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International Artist mixes sad love songs with EDM and Trap for unique new sound on forthcoming album ‘Flexin on a Heartbreak’ 

MALMO, SWEDEN – Over the course of his career, international recording artist Aeropryme has perfected a signature sound and style that stands out from anything else in the industry. Whether you’re in a European club and one of his Trap songs drops, or sitting at home chilling to one of his wavy Hip Hop grooves, there’s no denying the standout sound of an Aeropryme track.  

That mastery of music will be put on full display with his forthcoming album “Flexin on a Heartbreak”. The album is due for release in late October. Calling it his most personal project to date, the album explores new avenues of his sound in ways that will not only engage listeners but make them hit repeat over and over.  

“This is the most emotive, sincere and experimental project I’ve ever done,” Aeropryme said. “It’s the first time I’ve done singing with melodies. Prior to this, I was strictly Rap and Hip Hop. This project also includes a lot of mixtures of Trap, Afrobeats and EDM with R&B. I would describe it as sad love songs with Trap music. I’m very proud of it because not only does it show you how far I’ve come as a person and a musician, but it’s some of the best song writing I’ve ever done.”  

Based off his real-life experience of a painful breakup, “Flexin on a Heartbreak” explores the months and year following the dissolution of what he believes was a very strong connection. To this day, he considers her to be the perfect match and can’t understand how everything ended, and that raw emotion finds its way into every track of the album in ways that are sure to resonate with millions of people around the globe who have experienced similar relationship hardships.  

“As much as it hurts, I’m glad I had that experience because she is someone who ended up being a muse for my music,” Aeropryme said. “I feel it and it’s magnificent. I want to spread love in my music and I’m manifesting the love that I felt with her and putting it into my Album, and in my own way I’m making those real moments last forever in my songs. I’m sharing with people how I’ve dealt with heartbreak over the past year and how that has helped me to focus on my music and career and get better as a person and songwriter. This album will have run-of-the-mill Trap songs but without any of the curse words or intentional shallow lyrics typical of the genre. It will also have very, very sad love songs. Both of those things are true reflections of the journey I’ve been experiencing over the last few years. This particular lady was the final piece of the puzzle for how I have always wanted to venture out and deliver my music. I’ve collaborated with many artists around the globe and I have been credited on other people’s projects as well, but this album is the culmination of my life’s work. I’ve been doing music for 15 years and for the first time in my life, I’m comfortable and creative enough to release an album to the world. I’ve been a major player on the underground scene for a long time but with this album, I really believe I can become a major international recording artist.”  

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