[Single] Haze OPC – I’m Tired | @HazeOPC

When history repeats itself, what comes to mind is frustration, disappointment, anger, hate and each one eventually makes you tired.
Haze OPC uses his music to deliver a message, he addresses the bad energy, the hate and anything that takes away the focus on moving forward. The streets don’t love people. They take what they want from you then turn its back on you.

“I’m Tired of the same shit every day, it gotta be another way” is what Haze OPC feels about the things he has experienced in life. Music has a way of bringing out emotion and “I’m Tired” makes you want to take action. Change is necessary to grow and this song is for everyone that’s Tired of setbacks, disappointments, patterns, & obstacles. But remember to hold on trouble don’t last always & the light shine brighter after every

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