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Markgiela – Banana Klip (Remix)

Brooklyn Rapper Markgiela to Release New
Project this Summer

LOS ANGELES, CA – We all know the hustle and bustle that Brooklyn is known for when it comes to their rap music scene. Markeith Wright, also known as Markgiela, is the latest and greatest artist to emerge from this scene. The rapper has set out to make a lasting imprint on the industry as a whole, and with the way things have been going, he accomplishes this so effortlessly. In fact, he tells us that rap and hip-hop music are the only genres he’s focusing on right now. It’s safe to say that remaining dedicated to the craft isn’t a challenge for him.

Markgiela is represented by an independent record label called 100 Keys Entertainment. “We’re always working. My music is on the blogs, it’s on Worldstar. We have almost two million views on Worldstar,” said Markgiela. No stranger to the countless hours his job requires, he’s already working on his next project that will be released in June. In true Markgiela fashion, he’s staying true to his roots by naming the project after his hometown, “Brooklyn”.

When it comes to his signature sound, he describes it as a new vibe, or a new wave. “My energy sets me apart from any competition out there. I always bring out so much energy in my music. It’s a lot of vocals. When people hear my music, once everything is put together, they love it,” said the rapper. His desire is to always stay current with everything going on in the world, which is something fans can expect from his project. He tries to make his lyrics relatable for anyone, which makes him so versatile in his artistry.

“The sky is the limit right now. My independent label is trying to drop a compilation album right now. I’ve had parties with Funkmaster Flex. My music is on the radio, like Hot 97. It’s even reached the south,” said the artist. In fact, fans can look out for Markgiela, who will be making an appearance in Miami for Memorial Day weekend. To tide the fans over, they can listen to his freestyle album called “Banana Klip Remix”, which is available on several digital music streaming platforms.
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