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GreenLight – M.I.A

GreenLight debuts new mixtape ‘Rick & Morty’ while
displaying new sound to DMV area

PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY, MD – Two best friends from Maryland who have known each other since kindergarten are taking the music industry by storm with their unique sound and style of music. The new and emerging rap duo calls themselves GreenLight, nodding to the sense ofenergy and movement that their music inspires in anyone who listens.

The group is made up of 19-year- old friends Skooda and Chris the 5th. The two first met in kindergarten at Thomas G. Pullen, a school of performing arts where they were exposed to life as artists in all aspects of the term. They also learned how to go against the grain and face the fears associated with going after their dreams. In sixth grade, they became close friends with a student named Aston Woolery, who was talented and carried the same dream they did of becoming a professional musician. Unfortunately, Woolery passed away in late 2017 after losing a battle with cancer. It devastated the two friends, and literally the day Woolery died was the day they chose to take professional music seriously.

“That’s the day GreenLight was formed,” Chris said. “GreenLight is a representation of not only Aston’s life, but also a symbol of everyone who has a dream and doing what is necessary to make those dreams yours, so that you can become a light yourself and ultimately pass that on to others.”

Since that time, the two friends have been pouring over new sounds and writing new lyrics for the songs that will be featured on their debut mixtape, “Rick & Morty.” The mixtape will consist of 10 tracks that display their versatility as artists and blend trap, indie and soulful sounds across several topics – such as facing life struggles, going after your dreams, and standing out from the environment around you.

“We have a reputation of freedom and self-expression through our music,” Skooda said. “Positivity. Creativity. When you hear a GreenLight song, there’s always going to be something positive about it and you’re going to want to pass it on to other people. Five years from now I want people to know us from our style – how we rap and make music – but also what we stand for and what our brand is. And that brand equals creative-minded freedom. Be unique and be yourself and go after whatever you want to go after. Stay in your lane and be the best version of yourself.”

The first single from the mixtape is a song called “M.I.A.,” which is a perfect example of the kind of reputation the two say they’re chasing. It’s a song that explores the influence others around us have on our success or lack thereof. Specific to Skooda and Chris, the song references how often they’re asked to participate in activities with friends or family, and how often they have to say no because of the time and dedication they’re putting into their music.

“Missing In Action” refers to not being with them all the time because we’re working on what we’re trying to do to build our own path and realize our dreams,” Chris said. “We’re missing the action because we have to do what’s necessary for our future. This song talks about how we feel about it and how other people feel about it. It’s one of those songs you can listen to over and over again – mellow, but with deep lyrics.”

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