[Video] Pimp Style ‘Talking That Game’ | @PimpStyle


From East Oakland Cali, Lawrence Clark jr. Aka PIMP STYLE., C.E.O. of Street Savie Entertainment since the late 80’s. 3 Full Albums released and currently still available on all digital platforms.( Heavy On The Grind Compilation, Biker Shorts and Street Talk By Empress Freedom Produced By Pimp Style ). Opened Up For E40 and Too Short at the Foxes Theater also open up for Legends like the Mary Jane Girls at Pepper Belley’s open for Big Daddy Kane In Sacramento Ca. and more stay putting in work. With Empress Freedom Being The Face of Street Savie Entertainment for the last 15yrs the people want more. Pimp Style with his alter ego ( Saush Ippet ) is here to give them more. With Singles ( GURP MUSIC and TALKING THAT GAME ) is making noise The Album ( MOUTH PIECE MANIPULATION ) mite just take you like an unpredictable storm. Pimp Style a producer/entertainer.

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