Johnny Crown brings R&B back with new single “D’usse” | @iamjohnnycrown


Johnny Crown Is Back With New Single D’usse

Ask most people and they’ll tell you that real R&B music has been long gone.

However, Johnny Crown brings the perfect combination of sexy and edgy with his soulful lyrics.

We’re all used to the songs that support love and happiness.

But what about those date nights where you stay in, eat good food, sip on good drinks, and knock pictures off the wall?

“D’usse” is the new single off of his LP “Drunk” and provides that essential “night-in” vibe with slow, seductive tunes and a trap back beat to set it off.

“D’usse” is the perfect title for the round of musical drinks that the album is built on.

12 songs all with titles that reference different alcoholic beverages.

If this single is any indication of Johnny Crown’s movement through the music industry we can expect to hear a variety of sounds that intertwine to bring a collection of sexy, love-filled lyrics and heart-thumping beats.

So is R&B in fact buried next to what some once considered hip-hop?

Or is it evolving and we just need to get with the times?

Check out ‘D’usse” and the rest of the “Drunk” LP here.