Keyn – Draft Night

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Midwest artist Keyn takes sound to the next level with new single ‘Draft Night’

TOLEDO, OH – Midwest artist Keyn is ready to take it to the next level. Known for his three-part album series “The Drop Off,” Keyn has developed a large following throughout Ohio and the central part of the U.S. But with his latest single, “Draft Night,” he’s ready to grab an ever-widening audience along the East and West Coasts and eventually, an international audience.

That eager sense of anticipation is the very essence of Keyn’s new single. Tapping into the vibes that every prospective professional athlete feels in the moments before being officially drafted by a team, Keyn uses an upbeat Trap vibe to show off his unique delivery while expressing how he’s ready to take it to the next level of the industry.

“It’s all about the anticipation of draft night and how you feel when you’re hoping to get drafted,” he said. “For a long time, I was known as the kid around the neighborhood who was always rapping. As I grew older, different situations happened where I could take it to another level – doing shows and open mics and little performances around the state. I started pushing some mixtapes in my teenage years, and then put out the first album in 2018 which created even more buzz. I’ve been staying consistent with it and now it’s time to take it to the next level.”

Keyn said “Draft Night” is the first of a new album that’s set to come out in early 2021. Working with a fellow Toledo producer named Cook on the Beat, Keyn’s “The Key to Cookin” will show fans his evolution as an artist and display to a global audience his ability as a talented musician worth being taken seriously.

“When it comes to my music, it’s all about substance,” Keyn said. “When I come into my songs, it’s the content I put out there – content that people will never expect. I’m not a standard artist. I can touch on anything I went through in one song and still make it diverse. I have a laid-back style but at the same time, my delivery is a little aggressive – the bars can be aggressive now and then. I guess you could call it laid-back Trap Rap or Smooth Trap.”

Keyn also emphasized how versatile he is as a musician, noting that he sings on some of his tracks and has worked with Cook on the Beat to layer in some harmonies on the forthcoming album. From a content point of view, he said he wants to offer fans a range of perspectives – from stories from the streets to uplifting, anthemic jams that will inspire others to make the best of their lives.

“Sometimes I approach things from an outside view,” he said, “like I’m a third person looking at what’s happening. So if you’re going through something and you need to talk to somebody but you don’t’ have anybody, I want to put the music out there that will be your outlet. If you want to express something and you can’t, my music is out there for you to use to relate to it. And at the same time I still make music for people to ride to and just enjoy.”

“Draft Night” is currently available across all streaming platforms.

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“Draft Night” (Clean)

Hari – 4AM

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Chicago rapper takes listeners through relatable journey with new single ‘4 AM’ and forthcoming self-titled album ‘Hari’ 

CHICAGO, IL – The mind thinks of random things in the early hours of the morning. Chicago rapper Hari (used to be known as Leastkootakes listeners on a fun ride through his own thoughts with his latest single “4 AM,” currently available across all streaming platforms. With a catchy hook and a mid-tempo bounce, “4 AM” offers lyrics that will immediately catch the attention of anyone who hears it, with most immediately able to connect with the vibe that Hari is presenting.  

“It’s very relatable,” Hari said. “There are a lot of things that it talks about that my mind thinks about at 4 AM. It talks about my ex and how she moved on and how it could have been better. It talks about my uncle who passed and how his spirit is still near and around me. It talks about how I had started smoking at the beginning of the year but that I’ve backed off from that. It’s the thoughts that are running through my head at that time of the day, which I think is something that most people can really relate to.” 

The single is the first off a 12-song album called “Hari” which is slated to drop on Dec. 13. Serving as an introduction of this young up-and-coming artist, “Hari” dives into the journey that he’s taken over the past couple of years to get to where he is today as a professional recording artist. Throughout the project, Hari comes back to the major event that sparked his desire to pursue music full-time – the death of his cousin who overdosed on drugs earlier this year.  

“It’s about him and what I’ve been dealing with personally on my own,” Hari said of the album. “I had to take a step back from everybody that I had surrounded myself with so that I could focus more on my music and get myself together. I hope my music is something people can go back to and refresh their minds time and time again. I want them to do what I always did with music that I loved – I like to listen to things that would get me up and put me in a good mood or inspire me to keep going. I listen to other artists to get that inspiration, and that’s what I want my music to do for others.”  

Hari’s sound is distinct though he embraces vibes that are familiar. He blends Rap, R&B and Hip Hop into his own signature style to create something truly original. And this is just the beginning. Hari said he’s excited for fans to check out his album and to begin following his career because he has a lot more music planned for 2021 and beyond. 

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