Quey – Good Day (GVO)

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Fusion of Miami and Houston sounds come together on new album from Hip Hop star Quey 

HOUSTON, TX – Miami-based high-energy vibes combine with a down South feel for a truly original sound from up-and-coming artist Quey. Hailing from Houston, this seasoned rapper is releasing his third album “MIA 2 H-Town” on Sept. 11. The project’s 10 songs will not only feature Quey’s signature sound but also examine the various cultures and lifestyles of people living in both Miami and Houston.  

“I’m from Miami and now I’m starting a life in Houston, so in a lot of ways, it’s an album that’s very personal,” Quey said. “I did that on purpose because I wanted people to get to know something about me. But I also wanted to bring that Miami-type music with high energy, which is the style of music I’m known for. I like to bring the complete package with a powerful delivery. I like to use a lot of metaphors and lyricism. Hip Hop is storytelling and being able to say things without actually saying things, which means you have to do it in a clever way. I do that with a unique delivery. Nobody delivers a sound the way I do. The way I read beats and flow on them is like nothing else out there right now.” 

The debut single from the project, “Good Day (GVO)” is a perfect example of Quey’s signature style. The term Good Vibes Only was invented in Miami and indicates an atmosphere that’s described by its name. Quey uses a sample from Ice Cube’s hit song “Good Day” for his own version of the single. Pairing with Miami producer Rippa on the Beat, Quey tells a simple tale of a good day in Miami, all with an upbeat energy that is perfect for partying and turning up on South Beach.  

“I’m basically doing the same thing Ice Cube did but with a modern-day twist,” Quey said. “He’s one of the artists I grew up listening to with my dad. He used to blast a lot of 80s and 90s Rap music in the car when I was a kid, so I listened to a lot of those rappers and I’m hoping to go down as one of those legends one day.” 

Quey is releasing the album under his new record label, Hit Squad Records. In addition to himself, there are three other artists on the label – two from Miami and one female Hip Hop artist from Texas. Quey said he’s planning on following the album with a smaller EP toward the end of December, and might even do an EP on top of that this fall. 

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Dlobs – Life’s Surreal

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East Coast artist DLobs drops timely new single ‘Life’s Surreal’ 

PROVIDENCE, RI – Sometimes the craziness that occurs in life can be so real that it feels surreal. That’s the sentiment captured on the new single from East Coast rapper DLobs. “Life’s Surreal” is the perfect kind of conscious Rap that explores the surreal experiences that so many find themselves going through today. Showcasing DLobs’ signature deep voice and wavy flow, the song has a nice bounce to it as he drips his conscious rap across a laid-back 808 beat. Listeners will immediately feel that throw-back vibe to the 90s as synth organs weave a parallel path alongside his rapid-fire flow. And at the end of the day, it’s a song that not only says something powerful about today’s state of affairs but also is catchy to listen to and is destined to be put on repeat for years to come. 

“It seems like every day lately, when things happen it can be surreal,” DLobs said. “Or it can be so real it can be unavoidable and unchangeable. This song is about those things we go through in life that are so real and surreal. I use music as a way of coping and a form of expressing. It’s always born from a vibe I’m going through. In my life, I go through trials and tribulations a lot. I put my troubles or pain into my music, and so this song was inspired by something I was going through and the experiences and feelings that came with that. But through that I believe it’s something that a lot of people can relate to.” 

Though DLobs has always been a fan of music, it wasn’t until his later teenage years that he really became interested in creating music on his own. He said it was artists like Joey Badass and Mac Miller who ultimately inspired him to want to try to make conscious Rap. He loves how they tell stories through their music, which is something he also tries to do.  

“I’m a very diverse artist,” he said. “I’m not committed or constrained to one genre. Through Hip Hop, I do a lot of different styles. I try singing in some of my songs. I do R&B, straight drill Rap, conscious Rap, and a lot of other styles. But more than anything, I try to keep my lyrics very in-depth so people can have substance to it. I’m not just using a beat to coast on and using that to elevate the music. I use lyrics to elevate my beats, and I’m always keeping the lyrics and substance conscious and prevalent. I want my music to be relatable, not just something people can listen to and enjoy but something where they can take something from. At the end of the day, I want people to listen to my music and really relate to what I’m saying. I make music to feel better, and I hope people can take that and use it to feel better, as well.” 

In addition to “Life’s Surreal,” DLobs has two other projects out on all streaming platforms, and he’s currently at work on a five-track EP that he said should drop later this fall.  

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Jevin Lamar – Boss Alert

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New single ‘Boss Alert’ from Atlanta-based Jevin Lamar is one of summers hottest bangers 

ATLANTA, GA – When listeners get caught in the rapid-fire flow of Jevin Lamar’s latest hit, “Boss Alert,” it’ll be impossible to escape from the ride of this upbeat banger. The aggressive rapping of this budding young artist gets in your face and invites listeners into a bouncy, upbeat vibe in ways that are undeniable. This is a single that’s sure to be one of 2020’s biggest summer hits, and it’s destined to put this fast-rising young artist on the map.  

The single was born from Jevin’s experience like the everyday hustle while working 2-3 jobs and chasing his dream at the same time. He found himself wanting to impress every time he interacted with a new person, and his daily selfpsych-up included a look in the mirror every morning saying to himself, “I feel like a boss today.” 

“Everybody can be a boss in their own way, and that’s what this song is about,” Jevin said. “When I pull up – no matter where it is – I want to feel like a boss. When it comes to my music, I really feel like I have a very distinctive voice and style. There’s a unique-ness to it. It’s a different type of vibe that I give off.” 

That unique vibe was developed in the studio by producer Tru.P, one of the producers for Rap icon Sticky FingazJevin happened to be in the studio one day when Sticky Fingaz was there, and the notorious rapper invited him into the booth with his producer to work on a song. What came out with “Boss Alert” is a song that Jevin said is very commercial and will be wide-reaching in the number of fans it creates.  

Born in Dayton, Ohio, Jevin has pursued music for most of his young life. He’s seen some budding success, as well, having been featured on Revolt TV and releasing singles that have seen more than 500,000 streams. He released a song called “Still Holing On” in homage to his cousin Thomas J. McNichols, which went on to be featured on ABC, CBS, Fox, and in an article with The New York Times.  

Over the past few years, he was in California working on his sound and developing new music with some of the best producers in the country. Eventually, he moved to Atlanta to further pursue his career. 

“My type of music got more of that Trap sound to it,” he said. “At the end of the day, I just want my music to be known for being good music. I’m a great poet and a great rapper, and I want to be known as a rapper who takes his time with metaphors and stories. I have an EP out called ‘Street Orphan’ that will show some of that off. It’s real Hip Hop with straight bars and straight storytelling. But I’m also a storyteller even in my Trap music. My new EP that’s coming out in September called ‘Gangdom’ is all underground Trap music. ‘Street Orphan’ was kind of my introduction and showing off my storytelling, but now the music I’m putting out is Club stuff and bangers and underground that people will love.” 

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“Boss Alert” 


B Raxcks – Swagg Walk

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Catchy single from fast-rising rapper B Raxcks has him showing off his ‘Swagg Walk’ 

ATLANTA, GA – Raxcks is a hot young artist who’s making a name for himself all along the East Coast, and he’s inviting a new wave of fans to check out his swag with a catchy new single called “Swagg Walk.” With a bouncy beat and a clever combination of Atlanta Trap and New York Brash, this single is gaining this fast-rising musician some major attention. Currently available across all streaming platforms, “Swagg Walk” is the kind of summer single that will spread like wildfire around the globe and is destined to make this young rapper a future superstar. 

Born Byron Patterson in Queens, New York, B Raxcks navigated the rougher parts of Little Jamaica and found himself in and out of trouble with the law before his father moved him to Charleston, South Carolina. He’d always been a fan of music, but it was during his teenage years in South Carolina that he began to really explore his sound and style. Eventually, a friend convinced him to record a song in a local studio, and when that song gained major attention throughout the area and got quite a bit of radio play, he knew music was a career he wanted to dive into. He moved to Atlanta shortly thereafter to tap into the city’s thriving music scene, network with more influential industry insiders, and further develop his sound. “Swagg Walk” is the fulfillment of all that hard work, and the success he’s seeing so quickly after its release is testament to his natural talent and dedication to hard work. 

“I grew up in New York, so my sound originates from there, but I ended up moving down south and that shaped me, as well,” he said. “I think what really sets me apart from anyone else in the game today is that influence of up North mixed with the Southern twang. You can hear that on ‘Swagg Walk.’ It’s a very, very catchy song. It’s a feel-good song, basically. It’s about when you step out – like going shopping or going to the club or wherever you’re going – and you’re basically saying, ‘Look at me. Check out my swag.’ It’s one of those songs that just came so quickly and naturally. I wrote it kind of quick. It only took me 15 minutes. I heard the beat and I just felt something, and since it’s come out, I’ve gotten a lot of good responses and it’s being played in a lot of places.” 

In addition to “Swagg Walk,” B Raxcks said he already released another single called “War” and the music video for it is now available for streamingAlso, B Raxcks will be featured in a mixtape hosted by So So Defs “Da Brat” which releases September 28. 

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YQ Dreams – Playmaker

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YQ Dreams drops inspiring anthem ‘Playmaker’ just in time for NBA playoffs 

NEW JERSEY – Just in time for the NBA playoffs comes a hot new anthem from East Coast artist YQ Dreams. The song is called “Playmaker” and though its inspiration came from the greatest NBA players, it’s a song that can hype up playmakers from all sports and all walks of life.  

“Essentially, it’s a song about overcoming adversity and turning them into plays,” YQ said. “It’s upbeat and anthemic. I’m remembering my hardest days and showing people that now I’m up and I make all the plays. So it’s a story of a playmaker shining. It’s not necessarily basketball-driven though it was inspired by the LA Lakers and my desire to highlight their playmakers who are in the playoffs. I’m a huge LeBron fan and some of my goals are similar to his. But this song can be for anybody. If you’re a playmaker and you have a bad experience, you can turn it into something good and you’d be classified as a playmaker.” 

At 23-years-old, YQ Dreams is having the kind of success that seasoned stars wish for. He’s traveled nationwide in his young career, opening for acts such as PNB Rock and releasing big hits like “Did It,” featuring Hip Hop icon DaBaby. His full-length EP “Jersey” is also available now across all streaming platforms and has been gaining even more attention from industry insiders and fans alike.  

Part of the attention being headed on his fast-rising star is for his unique sound and style. Born to a Jamaican mother, YQ fuses his heritage with a blend of genres to create something truly original. He’s also very lyrical, creating music that is simultaneously hype music but also deeply introspective. His songs require people to really listen to the lyrics, and when they do, they’ll meet a vulnerable musician who lays his insecurities out to the world and doesn’t hide anything. 

If you respect authentic music and the true essence of art, then you’ll respect my work,” he said. “The most beautiful art is created during pain. At the end of the day, I hope my music is known for being authentic. I feel like in this industry there are a lot of things that are fake, or at least not necessarily genuine. When you listen to my music, you’ll know that I’m genuine. You as the listener are the same as me. I never make it seem like I’m better than anyone. You go through the same pain and trials and tribulations as me, and because of that, you can connect with me at that level and know I go through the same things as you.” 

YQ said he’s excited for people to hear “Playmaker” and hopes that it’ll gain the attention of some of the NBA stars currently playing in the playoffs.  

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YQ Dreams in Studio session with DaBaby

Katt Leya – Do It

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New music from Katt Leya shows off a powerful new voice to Hip Hop and Pop 

MIAMI, FL – Katt Leya wants the world to know that she’s more than just a cam model, and her new music is evidence of the many creative talents she has to offer the world.  

Born and raised in New York, this Latina artist who now hails from Miami has a unique sound and style that’s starting to make waves with industry insiders in the South. Embracing multiple genres and styles, Katt uses her natural talents as a singer to weave engaging lyrics alongside catchy melodies for ear-pleasing vibes that a new wave of fans will love.  

Her debut single, “Do It,” is a club song that’s been getting a lot of attention throughout Miami. Written as homage to other girls who work in the adult entertainment industry as cam girls, the song explores the constant battle those women face between trying to make money while also chasing down their own dreams.  

“It’s not just about me but about girls getting their money and doing what you have to do,” Katt said. “There are a lot of people on YouTube who are doing things for free, but as a cam girl, you can’t do it for free – you have to work for your money. That’s a sentiment that I believe anyone in the world can relate with, and I want other people to relate to it through their own experiences. It’s definitely Hip Hop but it has more of a hype-type vibe to it. I’m an urban girl, and that shows in my music, but this song is definitely an anthem for anyone who has ever had to work hard for their money.” 

One of the things Katt said she’s most proud of as a musician is her ability to be versatile. She enjoys all types of music and genres – from Frank Ocean to Coldplay to Rihanna. She particularly loves the model Rihanna has set for other women who have aspirations of being musicians, and she looks to the musical legend for inspiration to overcome things in her own life. 

As she’s explored her natural talents with music, Katt said she’s been encouraged to discover a bevy of abilities that lend themselves to great songs. She has a good voice and knows how to play with her voice to create different sounds and vibes. She also has an adept ability to fuse different genres and beats. And best of all, she’s really good with lyrics. She vows to fans that shallow lyrics will never pass across her lips and promises that only the highest quality music will end up being recorded and released to the world. 

“I want people to be like, ‘Wow! I can’t believe how good she is!’” Katt said. “I want people to realize I have a good voice and I make great music – that my lyrics have meaning. I’m not just a cam model or an Instagram girl. I want people to feel energized by my music. If you’re not having a good day or you’re not confident that day, listen to my music and it’ll help you feel confident and energized, happy and motivated. At the end of the day, when it comes to my music, I want people to be wowed.” 

Katt is currently hard at work on another single that she’s tentatively calling “Warrior,” which she said she plans to release sometime in the next month or two.  

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“Do It” 

https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=Omcj-ke6Sw0&list=RDAMVMOmcj-ke6Sw0 (Explicit) 

https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=z1HR-bRgRqA&feature=share (Radio Version) 

Deezy GMakn – Woah

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North Carolina rapper Deezy G-Makn hard at work with new music and fresh sounds 

Sanford, NC – A long time lover of music, Deezy G-Makn is a Rapper out of North Carolina who has a lot to say. With a variety of new works coming out, including his latest project Carolina Numbers, he is a real force to be reckoned with. 

Music has always been a part of Deezy G-Makn’s life as he grew up surrounded by it. His childhood was filled with it and he began making his own music at just nine years old. “From the beginning, my peerand I would just rap, we would freestyle while riding the bus. That’s where it all started.” This passion he had grew as he got older and now as an adult he creates music that cultivates hundreds of thousands of streams in almost no time.  

Deezy G-Makn creates music the way that he does for many reasons. Not long ago he lost a close friend who he says had and continues to have a great influence on his writing and creation. “He died and he was like a big brother to me. That created a lot of motivation for me to keep going.”  

Other inspirations for Deezy G-Makn’s music include the recent passing of his grandmother for whom he released his 2020 album “I Know Grandma Watching.” This collection of tracks includes 10 songs and discusses a variety of things, including the work that it takes to make it big in the Rap world in his song “2k20 (Corona Corona).” All around, this album is relatable to the greater audience and shows a new perspective in his life and goals.  

Deezy G-Makn’s upcoming project, Carolina Numbers features several different North Carolina artists including Setitoff83, Big Mali, ShaaliegangLoverboy Vo, Sequence Clark, Hotboy LilshaqGlockboy La, Luh BriMeech, Jonah Raineand Woo 2x. There are several solo and feature tracks on this upcoming release and it is a showcase of the community within the North Carolina region. The way in which these artists have come together on the album gives a new look into the way that community not only impacts the Rap and Hip Hop scene, but creates a unique and interesting experience that can be rare to find in modern music.  

The main platform for the music that Deezy G-Makn creates is to promote self confidence and to inspire his audience to be unique and express themselves in whatever way makes them happy as he is able to do through his music. “I promote being yourself and being unique. Follow your own trail and be you because then you’re being different and it’s cool to be different. I paint pictures of my life and give people something that they can feel and help them want to do the same.” 

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Kasey Marcelle – #DontBelieveit

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Kasey Marcelle infuses R&B with rhythm and drill on new EP ‘#iamkaseymarcelle 

BROOKLYN, NY – Kasey Marcelle is on a trajectory for everyone in the world to soon know his name. With the release of his introductory EP “#iamkaseymarcelle,” this young artist is set to offer the world a whole new wavelength of sound. With a style that’s been called the street version of The WEEKND, Kasey’s originality brings that street grittiness to the mainstream with hot singles like “#DontBelieveIt.” And with that originality comes a bag of surprises that are turning heads both in and out of the music industry in ever widening circles around the world. 

“People see you one way and then hear you and they’re surprised,” Kasey said. “That’s the essence of this album. There’s a new scene in New York called Rhythm and Drill, and I’m one of only two or three other artists who are R&B artists singing over that style of Hip Hop. That’s the new sound I’m bringing, and this project is my attempt to encapsulate all of that. Everything you hear on this is new, but it comes from everything I’ve learned from my previous work with R&B and just bringing it all together and pushing it into a new wave.” 

That signature style is put on full display with the hot new single “#DontBelieveIt.” Telling the tale of a guy and his significant other, Kasey takes a real-world situation and weaves a story of a misunderstanding that is Shakespearean at its core, much like the famous play “Much Ado About Nothing.” But with a slow tempo and definitive R&B vibe, this story takes on an intimate feel as Kasey’s smooth vocals invite listeners into a bouncy, soulful song. With vocals that sit in the higher register – almost falsetto – and some minor auto-tuning that gives the song a very modern sound, Kasey is exploring a lot of different vibes: smooth R&B, bouncy Hip Hop, Soul, and Rhythm and Drill. 

It’s a song that explores a story that most people are familiar with,” Kasey said. “Her friends see him talking to another female and they run with the phone and take pictures and call his girl and send those pictures. That sends them into a crazy argument and they end up breaking up, but the whole time, the woman he was meeting with was a real estate agent and he was buying them a house. So basically the guy is saying, ‘Don’t believe what your friends are saying.’ It’s real laid-back and chill and everyone can listen to it and enjoy it.” 

Kasey said that though his image is street and aggressive, he wants fans to know that his intent is to keep it real and make music for his people. His sound has evolved over the years and today, he hopes more than anything that his music is known for being inspirational while taking listeners on a journey through relatable stories. 

“I want to motivate people to believe that they can ‘be,’” he said. ‘To achieve whatever dream they want. People never forget how you make them feel. I want to leave my music and videos like it was fire and make people feel something. This project still leaves me a lot of room for growth as an artist, but it also shows a big evolution from where I used to be. I’m proud of the way it shows different types of sound and the ways I was able to stretch my imagination. That’s the growth I’m hopeful fans will go on a journey with.” 

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Jay Hunnah – Fully Fokused

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Jay Hunnah shows that he’s ‘Fully Fokused’ on music with new EP 

SAVANNAH, GA – Jay Hunnah is tired of Hip Hop fans sleeping on the signature sound of the South. As a Georgia-based artist with a unique sound and style, this young up-and-coming musician is on a mission to bring attention to the high quality and genuine fun of the Southern sound. He’s ready to break through, and his new EP “Fully Fokused” is testament to that motivation. One of the three projects he’s released over the past year, “Fully Fokused” is the kind that makes an undeniable statement. 

“I wanted fans and listeners to know I’m fully focused on music,” Jay said. “This is a project that’s filled with tracks that were spawned from that time of me trying to get focused. It features eight tracks with different vibes – whatever vibe you want to feel, it’s on there. There are aggressive songs and laid-back songs and dance songs … it’s so much better than a traditional tape. I’m showing so many different lanes.” 

Jay has been making music from as early as kindergarten when he wrote his very first song. Born and raised in Darlington County Byrdstown, South Carolina, he had a tumultuous childhood that started with the passing of his father and continued after his mother was incarcerated. He and his sister were taken from the home and raised by an aunt who stepped up because she didn’t want to see the siblings separated and put into foster care. Young Jay remembers harrowing times as a kid – witnessing his mother overdosing twice and seeing things on the streets that no child should ever have to witness.  

“The best way for me to express myself and let out some of this bottled up energy was through music,” he said. “Even at a young age, I was able to put words together. I didn’t ever play sports because I always wanted to do music. I’m 23 now and I’ve been making music since I was in kindergarten. And over all that time, I’ve been working on my sound and getting better and better. Today, I’m putting out quality stuff in the studio with a team.” 

Jay said he’s been inspired as an artist by some of the great Southern artists of Hip Hop  – musicians like Lil Wayne, T.I., Boosie Badazz, and Big K.R.I.T., just to name a few. He also said he has studied artists from both the East and West Coasts and said his biggest influences are any artists who are great lyricists.  

“At the end of the day, I want to be known for making great music,” he said. “I’m not just a rapper, I’m an artist. I can make great music on any beat – Rock, Country, Hip Hop, R&B. I’m just a great artist who is easy to work with, who cares about what’s going on in the world and community, and is real genuine.” 

“Fully Fokused” is currently available across all streaming platforms under the Whole Team Eating independent label. Jay said he’s also working on a new single that he’s tentatively calling “Save Our Kids” that will shed light on the human trafficking issue around the world. He plans to release that single in the next month or two. 

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“Fully Fokused EP

“Fully Fokuzed” Single 




“Red Ranger” 




Najeé Rayne – Won’t Cry

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Najee Rayne showcases versatility and powerhouse raps with new album ‘The Total Package’ 

QUEENS, NY – Straight out of the melting pot of New York City comes a breakthrough independent rapper with a fresh new sound that is undeniably versatile. Najee Rayne is a 23-year-old songwriter exploring new waters as she opens up to tell the world about her hardships and past loves with an R&B and soulful Hip Hop sound on the new album “The Total Package,” currently available across all streaming platforms. Feeding her audiences sounds that people have yearned for, she offers a promise of real, authentic music every time she gets in the booth. This new album showcases her talent through creative rhythms and soft melodies, and displays some of the most original Rap any female artist has yet to release in recent history. Her raw, relatable lyrics and catchy choruses are why she’s been referred to as 90s music reincarnated but with a millennial vibe and sound that no one has yet to see or hear. 

“I’ve been a rapper for 10 years. I started when I was 13,” Najee said. “Recently, I’ve struggled with getting in the studio and creating a real mixtape or project. So at the beginning of the year, I set out to do that and this project came from that dedication. Me and two close friends helped me stay organized and they were a big part of the album project. The idea behind it is to give a large musical compilation that could also be looked at as a discography. A lot of times, people get caught up in the trendiness of things, but I’m creating songs that people can listen to years from now because they create good memories. I strive to create good, relatable music for people with real lives and real issues. At the end of the day, I hope it’s known for being real and authentic. One of my goals is to be one day compared to the greats right now in Hip Hop.”

With singles like “No Love Lost” and “Wish List,” Najee is well on her way to making that dream a reality. Calling herself a rapper who likes to sing, Najee shows off that raw talent on “No Love Lost” with an upbeat and aggressive vibe that features what she calls a “jingle” on the hook. It’s a song about taking a step back and filtering out the bad energy that can sometimes gather around you, she said.  

“It’s about your friends and who’s really for you,” she said. “The verses are about my experiences of depending on people. Check on the people you can depend on and call on is basically what I’m saying.” 

With “Wish List,” Najee gets even more upbeat and aggressive. It’s a song about misogyny and men and sexism. With her aggressive lyrics, Najee explores how women are sometimes perceived to owe men sex because of the way they project themselves. It’s a song, she said, for women who are interested in men but might feel obligated to them 

“I’m basically saying to men, ‘You can’t have me but you can put me on your wish list,’” Najee said. “It’s me describing the type of guys I like – the type of guy most girls like – but in an empowering way to other women. It’s very, very aggressive and has a lot of sexual tension.” 

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