Chazo – World Go Round

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Chazo takes fans on journey with new EP ‘Good Food. Good Woman. Good Vibes.’

HARLEM, NY – Good Food. Good Woman. Good Vibes. 

That’s not only the name of the new EP from Harlem-based Hip Hop artist Chazo, it’s also the embodiment of everything he holds dear in life. As owner of his own publishing company, FamilyLoyaltyOughtaWin music” Music, he works hard every day to help those three things be realized. He’s a businessman and an artist, and he has blazed his own path through the music industry in a way that redefines how success can be attained. 

The new EP showcases his unique talent across four songs that explore those three core things in his life. 

“It’s basically what I’ve experienced in life, from traveling in the urban community and the streets to where I am today,” he said of the project. “It reflects a lot of that atmosphere and you get a lot of those vibes. It also nods to some of my early work in that sonically, it starts off with more of a 90s feel and then grows into something that feels like it could be played in a stadium. And then by the end, you come to a lighter type of sound that is perfect for chilling by the ocean and relaxing.” 

In addition to the EP, Chazo has also released the single “Money Make World Go Round,” which features his unique rapping ability underneath a soulful sample. The single has been getting some good play across the country and is being praised for its lyrical depth and substance.

“I’m not just gonna put out a single and try to catch people,” Chazo said of the single. “I want people to grow with me and to really listen. I’m giving you me and my story. I’m letting people in. This is one of those songs that lets you get in tune with me and want to go back to my old music.”

Chazo said he’s been rapping since he was a young kid. He did loved it so much that he started writing his own raps and exploring the business side of entertainment. In 2005, he went to college to get a business degree and got wrapped up in the YouTube sensation that was just beginning to take off. He joined a group of other Hip Hop artists and found himself filling the role of a visionary businessman. He started writing more songs while also helping other artists, all the while waiting for his moment to release his own music. Over the years, he’s been able to develop his own unique sound and style that today is one that is set to take the world by storm.

“I have a message,” he said. “I’m not just telling my story but giving people more integrity and showing two sides of the spectrum. There’s always two sides and I’m always gonna give you the other side. I don’t want to glorify nothing, that’s the main thing. As we build together, I’ll work on more and more music. But right now, I just want people to marinate with this EP and this single and get a feel for who I am.”

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“GoodWomen GoodVibes GoodFood: The Prequel” 

“Money Make World Go Round “ 

Icey Flexx – It Don’t Stop

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Canadian artist Icey Flexx announces his talent
to the world with new Single ‘It Don’t Stop’

Vince Jagger Bouba was born on February 19, 2001 in Ottawa, Ontario Canada and was raised by French parents. In 2017, he adopted the stage name “Icey Flexx”. As a kid, Vince was always into music. Back in his high school, he always used to drop freestyles at school or in places where it was crowded with his friends for fun.

During his teen life, Vince was participating in illegal activities to put some money in his pockets. However, he never got caught or convicted. He tried to get a job though but realized it was not for him. So he ended up finding another way to get it.

Vince was really into music his whole life.  He said, “I was always listening to music I was initially into pop because of Michael Jackson. But the type of music that really amazed me was mostly Hip Hop and Rap. The whole Cash Money YMCMB group really inspired me.  I became influenced by Drake and Lil Wayne as well as Rick Ross and Tyga. I started freestyling at the age of 9 and started recording music when I was 15. One day, one of my friends told me I was really good at it and that I should take it more seriously. I was not interested at first but I realized later that this is what I wanted to do – make music and get money.” 

Icey had been working hard and is developing his own unique sound and style of Rap, slowly putting together a body of work that he can share with the world. Though primarily in the Hip Hop genre, his sound slides to R&B from time to time when he feels like it.

Icey is offering to his hottest single “It Don’t Stop – Prod. Royce.” The up-tempo, energetic track is a statement to the world that no matter what challenges he may face or setbacks that may come his way, he will continue to pursue his dream. The party keeps going and it doesn’t stop. 

“I had to stop rapping for a bit in 2018 for a variety of reasons like school and work. I just got back into it this year and this song is about letting people know nothing stopped,” he said. “I motivate and push myself in my music or in whatever I want to succeed in. So this is kind of a statement to all those people who are trying to bring me down that I won’t stop. I’m going to keep pushing until I make it out or until I’m satisfied.”

The single is slated to drop August 24 and will be available across all streaming platforms but right now it’s only available on SoundCloud He also said he’s planning to drop an album next summer called “Party Life” to get the summer vibes going. Stay tuned as this will continue to showcase his ability to mix Hip Hop and R&B. He calls it a project that’s all about “having fun, being young, living life and having good vibes.”  

Icey Flexx is on the come up and is putting out work to make it out. To listen to his music or to follow him on social media, please visit

Hunter 6 Letterz – Shawty

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Hunter 6 Letterz drops fourth EP of the year
with ‘Revolutionary Trap’

WINSTON SALEM, NC – Hunter 6 Letterz cannot be stopped. The Hip Hop artist out of North Carolina is like a music-making machine. He’s already made three EPs this year and he’s set to drop his fourth on Sept. 2 in the form of “Revolutionary Trap.” And he’s not looking to stop anytime soon as he has plans to drop more singles later this year. He is hard at work for a full album that he plans to release at the beginning of 2020. 

On top of that, he has a clothing line coming out in mid-September, he’s booking shows at festivals all along the East Coast, and he’s actively pursuing collaboration projects with other artists. When asked why he’s working so hard and putting out so much music, his answer was simple: “I’m really gonna grasp a lot of people’s attention.”

“I’ve come up with my own genre that I call Revolutionary Trap,” he said. “I’m the first one to do it and I’m trying to get it out there to as many people as possible. It’s basically speaking positive music onto trap beats. When I do music like that and when I play it for people, it grabs their attention. They say, ‘I like this song! I’m learning something. It’s actually teaching me something positive about myself or this world or about what’s going on.’ It’s a very eye-opening sound and style. It’s about waking up every day and seeing what’s going on in the world. Every time I turn on the TV, there’s a mad shooting or something negative going on in the world, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The world needs a leader who speaks about the truth and picks everybody up – not just for one race but for every race. I’m ready to be that leader.”

Hunter 6 Letterz has been a musician for many years, getting his first start at only age 6 when his father, who was the front man for a group called Lock and Load, wrote him a line and challenged him to rap it. Hunter said he practiced it and performed it for his father, and when his dad saw the effort he put into it, he knew his son had the makings of being a successful musician. Over the years, he encouraged his son and the hard work paid off. Hunter became a member of The Black Diamond Boyz as a teenager and they recorded albums with the independent label Onfolyfe Records. “Two Minds, One Dream,” hosted by DJ Chuck, was his first released album, and it took over the streets of North Carolina. 

In 2017, he went solo and started his own independent label, IVOS (Invite Only Society). His first single under that label was “Muchociliente” which was a smash hit off his solo project “6 Protons.” He followed that up with “6 Neutrons” and later “6 Electrons.” On all of his projects, he showcases his masterful use of lyrics and metaphors in ways that he knows will help educate his listeners and encourage them through hard times.  A perfect example of that is the debut single from his most recent album, a song called “Shawty.” 

“It’s a song about how a woman can help a man stay gentle in this world as he’s going through his everyday problems,” Hunter said. “It’s about getting back to that unity of men and women working as a team. If we can do that, a lot of things will change in this world.” 

Hunter said he doesn’t just speak about making change in his music. He also lives what he says. He gives a portion of his profits to organizations in the community that help care for the homeless, and he’s working to complete paperwork on his own nonprofit organization that would help feed and clothe homeless people in North Carolina. Under his label, he also works to give overlooked artists a chance to work their way into the industry. 

“You don’t have to be a certain type of person to be an artist,” he said. ‘You can bring light to people’s eyes in so many ways. I want to help bring a change to so many people, and a lot of that comes out through ‘Revolutionary Trap.’” 

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“6 Protons” 

“6 Neutrons” 

“6 Electrons”


Ixist – Livin One

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Spiritual journey leads Indian artist to share transcendent frequencies with the world through music

VRINDAVAN, INDIA – For many years now, Akshay Radia has been on a quest to find the ultimate heightened existence. That quest has taken him through the United Kingdom, United States and now into deep parts of India. It has been a journey of perpetual self-discovery and innovation, and the secrets found along the way he is now sharing with the world through his music.

Over the course of the next few months, this deeply connected musician who goes by the stage name Ixist will be dropping a series of singles that aim to connect the world to the ancient flows of India. The first is a single called “Livin One,” which he describes as a Hip-Hop-esque vibe with themes of life at its purest form. It is produced by a hyper talented producer known as Prof. also based out of India. 

“All of us on earth are singular beings,” he said. “There is no real border in this world. Eventually, every empire will crush and every system will fall. What is left at the essence of all is singularity. We’re all just existing and are one with each other already. This song is about that expression and that idea that we’re one and we can all be one and we can be connected to everything we see around us.”

Ixist said he discovered Hip Hop at a young age and began rapping around age 11. He credits legends like Nas and Method Man for being some of his earliest inspirations and said he enjoys some of the new music coming out today from artists like J.Cole, Ocean Wisdom and Logik. Over the years, he has developed his own unique sound and style while honing his skills by performing in more than 500 shows in stadiums, auditoriums and clubs all around the world, opening for artists like Chemical Brothers, Snoop Dogg, Nucleya (India) and more. 

As an artist, Ixist has a holistic approach to life and music with his art resonating with his beliefs and way of life. He deals with the quintessential questions of the nature of one’s existence, truth and art, and his versatility is evident as he draws inspiration from old-school and new-school Hip Hop. But he doesn’t like to be tied to one specific genre and often will incorporate sounds from many genres in his music – from Funk to Reggae to R&B and even spoken word. Throughout it all, his lyrical content expands upon a broad range of topics and pairs perfectly with his technical prowess, making his music one-of-a-kind.

“Almost all of my music is about consciousness and the philosophies of Yoga – Yoga like union with the self not downward dog,” Ixist said. “I’m not following too much of a genre. I’m more looking into frequencies. I’m always seeking that original analog frequency, pure and connected. It’s what transcends race or country or location or whatever. I hope to create music that helps us stay as true as possible to creating strong and connecting frequencies with one another – to keep as close to the essence or source of all of our existence. My music helps us transcend borders and push vibration through all differences and hurdles so that we can resonate with all sorts of people, not just specific people in specific genres or demographics.”

“The world is changing and we have to have confidence in ourselves for that change, especially if we want to build our own futures” he said. “If you’ve got good music around you, it makes you strong and gives you confidence to do the things that you may have never done before. I make music that helps people who are going through those transitions, or who are experiencing change or initiating change. I make music that helps them feel strong or good. At the end of the day, that’s what I hope my music does – helps people to be strong and happy and one.”

Ixist said he plans to follow up “Livin One” with four more singles over the next couple of months. He’ll start with “Meditation” which is slated to drop before the end of August. Then will come “M16,” “Shifting Designs” and “A to Zen.” All of them will have the same theme of universal frequency and connecting to a higher self. All have been produced with super talented producer Prof. 

To listen to Ixist’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit:

“Livin One”

Holy Boe – Flexin

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Best friends follow-up success of first single
with hot new vibe on ‘Flexian’

AUSTIN, TX – “Flexin” is the perfect title for the hot new single from Austin’s newest super duo Holy Boe. Made by best friends Boe Savage and Holy Prodigy, the new single is just the latest collaboration from the two young artists and features vibes that are sure to make people bounce. It’s a vibe about getting money and flexin’ on people because of the high you’re feeling off a wave of success – which is exactly how the two friends feel right now with their music career.

Savage, age 19 and Prodigy, age 22, started making music at a young age when they became friends in elementary school. It started off as a hobby, but when Savage’s mother passed away, he turned to music and his best friend to help him deal with the overwhelming emotions. That focus on their music helped them hone their sound and create a style that was truly one-of-a-kind. 

But the work of these artists goes further than music. Though they’re not from the same family, you could never tell. And out of all those shared experiences, they’ve created something that is seamless and “easy,” as Savage calls it.

“We make it easy to nod your head as we speak on an unforgotten past and a very bright future,” Prodigy said. “We work in unison. And we create vibes for any listener – from hanging with the homiest to late-night slow jams.”  

Though they’re only in their first few months of making music together professionally, they’ve already seen some success with their two single releases. Prior to “Flexin,” they released “For My Bros” earlier this year which has racked up more than 50,000 streams across various digital streaming sites. They have plenty more bangers on the way, too, with a plan to continue launching hot tracks throughout the end of 2019 and into 2020.

“We can make any type of song you want,” Savage said. “Any mood you want to feel. We can slow it down or bring it up – literally anything you want, we can do it. When we work together, it’s just easy. It’s so easy to feed off his vibe. I can bring you that savage, mega vibe and he has these really deep lyrics and the two just work well together.”

Holy Boe said they have plans to drop an album or EP later this year and are working to book a performance for sometime toward the end of September at a venue to be announced at a later date. 

Best friends follow-up success of first single with hot new vibe on ‘Flexin’

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Dre-Key Ghetto Millionaire – Right Now (Remix)

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New remix by Dre-Key Ghetto Millionaire tells the world to do it “Right Now”

HOUSTON, TX – The seasoned independent artist from Texas, Dre-Key Ghetto Millionaire delivers a crucial message in his epic new single “Right Now” (Remix): You don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow, so if you have something on your mind, you got to do it right now. It is a motto for him at the moment. He sees no point in procrastinating. “If you’re gonna do it,” he says, “go on and do it.”

A very intense energy which pulls you in sets the remix apart from the original “Right Now” single released late last year. He also switches between four different rap styles. “A lot of people ask ‘How many people are on this song?’ It’s just me!” Dre-Key exclaimed. A new video has been filmed for the remix. The video for the original version, released late last year, landed Dre-Key on the music video show, “Street Flava” hosted by D-Solo.

For the new remix, he was planning to use the same track. But, when his producer presented him with a new track to listen to, Dre-Key knew within minutes that the new track was the way to go. He adapted some of the lyrics and the remix developed from there.

Dre-Key describes himself as the most complete rapper. He literally listens to all kinds of music – an early present of two very different CDs (“Marvin Gaye’s Greatest Hits” and “The Best of Mozart”) sparked off a love for music in general. As a student of the rap industry for many years, Dre-Key dropped his first mixtape in 1991. Dre-Key is a compilation of all music and genres he has studied, from the Sugar Hill Gang to artists such as Drake and Migos. He also views music as the universal language. “It’s easier to communicate my ideas and ambitions to people through music.” 

Dre-Key has been active on the Texas entertainment scene for many years. For more than 5 years, Dre-Key worked as hype man for the rap alter ego, Madd Hatta, known as Mista Madd (from one of Houston’s top radio morning shows), and as Operations Manager for Hatta’s label, “Paid In Full.” Originally from the small town of Conroe, TX, moving to Houston was a big change for Dre-Key. Meeting and working with all the stars coming through the radio station and record company helped him gain valuable experience which influences his own music career.

He has also worked in television,film & video. Dre-Key’s single “I Got That” (produced by Grammy nominated J-Lacey) was in the independent film “Krank the Movie” in which he also made a cameo appearance. Dre-Key has made numerous other appearances including the underground classic street film “Dirty Third 2” (featuring cameos by E-40 and Scarface), and in the video “Candy Paint & Gold Teeth” by Wacka Flocka Flame ft. Bun B. and Ludacris (along with cameos by Scarface Trae da Truth and T.V. Johnny Dang). Additionally, he appeared in the “Wish You Would” video by OTB Fastlane and Fastlane’s “Dawg Azz” remix featuring Lil’ Boosie. 

Dre-Key recently finished recording a new mixtape called “Bread Bag,” due for release in September. Also in the works is a studio album entitled “Best Rap Album Ever,” slated for early 2020. An old school rapper, Dre-Key uses more musical beats. He has expanded his style to reach today’s audience with this album. Mostly recorded at Anarchy Studios in Houston (Def Jam, MTV, BET, Epic, Sony), Dre-Key is working with some of the hottest artists in the Houston area. “The album is gonna be ridiculous,” said Dre-Key. “I’m calling it the best rap album ever because it’s got something on there from every era of rap.”

Dre-Key stays in the mix of Houston’s live music scene and is finalizing plans for the “Rap It Up Tour”, hitting several spots in Houston and surrounding towns.

He’s been in the music game for many years, so Dre-Key believes that you can do whatever you want to do at whatever time, as long as you don’t let anything hold you back … and do it Right Now!

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Millz Lamont – All Of These Dancers

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New single from Millz Lamont
serves as realization of lifelong dream

IRVING, TX – MIllz Lamont is the kind of artist that most aspiring musicians want to become. He’s ambitious and has never once given up on his dreams. He’s versatile and original. And he’s a lyricist whose words are leaving an impact on people all over the world. 

The hip hop artist and entrepreneur was born in Detroit, MI but was raised in Atlanta, GA. He recently moved to Irving, Texas. He faced many life challenges over the years. But always driven to achieve his goals, he built himself a solid financial foundation to take care of his loved ones and to professionally continue his music. Over the years, he has refined and developed his skills and talents through continuous lyrical compositions and creation of catchy beats. Propelling his career to new heights, Mills established his own music company, High Society Music Group LLC, with a vision to provide quality music by showcasing a higher way of thinking. He currently has two other artists besides himself on the label, and all of them are working with booking agents to line up some shows over the next few months. 

“We’re about to make a statement,” Millz said. “I want to be known as the guy who just gets on the music and kills it. I’ve never given up on my dream and my passions and I continue to do what it takes to take it to the next level. It may not always go the way you plan, but there’s always a chance to live out our dreams if you never give up on them. That’s the type of artist I want to be – the guy who never gave up on his dream. Someday, I want to win a Grammy and influence millions and millions of people who share similar dreams. That’s the pinnacle, and a lot of messages in my music will echo that.”

His most recent offering to the world is a club hit called “All of These Dancers.” Like many of his songs, Millz takes a common perception and flips it on its head with this new song. In this particular case, he’s talking about strippers and the hard work and hustling they do just to make ends meet.

“It’s a club song but instead of degrading women, it’s uplifting them,” he said. “When I stop and try to understand what they’re doing, it makes them more attractive to me. There are too many songs out there today that put women down or degrade them, especially strippers. So I took a different approach. I’m uplifting women who are strippers because they’re doing whatever they have to do.”

Millz has two other singles set to drop later this fall – “Temperature” and “Put Up or Shut Up.” The first is slated to land in September while the second should release before the end of October.

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Mik’Que – Parallel

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Lyrical versatility shines on new single ‘Parallel’
from D.C. artist Mik’Que

WASHINGTON, D.C. – You never know when a life-changing flash of inspiration might strike. For D.C.-based rapper Mik’Que, it happened the first time he heard Kendrick Lamar’s first album, “Section 80.” 

Though he’d been a fan of music for most of his childhood and had even played around with making music videos and free-styling with his friends, there was something about Kendrick Lamar’s album that unlocked a world of potential. It was the first time he really wanted to make music legitimately, and it was the first time he really appreciated the power of profound lyrics.

“That single album made me listen to his other albums and see how he evolved and changed and grew with his audience,” Mik’Que said. “I started learning about the business side of music and everything he did to get better, and it gave me inspiration. Not long after that, I started searching for studios and investing in myself. And the rest is history.”

In the years since, Mik’Que has seen some success with singles and mixtapes across multiple digital streaming sites. As he had consistently released single after single, he has slowly grown his audience and made a name for himself. Most recently, he dropped the single “Parallel” which he calls a “summertime-banger type of song.”

“The littlest thing can inspire me like with ‘Parallel,’ I was starting to get some royalties from Spotify on my previous song, ‘Proud,’ and it inspired me to write a new song,” Mik’Que said. “I released that last song around the New Year and it has a money-type theme to it. The royalties have been good and ‘Parallel’ paints a picture that parallels my life lately.”

More than anything, “Parallel” shows off the versatility that Mik’Que brings to the game. He can be very lyrical, but he can also whip any beat and can easily rap on anything or talk about any subject. He likes to tell stories from his life or touch on issues from within the culture, or even likes to look to the past for inspiration. But more than anything, it’s his lyrical versatility that stands out.

“I don’t want to have an EP or album that sounds the same as the one before,” he said. “I always want to explore something new and have something for everybody. That versatility and my lyrics are what make me stand out, I think. I can get technical, and I was more so when I first started. But I’ve become more lyrical over time and I think that helps me connect with people more.”

Mik’Que said he’s planning on putting out an EP of five or six songs by early November, and he’s currently working to book some shows throughout the Northeast later this year. 

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TJ Da Hustla – Miss Daisy

Music, Promo

TJ Da Hustla lives up to name
by dropping three EPs in six weeks

NASHVILLE, TN – When TJ Da Hustla opens his mouth, whether in conversations or rapping on one of his hot hip hop tracks, one of the first things people notice is his silky-smooth Southern drawl. Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, this artist embodies Southern hip hop music with a combination of Deep South sounds and stories that are laced with experiences that audiences all over the U.S. can relate to.

Many of those stories can be found on his recent string of EP releases, which started with “Street Bible” on July 30, followed by “Drug Dealn Demon” slated for release on Aug. 12, and will continue with “Life of a Hustla 3” on Aug. 26. Some people might look at that aggressive release schedule and think he’s overdoing it. But he would quickly point them to his name and emphasize that part of his persona is being an artist who never quits.

“I’m just going hard and I ain’t playing with nobody,” he said. “I’m trying to drop something every two weeks because I’m in that mode where I’m going hard and I just gotta go hard right now. It allows me to be more diverse with my music to show off a little bit of everything. I’m on the way, and I’ve been on the way for a while now.  I’m definitely on the edge of something big right now.”

TJ has been doing music since age 10 when he recorded his first song on a Boombox. He recalls having to push, play and record at the same time and try to figure out how the system worked to capture the sound he wanted. He hasn’t looked back from that first moment and in the years since released at least 10 different projects, including a documentary.

His first project, “Life of a Hustla,” was released by a recognizable Atlanta DJ named DJ Scream. The follow-up project, “Life of a Hustla Part 2” was also hosted by a household Atlanta native, Lil BankHead. Other projects have featured collaborations with notorious names in the music industry, including super-producer EnSayne Wayne who has worked with T-Pain and KeyGlock. Most recently, TJ was able to connect with Antt Beatz out of Detroit and is excited about the music they’re been able to create together.

“My story is different and that’s what’s gonna separate me from anybody,” he said. “A lot of music today isn’t unique or real, but my music is real. That’s what separates me the most from anybody else – that and the fact that I’m a hustler. My music is gonna speak for itself. It’s so real. I’ve recorded over 800 songs and I’ve never lied on a single verse. I put all my pain in my music and tell stories that everybody can relate to. That’s why people love my music.”

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X – Boy You Is Broke! featuring Smoooveee

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Calling out the fakers! New single “Boy You Is Broke” by artist “X”

ARLINGTON, TX – There’s a hot, new young artist out of Texas who is creating something unique for music lovers everywhere. The 19 year old artist, Xavier Donald (known by the artist name “X”) combines Hip Hop, Rap and R&B to deliver fresh rhythm and rhyme, unlike anything that has come before. His new single, which features some haunting and clean piano, “Boy You Is Broke” calls out the wannabe big shots who flash the cash, but really don’t have any money at all.

Unlike most artists of his generation, X doesn’t use explicit language in his music. He keeps everything clean and radio ready to make music that everyone can enjoy, regardless of their age. Created when X started freestyling after discarding his original beat, “Boy You Is Broke” was recorded at a home-built studio in Hurst, TX. His cousin joined in, and the track just came together. X knows plenty of people who flash their money around, and he also knows how broke they really are. “I keep seeing people my age flashing money,” said X. “I know they’re not really having money like that. They just wanna put on a show for their followers.” He is sure that by flashing money around, these people just make themselves targets.

X dropped his very first single, “Runnin’” earlier this summer. In that short time, he’s changed things up and keeps growing. While the beats for his first single were written by his father, X wrote the beats for this latest track.

A committed artist who lists Daniel Caesar, Russ, Kanye West, Drake, and John Mayer as his greatest musical influences, X comes from a family that has always loved music. His dad had a band back in the day, and they had a recording studio in their house. When Xavier was a kid, he and his sister would play around with writing music. While in high school, he started writing beats for YouTube. Back then, X was not interested in recording his own music – he was practicing his rhyming and improving as an artist.

After the family moved and built another recording studio, X started to get more serious about his own music. About a year ago, he started laying out plans to launch his career. Preferring to maintain financial and creative control, X writes everything for his songs, including his own beats.

Recording, working a full time job, writing beats and spending time with his family keep X crazy busy. He’s had to prioritize responsibilities while chasing his dreams, which include making lots of videos. The video for “Runnin’” is already out, and another for “Boy You Is Broke” is coming soon. After releasing a few more singles, X intends to release his debut album, “Success Is My Revenge,” in September.

In these times of increasing tensions, X is an artist with a powerful belief. Instead of spreading hate, he’s promoting the message that we need to start spreading love to everybody. Without a doubt, this X from Texas is one to keep an eye on.

To listen to Xavier’s’ music or to follow him on social media, please visit: