[Video] Ryan Alexander “It’s No Rush”


Ryan Alexander is a producer, artist, musician, and Recording Academy member who has been playing piano for 17 years, and drums for 18. Ryan attended Columbia College Chicago from 2010 to 2011, where he began producing and releasing music for other artists. Some of Ryan’s notable achievements to date include performing an opening set for Naughty By Nature, having a song performed and written by him placed in Just A Friend, a film now available on Amazon Prime, and performing as a spotlight artist for Viola Davis’ “The March” exhibit premiere in collaboration with Time Magazine.

Photo Credit: Siabe Photography
Ryan has served as an assistant to former midwest chapter president of the Recording Academy, Mark Hubbard. He’s collaborated with over 100 local artists and musicians. He is the curator of the cover series #CoversWithRyanAlexander found on YouTube and other social media platforms. Ryan has headlined two events at Chicago’s House of Blues Foundation Room and has had multiple performances at Chicago’s Soho House.

“It’s RA Productions” was created by Ryan, under which he released his first solo album, Inspired By You, in 2020. Super Bae, a single off of the album, has been played and in rotation on Power92 Chicago since its release. Ryan’s performance history has spanned from numerous SoFar shows in various cities, frequently performing for the “Live @ Mariano’s” series and other performances at premium Chicago venues. He’s also played the piano and keyboard accompanying prominent artists, Oliv Blu on her audition for The Voice, and Matt Muse in various performances including one in Toronto, Canada.

It’s No Rush – Single by Ryan Alexander

[Single] Matt Craven “Rose”


Matt Craven: From Detroit to Tampa, Redefining Music and Dreams with His Sensational New Single Rose

Los Angeles – September 14, 2023. Diving into the electrifying world of music, meet the unstoppable visionary, Matt Craven. A luminary entrepreneur and an extraordinary musical talent, Matts journey has been an exhilarating rise from the heart of Detroit, Michigan, to the vibrant city of Tampa, Florida. His rapid ascent, fueled by his chart-topping single My Diamond Wings, has not only etched his name in the world of music history but also revealed a potent force ready to reshape the verysoundscape.

In 2020, the world felt the impact of Matt Cravens musical prowess as he soared to unparalleled heights on the World Indie Music Charts, reigning supreme at the coveted #1 spot on the illustrious Top 100. The rhythm of his artistry echoes with the rhythm of his life, and his music became the testament to his journey, embracing Detroits rugged charm and Tampas vibrant allure.

As we step into 2023, Matt Craven is ready to release his newest single, Rose,” on September 23, 2023. This introspective song delves into the intricate journey of pursuing love and the desire to share a lifetime with another while encompassing the tender moments and poignant heartaches along the way.

At a towering 64, Matt Craven commands the stage and hearts across the globe. His youthful charisma and magnetic allure have ignited an insatiable fervor among admirers, leaving a trail of captivated hearts in his wake. With a blend of audacious talent and undeniable sex appeal, he stands as an embodiment of modern artistry, an artistic revelation poised to lead a new era of music thats as enlightening as it is groundbreaking.

Matt Cravens journey is a poignant tribute to his late father, whose profound influence continues to drive him. The loss of his father to COVID-like symptoms in January amplified Cravens determination to realize his dreams, keeping his fathers wisdom and advice embedded in every note he creates.

His mentorship under engineering prodigy Brian RoscoWhite, who has worked with notable artists including Thornetta Davis, 50 Cent, and Eminem, played a pivotal role in helping Matt develop his tone and approach to writing and recording music. “Grammy Award winner Josiah Muhammad has also influenced Matts life. His input refined Matts music, creating a harmonious blend of innovation and tradition in timeless masterpieces.

Matt Craven stands on the threshold of introducing his debut album, joined by a fresh ensemble of visionary collaborators and esteemed producers. This album is positioned to serve as a resounding testament to his steadfast dedication to his fans. The world eagerly anticipates the unfolding of Matt Cravens evolving sound.

As Hip Hop Weekly Magazine boldly declared in March 2020, Matt Craven is an artistic revelation, an unstoppable force ushering in a new era of music thats as enlightening as it is groundbreaking. From his chart-topping rise to his magnetic allure, Matt Craven is not merely an artist; hes an enchanting melody, a symphonic journey, and an unwavering testament to the power of dreams.

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[Single] Anaymous Touch – Light it Up (Limen)

Anaymous Touch is a multi-passionate, multi-dimensional, international Hip-Hop humanitarian artist. Her music is melodic, electrifying, and filled with sensational wordplay. Anaymous Touch believes that inspiring another to be their most authentic self – is a completed mission.
As a multi- entertainer, Anaymous Touch continues to propel through many different avenues of the entertainment field. Her Instagram show, The Golden Gates Gathering has truly piqued the interest of many due to the wide variety of content it brings to viewers. 305 made, NYC raised, music has always been her heart and soul. In 2020, she featured on Hot 97 Pepsi Biggie Small Challenge, Dave East Virtual Artist Showcase, has worked with Dj Aktive and many other indie artists contests across social media. In 2023 , She has been featured on Dj Epps : Indie Thursdays and Goggle Press Certified.

[Video] April Is Real – Breaking Up Tonight


April Israel better known as stage name April Is Real is an R&B/Rap artist and songwriter of all genres. She is from Pompano Beach Fl where she began writing music at only 12 years old and now aims to bring back the soul into today’s music. You can check out the video for her 1st single titled “Breaking Up Tonight” on YouTube and all other digital platforms.

Twitter: @aprilisreal1
Instagram: @aprilis2real
Facebook: April Is Real (Recording Artist)

KayOne’s “Arch That Back”: A Sensual Anthem


Los Angeles, the epicenter of creativity, introduces rap prodigy KayOne, whose magnetic artistry is turning heads once again with his latest release, “Arch That Back.” Collaborating with Chris O’Bannon and Siete7x, KayOne delivers a rhythmic delight celebrating the allure of women.

Following his recent hit, “Darkest Night,” featuring the likes of Jon B, Daiyon, The Million Dollar Voice, and Tc Bradshaw, KayOne solidifies his reputation as a versatile artist who seamlessly blends old-school vibes with contemporary beats.

“Arch That Back” isn’t just a song; it’s an ode to empowerment, sensuality, and confidence. KayOne’s signature storytelling prowess, combined with his collaborators’ finesse, creates an infectious track that’s bound to captivate a global audience.

As KayOne’s star continues to rise, “Arch That Back” stands as a testament to his artistry and evolution, promising fans and newcomers alike an entrancing musical journey through the realms of modern rap.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kayone_dabarber
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kayone_dabarber?s=21&t=1nIXRd_8Hq9nLsfEnQplfg

[Single] DJT3 – WWYD ft Gorilla Zoe, P3rk, Big Boogie, Jessica Dime


Meet DJT3, the vibrant and electrifying New Orleans bounce artist who is taking the music world by storm. Hailing from the birthplace of jazz and infused with the spirit of Mardi Gras, DJT3’s music is an irresistible fusion of energetic beats, infectious hooks, and unapologetic self-expression.

Born and raised in the heart of New Orleans, DJT3 was immersed in a rich musical heritage from an early age. Growing up amidst the pulsating rhythms of bounce music, they found inspiration in local legends like DJ Jubilee and Fila Phil , DJ Jimi, Partners N Crime whose dynamic performances and distinctive style left an indelible mark on DJT3’s artistic journey for Old School Bounce with a New Age Feel!

From an underground sensation to a rising star, DJT3 has carved their own path in the world of music. Embracing the raw energy and empowering essence of bounce, they have cultivated a sound that resonates with audiences far and wide. Their music blends the traditional bounce elements with contemporary influences, pushing boundaries and keeping the genre’s spirit alive.

DJT3’s performances are nothing short of electrifying, with their boundless charisma and captivating stage presence commanding every audience member’s attention. But beyond the captivating beats and infectious dance moves lies a deeper message in their music. DJT3 uses his platform to speak about issues close to their heart, advocating for inclusivity, social justice, and the celebration of self-identity.

Throughout their career, DJT3 has earned critical acclaim and garnered a dedicated fanbase. They has released hit single that have climbed the charts and collaborated with renowned artists, infusing bounce music into the mainstream. Their dedication to their craft and unapologetic authenticity have earned them accolades and respect from fellow musicians and fans alike.

As DJT3 continues to blaze a trail in the music industry, their future seems brighter than ever. With each new release, they are set to push the boundaries of New Orleans bounce even further, leaving an indelible mark on the genre and inspiring the next generation of artists to embrace their roots and create fearlessly.

In a world hungry for fresh sounds and authentic voices, DJT3 stands tall as a beacon of New Orleans bounce music, representing the spirit, resilience, and vibrant culture of their hometown. With an unwavering commitment to their craft and a magnetic stage presence, DJT3 is poised to leave an enduring legacy in the music world and beyond. Get ready to bounce and be moved by the unstoppable force that is DJT3

Instagram : https://instagram.com/therealdjt3?igshid=OGQ5ZDc2ODk2ZA==

TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@theofficialdjt3

Steaming Links All Platforms: http://music.lnk.to/b6v2LI

[Single] Wunder “Woah”


Introducing Wunder, an artist with over 12 years of experience in the world of music. Throughout his musical journey, Wunder has found solace and a means of artistic expression, utilizing his craft to narrate his life’s tale. While his sound and creative direction have evolved over time, his unwavering musical vision remains intact. Wunder firmly believes in the transformative power of music, acknowledging its ability to heal at the deepest emotional levels. Consequently, he consciously strives to elevate the frequencies of his listeners through his music.

With a dream to inspire and motivate others positively, Wunder aspires to help people manifest happiness in their lives. His true purpose lies in crafting music and, in turn, documenting his life journey through his sonic creations. He weaves his personal experiences, including times of pain and despair, into stories of transformation, redemption, and rebirth. His music becomes a conduit for elevating consciousness and spreading positivity.

One of Wunder’s recent tracks, “Woah,” was born from a challenging period in his life. It was written shortly after facing the repercussions of a serious incident involving a car accident caused by driving under the influence, leading to the loss of his new car due to theft. Additionally, personal issues stemming from a communal get-together with his brother’s company resulted in his termination from the job that funded his studio equipment, marking a painful setback.

However, in the face of adversity, Wunder found strength and determination to turn his life around. He channeled his emotions into the creation of “Woah,” a song that serves as a reminder of the silver linings hidden within life’s curses. Despite facing dark times, Wunder remains committed to spreading light and positivity through his music, using his experiences as catalysts for growth and self-improvement.

“Woah” is not only a testament to Wunder’s resilience but also an embodiment of his artistic journey, representing a continuous process of transmuting hardships into meaningful narratives that resonate with listeners on a profound level. Through his music, Wunder offers a message of hope and empowerment, inspiring others to find their own path to transformation and a brighter future.

Download/Stream: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/wunder3/woahInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/wundermusic12/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA%3D%3D

[Single] Shyan Selah – Mama Told Me One Day


Shyan Selah is a Kentucky-born, Seattle-raised Creative Artist and Entrepreneur with over 20 years in the Entertainment industry.

“He’s the New Age artist, he’s a trendsetter, he’s a HOT ARTIST. He’s everything you love about music, and nothing you’ve ever seen before.” – Kevin Black – President of U CAN FLY, formerly Head of Urban Music at Warner Bros. and Sr. VP at Interscope

As the founder and CEO of Brave New World, Shyan has built a boutique entertainment firm combining a record label, music and film production, marketing, and management divisions. All the while he’s maintained a unique niche in progressive outreach for youth with his non- profit organization, The Shyan Selah Foundation. The combination of his Artistic skills, Business savvy, and dynamic Community Outreach endeavors have become his trademark which has served as a catalyst in the development of a formidable business culture. Based in the Seattle market, Shyan has led his company in the development of relationships with some of Seattle’s biggest institutions such as Starbucks, Amazon, Microsoft, Costco, and others are all a part of a new culture and network.

Most recently Shyan has joined forces with Washington State to launch three programs for his hometown community: Connect to Nature – an environmental awareness program for middle school students; The Artist Workshop – a monthly workshop series about various roles and careers in the entertainment industry for high school and college students; and The Black Eco Chamber, a small black business incubator. Shyan is also working on a variety of TV, Film, and Multi-media projects including the second season of his podcast, LIFE featuring exclusive interviews with guests from Shyan’s personal and professional experiences ranging from leaders in the entertainment, sports, education, political and business sectors. As of 2023 he’s been named one of Forbes Books newest authors with a book project to be released by year’s end.

As an International creative artist this Singer-Songwriter and Multi-Genre Music Artist has spent his career producing, recording and performing Hip Hop, Rock & Roll, Soul, Blues, R&B, and Jazz music. Shyan’s early childhood was influenced by his Gospel singing mother, a Record collecting father and his older brother, Marcus, who introduced him to Hip Hop. His childhood exposed him to a wide variety of legendary artists including Michael Jackson, Run DMC, Prince, Sting, LL Cool J, and James Brown; and as such, Shyan’s music style reflects the essence of these legends but authentically stands on its own.

“I think Shyan is an incredible artist. He reminds me of Nas meets Lenny Kravitz meets D’Angelo. He’s a fusion of so many styles.” – Jon Stockton – former VP of A&R – Bad Boy Entertainment, Def Jam West Coast Division, and Sony.

Shyan has shared the stage and worked with many world famous talents from all genres of music such as Robin Thicke, KRS One, Pink Floyd, Seal, and Ludacris to name a few. Shyan remains creatively active in the entertainment industry with ventures in television, film, fashion and music. His song “Sweet Little Lies” was recently featured as the theme music for the new Omar Gooding film “A Familiar Lie.” Shyan’s vibes are also being experienced as the theme music for famed fashion mogul Tommy Hilfiger’s new series, New Legacy Challenge. Currently, Shyan is in the studio he’s putting the finishing touches on the Cafe Noir LP, part of the Cafe Noir Project which for was featured as a special live performance experience in select Starbucks stores throughout the country.

“Shyan Selah’s music and message is good for the Starbucks brand.” – Paula Boggs – former Sr. Vice President & Lead Counsel for Starbucks Coffee


Shyan Selah’s social media links are as follows:

IG: instagram.com/shyanselah

FB: facebook.com/shyanselahmusic

Twitter: @theshyanselah

Youtube: @ShyanSelahMusic

[Single] Mike Lawry Baby ‘Sometimes it Snows in April’


Obey Your Dreams Presents

Mike Lawry Baby


Memphis, TN, April 28, 2023 – Mike Lawry Baby releases his 5th album, Sometimes it Snows in April. A native of Chicago, IL, Mike Lawry Baby is known for bringing his real life experiences into his music. From his high end metaphors, to his creative song topics, his music as well as his brand “Obey Your Dreams” is an inspiration to all, both young and old. 

“Sometimes it Snows in April” is more than just a hip-hop mixtape title; it’s a powerful metaphor for the unpredictable nature of life. Just like April is known for its sunny weather, we often expect our lives to be smooth sailing, filled with sunshine and warmth. But sometimes, just like that unexpected snowstorm, tragedy can strike when we least expect it. It can disrupt our plans, our emotions, and our entire outlook on life…just like the inconvenience of snow in April.

But even in the midst of the storm, we can find moments of beauty and resilience. We can learn to adapt, to find warmth in unexpected places, and to appreciate the sunshine when it returns. “Sometimes it snows in April” reminds us to cherish the good times, but also to prepare ourselves for the unexpected and to find the strength to weather any storm that comes our way. 

Follow @MikeLawryBaby on all social media and check out his website for exclusive news, music, merch and more… www.MikeLawryBaby.com

For Downloads and Streaming: Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, Pandora, Tidal, Deezer, iHeart, YouTube Music and everywhere music is sold online!

Song Credits:

  • 01. Mike Lawry Baby – Mad Mike (Produced by Beats by Nar)
  • 02. Mike Lawry Baby – Lose to Win (Produced by Mo C KXVI)
  • 03. Mike Lawry Baby feat. Eon4Eva – Sometimes It Snows in April (Produced by Kenneth English)
  • 04. Liyah Jonez & Mike Lawry Baby – Vibe (Produced by Raymond Trey)
  • 05. Mike Lawry Baby feat. Eon4Eva and Muchi – Freestyle (Produced by Muchi)
  • 06. Mike Lawry Baby – Party With the O.G.’s (Produced by Elijah Melo)
  • 07. Mike Lawry Baby & Fosta Ke – Dreams I Obey Them (Produced by K. Butler)
  • 08. Mike Lawry Baby – True Story (Produced by Aurora Beats x Ripless)
  • 09. Mike Lawry Baby – Hell Cat Freestyle (Produced by Mo X KXVI)
  • 10. Mike Lawry Baby feat. Don Trip – Long Live Ai (Produced by Bam Williams)

Executive Produced by Jay Shields, CEO @JayShieldsCEO

Brought to you by Obey Your Dreams and Southern Coalition Movement

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[Video] K3NN3DI – Bounce Back | @K3NN3DI


K3NN3DI is an internationally recognized supermodel ready to make her pop star debut with plans of further pursing a career in film & television. Representing Sweden by way of Los Angeles.

K3NN3DI invites fans to enter her world where they can indulge in a retro futuristic music style with infectious melodies, and high-fashion esthetic. K3NN3DI graduated from the renowned Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in Los Angeles. She has been featured in several films and globally known magazines such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.

K3NN3DI blends influences from artists such as MADONNA, Cindy Lauper & The Weeknd to create a refreshing retro-centric audible experience.

During the pandemic, many people experienced a variety of challenges that ranged from being separated from loved ones to losing them altogether.

It was during this period “Bounce Back” was created. A power song aimed at inspiring and lifting the spirits of its listeners. This track is intended to remind everyone that no matter what they may be going through, they have the strength to overcome it and come out even stronger, wiser, and better.

We believe that “Bounce Back” is a song that will resonate with anyone looking to embrace their true selves and rise above any obstacles that come their way.

Stream/Download Link: https://k3nn3di.lnk.to/BounceBack
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/k3nn3di
Bucked Up Energy Drinks: https://offers.buckedup.com/bogo-walmart-energy/?utm_campaign=ev&utm_source=music&utm_medium=k3nn3di