Treasure Marketing Presents : Food Pharmacist Krystopher Carter of Krys’ Krab Lab

Industry Spotlight

Krys’ Krab Lab 

A Treasure Marketing Gem:

Krystopher Carter is not your ordinary Celebrity Chef, he is a food stylist. His unique combination of specialty herbs, organic produce, & high quality seafood has branded him as a pioneer of fresh flavor. Having history as a street pharmacist, Carter learned the basics of sales & building relationships. After many struggles and disappointments, he  changed his path to align with his purpose. He is still in a lab but this time he is the Food Pharmacist prescribing delicious recipes for various taste buds in need.  Upon launching Krys Krab Lab, his focus has been to provide high quality meals while personally delivering them right to your door. Each food patient gets a special appointment with an experience that is unlike anything in the city. If you are in desperate need of some emergency deliciousness remember to call for your lab appointment! Krys’ Krab Lab is where your personal food pharmacist is always only one call away!