Sad Generation – ‘Rockstar Bury Me Alive’ | @thesadgen

Sad Generation makes his way on our pages today to offer his new controversial music video. This 2-in-1 video instantly grabs attention in the first half with scenes of Donald Trump tied to a chair while being threatened and beaten. He definitely goes over the top , bouncing through provocative scenes throughout the entire video making it almost impossible to get bored.

The first half of the video “Rockstar” brings a fiery and rebellious energy, transitioning over to a more dark and intense vibe for the second half “Bury Me Alive” where Sad Gen. is seen literally buried alive. Along with being buried alive, the video displays multiple death scenarios including being hung, drowning, and more! This video has crazy and impressive visuals bringing the tracks to life and seperating the artist from all of his peers!

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