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King Paris – Problems | @KingPtoturnt

Atlanta-based rapper delivers ‘turnt’ music with five new singles

ATLANTA, GA – ToTurnt. It’s a phrase that Atlanta-based artist King Paris created to describe his unique style. It’s the perfect definition of his music: live and turnt up.

“I make party music,” King Paris said. “I make turnt music. That classifies me. I’m live and turnt up. I’m going crazy. That’s what I brand my whole image around – being a party kid. That’s what I am and that’s what my music is.”

Fans can get a good sample of that music with five new singles that King Paris plans to release over the next few weeks. All of them are songs that he said showcase the “wild and spontaneous” persona that he brings to the music industry. And while he embraces that turnt label, he also loves to be unpredictable with his music.

“You don’t know what you’re going to hear next from me,” he said. “I might go with a thrill, or be soft, or be ‘Wow’ or even be funny. I have a mixture of sounds, and I’m unique in a way because of that.”

Originally from Chicago, King Paris moved to Atlanta to take advantage of the thriving hip-hop scene there. He said he loves the vibe of Atlanta so much better than the overly aggressive atmosphere in which music is created in Chicago. And he’s quick to admit that the trap sound of Atlanta has seeped into his own personal style, though in a way that still stays true to his party vibe.

“When people hear my music I want them to be able to know me for me, which is a fun, goofy, silly person who can still be serious,” he said. “I can be playful, but I want people to know me more for motivating others to do what they think they can’t do. People tell me I can’t do things or I don’t sound right, and I always try to prove them wrong. So I want to be looked at as a motivational figure who inspires people to do things that others say they can’t.”

The first of the five singles that King Paris plans on dropping is a song called “Movie.” He said it’s a song that brings out his funny side and has a nice little flow with some great lyrics. He’s sampled it to some friends and others within the industry and has received some high praise – so much so that he’s decided to make this his first single and one that he’s planning on filming a music video for.

He’ll follow that up with two other singles, “Folks” and “Problems.” The first is a song inspired by his life in Chicago and features a nice melodic flow. The second is a more aggressive song that was inspired by one of the more frustrating days he’s ever experienced and was born from the anger he felt in the face of so many problems piling up all at once.

The final two singles that he hopes to release will land later this spring, with music videos also
planned. All of these songs are released under his independent label, TOTURNT, which he said
will always release music that fits under his turnt reputation. To listen to King Paris’ music, or to
follow him on social media, please visit:

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