Trxppy Almighty – Problem Child

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Trxppy Almighty shows his unique sound through his latest mixtape ‘Rude Awakening’ 

CHICAGO, IL – With an eccentric sound and the goals of taking on the Hip Hop scene, Trxppy Almighty is truly an artist to keep an eye out for. Recently, he has released his third mixtapeRude Awakening, where he shows off his versatility, his sound and his true talent as a musician.  

Trxppy Almighty has always had musical influences in his life, with four uncles who made music in a Rap group which he looked up to and aspired to be like. He started getting into music when he was only in middle school, getting together with friends to create music. “I first started making music when I was in middle school. I had two friends that I had this little Rap group going on with, but I was never able to record anything because I never had the chance to visit a studio back then.  I was always in the process of putting my tracks out there though.” In 2018, he was able to get into music more seriously, starting out in basement studios, releasing tracks on Soundcloud and working his way up to working in professional level studios with engineers and releasing on major platforms.  

“I make music that has a deep meaning of value. I can be considered a rapper although I don’t want to only put myself in that category. I would say that my sound is very melodic. I use a lot of melodies if I’m not actually rapping on the beat. Basically, I would consider my sound to be unique melodies and really just changing and developing with whatever my mood is on a given day.” 

Drawing from a handful of inspirations and artists that he has a great deal of respect for, Trxppy Almighty has a variety of music that he considers to be important to both artistic growth and his personal life. “My favorite of all time would probably be Lil Wayne. I would try to learn his rhythmic patterns and things like that. I was always studying how he would do his choruses and hooks and I always considered him a really amazing artist. Hearing the way he would play with words and melodies… he was kind of a pillar in terms of rappers to me.” 

Rude Awakening is Trxppy Almighty’s third and most recent mixtapeIt is designed to show off his artistic versatility and skills in a variety of different styles and genres. “I feel like I’ve always been kind of slept on and it is time for people to wake up. Whether they want to hear me or not, there’s no stopping me. They will either hear me or see me somewhere in some form or another. This 14-song project shows off the versatility and the growth and experience in my music. I’m just really proud of our producer Jalil Da God and all of the work we’ve done to get it where we are.” 

Some of Trxppy Almighty’s favorite tracks on the mixtape include “Problem Child,” “Money Talks,” and “Heaven Sent.” The tracks discuss everything from his upbringing in the East side of Chicago to the hardships that he has gone through and the goals that he has for the future.  

Check out Trxppy Almighty on social media and give his mixtape a listen via the links below. 

“Rude Awakening” Prod. By Jalil Da God. 

Mac Nova – Steal The Sun

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Mac Nova releases first track after signing with AMG/Sony 

TOLEDO, OH – Having recently signed with his first big recording company, Mac Nova is making a big splash as he breaks into the music scene. With his latest release, “Steal The Sun” coming out in October, he has a new and exciting sound that he is ready to share with the world.  

Mac Nova got into music in his early teens, freestyling and having fun with his friends and family. “I actually got started recording and writing songs on a whim after I freestyled in front of one of my coworkers, Big Steve, in the garage and he pointed me towards a studio. That was about seven years ago.” 

When he was younger, Mac Nova’s mother would not allow him to listen to Rap music. This gave him the opportunity to appreciate a variety of different genres, and he later brought some of those influences into his music. “My mom didn’t actually let me listen to Rap until I was in high school, so I just got a lot of everything but Rap even though that’s what I ended up doing. A few of my main artistic influences are The Fugees, Prince, some Motown artists and Anita Baker, and when I first got my hands on some Rap, I got into  Jay Z and LL at about the same time.” 

With such a wide variety of influences, he is able to create a sound that pulls in different genres and techniques, making the Mac Nova sound unique and rare. “Even though I’m rapping – because that is my main style – Rap is one of the few genres that you can add literally any other genre to.” 

Mac Nova is set to release his latest single “Steal The Sun” in mid-October. “I would say this track is a culmination of my rhetoric as a rapper. I like to think that my style and, more importantly, the content of the Rap helps people understand that there is a difference between success and wisdom and just because someone is successful at what they do, doesn’t mean you should follow what they do or what they say to a tee. So, part of my brand as a rapper is that I would like to achieve ‘acclaim,’ if you will, without having to subject myself to some of the things people do to advertise themselves. So instead of walking around with jewelry and things of that nature, I would like to ‘Steal The Sun’ in that respect.” 

Being recently signed with AMG/Sony, “Steal The Sun” will be Mac Nova’s first big release. While he has made enormous strides in his career this year, he believes that he would not be where he is today without the help of his team and his friends, especially his manager Debra Sue of Glass City Talent, his first producer CJ Mack, and his current producer, Wade from Guerilla Studios, as well as a host of other family, friends and fans who have supported him in his artistic endeavors. 

Keep an eye out for Mac Nova’s new release “Steal The Sun” as well as the music video which is set to release on October 16, 2020. 

King Supreme Da Don – W.F.T.G.U

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King Supreme Da Don releases his latest EP single ‘W.F.T.G.U.’ 

BOSTON, MA – Newly added to the Bentley Records family, King Supreme Da Don is a Hip Hop artist worth looking out for. With his latest EP single “W.F.T.G.U.” coming out on October 21, KSDD shows artistry and talent through a track that can get stuck in your head, exactly where you want it to be. 

Growing up, KSDD was always invested in music. “I got into music at a young age. I always had a strong passion for music especially when I was growing up. Now that I make music of my own, I would say that I have a more creative sound. I think I would label it more as Hip Hop music rather than Trap.” 

The name King Supreme Da Don has a very significant meaning. “Growing up over the years, I had a few different names and I stuck with King Supreme Da Don because I had a name before, L- Supreme Tha Boss. I took part of the name of Supreme from my father who actually made music of his own back in the day. So I took part of Supreme and I added King in front of it because I believe that everyone deserves to be a king or queen. I have always said that however you see yourself fit to be, then that is who you are, so that is what I stuck with. My goal is to do everything possible to live up to that. I am always going to be a king, my wife will always be my queen, and everyone out there was born to be a king or a queen too.”  

KSDD has a few core inspirations. He takes a lot of influence from artists such as Tupac, but is mainly inspired as a musician by his family. “I take a lot of inspiration from Tupac because he is such an important artist to me. But right now I would say that my greatest inspiration and my motivation as a musician comes from my children and my wife.” 

The track “W.F.T.G.U.” is song about the obstacles that KSDD has had to overcome and the way that he has been able to make it through. “This single is about all of the struggles that I have been through and how I came out on the other side. The entire EP goes along with it as an outlining of what I am capable of doing as an artist. It really talks about me aiming for what I want and proving that I am able to keep up with everyone else. It also talks about how I am always going to be trying to provide for my family, no matter what.” 

Along with his musical ventures, KSDD and his wife are doing all that they can to help other artists to have the same opportunities that KSDD had with their new label New Age Limit Records. “My goal is to build a foundation that will strive to be the best that it can be. My wife and I started this company under the principle of helping artists that are struggling and giving them a chance to build a basis right here in Massachusetts.” 

Check out King Supreme Da Don’s music as well as his social media accounts below. 

Vanalika Shan – Midnight

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18-year-old Vanalika brightens the world with her new single ‘Midnight’ 

DALLAS, TX – Indie pop singer/songwriter and pianist Vanalika Shan’s open-hearted sound is the result of years immersing herself in diverse cultures around the globe. At only 18 years old, the Indian-born artist has studied music in the U.S., Australia, and India, drawing freely from American Pop, Indian Classical, and musical theater to create an irresistible sound all her own.  

That original sound is put on full display on her new single, “Midnight” which is slated to go wide across all streaming platforms on Oct. 16. The laid-back vibe of the song takes full advantage of a robust array of Synth sounds for a contemporary twist on Indie Pop. The slow organs open the song and create a mellow, ambient vibe that sets the stage for Vanalika’s ethereal vocals. As her voice begins to sour, she welcomes listeners into a nice groove that’ll have them bopping their heads while smiling and reminiscing about that someone special. 

“The idea of it came from a kind of Cinderella theme,” Vanalika said. “It goes around the concept of time being limited. Time is a driving force in any relationship – romantic or friendship or whatever. So I wanted to play on that idea with the nuances from a Cinderella fairytale.” 

The debut single from this fast-rising star is a follow-up to her wildly successful cover mashup “Blinding Lights and Physical” which is currently available across all streaming platforms. Fully embracing the Synth Pop sound, the song takes two chart-topping retro tunes and mashes them into something that’s equal parts throwback and modern, and perfect to showcase this talented musicians naturally ethereal vocals. 

Having just graduated from high school, Vanalika said she’s taking advantage of a gap year to pursue music as a career. Though she started as a singer when she was only 4 years old and has performed in multiple places over the years, it hasn’t been until recently that she started fully dedicating herself to a career in music. While growing up, her father traveled to places all over the world, often moving his family along the way. As such, Vanalika said she’s gotten a very global education about people and cultures and the ways in which art can tie people together. 

“Traveling has been a big part of my life, from meeting new people to seeing different locations,” she said. “Music ties the bridges in between. I’ve experienced different kinds of music, but at the end of the day, it’s still my kind of music that I’m creating. The way I like to approach my music is to take my own story and add a little twist. Music isn’t about just adding a little bit of an edge or technicality to something, but more of a driving force. I want to move an audience through the music as if they’re part of the story. That’s one of my favorite attributes of music – not just listening to a song but how the combination of sound and lyrics can drive an audience together. At the end of the day, I hope my music makes people feel good when they listen to it. Vanalika means sunflower, and I try to embody that in myself and my music. A sunflower is bright and calming, and that’s the effect I want to bring to the world with my music. I want to brighten the world with my music, one sunflower at a time.” 

To listen to Vanalika’s music, or to follow her on social media, please visit:

“Blinding Lights and Physical” 

Richie Red – Wolves Den

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With his latest single ‘Wolves Den,’ Richie Red is gearing up to be the new leader of the pack 

CLEVELAND, OH – Richie Red wants to be one of the biggest names in the world, and from the looks of his latest single “Wolves Den,” he is well on his way. With a relaxed Hip Hop sound, Red has created a style that is all his own. No matter what is going on, his music can always fit the vibe. 

Red began his artistic journey at a young age, taking an interest in dance before growing into his own style of Rap through freestyling and later finally laying down tracks in the recording studio. “It started off with me dancing. I used to watch Michael Jackson and Usher when I was four years old and I wanted to be like them. When I got older, dancing wasn’t that much fun anymore. I would watch all my big brothers that rapped and I got into a lot of artists like Young Jeezy , Gucci Mane and Plies. I was freestyling in middle school and everybody who listened would tell me ‘You should rap! You should rap! You’re good at rapping!’ So basically, I just started taking it seriously and I started recording at seventh grade. I was pretty good back then.” 

Though he is a versatile artist, Red prefers to stick to his roots in the Hip Hop industry, focusing on a relaxed Rap sound influenced by Hip Hop and R&B. “I do rap because there is a lot that I’ve been through. Rap is basically how I get it off my mind and just talk about the things that I’ve seen. I use music because most people that I talk to say I’m good at it. When I write about what I’ve been through, sometimes it helps me get things off my mind. I also just have fun doing it. It was a hobby at first but now I like taking it more seriously and I know that I could really be something bigger than I am.” 

Red’s most recent release is a track called “Wolves Den.” This song is about how life happens around us and the only way to get through it is to embrace what comes our way. “I live in a world where people will turn their backs on you but I’m still enjoying myself. I’ve been going through a lot of stuff but my life is getting better. I still live in reality but my life is going better and my style is changing. It’s just like a wolf going through the woods, looking for something that he needs and as he comes up on different things, his image changes. He might get bigger, he might feel healthier, his family might be able to eat and that’s basically where I’m at in my life. I’m just outside to get whatever I can get to make the best out of.” 

The “Wolves Den” music video has been recently released and that is just the beginning of where Red wants to take his career. “I don’t have to put too much in it, it’s just natural. I see myself becoming one of the biggest artists in the world especially with the story that I have behind me. I’m not just any type of rapper that woke up one day wanting to be a rapper. My mother passed when I was 14 and my brother passed when I was 20 years old. My mother was a big character in my life and everybody loved her. She was an entertainer and so was my brother, so I feel like I have no choice but to make it at this point. It is what I want to do every day.” 

Check out Richie Red and his music via the links below.

JT Da Bagga – Remember the Woo

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 JT Da Bagga drops hot new EP to spice up the chilly months of winter 

ATLANTA, GA – Summer is for the ladies, but the men are staking a claim to the winter. That’s the sentiment behind the debut EP from Atlanta-based artist JT Da Bagga. It’s entitled “Cold Boi Winter” and it features a handful of tracks from this fast-rising artist that showcase his unique brand of sound and style. With California-inspired tracks like “Cold Boi Flow” and swaggy tracks like “Remember the Woo,” JT offers music lovers an enjoyable ride that’s perfect for the upcoming colder months.  

“It’s me speaking from a single man’s perspective,” he said. “Basically, it’s me being an ultimate bachelor. Each song is me doing what I do. I’m analyzing women because I like women and I like to be with women. I’m not degrading women. I love women. And I show that through all of these songs.” 

JT said he’s proud of this project because it shows the world a new sound and style in the world of Hip Hop that’s been lacking for a while. The thing he said he’s most proud of is his ability to be diverse and bring original flows across each and every song.  

“I’ve been all over the East Coast and I’ve been influenced by a lot of different genres of music,” he said. “I don’t have a specific sound. I do Drill, I do R&B slow songs, I do Club music, I do Reggae music – my versatility and ability to bring a vibe to any track is what sets me apart. That’s my biggest attribute as an artist.” 

Originally from Newark, New Jersey, JT was raised in the New York foster system. He lived in a group home in Queens and saw and experienced a lot of bad things in life. Music became his escape from life, and a sting in prison gave him somewhat of a blessing in disguise in that it provided him time to focus on the craft of making music and perfecting his unique sound and style. He’s come quite a ways since his early days of performing off-Broadway plays as a child.  

“A few years of me going to prison and making mistakes made me do research in how to perfect my craft and do things with it to stand out,” he said. “Ultimately, I’d like to be somebody known for spreading love. When you listen to my music, it’s more of an educational thing. To be able to bring people together and vibe and love and be able to be around each other without hate would be my ultimate goal for my music. I don’t do raw street music. A lot of my music is a vibe. So come and relax with me. I’m pure. I’m different. My mind is different, and yours can be too when you listen to my music.” 

JT’s album is currently available across all streaming platforms. The debut single “Remember the Woo” has been getting some major attention across the U.S. and is set to drop a music video later this year.  

To listen to JT’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit:


Shea Brown – What It’s Worth

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Multitalented young artist Shea Brown drops two new singles in advance of forthcoming EP ‘Merri-Go-Round’ 

PONTIAC, MI – Though Shea Brown has been writing music with the craft a person well beyond her years since she was age 8, there’s perhaps been no better display of her talents than with the new EP “Merri-Go-Round.” Set to drop before the end of the year, this six-song showcase offers fans all over the world a deeper look into who this young star is and how her unique talent is lighting up the music industry. Displaying a range of abilities across multiple genres, Shea offers a little bit of Pop, R&B, Hip Hop and more on this project, with a distinct nod to the legends of old paired with a modern-day vibe that’s undeniably catchy. 

“It’s all different songs with different sounds and vibes which is what the title refers to,” she said. “I just don’t feel like we have that versatility anymore, and I feel like I’m bringing that back. It’s a little bit of old-school and you will definitely hear some of the things that were done in the 50s and 60s, but in a different type of way. That’s true to who I am as an artist. I’ve always been told that I don’t sound like anyone else. I have a unique voice. I have my own signature sound.” 

Shea has always been somewhat of a musical butterfly and songwriter. She first started getting into music when she was 8 years old, harmonizing and singing melodies and writing her own songs as she explored her skill as a poet. Destined to be a star and inspired by musical legend Brandy, Shea would hear her songs and before long she would be singing them word-for-word, hitting every note just like the musical icon. Shocking even to her parents, Shea’s vocal ability showed that even at a young age she was a superstar in the making. She honed her skills over the years through live performances at various events throughout the area, and started chasing her dream to become a globally recognized singer and songwriter. 

Two debut singles from the forthcoming EP showcase her raw talent impressively. “What It’s Worth” is an R&B and Soul track that showcases both her depth and her range as a vocalist as she sings about a girl who falls in love and does what she can to prove what she’s worth to her man. “Me and My Girlfriends” on the other hand, is an upbeat party track that’s all about all the things that are bound to happen before, and while you are at the club with your girlfriends. 

“They have their little drinks and do all these things before they go out and have fun,” Shea said. “That’s what I wanted this song to be – just a fun party song. Before we go out to the club, let’s get ready for the club. It’s straight Hip Hop and just fun.”

Both singles are currently available across all streaming platforms with the full EP set to drop later this fall. She said she’s also planning on another album for early 2021 

To listen to Shea Brown’s music or to follow her on social media, please visit:

“What It’s Worth”

“Me & My Girlfriends”

Red Giant Project – Betta Man Feat. Tre Aces

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Living legends combine master-level skills for truly original album ‘Red Giant Project’ 

SAN DIEGO, CA – The ultimate collaboration of musicians who are masters at their craft comes together with an deeper progressive new sound on a new LP called “Red Giant Project.” Spearheaded by Matthew Burke AKA Burkey and sound-designed by Matt Madonna, the project features an array of living legend instrumentalists in Karl Denson, Tah Rei, John Avery, Shane Hall, Tre Aces, and Lynx DeMuth. The juxtaposition of vocalists Burkey and Hall, who also plays guitar on some tracks, combines for a human element that weaves tastefully through the music in ways that never distract from the full scope of the production.  

“Beauty is the intention,” Burkey said. “This project could be called R&B and Blues pumped up on bass music. Or it could just as easily be labeled as Americana, or Neo-Soul Trap, or even Lofi-Trip-Hop-Downtempo. It’s ambient poetry with strong hooks and vocal synths that dance through gritty, analog sound. And it’s done by all of these people who are masters of their craft, and then blended together by Matt. It’s something really incredible.” 

Madonna and Burkey met some years back while touring with different EDM projects. Madonna was with Love & Light while Burkey spent about a decade with Vokab Kompany. The two would often bump into each other at festivals or on the tour circuit, and sometimes they’d bounce ideas off each other or even play around with different sounds or write songs together. Both of them were doing songs that were high-energy, club-based EDM music upwards of 120 beats per minute and higher. So their collaborations backstage tended to be slower and more ambient, exploring different ways to incorporate the sounds they’d become familiar with into more downtempo and relaxed vibes. Madonna eventually retired ‘Love & Light’ while Burkey continued with Vokab Kompany, and the two of them kept in touch.  

In 2016, Burkey had the opportunity to start working with Karl Denson who is a legendary sax player best known for his work with The Rolling Stones, KDTU, and Greyboy Allstars. He’s even featured with the band Sexual Chocolate in the iconic Eddie Murphy comedy “Coming to America.” When Madonna heard that Burkey was working with Denson, he sent them a beat he’d been working on at home, and Denson was so impressed that it sparked an idea from Burkey 

“The whole process created a whole pure vibe,” Burkey said. “We’d all gotten older and didn’t fit that party scene anymore, and our songwriting had taken on a deeper aspect – from the chords to the sound design to the lyricism and everything in between. Matt had become the ultimate sound designer. He can spend days on end just making a sound, and he’ll create his own sounds. He’ll spend a 20-hour session searching for the best kick drum, manipulating 200 different kinds of drums until he’s found that best sound. So he was the perfect person to blend all of the things that these masters at their craft were bringing to the table.” 

Burkey said the collaboration has been so overwhelmingly positive that the two friends have decided to pursue more projects in the future. He said they have the first record focusing more on a Neo-Soul, Jazz vibe with Blues guitar and swaggy Hip-Hopesque vocals. And like a Red Giant star that burns at its brightest in its later stages of life, the “Red Giant Project” showcases the bright burning talent of these veteran artists in a way that cannot and should not be ignored. 

To listen to the Red Giant Project or to follow these artists on social media, please visit: 

Wait It Out ft. Karl Denson

Adonis Alias SoupBone and M.E. NotApologetic – Sir Paul

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Two West Coast artists join forces for creative new album ‘ApoSTGles 

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA – An impressive blend of Rap, Hip Hop, Jazzy Blues and R&B swag makes its way to the center stage on a new album from West Coast artists Adonis Alias SoupBone and M.E. NotApologetic. Set to release in December, “ApoSTGles” is the ultimate culmination of this super collaboration between two artists who have been making waves in the industry for years. Across six songs, the duo lets the world know that it’s OK to party, but there’s also real issues in life that have to be dealt with and sometimes you gotta step up. Each of them came up with concepts for three of the songs, then worked together seamlessly to create the final product – tapping deeply into each other’s talents and ideas.  

“It’s two brothers coming together and showcasing our skills together,” Adonis said. “It’s us complementing each other’s talents and ideas. We’re talking about positives, not using any profanity and ultimately, it’s all about the music.” 

The debut single from the project is “Sir Paul” and is slated to release across all streaming platforms on Oct. 16. It’s a song that pays tribute to one of the most influential musicians of all time: Paul McCartney. “Sir Paul” is presented with an eye-popping video filmed by acclaimed and award-winning director Jae Synth. Throughout the song, Adonis and M.E. incorporate lyrics and titles from McCartney’s most successful songs and albums, and ultimately use the icon as a metaphor for achieving one’s dreams. 

“If there’s any chance Paul could hear this, I think he’d appreciate it more than anybody,” Adonis said. “There’s no other musician who has transcended the time period he has with quality music. That’s the key. I try to write timeless material, just like he did, and I don’t try to go with the current trend.” 

The beat originally came to M.E. through a mutual acquaintance producer named No Shenanigans, who said she wrote the beat specifically for M.E.’s signature style. It’s a beat that M.E. calls a little bit gritty and hard-hitting. But when M.E. couldn’t come up with a lyrical idea that really stuck, he passed it along to his friend Adonis for help.  

“I passed it along to my bro and he came up with this idea,” M.E. said. “That’s how we always work. We come up with creative ideas and then pass them back and forth to each other until we make something great. With this song, not only are we doing an homage for Paul, but at the same time it shows that you don’t have to stay the same musician throughout your entire career. He stepped away from the Beatles and did what he wanted to do, and he’s made a lot of great music.” 

“Sir Paul” will be followed by “My Queen”, the scheduled second single slated to drop in November. With “My Queen,” the two musicians tap into their R&B side with a song made for the ladies. Adonis said it’s an “encouragement song that’s uplifting for women and encourages men to support their women.” A music video is in the works and should release on Nov. 10. 

“Party All Night” is the third release and it is a definitive club song with a hard, heavy, Hip Hop and Rap feel that showcases the duo’s ability to flow.  

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The Whole Sick Croo – Play Along

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New music from The Whole Sick Croo reflects hot political themes 

WASHINGTON D.C. – DC area rocker, Phil Dubitsky delivers poignant political music which addresses present day concerns. His Hard Rock/Punk Rock fusion has a bit of rootsy Americana and Blues mixed with Heavy Metal aggression. 

His latest single, “Play Along” discusses different sides which participate and vote in a democratic society. Voting is not difficult to do, but the artist is critical of the options. Released in late September, the song is topical for what is going on right now. “Play Along,” the latest in a series of politically based releases, was written last year in anticipation of the current election cycle. 

“Play Along” features distinct slide guitar, bass riffs and bluesy scales, in contrast to Phil’s upcoming single, “Majority Rules,” a more straightforward rock track which tells how democracy results in the majority enforcing their idea of right and wrong onto the minority. The new single is due to be released on October 20. 

While creating awareness of issues, Phil tries not to be super preachy when putting his opinion out there for people. “While not all of my music is political, the singles I have put out in the back half of this year are fairly political. I use my music more as a way of getting the conversation started about socio political issues than specifically trying to tell people what to think or feel,” Phil stated. “By getting people to talk about or even just think about those issues, you start to open the door for those issues to be addressed and potentially fixed.” 

Currently releasing music under the name “The Whole Sick Croo,” Phil is working solo now. He does it all – from writing lyrics and melodies, to recording his instrumentation and vocals in a home studio. He also mixes and masters his own music. Phil has created an intelligent, more self sufficient way of working, allowing him to concentrate on producing and releasing music. 

Putting out lyrics that are right on the nose, Phil’s messages are straightforward and easy to understand. “For me personally, being more direct with your messaging means more people will realize what you’re saying.” Eager to encourage dialog, Phil Dubitsky is an artist who is not afraid to share his opinions. 

To listen to The Whole Sick Croo’s music or to follow Phil on social media, please visit: