Brutha Faya – Night and Day

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Brutha Faya brings fire into your heart with meld of genres on multiple new single releases 

NEW YORK, NY – Brutha Faya is an artist who is all about expressing music by any means necessary. He is the brother who brings fire into your heart. His purpose is to sell records, of course, but his mission through music is far more than that. He wants to create vibes and share messages that will help communities on a local, national and global level. No matter how bad the economy is or how oppressive culture can get, music has always been able to bring people together, he said. And his music is the kind that he hopes will serve as healing medicine for a lot of people. 

His latest offering to the world is a set of singles that are already starting to get major notoriety after only a few weeks of release. The standout single is “Night And Day,” which features a Pop-infused vibe against a slow jam with an intriguing juxtaposition of melodies and harmonies. It’s a song with a nice sway and a message of rebirth that often comes after a storm.  

“It’s a song told from the point of view of a couple that has lost family and close friends during COVID,” Brutha Faya said. “They’re struggling to make it, and they see hope at the end of the tunnel. In spite of all the things going on, they’re trying to stay positive – which is how all of us feel right now. This song encourages you to remember that good things are going to happen. After COVID there will be a rebirth, just like after every hardship there is a rebirth.” 

Brutha Faya further emphasizes that point across three other singles that are currently available across all streaming platforms. With “Don’t Get Me Started,” he offers and R&B and Reggae classic sound fused with Indie Rock and Hip-hop for a melodic singing/rapping vibe that talks about the ups-and-downs of relationships. On “Home Run,” Brutha Faya admonishes anyone who adds fuel to the fire of racial tension and encourages all races of the world to come together and recognize the similarities we all share. He offers a light and vibrant feel with an Island vibe that makes good use of Indie Pop and Alternative sounds. And on “Inside Your Heart” Brutha Faya uses R&B melodies set against impressive raps and a light-electric-guitar-driven melody to share a simple love song that’s equal parts inspiring and sentimental. 

“I’m not about going against the grain, but making it smoother for everybody to enjoy the difference in music, cultures, and this thing we call society,” Brutha Faya said. “I’m out to support the public – first by offering music at extremely low prices and performing at events that help the community, and second by informing and educating the public on ways to get ahead. I make it easy for those who believe in themselves to get ahead. Ultimately I want my music to be remembered for its originality and its truthfulness. I like to speak about things that are relevant. And I like to speak about hope. That’s what I’d like to be remembered for.” 

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Jessica Jimenez – Handouts

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Sultry and classy new single ‘Handouts’ makes its way to the masses from R&B artist Jessica Jiminez 

DENVER, CO – Jessica Jimenez is a fast-rising singer and songwriter representing the beautiful city of Denver, Colorado where she’s popularly known for her ground-breaking sounds. The development of her unique style of music is the result of a lifetime of musical influence she received from her grandpa, who loves to sing and play the guitar. Growing up in a talented musical family meant that music first found Jessica. Moreover, she chose music as a platform to express herself because this is the area that inspires her the most in life. 

Jessica is deeply influenced by all genres of music, but her love for contemporary R&B outshines it all. That’s showcased perfectly on her latest his single, “Handouts,” which is currently available across all streaming platforms. The R&B track showcases a dark and sultry vibe that perfectly capture the feelings associated with a passionate relationship. 

“It’s a song that says, ‘It’s only you and it will always only be you,’” Jessica said. “It’s a song about you and that one person. You’re going to help them with any situation and everything is about them. It’s sultry and classy and sexy and all of the things you would associate with that kind of a relationship.” 

As a songwriter, Jessica has been bent on creating lyrics that are highly relatable and truly moving to her listeners. One of the major highlights of her musical career is getting her song “That’s Her” played on Colorado’s Hot 107.1 in 2017. She’s known for her passionate manner in which she fleshes flawless melodies that create memorable, heartfelt rhythms with quotable lyrics. Music-passionate people find her to be original. Whenever she takes center stage there’s no limit to her flair.  

When it comes to writing songs, she said she takes inspiration from whatever feels right in the moment. Whether it’s situations in her life, or stories from her friends’ lives, she finds the undercurrents of relationships to be the most intriguing aspects of life and the perfect seeds for great lyrics in her music. She also loves the vibe of artists like Georgia Smith, Alicia Keys, Destiny’s Child, Mariah Carey, Jorja Smith, Alina Barza, and Sabrina Claudio, among others. She said she loves that chill, relaxing, slightly sultry vibe, and she aims to emulate those artists with her own brand of sultry and classy music.  

She’ll further explore that sound and style with a new EP that’s she’s hoping to release in February.

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Treece Kid – Country Side

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Treece Kid offers fans a fun night out with upbeat summer jam ‘Country Side’ 

SOUR LAKE, TX – Many people who have heard a song from Texas-based artist Treece Kid can attest that he tends to lean toward more melancholy vibes. That can’t be said of his latest single, however, as “Country Side” is nothing short of the perfect upbeat summer party track. Self-described as a song that’s all about “escaping the city life and going to the country and partying your balls off,” the song takes listeners through a good time of drinking and smoking and hanging out with beautiful people.  

“Typically, when I sit down to write a song, I go sad and depressed,” Treece Kid said. “But in this case, I knew I needed an uplifting party song. The way I feel about this song is that it’s kind of a mix between Yelawolf and Post Malone. I don’t necessarily want to be known as a Country rapper in hip-hop, but this song happened to have that theme and work out the way it did. Ultimately, I want to be more open with subject matter and go down any route or road I want to go down, regardless of the genre. I want to explore and be flexible with a lot of different sounds. With Pop and hip-hop you can explore any sound you want, and this song came out of that process.” 

Born and raised in South Texas, Treece Kid grew up with influences ranging from hip-hop to country to R&B to rock and everything in between. Treece’s father introduced him to the guitar early in life, but he soon became more interested in sports and became a stand-out basketball and baseball star for his school teams. After sustaining an injury that ended his baseball career right on the heels of graduating from high school, Treece found himself mostly partying like a rock star. It was during this time that he gravitated back toward music, and not until the end of 2020 had he written and released his first two singles – “Need to Go” and “Addicted to You.” With “Country Side,” Treece Kid now has a third track and is gaining momentum with an ever-widening global fanbase. 

“I want people to enjoy the music and feel the same way listening to it as I do when I create it,” he said. “I absolutely love the creation process of making a song. What first motivated me to start putting music of my own out there was listening to old Hank Sr. and Ray Charles records and loving how it would make me feel. It was amazing to me that something recorded so long ago could be something I could sit and enjoy today. My whole motivation for releasing music is the idea that my great-great-grandchildren could be riding around bumping my shit and laughing at it. That’s a win for me. That timelessness is eternal.” 

In addition to “Country Side,” Treece Kid said he’s working on another single that should come out in the next month or two, and plans to have even more singles dropping throughout 2022.

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Kara Colvin – Fired Up

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Pop Rock gets a new twist on catchy new single from Kara Colvin 

WEST PALM BEACH, FL – Anything a man can do, a woman can do … in heels. 

Serving as both the hook and the theme of the hit new single “Fired Up,” that sentiment of women empowerment takes center stage on the latest offering from fast-rising young talent Kara Colvin. Hailing from West Palm Beach, Florida, this 20-year-old singer/songwriter has been creating some buzz along the East Coast with her unique blend of Pop and Rock set against soaring vocals that are undeniable. Taking influences from the grunge rock of the 90s and fusing that with the Pop sounds of today. 

With “Fired Up,” Colvin showcases that unique style in impressive ways. It’s a song that talks about the expectations of women in today’s society, and the obstacles that every woman has faced growing up.  

“So often we hear phrases – like ‘You throw like a girl’ or ‘You cried like a little girl’ – and this song basically says that we’re tired of taking this. We’re fired up,” Colvin said. “We’re not going to listen to this anymore because it isn’t fair. I’m gonna do what I wanna do because I want to do it, not because a man wants me to do it or I’m ‘supposed to do it.’ It’s all about self-empowerment and the key line that sticks with people is ‘Anything a man can do, I can do in heels.’ It’s an idea that fights the notion that women aren’t as capable as men.” 

Colvin’s hook on “Fired Up” is a signature of her young career as a singer/songwriter. With all of the songs she’s released she’s developed a reputation as someone who has a talent for turning a phrase into something that’s equal parts anthemic and catchy. Those notable lyrics and individual lines of songs get stuck in people’s heads, and the result is a wave of music that’s being replayed over and over again all across the U.S. 

“Ultimately I want my music to be known for helping people to really feel what I’m feeling,” Colvin said. “When you listen to a song and really love a certain line, or really love a certain phrase, it really gets to you. I try to always have a line like that which really grabs people. And I want to be known for helping people to really feel what I’m feeling and experience those things with me. Through that they can hopefully know that they’re not alone.” 

Colvin said she’s currently at work on her second album, and that “Fired Up” is the debut single from that project. 

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True Facts and Haze – Busy

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Hip-hop duo True Facts and Haze get ‘Busy’ with groovy, inspirational new single 

GREENVILLE, NC – Punchlines and metaphors meet deep lyrical content on the new music from hip-hop duo True Facts and Haze. Their latest single, “Busy,” is a laid-back hip-hop groove that inspires listeners to maintain focus while chasing dreams and sets a chill vibe that is hypnotic and groovy.  

Hailing from Greenville, North Carolina, these two brothers have been doing music together for years and have steadily grown a national fanbase that is dedicated and eager for more music. Having performed in major venues in Miami, New York, Charlotte, and more, True Facts and Haze have a pedigree of excellence that has become well-known among industry insiders. They produce hit after hit, and “Busy” is no exception. Released under their new company No Sleep Entertainment, the song is a precursor to a full-project that they’re developing that should come out later this year – a project that will fully showcase the duality of talent that they bring to the table. 

“I’m someone who always has punchlines and metaphors and stuff like that, while True Facts is more lyrical,” Haze said. “When you bring those two things together you have an amazing sound – storytelling and punchlines all together as one. That makes us stand out more and be a better group than others in the game today. We’re not just one solo talent, we’re two different talents with different rap styles that blend perfectly together. We make music that will live on and that you can play forever. It never grows old.” 

True Facts and Haze first got their start rapping in their neighborhood as young boys. Now, 14 years later, they have fully tapped into the potential that blossomed as young boys. And as their company name suggests, they rarely sleep because of how often they’re working. Sometimes they even sleep in the studio because of how dedicated they are to their craft.  

“If I send him a beat, or vice versa, we’ll get on it right then,” Haze said. “We start collaborating and get together and start writing and by the time we get in the studio and lay it down it just comes out perfect. It isn’t hard for us to come together and lay something down because we’ve doing it for a long time and it’s just effortless at this point. If he’s got something, I already know it’s fire. He’s never let me down and I’m never gonna let him down. And when we bring all that together, it becomes a masterpiece.” 

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Alex Fraze – I Was Your Worst

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Alex Fraze adds to the evolution of music with wavy new sound on forthcoming EP ‘Lover and a Fighter’ 

BALTIMORE, MD – Many people who live and around Maryland know it for its unfortunate nickname, “Murdaland.” It’s a name that stems from its extremely high crime rate and a homicide rate that puts its capital city, Baltimore, among the most dangerous cities in the world. But East Coast artist Alex Fraze is on a mission to help his hometown have a different reputation, one that embraces love. His latest EP, “Lover and a Fighter,” is a project that pays homage to Michael Jackson, one of his biggest influences. MJ was known for saying he was a lover, not a fighter, but Fraze said he’s flipping it to say that he’s a lover and a fighter because he has deep love and passion inside him, but his music and energy is intense. It’s a project that comes with a lot of passion and good vibes that Fraze describes as “very wavy,” while also showcasing how much of a fighter he is when it comes to things he wants in life and things he’s passionate about.  

“I feel like I strive to bring older elements of music back into today’s sound,” Fraze said. “I feel like a lot of today’s sound is very manufactured – that’s just my opinion. And I want to create choruses that really connect with people and music that makes you feel. I want my sound to be infectious. You don’t even have to know the language of what you’re listening to, but you can feel it. That’s the kind of passion I came with on this project. It’s very wavy and really explores a lot of love situations.” 

The first standout single from the EP is “Vibe Shit.” It’s a song that Fraze said examines the magical moment when you’re with someone for the first time and things just click perfectly. He said he told the story through the lens of a couple who are smoking pot together because he was going for a vibe he remembers vividly when experiencing a situation just like that with a former lover. Fraze said it’s his favorite song on the whole project and will perfectly prime the pump for fans in regards to the rest of the EP. 

Another standout single from the project is “I Was Your Worst,” which is about recognizing the mistakes you’ve made in a relationship and vowing to do better in the future. The hook of the song says, “You was my best and I was your worst. I move like some trash, this love got your soul on hurt.” Fraze said it’s a song that’s a little more groovy than the rest, and as such will definitely stand out as one of the premiere tracks. 

Ultimately, Fraze said he wants his music to serve as a kind of “renaissance” for the music industry. He wants to bring something new and something that adds to the evolution of music and the direction it’s heading. 

“I want to shift the game a little bit,” he said. “I take inspiration from a lot of the greats – like James Brown and Michael Jackson and Sam Cooke – and create music that is psychedelic and sets a mood. My drive is to be a pioneer in the industry and to innovate a new lane of sound.” 

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Lindze – On The Floor

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Talented young artist Lindze showcases diverse range on forthcoming new album ‘Origins’ 

LIMA, OH – Despite the circumstances surrounding his death, hip-hop legend DMX has been a major inspiration for many young artists making their way through the music industry today. Chicago-based melodic rapper Lindze is no exception. Growing up in Lima, Ohio, this third-generation musician was a huge fan of rap, and for him the penultimate example of perfection was DMX. It wasn’t just his music – which was undeniably great – but also his influence on others and how he seemed to feed life into the culture of Hip-Hop.  

When all is said and done, Lindze hopes that his legacy as an artist will emulate the success of his musical icon. And he’s making major strides toward that goal with a string of new releases that have been making a major buzz all across the U.S. As he propels toward the release of his new album “Origins,” Lindze offers his fans and new audiences a taste of what’s to come with the first two singles from that project. “On The Floor” is an old-school, gritty, dance-ready track that’s just about going to the clubs and having a good time. “Drip,” on the other hand, is a lick that explores all the nuances of an individual and what it is that makes you special. Together these two singles showcase a fast-rising young artist whose natural talent has been drawing attention from industry insiders and music lovers alike for the past few years.  

Lindze grew up in a small town that was often referred to as “Little Chicago.” He was the son of a singer and the grandson of a singer, but it wasn’t until he saw his uncle rapping that he found the spark of inspiration himself. He started singing and rapping before singing and rapping became popular – and when Drake started taking off with success, young Lindze knew that he was onto something special.  

“I always felt like I was just me and I never tried to be anyone else,” he said. “I’ve always had my influences – like Drake, DMX, Twista, Scarface, Big Daddy Kane, Chuck D, Nipsey Hussle, and Too Short – but I never tried to be like them. My sound has always just been my sound, and I have always tried to sing and rap. No matter what, when people look back on my music I just want them to say that I was good, and that I was an OK guy. I was who I was, and hopefully I can have a career that’s somewhat like DMX. He was at the top of the charts in his prime and nobody stopped him. Who wouldn’t want to emulate that?” 

To reach that goal, Lindze said he’s partnering with some of the best young artists in the game today. His album is being produced by Hot Rod. He also gives shout outs to Stephen Pearson, Mr. Nelson, Kebone Broadus, Jonathan Price, Desmond Charles, and his family – all of whom have helped him along the way. He said he’s excited to reward their faith in him by attaining the success that he is through his music, and he’s excited to bring an ever-widening fanbase along for the ride as he continues to release great music. 

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R Dollas – Gloves In The Summer

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East Coast underground legend R Dollas drops hard-hitting new album ‘All 4 Tha Dolla’ 

UTICA, NY – The new album from East Coast hip-hop underground legend R Dollas is the epitome of a street album with a lot of punches. But even as such, “All 4 Tha Dolla” is an album that will invite listeners to get up on their feet and dance. The distinct 90s vibe has a new-age bop to it that creates a truly modern-day New York feeling. Produced by hip-hop legend Rick Hyde, the album is a perfect showcase of the supernatural talent of R Dollas and his ability to weave witty words with hard-hitting lyrics that are simultaneously relatable and challenging.  

“My creativity and the story I tell is what has been setting me apart for the past 15 years,” R Dollas said. “I try not to really fantasize too much and just keep everything realistic. Ultimately I want my music to be known for motivation and hopefully helping someone who understands my story and is going through the same things. They can see where I came from and where I’m trying to go and use that as motivation for themselves.” 

R Dollas said he’s been rapping since he was 8 years old, and has been recording professionally since his teenage years. His first big track was a collaboration with the notorious Big Casanova, and since then he’s released multiple mixtapes, albums, EPs and hit singles. Over the years he’s become known as a savvy artist with ambition and creativity who brings a gritty rawness to his lyrics and invites listeners to follow him on his journey.  

“Growing up in the projects, music was a way out,” R Dollas said. “When I got in trouble and put on punishment, I would write raps and watch videos all day. Now I basically live in the studio. Doing five years in prison, and then another two years, gave me more than enough to read and write about what I was going through.” 

R Dollas said he plans on releasing five videos from the album – “Everybody Gotta Eat,” “Meow,” “Gloves In The Summer,” and “2 Words.” He has also already released the debut single/video for “Groupies.”  

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Grand Marquis – How I Do

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Grand Marquis offers epic night out with swaggy new single ‘How I Do’ 

WASHINGTON, D.C. – An epic new single from East Coast artist Grand Marquis has the kind of vibe that is making people all over the world want to know who this fast-rising young artist is. With a sound that feels ready-made for the Next “Fast and Furious” movie, Grand Marquis’ “How I Do” is the perfect kind of song for a chill night out on the town. The mid-tempo smooth groove has a nice sway to it, and the mellow vibe pairs with epic melodies laid against Grand Marquis’ freaky flow for a truly mesmerizing sound.  

Originally from New York, Grand Marquis relocated to Northern Virginia at age 9 with his family. He has always loved music, and eventually began playing songs on his keyboard and learning music by ear. At times, he would sit in his room and play original songs, while other times he would write lyrics as they came to his head. Those two things eventually melded together and he developed his own signature sound and style. Learning from some of the greats like Biggie and Nas and Jay-Z, Grand Marquis began to weave together a classic sound that gained attention from an ever-widening fanbase all around the world. He has emerged as one of the most notorious rappers in the DMV area, and one of his biggest accomplishments was opening for Bone Thugs N Harmony and Naughty By Nature in front of 20,000-plus people. 

“It’s been a long ride from starting to play the piano by ear and then beatboxing with Benny Blanco in middle school to finally get to where I am today,” Grand Marquis said. “I just kept grinding and doing shows and trying to get my name out there, and eventually I started getting booked for shows and built a team and now I have a whole entertainment label behind me (Ambitious Entertainment).” 

More than anything, people who look at Grand Marquis’ career and his music will know that he has always had the drive and power to move forward. It’s no wonder that his stage name feels so classic – it’s the perfect description of how he approaches his craft and what listeners can expect from his music.  

With “How I Do,” Grand Marquis puts that skill on full display. To call it epic is not an over-statement. It has the high-quality production and “epic” sound that makes it feel like it belongs on the next soundtrack of a movie. And it’s that triumphant celebration that makes for the meat of the song in ways that invite anyone who listens to it to join in on the fun. 

“It has been a long struggle and this song is all about saying how we felt like we made it,” Grand Marquis said. “It’s a night on the town and we turning up. It’s me putting myself out there expressing myself and knowing I did it without any handouts. I’m just trying to make it happen, and this song is a celebration of that.” 

Grand Marquis said he plans to follow up “How I Do” with an album called “No Question,’ which will feature 16 songs and should drop later this year.

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Sonny Daytons – Running This Country

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Sonny Daytons offers new anthem for all those people putting in work to realize their dreams 

NEW LONDON, CT – Sonny Daytons is a New York rapper who has been through a lot of obstacles in his life. But instead of feeling sorry for himself and burying his head in the sand, this motivated musician decided to take his career in his own hands and make proactive steps toward his success. He moved to Connecticut for a better living, built his own studio (Daytons Platinum Productions), and has been doing what he does best ever since – making music for people. That kind of leap of faith takes heart and dedication and a lot of sacrifices, but the rewards at the end of the road are well worth it, and as Sonny begins to gather an ever-widening global fanbase he’s excited to finally see the fruits of his labor. 

His most recent hit single “Running This Country” is sure to bring in even more fans. The dark vibey intro of the song features a haunting piano melody that invites the listener in before making way for some classic 808s. When the beat drops, audiences are introduced to the freaky flow of this impressive rapper. The song is bouncy in the best of ways, and it’s sure to have listeners bopping their heads as they consider the lyrics that Sonny weaves together. 

“It’s ultimately a song about staying focused on what you’re doing,” he said. “We run everything – me and my team – and we put in that work. This is a song that celebrates that. IT’s almost like an anthem. When it comes to all of my music, I think I have a unique voice. I keep a style that’s between how they used to spit back in the days but also how they do it today. I try to keep that tempo and attract a generation that was used to that old-school sound while also attracting a younger generation that likes more of the new stuff.” 

More than anything, fans have commented on Sonny’s music for how relatable it is. His music has been lauded as being inspirational while also being entertaining. In a lot of ways his lyrics serve as a cautionary tale that warns against the consequences of street life, but his stories go well beyond that. Even people who haven’t had to come up through the struggle will be able to relate on some level with the stories that Sonny weaves through his songs.  

Sonny said he has more music coming out this year, as well as music videos.

To listen to his music, or to follow him on social media, please visit the following links:
“Running This Country”