Dissolver No. 7 – Move Along

Country Rocker Dissolver No. 7 offers America a different perspective
on current affairs with new album ‘Star-Spangled Punch’

MACON, GA – Cosmic Country, Southern Rock and Gospel collide in a hot new album from
Dissolver No. 7, led by Georgia-based singer/songwriter Jerry Akin. The musician has made a
name for himself in the industry as a go-to songwriter, with credits for bands such as Innocent
Ivey, The Hog Mountain Brothers and Atomic Sun, just to name a few. But with the release of
his second album “Star-Spangled Punch,” Akin hopes to let the world see a different side of him
– one more transparent and honest and deeply personal than anything he’s previously put out.
The album features nine songs that all explore, in one way or another, the various allegiances
to which we pledge ourselves and the motivations that go into those commitments. Akin said
it’s a timely album for the state of affairs the U.S. finds itself in these days and in some ways,
the challenging messages in his songs will cause listeners to look at the world around more

“The overarching theme is being mindful of what you serve,” Akin said. “What Kingdom are you
crowning? It starts off with a critique of our tendency to cling on to politics over identity – to
dig our heels into something and pledge allegiance to ideals and convictions. All those human
things are going to spoil at some point, and it’s sort of a letdown whenever we invest ourselves wholeheartedly into anything. So I’m admonishing people to be careful of what we’re pledging
our hearts and minds and lives to, because there can be a brokenness to it if we’re not careful.
Part of the human condition is recognizing that the things that divide us aren’t going to be the
things that save us.”

Akin said that though he does touch on spiritual things in his music as a natural outflow of the
faith that plays such a powerful part in his life, he doesn’t consider himself to be a Gospel artist.
In fact, he doesn’t like to label his unique sound and style into any one genre at all. He’s just
someone who writes songs about real life – his faith is part of that, but so are heartbreak and
love and joy and all the other stuff that humans experience in life.

Akin has been writing songs for more than 25 years. In 2014, he launched his own label
DixiePhonic Records, and started recording all original material from his Southern Mystic
Studios. Sometimes a rebel, always a maverick, Akin has a sound that kicks back against
mainstream Country music trends. And though he frequently recalls outlaw Country and roots-
based Rock & Roll styles, he is never afraid to experiment – sometimes combining unusual
sounds, backward tape loops, or otherworldly noises in an otherwise traditional-sounding
production. The resulting sound is one that reflects his personal motto: “Rooted in the earth,
reaching for the heavens.”

“First and foremost, I want people to enjoy the music,” he said. “I feel like the songs I create are
catchy and the music is infectious, but there’s also something deeper to the lyrics that I think
people can listen to and find hope. I’d like my music to be something that presents a message
that even in our brokenness there’s always a way forward. There’s hope out there and a way to
come together and a way to heal. I think people need a lot of healing right now.”

“Star-Spangled Punch” is slated to drop across all streaming platforms on July 4. Two singles
from the projects – “Move Along” and “Navigator” – are already available for download.

To listen to Dissolver’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit:

“Star-Spangled Punch”

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