t
want to show people what I was doing. But, then I got older and didn’t care as
much. So, I started telling people what I was working on.” After making this public
knowledge, the rapper began to see how things started lining up for him so
easily. He began linking up with fellow artists and producers, and knew this was
the beginning of something pivotal within his hip-hop career.

At this point, Tmmyx can’t see himself doing anything else. He often thinks about
how scary it can be when an artist dedicates their whole life to one thing.
Currently, the artist is placing a huge emphasis on focusing his energy on
singles. “I have some planned mixtapes on the back burner. I’m just focused on
building my brand right now,” said Tmmyx. His single, a remix to the hit “Jocelyn
Flores” by XXXTENTACION, has been doing impressive numbers on
SoundCloud since the release over two months ago. Building on that success,
his most recent single, “Back Down”, will be sure to have the streets hot.

Looking ahead, the artist has huge goals for himself in which he works everyday
to achieve. “I would love to really live off music, and take it to the next level. I feel
like I’m doing things on a whole other level. My vibe is so unique because it
touches every genre of hip-hop. I can do anything you ask, so I’m versatile with
my sound,” said the artist. In telling his own story through his lyrics and
discussing life events he’s encountered, he finds his fans can easily relate to him.
After starting his own brand, BM Music Group, he has enjoyed living through the
rapid growth in his career, such as performing at shows for Power 105.1. Tmmyx
is not afraid to put in the work, which is very telling of his impressive career thus

Make sure to follow Tmmyx on his social media sites below, and stay tuned for
his upcoming projects!

Ja’nelle Brown – Say It | @Janellebmusic

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Pop Starlet Ja’Nelle Brown Releases
Newest Single “Say It”

ST. LOUIS, MO – Ja'Nelle Brown is a star who is quickly on the rise. Ever since
she was a little girl, the singer has always had a fervent interest in music. In fact,
watching the hit Disney show Hannah Montana led her even closer to her
musical dreams. She looked up to major pop artists like Britney Spears, after the
singer’s uncle would often show her the pop star’s music videos. It didn’t take
much for her to take the first step, and by the age of eight, she enrolled in a
performing arts summer camp. “I really wanted to perform for my mom without
her knowing,” said the singer. “So when I decided to sing a song by Lady Gaga, I
shocked my mom. She had no idea I could sing at that level!”

Pretty soon, Brown began developing a passion for all aspects of music through
taking both piano and singing lessons. Her genuine love and appreciation for
music continued to grow, and she truly never looked back. As she furthered her
singing career, she began to release her original songs via Spotify and iTunes.
What’s so unique about Brown is how she believes in incorporating a visual
aspect with each record she puts out. After releasing her single “Evolutionary
Love”, she realized how quickly her musical dreams were coming to life through
hard work and consistent dedication.

The talented singer recently released her hit single “Say It”, which is a song for
just about anyone. “The song is saying, ‘I want you to tell me that you love me’.
It’s hard for people to communicate their feelings, especially these days. Things
would be much easier if we all just said how we feel,” said Brown. When it comes
to her sound, Brown is very versatile, and enjoys incorporating a variety of
sounds into her music. Her single “In My Feelings” generates a more Caribbean
feel, while others typically bring forth a “pop” vibe. Basically, whatever Brown
puts her hands-or singing voice- to, is always an instant sensation.

As far as motivation is concerned, Brown owes it all to her mother. “My biggest
motivator is my mother. She has always pushed me to be the best person I can
be. She’s always ready to help with whatever I want to do, and I’m very thankful
for her,” said Brown. Looking ahead, the singer hopes to be in a place where she
is a household name. What’s so refreshing is how her goal is to make people
happy when they listen to her music, while influencing their emotions overall.
Brown is consistently putting forth good energy into the world, and her artistic
craft is living proof of what a rare gem she is in this industry.

Make sure to follow Ja’Nelle Brown on her social media sites below, and stay
tuned for her upcoming music videos!

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