Hosford – PPTP

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East Coast artist Hosford takes music career 
to the next level with new single ‘PPTP’ 

CAPE MAY COUNTY, NJ – An inspiration for a hit song may sometimes come from the most unusual places That’s the case for the new track from East Coast artist HosfordWhile working out with his stepfather one day, he was hit with a flash of insight. The two were drinking protein shakes. His stepfather was a tattoo and piercing artist. The idea for the hook to a song about Protein, Piercings, Tattoos and Pussy came to him, and almost immediately was accompanied by a beat in his head. He contacted his friend and fellow musician Shirea and the two put together “PPTP” in next to no time. 

Today, that single is making the rounds along the East Coast and has primed this veteran musician for bigger things in front of a global audience. Having performed live thousands of times all up and down the East Coast for the better part of the past decade, Hosford has finally decided to record some of the originals he’s written along the way. “PPTP” is just one of many that he’s hoping to share with the world in the coming months, each of which will feature his unique sound and style. 

“It’s hard to tie my sound to any one genre,” Hosford said. “I’m inspired by all the greats in Hip Hop like Wiz Kahlifa or Tupac or Big L or Eminem or Jay-Z. But I also love artists like Ed Sheeran or Rock bands like Creed. I’ve been working with guitarist, Shane Prusinski, on some of my songs, and he’s really into Punk Rock and Heavy Metal. So my sound really has a mixture of genres on the instrumental, and it’s just something different.” 

Hosford said he was first introduced to music as a child when he watched his father as a drummer for many years. When he was 16, his mother purchased him some recording equipment, and he hasn’t looked back since. He’s developed his sound into something more mature and high quality along the way, and today, his goal is to leave records that are timeless and last forever.  

“I want to leave behind a legacy that people will remember,” he said. “I want to come in and inspire people. I want to help them to have persistence and never give up. That’s my attitude as an artist – I never give up. I want to leave behind records that move people and help people and make them feel good when they listen to them – whether it’s a party track or emotional or about a family or even a sad track. We’re human beings. We’re emotional. And I want to make music that caters to that.” 



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“PPTP Featuring Shirea 


Yungg Fattz – I Do Me

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Yungg Fattz releases four hot new singles to cap off 2020 

LONG BEACH, CA – Yungg Fattz is an international artist from Long Beach, California whose original new sound is lighting up the world thanks to four new singles currently available across all streaming platforms.  

The consummate performer, Yungg Fattz has made a name for himself both on the West Coast and throughout the Mountain Region as one of the premier entertainers of our day. He’s been doing shows from Denver to Vegas to Los Angeles, and he takes pride in making the crowd rock. But with 2020 putting a damper on all live performances, Yungg Fattz turned his attention to the recording studio. His four new singles are the result of a lot of hard work.  

“If I’m not gonna perform, I’m gonna put out as much new music as I can,” he said. “When I can hit the stage again, I’ll have all new music for people to listen to. And my sound is different than most other rappers out there today. I like to do songs with someone singing the chorus. I don’t want to be just another gangsta rapper from Long Beach. I want to change how California artists are seen.”  

The first of Yungg Fattz’s four singles is “I Do Me” featuring KC producer and artist Boi Blakc. It’s a song that lets the world know they’re listening to a true professional in the music business. Not only is he an entertainer but he’s a tour promoter, as well. He is deeply involved in his own management and marketing and is one of the members of Smoked Out Entertainment. He also hosts a traveling event called Barzfest which has seen him perform in multiple cities all over the U.S. “I Do Me” is a song that highlights all of those endeavors in a friendly and fun way for the listener.  

By My Side” is a love song that Yungg Fattz recently released. He said it’s something he created specifically for the ladies, though he knows that a lot of guys out there will also love it. First recorded a few years back, the single is one that he revised and re-released this year to much acclaim. The streams he’s seen on that single alone have taken his notoriety to the next level and showcase his adept ability to fuse styles together, such as Hip Hop and Neo-Soul.  

Another single currently available across all streaming platforms is “Stay Dangerous” which Yungg Fattz calls his “Long Beach anthem.” Inspired by Nipsy Hussle’s saying “they don’t say stay safe anymore, they say stay dangerous,” Yungg Fattz takes the idea and creates a fun homage to his hometown in a way that motivates anyone listening to be adventurous and take a leap of faith in whatever opportunities might be before them. 

Finally, Yungg Fattz has released “I’m Yours” which also features Boi Blakc and is another love song, though with a little bit of a different vibe than “By My Side.” Of the four singles that he’s released this year, Yungg Fattz said “I’m Yours” is the one that has the most potential to leap onto the global stage, thanks to its catchy hook and groovy vibe.  

Following the success of these singles, Yungg Fattz said he’s planning to launch yet another single called “Designer”. He also has more music planned to release in 2021 with hopes to eventually be touring and performing live again in the summer. 

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All social media is @yunggfattz

K Reese – A List

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Ottawa’s K Reese blends multiple styles for unique new sound on forthcoming EP ‘Check Me Out’ 

OTTAWA, CANADA – K Reese is a Canadian artist who fuses his own niche of melodic sounds with R&B and Hip Hop influences for a sound that’s so original that he’s turning heads all over the world. This singer/songwriter with a multifaceted artistic style is tapping into current day sounds in ways that are reminiscent of greats like A Boogie and Tory Lanez, but his unique signature style is one-of-a-kind.  

That style comes to the forefront with his new EP, “Check Me Out.” The EP dropped across all streaming platforms in early December. With six songs on the project, K Reese shows off his melodic singing and rapping while showcasing an adept ability to mix multiple genres. This project he describes as “softer songs” for people to enjoy with stories and experiences that he knows will connect with people far and wide.  

Take “A List” for example – the debut single from the EP. It’s a song about love and finding the perfect partner. He takes a laid-back vibe filled with upbeat tones to describe the perfect person – that one particular woman that makes it onto the “A List” and who becomes the only one you think about.  

“They’re the main one,” he said. “The only one. The No. 1. Even if it’s an up-and-down relationship, she’ll always be on the A List. I think a lot of people can relate to that, and at the end of the day, that’s what I want my music to be known for. I want to create music that helps people relate to what I’m saying and even re-live what I was living. That’s what I’m putting in my music. Some people may have been through what I’ve been through, or need to talk about their own things and let it out. They can use my music and express themselves that way. I can touch different genres of music, and with my singing and rapping, I’m able to touch different bases of people who live a wide variety of music.” 

Raised in the nation’s capital of Ottawa, K Reese is a self-made prodigy who said he hopes to inspire younger generations of up-and-coming artists who are also trying to use music as a way of expression. With his distinguished style that combines smooth vocals, low baritone notes and effortless falsettos, K Reese shows the world not only a mastery of music but a strong drive that makes him a tenacious go-getter who won’t be satisfied until he has realized his dreams. What’s more, his creativity has expanded into the design and development of his own cover art, as well as directing and conceptualizing his own visuals.  

“I’m determined to ensure my listeners are never disappointed with the music I put out,” he said. “I’m able to cross over into multiple genres – from R&B to Hip Hop to Pop to Afrobeats to Dancehall and everything in betweenI’m a well-rounded, accomplished artist, and this is only the beginning for me.” 

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“Check Me Out” 



Bebejitt – Caliber

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Bebejitt drops hot debut single ‘Caliber’ 

WEST PALM BEACH, FL – East Coast rapper Cory Harmon – better known by his stage name Bebejitt – has dropped a hot new single that is lighting up the nation. “Caliber” is a groovy flow of a good time with a twist of creativity. It’s the perfect song to showcase this 21-year-old’s signature sound and style. With a sound like this, fans all over the world will soon be demanding more.  

“Everybody else in the industry today is trying to ride the same wave – what’s trending or popping or whatever the next person is doing that sounds good,” Bebejitt said. “I look at it from a different aspect. I see stuff way more than other people see it. I understand the value of things, all the way down to individual words. Every word I say is diverse – it’s not just trapped in one kind of style.” 

That approach to music-making is put on full display with “Caliber” which is currently available across all streaming platforms. Though it’s not the first song he’s ever written, it is the first song he’s released to the world and as such, he’s hopeful about how it will kick start a career as a performer and recording artist.  

Growing up in the 1990s, he was always a fan of the movie “Bebe’s Kids,” so much so that his parents and other adults in his life started referring to him and his siblings as Bebe’s Kids. He combined that with his other nickname, Jitt, and has been creating music under that moniker for about five years now. His love for music started with Michael Jackson but eventually came to include some of Hip Hop’s greats, like Biggie and Tupac. Today, he said he loves Lil Baby and Drake among others, though he tries to create his own sound and not mimic anyone else.  

“My type of flow and love for the music is just to get everyone in a good mood to be dancing while also having a sense of reality in it,” he said. “I went through a lot and I’m only 21 so I can relate to a variety of things. I want my music to be for everyone, and I want it to be the kind of music that you’re not just sitting there and bopping your head to it, but you’re getting positivity from it and it’s helping you through all the negativity that’s going on. Of course I want you to groove to it and dance to it and vibe to it.  I want to make music that gets people moving, but I also want to be a leader with my music and really encourage people. I feel like it won’t be long until people hear my music and everyone will be enjoying it.” 

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Adrian Julius Ceasar – Red Alert (Hot)

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Adrian Julius Ceasar breaks into the Hip Hop scene with bold new track “Red Alert (Hot)”

LOUIS, MO – An up and comer in the Hip Hop industry, Adrian Julius Ceasar is an artist worth looking out for. Caesar has a sound that flawlessly blends Hip Hop with R&B to create gorgeously smooth tracks. His latest song “Red Alert (Hot)” is a stunning example of this.

Ceasar has been making music since he was only 14 years old. “I started off with my mom’s boy friend. He used to make demos and we would try to get him out there, but he never really took off. Eventually, I started doing my own thing. Now I am here and just looking to grow.”

Growing up, Ceasar was surrounded by music. Having been born in the 80’s, he took to artists such as New Edition, Prince and Michael Jackson. “There wasn’t really any particular incident or artist that got me started making music, I just knew that I was good at singing. I had been in the choir growing up and it just grew from there.”

Since his days in the school choir, Ceasar has grown as a musician and created a sound of his own. “My sound is full of energy. It is hype, a sort of mix between Hip Hop and R&B. It is kind of similar to R Kelly in my opinion. My music has a nice vibe that kind of sets me apart from everyone else though.”

Ceasar’s latest track “Red Alert (Hot)” is an amazing example of his smooth sound and overall vibe as a musician. The track was created in a home studio and has a smooth, professional sounding R&B vibe to it. “The song is just really catchy. It doesn’t really have any particular story behind it, but everything I write comes from my life and personal experiences. It is just a constantly moving thing.” To pair with “Red Alert (Hot),” Ceasar will be releasing his latest music video within the next couple of weeks. This exciting track will no doubt come with an amazing visual experience.

With more exciting tracks than just “Red Alert (Hot),” Ceasar is gearing up to release two more singles, “Everywhere I Go” and “Only Lover.” “Everywhere I Go” is a fun and upbeat party track that will be released on December 19, 2020 and “Only Lover” is a sweet song about a childhood romance that Ceasar experienced growing up. This track will be released on January 16, 2021. Ceasar plans to follow both tracks up with music videos as well.

Adrian Julius Ceasar has big plans for the coming year with music, videos and more. His music is available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Pandora, iHeart Radio, and Napster.

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Black Prince – Freestyle Baby

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Deep-voiced Black Prince makes the ladies melt with new single ‘Free Style Baby’

DETROIT, MI – An artist from the Upper Midwest whose silky smooth deep bass makes the ladies melt is bringing an Old Skool Kool vibe to the industry with his latest string of single releases.

Black Prince is an industry veteran who has been entertaining the masses for two decades as an actor and model. Recently, he expanded his global audience by entering into the world of music with his hit single “Free Style Baby.” In so doing, he has helped issue in a new sound that he calls Old Skool Kool – a blend of R&B, Rap, Jazz, Blues and Spoken Word that serves as the perfect platform for his signature deep bass vocals.

Imagine the deeply smooth vocals of Barry White. As soon as his mouth opens, the sound of his voice demands attention. That’s the kind of voice Black Prince has. And he puts that vocal weapon to immediate use with the opening bars of his new single.

“Welcome back pretty lady. I’m glad you stopped by. We should do something tonight …”

“It’s a song about a guy fantasizing about a female friend,” Black Prince said. “He’s trying to hit on her, and he’s using the term free style as an innuendo. He’s substituting the word free style to say certain other things that he wants to say, and he’s hoping that she’ll pick up on it and realize what he wants. Essentially, he wants them to be more than friends but he doesn’t know how to say that other than being subtle.”

The deeply romantic song certainly fits in the lane of R&B, but Black Prince’s take on Old Skool Kool takes it beyond that genre into something that’s truly original. He intentionally takes listeners back in time to the days of putting vinyl on the record player – that nostalgic sound in which artists such as Barry White thrived. But he also pairs that with a newer vibe that will cater not only to an older audience but also a younger audience that appreciates good music. And of course, the ladies will love to listen to anything that comes out of his mouth.

“Ultimately, I want to really be known for showing that age is just a number, especially when it comes to women,” he said. “In our society, we tend to gravitate to youth. Everybody wants to be in their 20s and that age range is celebrated. Whatever age you are, you can look back nostalgically at your life, but you’re only looking at the good things. I want to celebrate women and give them things they can relate to. Same for guys. I want to be the guy who recognizes beauty in terms of maturity in life.”

Black Prince will further explore that idea and his Old Skool Kool sound with his next single, “Girl You Look So Good To Me,” which he said should drop in February 2021.

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Blackprince Old Skool Kool.com



itsyaboigavrilbalane – Yeah No

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Canadian artist drops introspective and uplifting album

LLOYDMINSTER, CANADA – A big theme in the music from Canadian artist Itsyaboigavrilbalane is personal experience and stories. His latest album, “The Empty Space Between My Ears” is no exception. Pulling from various situations of his life to date, Itsyaboigavrilbalane lets listeners in on his heartbreaks and adventures with his own brand of introspective yet melodically catchy music.

“I’m trying to paint a picture for people that they can relate with,” he said. “It’s an album that tells a story from start to finish. It may seem jumbled at first, but it all tells a story over the course of 11 songs. It’s moody and atmospheric but it’s upbeat at certain points, as well. So it’s a mix of a lot of things. But one of the things that sets me apart is that I can flow through different genres and put a mix of many things into one song, while making sure it’s a perfectly balanced and mixed sound.”

Hailing from Lloydminster – a town right in between Saskatchewan and Alberta – Itsyaboigavrilbalane started writing music as a hobby when he was a child. By age 14, he was recording music and eventually started doing his own producing. With the exception of beats, he has been on a journey that includes learning new instruments and experimenting with new sounds. As such, he is an all-around musician who isn’t afraid to try new things and expand his color palette.

“I’m an artist who wants to unify music and give my audience a taste of everything through lyrical storytelling,” he said. “I use stories of pain, misfortune and heartbreak in hopes of uplifting people in their hard times and giving them someone they can relate to.”

After releasing his second EP, he entered his first music competition in 2019 – the International Songwriting Competition – and received a note that he was a semi-finalist, beating out more than 16,000 people in the running. He followed that up by releasing his first full album in February 2020, which has been well-received among fans and industry insiders alike. Maintaining that momentum, he never stopped creating and is excited to release his new album “The Empty Space Between My Ears.”

“I wanted to push my feelings into a place where people can relate to it,” he said of the album. “I’ve been doing music professionally for five years now and over that time I’ve been opening myself up more and more to different things. I’m constantly evolving and this album will show audiences how I got to this point. There have been a lot of heartbreaks and mishaps, and there will be sad songs that break your heart; but it’s also an album that is genuine and fun to listen to. I hope people appreciate the work that I put into the music and the experimentation that went into it. At the end of the day, I hope my music is the kind that spans the test of time in its uniqueness.”

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Shawa – Touch Di Road

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Reggae and Dance Hall artist Shawa aims to make signature sound accessible to a global audience

PHILADELPHIA, PA – A Reggae sensation who is on a mission to completely restructure the dancehall culture is setting the world on fire with his latest hit single “Touch Di Road.”

Shawa is a Trinidad & Tobago native who now lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His sound and style are a unique blend of multiple influences that are shaking up the traditional sounds of Reggae and Dancehall music. And as that sound gets in front of more ears, this fast-rising young artist is quickly becoming a global phenomenon.

“Touch Di Road” takes the Caribbean vibes of his heritage and puts them through his unique filter to create something that’s both modern and progressive. True to the best Dancehall music, it’s a song that will get people up on their feet, but it’s also a song that will make people think a little more deeply and encourage them to look forward to good times yet to come.

“With everything we’re going through the Coronavirus and the lockdown, the Dancehall culture just kind of went away,” Shawa said. “You could say the Coronavirus is the enemy of Dancehall. But when the lockdown is over, we’re gonna go out and hit the streets. We’re gonna paint the streets red. We’re gonna “Touch Di Road”. So this song is about getting ready to party as soon as this thing is over.”

Shawa said part of his purpose in blending new sounds with the traditional Dancehall rhythms is to reach a more international audience. He said Reggae has often been limited to a specific audience and as such, there’s a deficit of international artists within that genre. But Shawa wants to take his music global and make it available for everybody.

“Reggae shouldn’t just be for a Caribbean audience,” he said. “It should be for everybody. That’s why I say I want to restructure the Dancehall culture. It can’t be underground anymore. It can’t be structured around immoral things, like it has in the past. I want to polish it and represent it with royalty. Everyone is a king – that’s one of our slogans. And with that comes a polished, clean sound.”

As Shawa continues to expand on this sound and style, he said he’s interested in working with all of the major DJs and collaborating with other artists to create something truly original. He’s not a one-dimensional artist and can seamlessly flow between multiple genres and popular music as a whole. More than anything, he’s looking for global appreciation of this brand of music that he said has always been great and for which he has a deep love and appreciation.

“Touch Di Road” is currently available across all streaming platforms under the Global Excalibur Music label.

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TikTok: @Shawa_GX

“Touch Di Road”


For Media Inquiries: Joseph J. Watson @ Joseph.Watson@globalexcalibur.com

For Business Inquiries: Mr. Ruiz: (754) 245-7643

For booking information: Shawagxmg@gmail.com

Respect Jknight – Never Leave

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Respect Jknight brings decade-plus of craftsmanship to the table with hot new single ‘Never Leave’

ROCHESTER, NY – If you give respect, you get respect. That’s the mantra of East Coast artist Respect Jknight whose latest single “Never Leave” is currently lighting up the digital airwaves.

Born and raised in upstate Rochester, Jermiane J. Griffin – AKA Jknight – began to freestyle rap at the age of 10 with his other siblings and friends from around the neighborhood. His inspirations came from artists such as Nas, Jadakiss and Styles-P. He studied the music industry and eventually began to cross into making beats and recording his own vocals. In late 2009, he established his own production company Vice Versa Entertainment Productions, and over the past decade has continued to make music and provide opportunities for other up-and-coming artists in the area to chase their dreams.

With “Never Leave,” Jknight showcases a decade-plus worth of talent that has been honed and crafted into something that’s equal parts original and high quality. With a Hip Hop and R&B fusion that features fellow Rochester artist Ricky Kartel, “Never Leave” is the perfect song to capture the emotions that come with committing to that one true love.

“It’s about being through that someone that you’ve spent years and years with,” he said. “It’s about that person that you’ve committed to never leave. You’ve been through thick and thin together, with all the headaches and heartaches. She respects you as a real person which is why she never left. If you’re real with that person, then they’ll respect you and you have something deep.”

Jknight said the single also showcases his ability to bridge the gap between old school and new school. He brings a very versatile style to the table, displaying an ability to rap with the best of them by creating a vibe that’s nostalgic but also progressive.

“I want my music to be known for giving someone the vibe of a dude who loves music and loves his craft,” Jknight said. “If a beat comes up, I know I can put a hook to it. I dig deeper with the story. You can hear the intricate notes I’m bringing, and the way I play my beats or spit my verses is what really sets me apart. I’m trying to show people that I’m a Hip Hop head, but I’m still into the new way of rapping. You could call me an unorthodox producer and artist. Jknight represents that slick, smooth, straight-to-the-point kind of person.”

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Keyn – Draft Night

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Midwest artist Keyn takes sound to the next level with new single ‘Draft Night’

TOLEDO, OH – Midwest artist Keyn is ready to take it to the next level. Known for his three-part album series “The Drop Off,” Keyn has developed a large following throughout Ohio and the central part of the U.S. But with his latest single, “Draft Night,” he’s ready to grab an ever-widening audience along the East and West Coasts and eventually, an international audience.

That eager sense of anticipation is the very essence of Keyn’s new single. Tapping into the vibes that every prospective professional athlete feels in the moments before being officially drafted by a team, Keyn uses an upbeat Trap vibe to show off his unique delivery while expressing how he’s ready to take it to the next level of the industry.

“It’s all about the anticipation of draft night and how you feel when you’re hoping to get drafted,” he said. “For a long time, I was known as the kid around the neighborhood who was always rapping. As I grew older, different situations happened where I could take it to another level – doing shows and open mics and little performances around the state. I started pushing some mixtapes in my teenage years, and then put out the first album in 2018 which created even more buzz. I’ve been staying consistent with it and now it’s time to take it to the next level.”

Keyn said “Draft Night” is the first of a new album that’s set to come out in early 2021. Working with a fellow Toledo producer named Cook on the Beat, Keyn’s “The Key to Cookin” will show fans his evolution as an artist and display to a global audience his ability as a talented musician worth being taken seriously.

“When it comes to my music, it’s all about substance,” Keyn said. “When I come into my songs, it’s the content I put out there – content that people will never expect. I’m not a standard artist. I can touch on anything I went through in one song and still make it diverse. I have a laid-back style but at the same time, my delivery is a little aggressive – the bars can be aggressive now and then. I guess you could call it laid-back Trap Rap or Smooth Trap.”

Keyn also emphasized how versatile he is as a musician, noting that he sings on some of his tracks and has worked with Cook on the Beat to layer in some harmonies on the forthcoming album. From a content point of view, he said he wants to offer fans a range of perspectives – from stories from the streets to uplifting, anthemic jams that will inspire others to make the best of their lives.

“Sometimes I approach things from an outside view,” he said, “like I’m a third person looking at what’s happening. So if you’re going through something and you need to talk to somebody but you don’t’ have anybody, I want to put the music out there that will be your outlet. If you want to express something and you can’t, my music is out there for you to use to relate to it. And at the same time I still make music for people to ride to and just enjoy.”

“Draft Night” is currently available across all streaming platforms.

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“Draft Night”
https://youtu.be/4VXRO5AN8d8 (Clean)