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Southern Rapper fuses old-school sound with carefree flow and cartoon-esque imagery on new EP ‘What’s My Name’ 

HOUSTON, TX – Fusing hard-hitting bars with intelligent lyricism, Weazy is an emerging rapper set to make his mark on the global rap game. 

His debut EP, “What’s My Name,” has just been released and is available across all streaming platforms. It’s a project that showcases Weazy’s signature light-hearted, West Coast bop style – a combination of rough, lyrical and throwback all in one vibe. It makes for a sound almost impossible to ignore.  

“My style is different than pretty much anything out there right now,” Weazy said. “I made every beat with the intent to have an old-school style. They’re all kind of an 80s digital underground kind of vibe. If you listen to other underground artists, it seems like they always say ‘You know my name,’ but nobody ever knows their name. So the title is kind of a joke that I’m poking at myself. The cover art was made of myself in a kind of comic style.” 

The entire package displays Weazy’s multi-talented artistry and shows why he’s an entertainer the world needs to pay attention to. The EP consists of five songs. The first is about the days when Weazy used to drink a lot, with stories of bars and references of stories and memories from that time. The second song is a nod to the fact that he’s been holding concerts for the past few years but hasn’t recorded anything to this point. The last three are songs in which he expresses himself on harder, slightly more aggressive beats. 

Selling beats to other artists is something Weazy has been doing for the past five years, and is eventually what led him to pursue an independent career of his own. He’s created beats and produced on a couple of full LPs of his own, but has never done anything with those songs until now.  

“That’s more because I was exploring my sound and trying to discover my unique signature,” he said. “I took what was good and used it to evolve, and now I’m making better beats and writing. When people hear my music, I want them to know I’m a good producer and my bars match. I want people to listen to it and look at it a bit like Dr. Dre – he’s an artist who has some funny stuff out there, but you don’t look at him as a funny rapper.” 

That humor is perhaps one of Weazy’s most endearing qualities. His comedy is subliminal through his songs – almost tongue-in-cheek. The random bar or line that’s thrown into his songs are less about trying to create laughs and more about how the humor fits into the stories he’s telling.  

“I’m not a comedy rapper,” he said. “I’m a serious rapper with my own voice and I’m expanding my boundaries. I’m trying to get further into that old-school sound, and I’m working on more music that kind of twists disco beats into rap. What I want to do is take that and make something that sounds really underground. I’m gonna call it ‘Armed and Dangerous,’ and it’s a bit inspired by the events going on in the world right now.” 

Weazy said he might release that next project later this year, depending on how well his current EP does and how the cultural state of affairs evolves over the next few months.  

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“What’s My Name” (EP)

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