Unstoppable Sound – On The Rize out now Lil Raida (@LilRaida) F/ Matmiie (@matmiie) & K9 Uno (@lendiB_15_1) – “Save Me”


Lil Raida Ft Matmiie & K9 Uno – Save Me (Official Video)

We caught wind of a group of rappers coming out of Tennessee by randomly clicking play on a video titled “Save Me”. Immediately we knew this wasn’t your typical rap video it has more of a movie vibe, that will have you glued to the screen the entire time. Prepare yourself, after watching it the hook will be stuck in your head for days. Doing what any music lover would do, we went on the hunt for more of their content. This led us to a project that just dropped titled On The Rize which is actually a compilation album from a record label called Unstoppable Sound. It features music from four of their artists Lil Raida, Matmiie, Vlone Kobe and K9 Uno. Clicking play on the project had the same effect on us as the video, we couldn’t seem to pull ourselves away from it. Each song has its own unique feel that helps build the anticipation for the next record. Their choice of production is next level and the artists compliment each other’s sound on every song. “Big on Big”, “Save Me”, “Devil Eyes” and “3rd Degree” are some of our go to records. On The Rize is a must have so add it to your favorite playlist and get familiar with Unstoppable Sound.

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