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Sugar Joiko – Your Love | @SugarJoiko

Sugar Joiko to headline show April 20 showcasing new music

HOUSTON, TX – Ask most musicians where their first inspiration came from, and more often
than not they’ll point to a famous legend whose sound or style caught their attention at a
young age.

Not so for Sugar Joiko. Her first attraction to music came from video games. For as long as she
can remember she has loved gaming and the culture that surrounds it. Her father was an avid
video gamer and the two of them would bond playing games together. And the thing she
remembers most profoundly was the music in video games. She recalls wanting to produce
music for video games as young as age 9 – the age when she decided to learn how to play

Fast forward 10 years and Sugar discovered an affinity for singing and it was during this time
that all of the various pieces of her passions aligned and revealed to her what it was she was
meant to do. The irony of it is that the moment happened when she was incredibly drunk.
“I was a waitress for a time in a Japanese Restaurant and one of our colleagues was quitting, so
we went out to celebrate him,” Sugar said. “We stopped at a dueling piano bar, and a friend I
was with knew I played piano and could sing. So she paid $20 to get me up on stage. I was
drunk as a skunk, but even being that drunk the owner of the bar could tell that I was a
musician and that I could play. He told me to call the next morning – which I did and apologized
for being drunk and making a fool of myself. And then he offered me a job. From that moment
forward I’ve been a full-time performer.”

In addition to creating her own music, Sugar Joiko has been collaborating with other artists to
produce tracks and write lyrics. One of her most recent releases, however, is her own single
“Your Love” – a low-tempo, sultry song about trying to win someone back after the relationship
has fallen apart. Her silky vocals match perfectly with the groove of the song in ways that make
the listener feel the lament of the lyrics while also relating with the emotions.
“It’s a song that shows off my own unique style,” Sugar said. “I’m a pop artist with hints of the
90s. I make soul music that makes you feel good. I make music that makes you want to dance
and feel something. I make music with lyrics that you can relate to. And through it all I try to
keep it groovy. And of course, as a trained musician the musicianship and instrumentation is
pretty important to me.”

The single will be on full display April 20 at The Secret Group club in Houston. The show is
slated to start at 8 p.m., and Sugar said she hopes to use the show to create momentum that
will allow her to launch a full tour going into the summer.

To listen to Sugar Joiko’s music, or to follow her on social media, please visit:

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