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Ottawa’s K Reese blends multiple styles for unique new sound on forthcoming EP ‘Check Me Out’ 

OTTAWA, CANADA – K Reese is a Canadian artist who fuses his own niche of melodic sounds with R&B and Hip Hop influences for a sound that’s so original that he’s turning heads all over the world. This singer/songwriter with a multifaceted artistic style is tapping into current day sounds in ways that are reminiscent of greats like A Boogie and Tory Lanez, but his unique signature style is one-of-a-kind.  

That style comes to the forefront with his new EP, “Check Me Out.” The EP dropped across all streaming platforms in early December. With six songs on the project, K Reese shows off his melodic singing and rapping while showcasing an adept ability to mix multiple genres. This project he describes as “softer songs” for people to enjoy with stories and experiences that he knows will connect with people far and wide.  

Take “A List” for example – the debut single from the EP. It’s a song about love and finding the perfect partner. He takes a laid-back vibe filled with upbeat tones to describe the perfect person – that one particular woman that makes it onto the “A List” and who becomes the only one you think about.  

“They’re the main one,” he said. “The only one. The No. 1. Even if it’s an up-and-down relationship, she’ll always be on the A List. I think a lot of people can relate to that, and at the end of the day, that’s what I want my music to be known for. I want to create music that helps people relate to what I’m saying and even re-live what I was living. That’s what I’m putting in my music. Some people may have been through what I’ve been through, or need to talk about their own things and let it out. They can use my music and express themselves that way. I can touch different genres of music, and with my singing and rapping, I’m able to touch different bases of people who live a wide variety of music.” 

Raised in the nation’s capital of Ottawa, K Reese is a self-made prodigy who said he hopes to inspire younger generations of up-and-coming artists who are also trying to use music as a way of expression. With his distinguished style that combines smooth vocals, low baritone notes and effortless falsettos, K Reese shows the world not only a mastery of music but a strong drive that makes him a tenacious go-getter who won’t be satisfied until he has realized his dreams. What’s more, his creativity has expanded into the design and development of his own cover art, as well as directing and conceptualizing his own visuals.  

“I’m determined to ensure my listeners are never disappointed with the music I put out,” he said. “I’m able to cross over into multiple genres – from R&B to Hip Hop to Pop to Afrobeats to Dancehall and everything in betweenI’m a well-rounded, accomplished artist, and this is only the beginning for me.” 

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“Check Me Out”