TheDropout Spectrum – Take Off

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 TheDropout Spectrum taps into
depths of the cosmos with diverse new sound

DALLAS, TX – To truly get a feel for how deeply moving the music from new Dallas-based artist TheDropout Spectrum is, you have to look deep into the cosmos. His sound and style is otherworldly. As his name indicates, it’s a sound that explores a spectrum of genres and influences in ways that make the word “diverse” seem inconsequential. His crazy flows and deep poetry are catching the attention of new fans all over the world, and his new album “ZenStellar” is set to launch him into the stratosphere of success.

Born in Benin West Africa, Brice Danvide, now best known for his stage name TheDropout Spectrum, moved with his family to Texas when he was a child. He started his music journey in 2008 with the release of the single called “I’m On.” The success he found with that single was enough to propel him into making music a full time career, and he’s been pursuing that dream ever since. 

“ZenStellar” is an album that celebrates the diversity that he embraces through his music. His songs talk about current problems in the world or day-to-day issues that people go through. In particular, he said the art of this album is associated with “the universe and the cosmos, particularly the Libra constellation.”

“If you can locate Zubeneschamali, it’s the brightest star in that constellation,” he said. “That’s what I want this album to represent – shining bright. Most of the album has a pretty upbeat vibe – you will move without realizing that you’re moving. It will also show people how I think and the way I choose my ideas and how I’m able to shift gears from slow pace to faster pace. I have a wide diversity of flows.”

Though the album isn’t set to be released until the end of the year, the debut single from the project will be available on all digital streaming platforms on July 13. It’s called “Take Off” and it’s an upbeat song that TheDropout  Spectrum said he’s sure will end up being motivational for a lot of people.

“It’s about anything you do in life that can propel you into a good mindset or success,” he said. “Anything you envision and take steps forward to realize and make it happen. When you wake up in the morning, you can take off. When you go to work, you take off. It’s a term that you can use for anything that can allow someone to propel themselves from the initial mindset that they had into something higher. Really, I want to show them that they can do whatever they put their minds to in life.”

Ultimately, TheDropout Spectrum said he hopes his music will explore and reflect “all the spectrum colors of light” in a way that is “so deep that you can’t track what’s going on. You’ll just know that it’s amazing.” 

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TheDropout Spectrum

Lul Soufside – Rumorz

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Louisville rapper Lul Soufside releases new single “Rumorz”

LOUISVILLE, KY – Rap artist, Lul Soufside, has released his new single, “Rumorz.” The lyrically complex track features an unusual vocal mix with layered effects over a steady, chill groove. “Rumorz” is the first recorded piece of a long term venture. This project which he calls 3$ummerz, is a collection of unreleased songs which have been crafted and perfected over the past three summers. While he continues to work on other tracks, he’s making plans to put it all together into an album.

Known in the local Louisville music scene, Lul Soufside (aka Twjuan Sellers, Jr.) is unique in the market and has his own way of bringing the sounds. “I come on tracks different than a lot of people in the industry,” says Lul Soufside. “Just the way I come on the track, the way I post a beat is different from a lot of people.” He feels that over the years, his music style has evolved since he first began writing. The music he’s making now is more lyrical with an expanded sound and generally has more craft. He’s been performing for groups locally, but is working hard towards gaining more worldwide exposure.

Encouraged to pursue his music by friends and family for over six years, Sellers has had to overcome hardship and tragedy. Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, he grew up on the Southside of Louisville in the tough neighborhood of the Iroquois projects. He has endured the loss of family – three cousins were murdered and another cousin died in a car accident. While alive, these family members pushed him hard and told him that he would escape the projects someday. He says “every song I make is for my lost ones.”

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LilC843 – Chill Session

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LilC843 Pushes Ahead after New EP Success

CHARLESTON, SC– LilC843 has always had a love for music flowing through his veins literally since birth. He recalls hearing stories when he would move to the beat of music he heard while inside his mother’s womb. Eventually, this passion turned into that for a full-fledged career that he would develop overtime later in life. Inspired by his father’s rich musical background through his group “Verbal Assassinz”, he knew he had it in him as long as he put the hard work in.

LilC was always into free styling as it came so naturally and easy to him. As he navigated his adolescent years, he tried to figure out where he truly belonged, which always led him back to music. “In high school, I listened to all different music. I wanted to be involved in it however that was. After making my first song, I was so happy to see that everyone actually loved it and encouraged to keep going,” said the artist. Since then, he’s never looked back and has been full speed ahead to the top. It’s been a long time coming as he’s even taught himself how to do mixing and mastering all on his own. 

LilC recently released his EP which has been out for about 3 months. The positive response stemming from the release has been constant as LilC is pleased there hasn’t been any negative feedback. “People are wondering how I’m not worldwide yet. So now, I’m trying to push it to the next level. The whole album is something you can vibe to – just enjoy yourself and try to have a good time,” said the rapper. He’s focusing on his two biggest hits “Company” and “Chill Session” with the heavy hitter being the latter as fans dig the party vibe. 

Up next, LilC is focusing on the bigger picture as he has set goals he’s determined to accomplish. He’s always putting on for his hometown, Charleston, hence his stage name. There’s definitely more music on the way, so expect to hear more from LilC. Who knows, you may even see him on a stage near you!

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Snapchat: Mrofficial843


Schadenfroyd – Somebody

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Fusion of many genres makes for original sound
from new artist Schadenfroyd

GREELEY, CO – A hot new artist from an unlikely locale in Greeley, Colorado is making a splash in the hip hop industry after only a few months on the scene. Adopting the name Schadenfroyd – an Americanized version of a German word that means “satisfaction or pleasure felt at someone else’s misfortune” – this artist pushes the boundaries of traditional hip hop and infuses old-school styles with new school sounds in a way that is truly original.

To hear him describe it, Schadenfroyd’s music is a blending together of all genres in a way that will make listeners “nod their head, break their neck, and tell a friend.” Through that ear-grabbing music is some deep lyrical content that cannot be ignored. He calls it intellectual lyricism, and that style is passionately penetrating the music scene.

“Music is aesthetic beauty, and that beauty comes in many forms,” Schadenfroyd said. “Sometimes it’s rage, sometimes it’s love. But no matter what, it is always passion. I drip with passion – from soul-singing staccato rhymes to shredding metal vocals and everything in between. I make love out of hurt.”

This Colorado artist has been a music lover and creator for many years. He began singing at age 3 and by age 12 was adept at the guitar. He played in garage bands through his teenage years but then was pulled away from music after high school when he dove into the corporate world to make money. He has found success in the world of IT and is now using that strong financial foundation to invest in his life-long love of music. 

His newest EP, “The Resume,” is slated to drop on June 22. The seven-song project is new-school trap and rap with influences of classic hip hop, metal, and EDM throughout. Early feedback on the project is encouraging, he said, with comments that include “it’s the sound that music needs to be.”

“It’s my resume to the music industry,” he said. “It’s me saying, ‘Here’s what I can do.’ It’s melodic and pretty and heavy and intelligent. It’s such an abstract project because I want to show people I can do a song like this or lyrics like that, and I can sing and produce at a level that makes people say, ‘Who the hell is that?’”

The debut single from the project is a song called “Somebody.” He said it was inspired by his struggles to find someone in the industry with which to collaborate.

“Any time I would try to work with someone, I’d get positive feedback, but then they’d never reciprocate,” he said. “As a producer and lyricist, I know how to have people moving and feeling a song, and I tend to move quickly in the production process. The lyrical delivery is sharp and smooth with complex rhyme schemes that should keep my academics happy. It’s probably as close as I’ll ever get to a club song, and the lyrics talk about some of the ups and down that come with a social life.”

Schadenfroyd said he hopes listeners appreciate how he’s trying to fuse different sounds and create something original and important. He said he feels like hip hop and EDM need some innovation because it has gotten to a point where there’s a “lyrical void.” His respect for the lyricists through the years is high, and he hopes to put his name in line with them as he continues to build his career.

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Chicago and Cashville Get together on Dj Smoke x Spade The Boy “Fresh Shit Only” mixtape Hosted by Sweet Poison

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Spade The Boy x Dj Smoke Present: Fresh Shit Only (Hosted by Sweet Poison)

Check out the brand new mixtape “Fresh Shit Only” from Dj Smoke and Spade The Boy hosted by Sweet Poison. This mixtape features 47 bangin tracks, he has new music from Rick Ross, Drake, Lil Nas X, Cardi B, and a lot more new music thats gonna keep your speakers jumpin out the box!

As always Dj Smoke shows love to the indie and unsigned artists who are working hard on the grind! Get in tune with these artists: Sweet PoisonO RacksProphecy,Bandman KevoJui$e LeroyLoso Tha ArtistSSDrillaSSManski, all of them got fire music on this mixtape!

You can stream and download the full mixtape on DjSmokeMixtapes Livemixtapes Audio Mack Da Mix Hub or get the direct download on Wetransfer.

1. Valee – Above Average feat. G Herbo
2. Gucci Mane – Proud Of You
3. Gucci Mane – Backwards feat. Meek Mill
4. Plies – Worth It
5. Bandman Kevo – The Sauce
6. LoLife Blacc – No Slow Days feat. Peewee Longway
7. Sweet Poison – F.Y.N Remix
8. B.o.B – Ol’ Dirty Bastard
9. E-40 – Chase The Money ft. Quavo, Roddy Ricch, A$AP Ferg, ScHoolboy Q
10. Trouble – She’s A Winner ft. City Girls
11. Kamaiyah – Windows ft. Quavo, Tyga
12. Drake – Money In The Grave ft. Rick Ross
13. Loso Tha Artist – Drip
14. DJ Pharris – BOSS ft. Young Dolph & G Herbo
15. Jui$e Leroy – Blues
16. JAG – Pusha
17. Sweet Poison – Like Dat Ft. Lil Flip, Scotty
18. Sweet Poison – Bonkers
19. Nicki Minaj – Megatron
20. Grafh – Its Like That Freestyle
21. YG – Stop Snitchin Remix ft. Da Baby
22. The Game – West Side
23. VL Deck- Loner (Feat. Young Dolph)
24. Young Dro – Legal
25. NLE Choppa – Shotta Flow Remix ft. Blueface
26. Siddy Streets Thunderstorm feat PM, Yung Twak, and Neeen
27. Kain x Raw Staten- Packed Out
28. SSDrilla – MJ23 Freestyle feat. SSManski
29. Madeintyo – Look At The Kid
30. Migos – Stripper Bowl
31. Luh Soldier – Talk My Sh*t feat. Lebra Jolie
32. Skippa Da Flippa – Bandz
33. Mulatto – Bounce [Big Latto]
34. Mulatto – ATL Hoe [Big Latto]
35. O Racks – Get It ft. Don Q
36. Prophecy – We Rise
37. Prophecy – Chess
38. FBG Duck – Batman
39. Comethazine – Just Saying
40. Trina – BAPS ft Nicki Minaj
41. Greedo – Can’t Fuccin’ Believe It
42. Rick Ross – Act a Fool ft. Wale
43. Gucci Mane – Lame feat. Wiz Khalifa & Rick Ross
44. Lil Nas X, Cardi B – Rodeo
45. Lil Nas X – Panini
46. Drake – Omertà
47. Sweet Poison Outro

You can stream and download the full mixtape on DjSmokeMixtapes Livemixtapes Audio Mack Da Mix Hub or get the direct download on Wetransfer.

Follow: @SoSweetPoison @Spade_The_Boy @DjSmokemixtapes

O Racks and Don Q – Get It Prod. By Dj Victoriouz

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New York Artist O Racks Mixxes It Up With Don Q & Dj Victoriouz On New Single “Get It”

O Racks is an artist on the rise from Hempstead, Long Island (NYC), he’s the owner and CEO of Tree Gang Entertainment. Don Q is with HighBridge Entertainment he’s from the Bronx, (NYC). These two linked in Hollywood, soon as Dj Victoriouz came thru with the fire azz beat they wasted no time recording the hit single and shooting the video.

O Racks & Don Q are currently pushing a crazy street banger titled “Get It”. O Racks linked with G Herbo’s main Dj/producer ‘Dj Victoriouz’ for the production, just wait til you hear it, this song goes hard as f*ck!

The single is making some noise on the internet, you can find it on some dope blogs and sites. We featured “Get It” in our Spotify section a few weeks back, and added it to the Smoked Out Radio playlist on Spotify. I noticed is with more than 35,076 streams, 50,536 monthly listeners on Spotify the people are already tuned in listening.

Get It has the streets buzzing from New York to California! The song is out now on Spotify, Sound Cloud, you can listen on to “Get It” on all streaming outlets!

Follow O Racks on Instagram @TreeGangRacks stream “Get It” on Spotify. Share and add it to your playlists!

Bre Lee – IDFWY

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Deep South rapper cuts to the core
with new EP ‘Guilty By Association 2’

PENSACOLA, FL – Bre Lee grew up on the east side of Pensacola, Florida – a part of town that she said is filled with nothing but bad kids and bad influences. It’s what she came from, and that wrong crowd influenced her in ways she isn’t always proud of. But now, her whole life is switched around and she can thank music for it.

For the past three years, Bre Lee has been creating music that cuts to the core and makes people take a second look at their pre-conceived notions. Her first mixtape, “Guilty By Association,” gained her major attention throughout the South as it explored real-life situations and everyday struggles. The project took an unabashed look at the good and bad of her life – from her arrest to her brother being shot, and how her love of music brought her through such difficult times. And following the success of that project, she’s set to drop a follow-up mixtape this April with “Guilty By Association 2.”

“This one, I switched up the flow in ways that I think will grab more attention,” she said. “It’s music for all crowds and it shows off how I can rap and sing, and I don’t use auto-tune. I don’t sound like other artists coming out of Atlanta, and I can switch it up whenever. I’m very versatile.”

When listening to her music, most people will notice right off the bat her deep southern drawl. When listening closer, fans will discover an incredible lyrical flow with a witty wordplay that is simultaneously catchy and convicting. The single, “IDFWY”, is a perfect example of this. This debut single from the upcoming mixtape is an up-tempo song that Bre said is guaranteed to grab people’s attention.

“It’s about not hanging with the crowd you used to hang with because they’re not on the same page you’re on anymore,” she said. “It’s about making that hard choice to walk away – whether it’s because they’re not supporting you or they hate you because you’re not where they want you to be. It’s a great song to show what I want my music to be about. I want to let people know that whatever they’re going through in life, they should not give up. Keep going. There’s always someone going through something worse and no matter what you’re going through, you can always make a way out of it.”

In addition to music, Bre Lee is pursuing other entertainment business avenues including a clothing line called GMP which stands for Get Money Pro.

“You’re a hustler, no matter what you do,” Bre said. “GMP is about doing whatever you need to do to get some money by any means, regardless.”

Bre said she’s excited for people to become part of the GMP brand and to enjoy more of the music she’s preparing to release throughout the year.

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24kay – BLUNTZ (prod. By DEMAR)

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New EP from 24Kay combines grit of streets with smooth flow from one of hip-hop’s hottest new artists

CHARLESTON, SC – Kendrick Fludd – better known by his stage name 24Kay – is an artist best described as a smooth street dude. His impact on the music industry is unique and creative because he’s one of those public figures who play under the radar. But hip-hop’s best kept secret won’t be flying under the radar much longer once his new EP comes out.

“Kickin’ New Flava” is a five-song project that 24Kay describes as “fresh and new.” Collaborating with long-time friend and music producer Demar, 24Kay has created a collection of songs that are sure to make people hit “repeat” over and over. They’re songs people can party to and vibe to and ultimately come with a sound that 24Kay said “nobody has ever heard before.”

“I know the ins and outs of the streets – what to do and not do, or who to talk to or not talk to,” 24Kay said. “But I’m also quiet and nonchalant. That’s why I think of myself as a smooth street dude. I can express myself in a brutally honest way, but also in a joking way. And I make music that people can party to and that can influence them in a positive way. I’ll never be negative. I’m always having fun with it. I’ve been through a lot and cleaned myself up and I think a lot of what people can learn from me through my music.”

24Kay’s journey toward professional music started at age 9 when he would listen to his step-uncle, a professional musician from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The more he listened to his step-uncle’s music, the more he felt drawn to music. He knew it was something he wanted to do and by sixth grade, he was writing his own rhymes. But coming up, he didn’t have much support and help with his music career. He found a way out of Lithonia, Georgia, where he grew up and where the majority of his life struggles originated. Once he got out of that area, things started to pick up. Eventually, he reconnected with his childhood friend, Demar, and they literally created their first song together on the first day they reunited.

Since that time, they’ve worked hard on more music and 24Kay said he’s proud of this new EP. The first single from the project, “Bluntz,” is already getting some major recognition from fans and is trending on Spotify. True to its name, the song is “something you smoke to,” 24Kay said.

“The hook is really catchy and the beat is amazing,” he said. “It’s diverse and a lot of people like it. But at the end of the day, it’s definitely a song you can smoke to and party to and vibe to. It’s a good song all around.”

To listen to 24Kay’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit:

“The Whirld Chainga”


“No Space”

“See How It Is”

New Music: @VitaGotSoul – FROZEN

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The NY Artist ‘Vita’ Comes Thru With New Single “FROZEN”

Vita aka ‘Vita Got Soul’ is a very creative songwriter and an amazingly talented singer from Yonkers, New York. She came up on real hip-hop and soul music, hence the name as Vita Got Soul. Vita has just released her newest reactors titled “FROZEN”. This is a follow up to her previous track “Can’t Turn Away” which was featured on

Vita aka ‘Vita Got Soul’ is bringing the flamez with her new single FROZEN. Its a soulful cut, with that laid back 90’s RnB, slow music vibe. Check some lyrics from the Yonkers, NY songbird: “Titanic, I know I’m going down & what kills me is I’m the one who made it out. #frozen

Check out her new joint FROZEN on Sound ☁️ today! Get in tune with Vita on social media, her IG/Twitter is @Vitagotsoul or hit the links below!


J.Pizzle – Playin Wit Raccs Prod. DJ MIl Ticket

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J Pizzle to Release Sequel to J. Hefner on Mother’s Day

OAKLAND, CA –There’s one thing about a musician that is completely vulnerable in their artistry. It’s respectable, especially because an artist makes that decision to open up to listeners from all over. This is the case for Jeremy Palmer, who is better known as J Pizzle. When it comes to his music, everything you hear is absolutely real, raw and uncut. 

When it comes to his overall vibe as an artist, J Pizzle is more the laidback type. “I’m not so much a hype artist. I’m really chill, and you just have to catch the vibe. I’m not the rapper who mumbles, which is why my music sounds so different,” said the artist. Everyone in the industry is doing their own thing, but J Pizzle is sticking to his guns. 

This past month, the artist released his mixtape “J. Hefner”. After its debut on Valentine’s Day, he raked in over 20,000 hits, which is super impressive. “The project has a different vibe and vision for it. It’s classic to me and showcases my very uncut type of style. It’s my first mixtape in three years, so fans will get a taste for what I’ve been going through,” said the rapper. Through detailing the ups and downs of his own life, he finds that it’s even easier to relate to his fans on a different level. 

In every creative process, J Pizzle is always extremely hands on with how he presents himself through his music. Nothing is ever fabricated – you’ll always get the real deal with him. He considers himself a father to underground music which is why he has found it beneficial to nurture up and coming artists, such as Luhtim and Big Dawg Chino.  Under his label, Big Dawg Entertainment, the sky is the limit. Stay tuned for the sequel to J. Hefner  which is slated to release on Mother’s Day. 

To listen to J Pizzle’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit: