YB Linkz – Feanin

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YB Linkz continues to ride wave of success with hit summer club banger ‘Feanin’ 

BROOKLYN, NY – A hot new club banger from East Coast artist YB Linkz has been creating quite a buzz throughout New York and expanding regions thanks to its upbeat vibes and sexy sound. “Feanin” is a song that YB describes as “dirty Pop with a Hip-Hop feel.” It’s a song he said feels like a strip club kind of song, but with a twist that includes R&B vibes that make it more smooth than raw. Featuring fellow East Coast artist A. Vinchi, the song serves as a platform for the two artists to display their impressive flow as they bounce back-and-forth with raps that explore their mutual desire for a gorgeous woman in the club.  

“Basically we’ve created a concept where we’re both lusting over her,” YB Linkz said. “He’s the player and I’m the smooth guy. He wants to marry her, but I’m just trying to get with her. It’s kind of raunchy in some ways, if you think about it, but the vibe is just a fun club banger. It’s a hit, for sure.” 

Originally known by the name Linxy Boi, and then eventually Linkz, today YB Linkz has developed a reputation in the industry as one of the hottest independent artists active around the world. It doesn’t matter who’s track he’s on, he absorbs the vibe and becomes more than merely another collaboration. Working alongside of the some of the biggest names in the industry, YB Linkz has developed a reputation as the go-to guy for hits.  

To understand his genius as an artist, YB Linkz is quit to point new fans to his Caribbean roots and a unique sound and style that’s been inspired by artists such as Chris Brown, Rihanna and Busta Rhymez. He also uses inspiration from EDM and other various genres to make a fusion of sound that can only be described as original – or, in his words, “Jumbalaya Flow.” 

“I want my music to be big,” he said. “At its purest form its Pop, but less Backstreet Boys and more dirty Pop. I am singing melodies and giving you a story, but It’s not a cookie-cutter kind of sound. I’m putting thought into what I’m creating and I’m speaking with people and giving them great stories. I have that Drake kind of sound, but I had it before Drake was even a thought – I’ve been doing that since the mid-2000s when I first started recording. I had to switch my style up and have done some things differently over the years – recently going to more of a rap style. I like to battle rap, and you can tell that with my flow. But more than anything I’m just going to be me. I cross lyrical content with keep the same flow I’m known for, and I’m Caribbean and I apply that to my music, as well. I’m taking all that with me into the studio and making crazy-ass hits.” 

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