Johnny Valentine – More Than the Last Time

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The EDM, Pop heartthrob this generation has been waiting for: Johnny Valentine 

LOS ANGELES, CA – Ever since he was little, Johnny Valentine has been fearless. That couragous energy and those captivating eyes have set his music career on fire this year as he’s watched his numbers soar on social media and YouTube. 

His first hit single, “More Than the Last Time,” and then closely followed by “Incompatible,” has earned him more than 400K followers on Instagram, and 6.3M on TikTok. To say his soft and melodic vibes in the world of EDM, Pop, Hip-hop and R&B have been embraced, would be an understatement. It’s only been two years since the New Yorker jumped to the LA coast. 

“Things are happening quickly – This production was my first time filming in a studio, and the song is from one of my favorite generes,” Johnny said. “This is the type of music that makes people feel welcome, puts a smile on their face and helps people think and open their minds.”  

Johnny isn’t slowing down any time soon. 

He’s excited about his next single, “Flex on Ya Ex,” which will be an epic mix of storyline, production and special effects. So don’t try to put just one label on him. 

“I gotta lot more coming,” he said. “I am going to be fearless in my career because I always want to live my life to the fullest. I’m spontanous, I’m different and there’s no limits on what I’m going to do.” 

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Million Dolla Moe – Time Is Money

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Million Dolla Moe makes case for song of the summer with hit track ‘Time Is Money’ 

NEW HAVEN, CT – Maurice “Million Dolla Moe” Morris is a 29-year-old musical artist and entrepreneur with a unique sound and style that is catching the attention of an ever-widening fanbase all up-and-down the U.S. East Coast. His latest album “The Legend of the TrapStar” is an impressive display of raw talent and freaky flows, with hit singles like “Time Is Money” that are already creating a lot of buzz among music lovers and industry insiders alike. The project includes features from E Ness and Lil Dev, and drops from Dave East, Styles P, Bizarre, and Mr. Swipey.  

The name of the album is influenced by Jeezy’s project “Legend of the Snowman,” though the overall vibe of the album doesn’t have the same feel as that classic album. Instead, Million Dolla Moe brings his versatility and determination to the table as he reminisces about the days when he was a young kid, living life to the fullest and taking his first steps on the journey that would ultimately lead to his success as a professional musician today.  

“I want to be the best,” he said. “No matter what type of music I make, I’m trying to say the best lyrics and say it with the most unique cadence. I started when I was 9 with just a mic and a computer. I feel like I was born for a reason, and I’ve been chasing that million ever since.” 

Million Dolla Moe has since created his own record label and clothing line called TrapStar Inc. (previously Young Trapperz Entertainment). He represents other artists while also producing his own songs. He has worked with some big names in the industry, including Cassidy, Gunplay, Max B, Ar-Ab, Fred The Godson, Troy Ave, and more. Of the 11 tracks on his new album, nine of them were produced by him, including the breakout hit “Time is Money.” The upbeat party song has been making waves since its release earlier this month, and it’s proving to be one of the front-runners for the song of the summer. It’s a song about having nice jewelry and enjoying the glitz and glamour of nice things when you go out and have fun with friends. 

“Most of my music is lyrical and substance driven, but I wanted to make a couple of songs that the clubs and radio stations could play,” Moe said. “This is one of those songs. It just talks about Rolexes and parties and money, and it’s just a fun song with a lot of energy.” 

Moe said he plans to continue to ride the wave with this new album for the rest of the year, though he is already hard at work on some new singles that he might drop this fall or winter. He said he hopes people will look at his music and his body of work over the past 10 years and recognize a musician who is a real artist. 

“I try to do it as art-themed as possible as I get deeper and more professional with it,” he said. “I talk about what’s going on in life at the time, and people can relate to that. But more than anything I think of each song as an art piece, and I hope people appreciate that.” 

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“Time Is Money” –

Robfusion – Wine & Dine This is Not a Love Affair

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Bevvy of sounds and styles come together for Robfusion on new single ‘Wine & Dine’ 

DETROIT, MI – Jamaican-born artist Robfusion is living up to his name by bringing a fusion of sounds on the hot new single “Wine & Dine: This is not a Love Affair.” The song offers a jazzy kind of beat with an island vibe while also serving as a cross between K-Pop, R&B and Pop. It’s impossible not to hear the Caribbean in his Jamaican-born vocals, but even the laid-back vibe of the song gives listeners that sway often associated with the Islands. Ultimately it’s a songa bout having fun and enjoying the passion of a one-night stand. 

“When people say they don’t want a love affair, it means they want to be wined and dined and romanced without having the commitment,” Robfusion said. “I love the feel of this song. It has an excess amount of character and it’s very dramatic. It fives you a feeling of energy while also telling a story. It’s also the first time I’ve done a live recording in a studio with a full band, which gives it an entirely different feel.” 

Robfusion has been doing music for more than 20 years, though he’s never officially learned how to read music or play an instrument. He’s just always had the natural ability to hear a beat and put words to it. It started when he realized that a lot of the music he was listening to wasn’t as good as he hoped it would be, so he started writing his own. He entered a singing competition and won first place, and was even nominated for the Detroit Music Awards. One thing led to another and he began opening for some bigger artists when they would come to perform in Detroit. Eventually he made a name for himself and gained the respect of industry insiders and fans alike. 

“What makes me unique is that I have that Caribbean background that blends with different harmonies and a wide vocal range where my voice can go,” Robfusion said. “Each song sounds totally different, but sounds good. A lot of friends in the past called me Robert Wicked because my style was wicked good. But I like Robfusion better because of how I fuse different sounds together – like Reggae and R&B and Rock and Rap. The style I bring is all of the above, and it just sounds good.” 

Ultimately Robfusion said he hopes he’s remembered as an artist with a certain kind of class. He always dresses up and looks very presentable, and he’ll never use derogatory words in his songs or treat anyone with disrespect. Though he might sing about politics and real-life issues, he’ll never take it to an offensive place. And more than anything he creates music that has depth.  

“I think when artists come to the table with their music, they should leave it all on the floor with their creativity and style,” he said. “I want to be known as someone who does something totally different. Someone for whom people say, ‘Wow! This guy is incredible!’ And, of course, I want them to recognize that the name fusion really fits because of how I work together so many different types of music into my songs.” 

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Vi City – OnGOD featuring Harv | @IamViCity

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Vi City Is Making New Waves WIth His Debut Single “OnGOD” As He Releases His New Track “Lenciaga” Get In Tune!

Chicago native Vi City has been on a crazy wave all 2021! He returns with his brand new single “Lenciaga a hot new joint for the summer.  OnGOD featuring and produced by Harv has spiked and is reaching new platforms and gaining new fans! Let’s talk about it! OnGOD has recently been aired on BET Jams, SiriusXM Radio, Gangsta Grillz. La Leakerz, among the plethora of media outlets, IG pages, YT channles, playlists etc. The numbers don’t lie Apple Music (500K+ streams), Spotify (500K+ streams), SoundCloud (Chicago has been known to birth heavy hitters, so it’s no surprise that the veteran rapper Vi City would deliver the heat.

Stream OnGOD, Lenciaga, and his other tracks on Apple Music and all streaming platforms. Follow Vi City onIG, Twitter, TikTok, SoundCloud, FaceBookand subscribe on YouTube



One of Chicago’s very own, Vi City, originally from the Wild Hundreds, is back on the music scene. He crafts a sound that captures the pain and hope of a youth striving to make a better way, combined with the ambition and skills of someone who has actually made it out. The celebratory tones reign supreme on this wave of sound for the veteran rapper, songwriter and producer.

Vi’s introduction to the game came via working with Mathaus Ent. and Chilly of the 1st & 15th label in conjunction with Lupe Fiasco.  Shortly after, he connected with DJ Skee to release a mixtape under Skee’s Skeeter’s TV label. His next stint came working with St. Louis’ own, Nelly, co – penning the hit Country N**** Fly (CNF). In the midst of acquiring a deal with Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG), Vi wrote and featured on “Some Ish” by Sir Michael Rocks ft. Twista off of his #1 debut solo album “Banco.” Along the way, he also has done some work with the iconic producer duo Da Interz (Tuo Clark & Kosine).

Prior to deciding to drop new music of his own, Vi founded and branded Hundreds Entertainment, a music and film production firm of which he signed talented artist, Phoînix Keyz out of St. Louis, MO and has started crafting Phoînix’s debut project around each of the 6 instruments he plays. Stay tuned in! Vi’s new album “Citylif3” is set to release soon.

Chicago native Vi City serves up the official video for his single “OnGod, featuring and produced  by Harv! Watch his new videos below!

Read more about Vi City here: Chicago Native Vi City Releases A Brand New Single “OnGOD” Featuring Harv

DaiyDaiy – On Tha Way

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Watts Rapper DaiyDaiy Finds New Hope in Motivational Debut “On Tha Way” 

Growing up in the hood near Los Angeles, DaiyDaiy developed an early love for rap music and made friends with would-be rappers early on. While serving a 12-year prison sentence, DaiyDaiy befriended TG – now his labelmate and collaborator – and saw new possibilities for himself. In his single “On Tha Way,” he raps about where he’s been and where he’s going.  

“I went to jail when I was 17 years old. I got out September 21, 2020. ‘On tha Way’ was the first song I ever did. I made it October 13, three weeks after I got out,” DaiyDaiy says. As he got his freedom back, he realized what a powerful time it was. “I named it that because when I got out they threw me in the lions’ den and I seen that everyone had they scrapes, so I also wanted mines. TG said ‘You wanna rap? We got everything set up.’ I felt like that was both my coming home introduction and me being on the way to success.” 

Propelled by TG’s beat, the song is marked by a relentless energy, which is seconded by the song’s video. The video shows DaiyDaiy and TG in the hood with others, evoking both the violence and camaraderie of DaiyDaiy’s upbringing. “It’s a motivational song. If you came out of a dark place, it’s something you should listen to,” DaiyDaiy said. “When people hear it, I want them to think ‘Whoever this person is, they’re on the way to something.’” 

The original version of “On Tha Way” is available on all streaming sites and on “Pro’z and Con’z,” a joint EP by DaiyDaiy and TG. “Tha Top,” an upcoming song and video by DaiyDaiy, is also on that EP.  

A remix of “Tha Top” will be on DaiyDaiy’s debut EP, “First Quarter.”  

DaiyDaiy has a number of projects in the works, including collaborations with his childhood friends, Desto Dubb and Upallnyte. He also has another featured project with labelmate TG called “Coachable,” and is very active with the clothing and accessory line RiskTakerz. 

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Moe x Roe – Vibes

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Moe x Roe contemporizes classic 90s sound with new album ‘Back & Better’ 

BAY AREA, CA – Once Moe Maurice and Ramon Perio linked up, the chemistry was impossible to ignore. The two friends have become so close that they literally think of each other as brothers, and the devasting duo is today poised to take over the music industry in impressive ways. Their infectious new single “Vibes,” produced by Majik VanDusen, showcases a smooth fusion of hip-hop and R&B for a vibe that could literally be played anywhere – in a movie, at the store, or even just on the balcony while enjoying a glass of lemonade. It’s the first single off the new album “Back & Better.” In an industry inundated with generic trap beats and sterile, often unintelligible lyrics, this Cali-bred duo is ready to usher in a new era of hip-hop and R&B Soul, infiltrating the music landscape with a new sound on the melodic “Back & Better” album. It’s a project that’s destined to disrupt the monotony of repetitive sounds and stale subject matter. 

“Me and my brother took some time off from music because we were each dealing with different issues,” Moe said. “We both, in very real ways, had to focus on putting a roof over our heads. We were sleeping on friends’ couches and going through some difficult things. But when we came back together we had grown so much as human beings, and we feel like we’re in a better position for people to see who we are as artists. This project is very triumphant as it celebrates that return.” 

Moe x Roe is exactly what the world of music needs today. Their unique sound and style brings a new energy to an industry that’s been thirsty for a drink of fresh vibes. With influences for many genres, their sound perfectly blends different sounds and styles from a variety of eras. R&B and hip-hop certainly remain at the forefront of what they’re doing, but they also infuse other sounds that wouldn’t typically be associated with those genres. And anyone who listens to the full album will recognize a deep appreciation from these artists of the 1990s and the grooves that were being created during that decade. 

“We feel like we’ve contemporized that 90s sound,” Roe said. “We both still listen to a lot of the 90s rappers and R&B artists, and we wanted to stay true to that sound and where we’re from, but contemporize it to the climate we’re in now. There’s not a sound out here that’s like us. It’s like we’re creating a new genre for music.” 

As the duo rides the wave of interest from this new album, they’re also hard at work on more music to release later this year. They’ve talked about creating a deluxe version of “Back & Better,” and they’re looking at booking some live shows in the coming weeks and months.

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Rose Gold Rackz – We Win

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Bay Area hooks meet Midwest vibes on new single from Rose Gold Rackz 

COLUMBUS, OH – While many people have had major struggles over the past year during the global pandemic, some people have taken advantage of opportunities that have presented themselves during this crazy time. Rose Gold Rackz from Columbus, Ohio, is one such opportunistic entrepreneur. Instead of lamenting his losses, this enterprising artist decided to start a handful of new endeavors. He opened a smoke shop – starting the business from the ground up with nothing – and turned it into a $100,000 profit by the end of the year. He also dove headfirst into creating new music, with successful singles that have helped him grow an ever-widening fanbase over the past year. He’s celebrating that success with a new single called “We Win,” which is currently available across all streaming platforms.  

“It’s a song that’s all about celebrating success,” Rose Gold said. “Things are starting to look up for a lot of people and it’s time to celebrate. This song has a great Bay Area sound infused with Midwest roots. I grew up with that Bay Area West Coast sound, but I’ve adapted it and took my own slang and my own voice to it, with my own creative ad-libs and terminology. People can see that on this song, and they’ll see how I express myself through music is different than anyone else out there.” 

Rose Gold said he’s dedicated to bringing back bars and “real rap” to the culture of hip-hop. He’s been performing for more than 20 years, opening for artists such as Styles P, Kevin Gates, Jim Jones, Juelz Santana, Camron, The Jacka, Berner, Young Guns, Oschino & Sparks, and more. He has also been a part of the Big Heff Industry Tour in the Midwest and has performed in Tampa Mystics’ Industry’s Most Wanted tour, as well. 

Since Rose Gold was a product of the 80s and 90s, his first major influences were Sugar Hill Gang, Kurtis Blow, and Run DMC. As he got older, he grew toward more of a West Coast influence from artists such as E-40, Too Short, NWA and various other artists from the Sacramento area. But coming from the heart of the Midwest, his style is different than any of those legends with whom he grew up. Working with producers such as The Local Astronauts, Shawty Fresh, D Ruff on the Beat, and Akrite on The Track, has given him a diverse sound and style that is highly incomparable.  

“I’m a product of the 80s and 90s and I’m trying to bring that feeling back,” he said. “I want bars and real hustle music back on the table.” 

He’s expanded that influence to include multiple other entrepreneurial endeavors, including his label Ganjapreneur Music, which includes a clothing line and will soon begin offering Ganja-infused products like drinks and edibles. Rose Gold is also working on more music and plans to release a new single called “All She Want is Bandz” in mid-July, featuring female artist Miss Raindrop. He also has an album in development in conjunction with The Local Astronauts that should release later this year. 


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DoubleJae – All a Dream

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Old-school hip-hop meets modern-day style on new music from industry veteran DoubleJae  

STATEN ISLAND, NY – Junior Anthony Jackson – better known by his stage name DoubleJae – has come a long way since growing up rubbing shoulders with hip-hop legend Biggie Smalls. Growing up in New York, the young man was surrounded by music born from the streets, and he and Biggie would dream together about where they might go when they were older and successful with their music. Jackson got in trouble with the law and spent some years in prison, during which time Biggie ended up blowing up with success before being murdered. By the time DoubleJae was released, biggie was gone and many of the other artists he’d worked with in his youth had gone on to bigger and better things. 

That hasn’t stopped this veteran artist from pursuing his dream. Over the past 15 years, DoubleJae has continued to make hits with his unique voice and flow. He still showcases a mastery of the old-school style of hip-hop made famous in the late 1990s, but today he combines that with a twist of modern influences for a sound that is equal parts nostalgic and progressive.  

That sound takes center stage on his latest single “All A Dream,” which is currently available across all streaming platforms. He describes the song as a dream-like expression of memories from his time as a youth, hustling on the streets in between freestyling on street corners with Biggie.  

“It’s a tribute to him and to hip-hop in general, and the way hip-hop was back then,” he said. “When you’re an artist you keep dreaming in your heart. I’m an artist. I had a dream one night that I was with Biggie when we were young again, back the way it was, and we just went from one stream to the next with pure hip-hop. The song is like that – it bounces all over the place in the best kind of way.” 

As DoubleJae has progressed throughout his career, he’s had the opportunity to work with some of the best in the game. His early career developed under the tutelage of The Force MGs, and he collaborated with artists like Trickle and ACM, the latter of which continues to work with him today as his producer. ACM is perhaps best-known for his hit project “The Professional,” which was also released while DoubleJae was in prison in the early 2000s.  

Today DoubleJae boasts a sound and style that is different from anyone else out there. His signature flow is good, fun, old-fashioned hip-hop. And the messages in his lyrics explore topics far different than most other hip-hop music today. 

“I’m not talking about guns and drugs and everything glorifying that,” he said. “It’s OG rap. I like the rap that young kids do today, but my stuff is grown and sexy. It’s mature rap. It’s aged like fine wine.” 

DoubleJae said he’ll continue to showcase that signature style on his forthcoming ablum “The Late Bloomer,” which is set to release later this year.

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“All A Dream”—all-a-dream 

OFNO Quan – Ain’t The Same

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Rapper pours out heart on the mic with poignant new single ‘Ain’t The Same’ 

DALLAS, TX – Pain and remembrance reverberates through the moody, nostalgic vibes of the new single from Dallas-based artist OFNO Quan. “Ain’t The Same” is a poignant song that perfectly captures the longing for better days that often comes during moments of regret, or in Quan’s case, a major change. 

Born and raised in Syracuse, New York, Quan and his family moved to Dallas during his 11th grade year of high school for a better environment and a fresh start. It’s hard to move to a completely new place a

“I knew that we moved to get a better education and start a better life, but when I moved it didn’t feel like I was home,” Quan said. “I got in trouble, and it was during that time that I started taking music more seriously. I had never rapped at the time, but I went to the studio with my homeboy all the time and I had written poems before, though I never thought they were good. But sometimes I would practice in the studio, and he motivated me to really push myself. He told me I was good and kept telling me I had talent people needed to see.” 

Around this same time, Quan’s younger sister was exploring her own creative artistic expression by starting a new clothing line. Quan remembers one evening during the summer sitting with his sister, thinking of ideas and bouncing business names off each other. They landed on the name OFNO, which stands for Only Family No Outsiders. It seemed perfect, and the two siblings felt a sense of purpose for the first time since they’d moved to Dallas.  

They haven’t looked back since. 

“It started out as just a little thing we started, with a name that was meaningful to us and represents us well,” Quan said. “Now I have my own label and she’s selling shirts and shorts and all kinds of clothing. I’ve been working on perfecting my craft and flow and have a lot of music to share with the world now. I’m very versatile and have different types of sounds. I rap about what has gone on in my life, but mostly I want my music to be known for being organic. It’s from the heart. Somebody is gonna feel the pain when they listen to this song, while someone else will reminisce to it. I want people to know that everything I do is from the heart. And I want people to take me more seriously. I’m building momentum and showing people I have what it takes. I got goals, and this is just the beginning.” 

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Instagram: Ofno_quan

Cory Davidson – I Like To Party

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Feel-good vibes and upbeat grooves take center stage from energetic rapper Cory Davidson on new single ‘I Like to Party’ 

ELWOOD, IN – Anyone who knows Cory Davidson knows that he’s a little rowdy. Growing up in Elwood, Indiana, he ran with a crowd that included popular Country Rap artist Chris Hosier, and their group was well-known for being hard-headed, up-all-night partiers. He likes to party, and his new single invites others along for the ride with its upbeat vibes and catchy hooks. “I Like To Party” is not only a statement from an artist whose lifestyle is all about having a good time; it’s also a genuine feel-good vibe that’s perfect for the summer. 

Though he’s been close friends with Country Rapper Chris Hosier for most of his life, Davidson’s own style is not country rap. In fact, it’s hard to give him any kind of label. He doesn’t sound like anybody in hip-hop or rap. His new EP showcases a wide variety of sounds – from energetic tracks like “I Like to Party,” to more chill and laid-back vibes with “Make a Toast” and “Trampoline.” He taps into catchy beats with nice melodies, and can often be heard both singing and rapping on many of his songs.  

“I’ve listened to a lot of different music through the years, and it all influences me, but I don’t mimic anybody and I don’t sound like anybody else,” Davidson said. “Mostly I just want to make good-vibing music – something you can have a good time to while listening to it. And hopefully you can take something from it and relate to the song in some way. It’s just that simple. If you’re talking about negativity in what you’re rapping, that’s what people are going to associate you with. I want people to hear my music and just vibe and have a good time. Most of us want to put on a good song when we’re ready to go do something fun and have a good time. I think that would be really awesome for people to do that with my music.” 

Davidson said the full project will come out toward the end of July, though he’s planning to release a remix of “I Like to Party” prior to that date. The full album, which he’s calling “Just the Beginning,” will feature 10 tracks in total and continue to showcase his unique sound and style. 

Davidson first got his start in music as a kid, growing up in a household that embraced music in all its forms. His father was a radio DJ, and other members of his family were involved with music in one way or another. By the time he was ready to graduate high school, he was studying the art of music-making and learning how to engineer and produce at the highest level. He enlisted in the military after graduation, and during his time serving oversees he connected with many other artists and producers who were also serving in the military. He was wounded in 2008 while stationed in Iraq, and after being honorably discharged he returned home and re-entered the music scene, though now he was equipped with all the things he had learned from so many other talented artists from the past four years. He began writing and doing shows, and he began making music videos. Those videos were so well-done that he became the go-to guy for video making all around the U.S., and it’s something he continues to do to this day. The connections he’s made with many other artists along the way has put him in front of some high-level industry executives, and he knows that it’s only a matter of time before his music gets in front of the right people and leads to him becoming an internationally recognized artist. 

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