Daz Payne – Rich Boy Trap

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Daz Payne blends underground rap vibes with R&B approach on upbeat new hit ‘Rich Boy Trap’ 

LOS ANGELES, CA – Daz Payne is a veteran artist who is introducing a new spin of sound and style that music lovers around the world have been familiar with for years. His mix of Trap, traditional rap and a more underground hip-hop vibe contrasts in intriguing ways against a smooth R&B approach, and the end result is a truly original take on music. If you’re a fan of artists such as The Weeknd, Bruno Mars, or Anderson Paak, you’ll love what Daz Payne is bringing to the table.  

His latest single “Rich Boy Trap” is a perfect example of this signature style. Described as a vibe that feels a bit like the popular Netflix series “Black Mirror” mentality, the song explores what it takes to stay centered when there are a lot of distractions going on in life.  

“It’s a response to my life now,” Payne said. “I have a new daughter who is 11 months old and doesn’t always sleep through the night. I wrote this song late at night when I was frustrated and had sleep deprivation. I channeled that energy into this song. It’s pretty upbeat with a good dance tempo, and the lyrics blend pretty well. It’s the kind of song that makes you want to go to the club and just put your head in a drink and have some fun.” 

The title of the song comes from an idea that Payne has been exploring for the past couple of years. Compared to where he used to be in his life, he’s now doing well financially with a strong family life and stability. He’s an artist who has transitioned out of the streets and now has a more legitimate situation. He’s making money as an entrepreneur which is where the Rich Boy name comes in. But with more money comes more problems … it’s a trap, so to speak. The name of the song, therefore, serves as a warning to himself and others not to let ego run away out of control. 

Originally from Fort Worth, Texas, Payne initially set his sights on playing in the NFL. He played cornerback for Army at West Point until a devastating knee injury and the sudden death of his father saw him transfer to the University of Houston and ultimately ended his football career. The experience unlocked his new life mission: to become the world’s biggest superstar.  

“I always felt I had a special talent for making music,” he said. “God gave me a gift that I wasn’t using at all. My father’s passing was like a wake-up call. I couldn’t waste another moment.” 

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“Rich Boy Trap” Official Music Video