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Trellz$ellz – On The Chase

Swag and groove mingle with natural talent with new artist Trellz$ellz

FRESNO, CA – Hello world … it’s Trellz again. Trellz$ellz is back with new music for the world and is bringing his upbeat, positive vibes to an industry that is hungry for feel-good music. Trellz is ready to deliver, and his rapid-fire swag and catchy grooves are mingling with hot new beats that can’t help but beg fans to listen from start-to- finish.

Sometimes compared to the early years of Kanye West, Trellz$ellz is a musician on a mission to inspire others to have fun and let loose. His new EP, “Apply The Pressure,” is his latest vehicle for transporting that message to a wider fan-base.

“The title refers to the things that are required to make something move forward,” he said. “If you have the key in the ignition, you have to push it to get the car to move. You have to apply pressure. You have to apply your foot to the pedal and apply pressure to get the car to go. My brain is the vehicle and I have to drive it to do the things I want to do and achieve the things I want to achieve.”

The five-song EP is homage to that way of thinking. It features party songs, love songs, chill songs, and even a song for a younger audience to listen to and be inspired to get involved in the community.

The lead-off single and intro to the EP is a song called “Go.” Appropriate to the theme of the project, it’s a song that details the setbacks in Trellz’s life – including a period where he found himself homeless and broke – and the journey he’s taken to get where he is today. The song talks about the grind that it takes to be successful, and how even when times got tough and he faced new challenges, Trellz always had the attitude of “go, go, go.”

“When that green light hits, it’s time for you go to it,” he said.

Another feature single from the album is a song called “On The Chase” which has recently been added to his library of music that has collected nearly 5 million plays on his SoundCloud page already.  It, too, is a song talking about being on the bottom and going through the struggle and grind to try to build something for himself and his family.

Other songs on the EP showcase Trellz’s fun side. Growing up in a gifted family, Trellz always stood out among his classmates as a class clown. And though he was often bullied for his weight when he was younger, he’s grown into an adult who uses that natural gift of entertaining to become one of the premier musicians in the country.

“I’m always going to put something out there that makes people feel good and inspired,” he said. “My unique sound draws people in and keeps them happy. If you’re having a bad day, you can turn my music on and turn things around. I hope I make the kind of music that when people hear it they’re gonna know that everything is gonna be alright. So get ready, because this is just the beginning.”

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