Defoe – Black Metal Romance

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 Defoe captures naïve spirit of young love with captivating single ‘Black Metal Romance’ 

LOS ANGELES, CA – Anyone who listens to the new single “Black Metal Romance” – with its sweeping Spaghetti Western guitars and horns accompanied by soaring vocals from West Coast artist Defoe – will want to know who this bold, strong and empowered woman is. Her sultry, wispy vocals are inviting and tell a story in intriguing and engaging ways that are impossible to stop listening to. Pairing throwback vibes that are immediately reminiscent of the late Ennio Merricone with slow jazzy vocals, Defoe has created a song that is equal parts timeless and modern.  

Coming off the heels of another successful release – “Something’s Happening” which currently has more than 1 million views – Defoe is a new voice in the industry who demands attention. She’s been a producer and engineer for more than a decade and has only recently ventured out as a solo artist. Wife of The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus’ front man Ronnie Winter, Defoe has navigated her way through a male-dominated landscape to make a name for herself not only as a sought-after vocalist but also as a prolific songwriter and one of the best producers and engineers in the business. She was the lead vocal engineer on The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus’ album “4” and she was hired by independent film director Dylan Reynolds to score his motion picture “420 Massacre” which was released in 2018. That same year, she co-produced The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus’ “The Awakening” with her husband, which was critically acclaimed. Furthermore, the single “On Becoming Willing” spent 12 weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard Christian Rock Radio charts.  

In July of 2019, Defoe released her album “Too Soon to Cry” which is an amalgamation of all her life stories espoused from the perspective of a woman who has made her way and succeeded in the field of studio engineering and recording. “Black Metal Romance” is one of the standout singles from that project, and Defoe said the upcoming music video release for the song is something long-anticipated by her fans. 

“Every girl and boy go through a space where they’re hopeless romantics, and that’s what this song is about,” she said. “I wanted it to sound innocent and pure and super romantic. When you’re in that kind of a place in your life, you make some stupid decisions. You might date a boy who isn’t totally into you and then get hurt. I really wanted to capture that naïve spirit – that love is blind and you go for it and do anything for a person. In some ways I’m mocking that because I put that part of me to rest a long time ago. But it’s something we all have to go through – that first big heartbreak after being young and naïve and in love and totally misguided while you’re on that little cloud. This song captures what that cloud feels like, as if the person singing it is swept away and not grounded in reality at all.” 

Defoe worked closely with her husband to create the video and then turned to up-and-coming videographer Joey Danger to direct the project. They’ve spent the past six months working in the project, creating a story of love told through the eyes of a female robot created by a man in the future. Something happens to the wiring when she’s first created – an anomaly – and she begins to experience love when none of the other robots do. She falls in love with her maker and daydreams of being swept away together. Her naivete is broken when he starts putting her in a box alongside the hundreds of other robots, and she realizes she’s nothing special. As he walks away, the black romance is realized with her devastated face alongside all of these other robots who are clueless.  

Defoe said the video is compelling and progressive and perfectly captures who she is as an artist. She said she’s proud to be a Filipino-American musician who is breaking ground in the industry while paying homage to the greats who have come before her. She’ll continue that journey with new music releases over the course of the rest of the year as she works on a new album to be released in early 2021.  


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“Something’s Happening