REME – Move

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Houston rapper REME turning up the heat with new single, “Boom”

HOUSTON, TX – No matter what you do in life, there will always be folks who don’t take you seriously. REME is dishing up a soundtrack for everyone who’s not getting the respect they deserve with his new single, “Boom.” Tired of people not believing in what he is doing, and how he’s doing it, REME sought to take the heat to another level with this heavy hitting track. With its very aggressive and speedy style, “Boom” is meant to make a statement about how serious REME is about his craft.

While his previous single “Move” was more of a dark remnant, the new single has an uptown, space-the-chase vibe. REME’s lyricism is characterized by a rapid delivery of metaphors and a lot of phrasing. REME brought his aggression into the studio to make his point and to put out a hype song to get the fans going. The new single is slated to drop during the third week of November, and will be his first track published on all major digital platforms.

A serious and committed artist, REME writes from personal experience and what he has seen others go through. He also views what’s happening in society in a different light and puts that perspective into his art. His music speaks to those who have suffered from an unhealthy state of mind. “My music is for anybody who has been in that dark place,” REME stated. 

While other rappers are content to rhyme about topics that aren’t positive, REME is conscious about directing his energy towards more fun and uplifting themes. He believes that “money, drugs and jewelry don’t make the artist” and works to have a beneficial impact. “If you’re gonna do all this, you have to give back or show a way where others can make their way. That’s what I plan to do.”

Born and raised in Houston, REME grew up listening to a diverse range of artists, including Outkast, Busta Rhymes, Snoop Dogg, Biggie Smalls, Gucci Mane, Missy Elliott and Kanye West. He has always been around people involved in music and others trying to get the experience. Being exposed to music for so much of his life lead REME to pursue his own music career.

An immensely popular local performer, REME is currently putting together a new set of local shows in and around the city of Houston. He is always open to explore new places to play. Venues and fans should hit him up at

The new single follows on the success of REME’s “DREMELAND” album, which has over 30 thousand streams on SoundCloud. “Boom” launches a new project which is in the works, and another single is set to follow. Before that, look out for a snippet from the new music video for “Boom,” dropping everywhere on social media before the single’s release.

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BlakBoi Ya$i – Y3$

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New music from South African artist BlakBoi Ya$i speaks of life challenges and triumphs

PIETERMARITZBURG, SOUTH AFRICA – Growing up in South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal province, Siyabonga Nkosi (known by his professional name, BlakBoi Ya$i) didn’t have the opportunity to focus on his love of music. It wasn’t until 2012 when he burst onto the scene as a rapper and producer, that the artist began creating a steady stream of music. Making up for lost time, BlakBoi dropped his “Ya$i-Ver$3” album earlier this year, and he’s already putting the finishing touches on a new album.

Bringing out back-to-back albums is no problem for this prolific artist. “I really feel like I have music for a long time,” BlakBoi said, “and I can’t see myself stopping any time soon!” His sound is a crazy infusion of Hip-Hop with melodic 808 sounds, blended with alternative dance, pop music and a bit of R&B.

Delivered with a smooth flow, BlakBoi’s lyrics tell of teen and young adult struggles, along with celebrations. On the “Ya$i-Ver$3” album, his soulful vocals shine through, particularly in standout tracks like “Vv$,” with its catchy and rhythmic beat and balanced combo of clean vocals with vocals layered with multiple effects. Rapping and singing, along with complex instrumentation, captivates the listener on another notable song called “Ru$h.”

The new music on the upcoming album, “Hippie” represents an evolution from who he was and he has taken his craft to a whole new level. “It’s definitely more intimate me. Giving my story out but in a fun way that people can relate to, instead of it being super depressing,” he shared. For a slightly more Rock and Roll vibe, BlakBoi used strings on the song “It’s a Trip” which tells the story of how everything in his life has been like a trip. A skilled narrator, he also tells the story of a criminal villain type girl who uses people to get what she needs in the alt-pop track, “Harley Quinn.”

Growing up, BlakBoi listened to a mix of worldwide chart topping music that brought people together. His father got him into Jazz and he grooved to the local sounds of Kwaito (Hip Hop in the native vernacular), Rock and Roll, R&B and Hip Hop. With his eclectic music tastes and sound engineering skills, BlakBoi is creating a sound with international appeal. Listeners at home tend to wait until local music is hyped up before they recognize it. BlackBoi said “I’m doing an alternative version of Hip Hop mixed with Pop and Rock and Roll which is different. A lot of people really don’t understand that here.” With avid listeners in Japan, Europe and the States, Blakboi’s appeal is indisputable.

Besides making music, BlakBoi has been forming liaisons and getting people to work together for the past two years. He has the drive and power to influence others and get the work done in his deeply divided city, which he believes is starting to come together. He also formed the Swag Note Music Group (SNMG) along with a friend. This collective of fifteen photographers, graphic designers, rappers, poets, singers, producers come together to work on their individual brands and support one another.

During his career, the artist has gone through a few name changes including “Clue” and “Even Steven.” Since 2017, he has worked on multiple projects to perfect the sound for the BlakBoi Ya$i persona. BlakBoi plans to release the new album, “Hippie” by the end of this year or in early January, and he has a vision for music videos planned for the project. This dedicated artist is truly poised for music stardom on the world stage.

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Orlando Artist “Playboy Ronnie” Drops 2 New Projects “Say Less” & “Say More” | @implayboyronnie

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Currently pushing two new projects, Playboy Ronnie returns with a slew of hits in the bag. He continues to build on his momentum with the release of two new projects.

It’s been a few months since we’ve heard from the Orlando homie Playboy Ronnie. Its always a special event when he sends over new material to review. Last time we ran across each other he sent over “Hard Enough” which now has more than 10K streams and growing on Sound Cloud. This time he sent us not one, but two EP’s, a new single, and an eye catching new video for yet another single.

Both EP’s titled “Say Less” and “Say More” feature 5 tracks each, the main singles are “Guns And Butter” and “Mercy“. Its a dope collection of music, the Orlando native taps in and brings the summertime vibes from Florida.

⬇️Follow Playboy Ronnie on Social Media Below⬇️

His fans know that his grind, and versatility is unmatched. Playboy Ronnie peels back the layers to reveal himself, and to better connect with his fans. He does this when many of his peers are lacking substance and quality content in their music. Doing this he is able to capture his listener’s who are streaming his music and tuned into his visuals.

I took some time to listen to both projects. I hear a distinct difference between these projects when I sat back and tuned in. Playboy Ronnie is a talented artist who deserves more attention from the people, I believe once his music reaches a mainstream audience his fan base will grow with speed and efficiency, then its take-off time for him. Fly high young home fly high.

For now stream both projects, let us know which one you like best! Social media info and the official video for “Guns and Butter” featuring 2Tooly are below!




TheDropout Spectrum – Take Off

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 TheDropout Spectrum taps into
depths of the cosmos with diverse new sound

DALLAS, TX – To truly get a feel for how deeply moving the music from new Dallas-based artist TheDropout Spectrum is, you have to look deep into the cosmos. His sound and style is otherworldly. As his name indicates, it’s a sound that explores a spectrum of genres and influences in ways that make the word “diverse” seem inconsequential. His crazy flows and deep poetry are catching the attention of new fans all over the world, and his new album “ZenStellar” is set to launch him into the stratosphere of success.

Born in Benin West Africa, Brice Danvide, now best known for his stage name TheDropout Spectrum, moved with his family to Texas when he was a child. He started his music journey in 2008 with the release of the single called “I’m On.” The success he found with that single was enough to propel him into making music a full time career, and he’s been pursuing that dream ever since. 

“ZenStellar” is an album that celebrates the diversity that he embraces through his music. His songs talk about current problems in the world or day-to-day issues that people go through. In particular, he said the art of this album is associated with “the universe and the cosmos, particularly the Libra constellation.”

“If you can locate Zubeneschamali, it’s the brightest star in that constellation,” he said. “That’s what I want this album to represent – shining bright. Most of the album has a pretty upbeat vibe – you will move without realizing that you’re moving. It will also show people how I think and the way I choose my ideas and how I’m able to shift gears from slow pace to faster pace. I have a wide diversity of flows.”

Though the album isn’t set to be released until the end of the year, the debut single from the project will be available on all digital streaming platforms on July 13. It’s called “Take Off” and it’s an upbeat song that TheDropout  Spectrum said he’s sure will end up being motivational for a lot of people.

“It’s about anything you do in life that can propel you into a good mindset or success,” he said. “Anything you envision and take steps forward to realize and make it happen. When you wake up in the morning, you can take off. When you go to work, you take off. It’s a term that you can use for anything that can allow someone to propel themselves from the initial mindset that they had into something higher. Really, I want to show them that they can do whatever they put their minds to in life.”

Ultimately, TheDropout Spectrum said he hopes his music will explore and reflect “all the spectrum colors of light” in a way that is “so deep that you can’t track what’s going on. You’ll just know that it’s amazing.” 

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TheDropout Spectrum

Bre Lee – IDFWY

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Deep South rapper cuts to the core
with new EP ‘Guilty By Association 2’

PENSACOLA, FL – Bre Lee grew up on the east side of Pensacola, Florida – a part of town that she said is filled with nothing but bad kids and bad influences. It’s what she came from, and that wrong crowd influenced her in ways she isn’t always proud of. But now, her whole life is switched around and she can thank music for it.

For the past three years, Bre Lee has been creating music that cuts to the core and makes people take a second look at their pre-conceived notions. Her first mixtape, “Guilty By Association,” gained her major attention throughout the South as it explored real-life situations and everyday struggles. The project took an unabashed look at the good and bad of her life – from her arrest to her brother being shot, and how her love of music brought her through such difficult times. And following the success of that project, she’s set to drop a follow-up mixtape this April with “Guilty By Association 2.”

“This one, I switched up the flow in ways that I think will grab more attention,” she said. “It’s music for all crowds and it shows off how I can rap and sing, and I don’t use auto-tune. I don’t sound like other artists coming out of Atlanta, and I can switch it up whenever. I’m very versatile.”

When listening to her music, most people will notice right off the bat her deep southern drawl. When listening closer, fans will discover an incredible lyrical flow with a witty wordplay that is simultaneously catchy and convicting. The single, “IDFWY”, is a perfect example of this. This debut single from the upcoming mixtape is an up-tempo song that Bre said is guaranteed to grab people’s attention.

“It’s about not hanging with the crowd you used to hang with because they’re not on the same page you’re on anymore,” she said. “It’s about making that hard choice to walk away – whether it’s because they’re not supporting you or they hate you because you’re not where they want you to be. It’s a great song to show what I want my music to be about. I want to let people know that whatever they’re going through in life, they should not give up. Keep going. There’s always someone going through something worse and no matter what you’re going through, you can always make a way out of it.”

In addition to music, Bre Lee is pursuing other entertainment business avenues including a clothing line called GMP which stands for Get Money Pro.

“You’re a hustler, no matter what you do,” Bre said. “GMP is about doing whatever you need to do to get some money by any means, regardless.”

Bre said she’s excited for people to become part of the GMP brand and to enjoy more of the music she’s preparing to release throughout the year.

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24kay – BLUNTZ (prod. By DEMAR)

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New EP from 24Kay combines grit of streets with smooth flow from one of hip-hop’s hottest new artists

CHARLESTON, SC – Kendrick Fludd – better known by his stage name 24Kay – is an artist best described as a smooth street dude. His impact on the music industry is unique and creative because he’s one of those public figures who play under the radar. But hip-hop’s best kept secret won’t be flying under the radar much longer once his new EP comes out.

“Kickin’ New Flava” is a five-song project that 24Kay describes as “fresh and new.” Collaborating with long-time friend and music producer Demar, 24Kay has created a collection of songs that are sure to make people hit “repeat” over and over. They’re songs people can party to and vibe to and ultimately come with a sound that 24Kay said “nobody has ever heard before.”

“I know the ins and outs of the streets – what to do and not do, or who to talk to or not talk to,” 24Kay said. “But I’m also quiet and nonchalant. That’s why I think of myself as a smooth street dude. I can express myself in a brutally honest way, but also in a joking way. And I make music that people can party to and that can influence them in a positive way. I’ll never be negative. I’m always having fun with it. I’ve been through a lot and cleaned myself up and I think a lot of what people can learn from me through my music.”

24Kay’s journey toward professional music started at age 9 when he would listen to his step-uncle, a professional musician from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The more he listened to his step-uncle’s music, the more he felt drawn to music. He knew it was something he wanted to do and by sixth grade, he was writing his own rhymes. But coming up, he didn’t have much support and help with his music career. He found a way out of Lithonia, Georgia, where he grew up and where the majority of his life struggles originated. Once he got out of that area, things started to pick up. Eventually, he reconnected with his childhood friend, Demar, and they literally created their first song together on the first day they reunited.

Since that time, they’ve worked hard on more music and 24Kay said he’s proud of this new EP. The first single from the project, “Bluntz,” is already getting some major recognition from fans and is trending on Spotify. True to its name, the song is “something you smoke to,” 24Kay said.

“The hook is really catchy and the beat is amazing,” he said. “It’s diverse and a lot of people like it. But at the end of the day, it’s definitely a song you can smoke to and party to and vibe to. It’s a good song all around.”

To listen to 24Kay’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit:

“The Whirld Chainga”


“No Space”

“See How It Is”

New Music: @VitaGotSoul – FROZEN

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The NY Artist ‘Vita’ Comes Thru With New Single “FROZEN”

Vita aka ‘Vita Got Soul’ is a very creative songwriter and an amazingly talented singer from Yonkers, New York. She came up on real hip-hop and soul music, hence the name as Vita Got Soul. Vita has just released her newest reactors titled “FROZEN”. This is a follow up to her previous track “Can’t Turn Away” which was featured on

Vita aka ‘Vita Got Soul’ is bringing the flamez with her new single FROZEN. Its a soulful cut, with that laid back 90’s RnB, slow music vibe. Check some lyrics from the Yonkers, NY songbird: “Titanic, I know I’m going down & what kills me is I’m the one who made it out. #frozen

Check out her new joint FROZEN on Sound ☁️ today! Get in tune with Vita on social media, her IG/Twitter is @Vitagotsoul or hit the links below!


J.Pizzle – Playin Wit Raccs Prod. DJ MIl Ticket

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J Pizzle to Release Sequel to J. Hefner on Mother’s Day

OAKLAND, CA –There’s one thing about a musician that is completely vulnerable in their artistry. It’s respectable, especially because an artist makes that decision to open up to listeners from all over. This is the case for Jeremy Palmer, who is better known as J Pizzle. When it comes to his music, everything you hear is absolutely real, raw and uncut. 

When it comes to his overall vibe as an artist, J Pizzle is more the laidback type. “I’m not so much a hype artist. I’m really chill, and you just have to catch the vibe. I’m not the rapper who mumbles, which is why my music sounds so different,” said the artist. Everyone in the industry is doing their own thing, but J Pizzle is sticking to his guns. 

This past month, the artist released his mixtape “J. Hefner”. After its debut on Valentine’s Day, he raked in over 20,000 hits, which is super impressive. “The project has a different vibe and vision for it. It’s classic to me and showcases my very uncut type of style. It’s my first mixtape in three years, so fans will get a taste for what I’ve been going through,” said the rapper. Through detailing the ups and downs of his own life, he finds that it’s even easier to relate to his fans on a different level. 

In every creative process, J Pizzle is always extremely hands on with how he presents himself through his music. Nothing is ever fabricated – you’ll always get the real deal with him. He considers himself a father to underground music which is why he has found it beneficial to nurture up and coming artists, such as Luhtim and Big Dawg Chino.  Under his label, Big Dawg Entertainment, the sky is the limit. Stay tuned for the sequel to J. Hefner  which is slated to release on Mother’s Day. 

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Trio The PROFIT – The Regular | #GladiatorMuzik

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Chicago Native Trio AKA PROFIT Links With @ChicagoEBK Media To Deliver The Visual For ‘The Regular’

Trio AKA PROFIT is an artist, writer, producer, director along with being the face, and the owner of Gladiator Muzik Group. After teasing the people for a good portion of the year, Chicago rapper Trio AKA PROFIT releases the highly anticipated video for ‘The Regular’. You might have heard The Regular first on “The 32 Ounces Playlist”, when we covered it some months back upon its initial release.

You can keep up with Trio aka PROFIT on social media: Instagram: @CallMeProfit Twitter: @_TrioCity Sound Cloud: Trio AKA PROFIT. Watch the new video shot by @ChicagoEBK Media, performed by #GladiatorMuzik artist Trio AKA PROFIT below on YouTube.

Trio AKA PROFIT is the Owner and Ceo of his own independent label titled “Gladiator Muzik Group” formed in 2012. PROFIT has been producing for over 10 years and has provided numerous classics for independent artists both in Chicago and in New York City. When it comes to his own music, his content has been deemed as extremely honest, thought provoking, personal, and explicit in detail.

He paints a visual for listeners that comes from a real place. Combining soulful samples with hard hitting 808’s, while showcasing lyrical ability along with harmonic melodies, PROFIT’s music has been deemed “One of A Kind” by fans.

PROFIT is influenced by the golden age of hip hop, but tries to stay a step ahead of the buzz of today. If you are a fan of Rap, Hip Hop, Trap, R&B, Jazz, Quality music, Etc, then stream/download his latest project “ THE 32 Ounces Playlist”.