[Mixtape] Shunie – Shunie World | @ShunieWorld


When asked about the creative process of behind Shunie World..
It’s simple. It’s me, it’s my world. I look at it like this, you have a world full of rappers, and in some way they all correlate – they all are the same in some way they either sound the same, look the same, or all rap about the same thing just in a different way. Then there’s “ShunieWorld”, a world no other rapper can get in because there’s no one like me. I can do anything! It’s no way I can get a bad review because whatever you like you can get that. If you want some bubble gum I’ll give you a piece of gum. If you want some concept I’ll read you a book. It’s a win-win situation. My cover explains it all. My cover is my world! 

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