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Etoc – Bombay (Prod. Danke Noetic)

Introspective Etoc pushes listeners past comfortable
with aggressive new sound

ORLANDO, FL – Marc Cote is not usually a very outspoken guy. For most of his life he’s kept his emotions and thoughts to himself, processing internally and rarely giving voice to some of the struggles he’s faced. In an effort to bring some of those things out, he began writing poetry in high school. He discovered an affinity for the written word, and then one day a friend suggested he try laying down those poems over the top of some music.

“It wasn’t that I was unfamiliar with rap or music,” he said. “I’d been playing piano since I was real young. It’s just that writing poetry was a coping mechanism. But at this point I’d developed a sort of rhythmic flow pattern, and every once in a while one of my friends would play an instrumental and I’d think about what I’d written and how it would flow really nicely. When I finally tried it, I found that I could put a nice bounce in my voice. I definitely have the technical aspect of making music down, but I also am good at writing and making words and rhyme patterns that flow over an instrumental.”

The experience is one that brought him out of his naturally introverted shell. Though normally quiet and introspective, he becomes outspoken and energetic when he raps. In some ways he’s becoming the opposite of his normal character – which is what led him to embrace the stage name Etoc, which is his last name spelled backwards.

“I’m usually a pretty down to earth guy who’s chill and relaxed,” he said. “But when I’m in the recording studio I’m Etoc – a guy who’s energetic and turned up and outspoken.”

After a year of building that persona and developing his unique sound and style, Etoc is ready to announce himself to the world with three new singles – all produced by his close friend and producer, Danke Noetic.

The first is a single that has already been out for a couple of months called “Dreamin’.” It’s a song that he wrote late one night while unable to sleep. Pulled from the analytical introspection of his introverted thoughts, the song dwells on regrets and internal demons and utilizes an alternative sound to give voice to those struggles. In some ways it has a pop vibe, though the verses are pretty raw and the sound is distinctly hip-hop.

He’s following that up with two other singles, “Martian” and “Bombay.” The first is not a stereotypical hip-hop song, but instead embraces that alternative edge that he loves to incorporate into his music.

“It’s essentially talking about getting zoned in your mind and how you can feel alienated,” Etoc said. “When you hear it you’ll understand why I say it’s a unique sound. And I’m definitely using it to display my versatility as an artist. It’s edgy and definitely has an upbeat flow to it, but the chorus has a catchy hook.”

“Bombay” is more of a party song with an aggressive edge that bends its way around the idea of “getting twisted.” Etoc said it’s a song that allows him to show off his skill as a musician and his ability to do different sorts of material with different types of sounds.

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