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Black Comedy Streaming Again in Hollywood

The Spotlight shines on LA’s rising talent from TheBrickTV.

Cinq Music Group and the Schweinbeck Diamond are producing a live stand up experience you can stream directly to your device!

Our Comedians: Chelcye Perry, Malik B, DeeCee Edwards, Chelsea Greaux, Kaydott and Courtney Bee are all national headliners who are set to graduate to the big stage!

Host Dajon Alford & Sean Conner

Let these future household names fill your evening with joy and give you a glimpse of the funny of the future!

Join us August 12 for our inaugural live taping and join TheBrickTV to keep up with all the episodes!

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Squalla (@callmesqualla) – Hell Nah (Single)


Squalla is back with a summertime smash ! Every year there is at least one song that becomes the summer and back to school anthem. This just might be the one for you. The title “Hell Nah” is pretty self-explanatory. 
“On a daily basis we are all met with a scenario in which the only response is “HELL NAH!”, something everyone can relate to. Produced by multi-platinum, Grammy nominated Mike Zombie, expect to be hearing this record for (at least) the remainder of this year.”

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 Instagram.com/callmesqualla @callmesqualla

Atlanta artist, EAZY, drops new single “Trap Hard”


EAZY is back motivating the streets with his new single “Trap Hard” this is the first single off his upcoming project Definition of the Grind #DOTG set to release this spring.EAZY talks about the grind and the daily struggles of making it out the bottom. Whether your in the streets, stripping, a doctor or a school teacher we all have a Trap so Trap Hard

@callmesqualla – Nasty (Single)

LISTEN HERE Houston raised/Los Angeles based artist, Squalla, is back with his first single of the year titled “Nasty” just in time for Valentines Day. “Play this with your Valentine after a romantic night out. I wanted to set the tone for my first release of the new year with something provocative and bold. Right in time for Valentine’s Day, “Nasty” is a vibe whether you’re headed out to get the night started or back at home when it’s all done. The straight forward lyrics and the monotone voice immediately sets the tone for a dark midnight mood. A different direction from what people can normally expect from Squalla. This one is for the grown and sexy.”-Squalla Follow Squalla: Instagram.com/callmesqualla @callmesqualla Twitter.com/callmesqualla @callmesqualla Facebook.com/callmesqualla

Fre$h Releases “Yea Yeah” Official Music Video



Fre$h is back with his first single/visual, “Yea Yeah” off his upcoming album #NothingChangedButTheName which drops December 3rd.
“When I thought about the video for this song I was instantly upset that my Porsche got totaled and wouldn’t be able to get a cameo. I reached out to my boy, Matt Leblanc, who owns a dealership with a bunch of old school Porsche’s and he allowed me to capture scenes there. I came up with the idea to stage a robbery using the concept from the movie “Point Break” wearing ex-president masks and to keep it fun we went with nerf guns instead of actual ones. With this being one of my favorites off the album and the first single it has to set the tone of what’s to be expected. #NothingChangedButTheName”

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Instagram: @imfreshdoe
Twitter: @elvisfreshley
Snapchat: fuhcwitfresh

VIDEO: Jacob Waddy – 2AM

Jacob Waddy recently signed with Auto Play Music to release the highly buzzworthy single “2am” in July. Now, he’s back with booze, gambling, and other late-night activities in the uncut but censored video directed by Cam Clay. The video starts in one of Atlanta’s most prominent nightlife districts, Edgewood, and ends in a posh hotel downtown. This song’s catchy hook, eclectic vibe, and creative video will prove that Jacob Waddy is one of Atlanta’s rising stars.

Fre$h Releases Latest Single “Yea Yeah”


[Produced by Lil Rod Made It]

Fre$h is back with his first single, “Yea Yeah”, off his upcoming album, “Nothing Changed But The Name”, which is set to drop at the end of the year.

“The song “Yea Yeah” was originally a freestyle melody. I was intending to gather the flow before I crafted my words but as I was freestyling I saw Rodney’s reaction and the words were so clear so we decided to keep it as is. I normally “over rap” so they say this was one of the first times I laid back on the beat and just vibed without my normal punchline & 4-5 syllable rhyme scheme. The energy of the song is what makes it and the transition at the end sealed it for me.”-Fre$h

Stay tuned for the official video dropping Friday September 24th and his follow up single titled “High Hills” Friday October 1st.

Social media:
Instagram: @imfreshdoe
Twitter: @elvisfreshley
Snapchat: fuhcwitfresh

Steelo Steezy Drops “Cartier Jeans” Visual


This highly favored video, Cartier Jeans, took immediate fire once it was released. For those who don’t know, Cartier Jeans are made of a very expensive fabric made by Cartier. As you listen to this track, you will hear a new sound from Steezy which expresses his Rock & Roll side mixed with a raspy rapping flow.

Steelo Steezy is an American rapper and entrepreneur born in Douglasville Georgia while raised in Atlanta, GA. Since the age of 7 years old, he has always had the visions and dreams of being one of the most influential hip hop artists of his generation.


His career began in 2015, at the age of 21, when he was signed by rapper Future, joining Freebandz as the youngest member of the label at that time.

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VIDEO: Freaky17 – SLAYED Featuring Markuz


Freaky17, former member of the JDBoyz, is now his own solo empire. The Florida native grew up in Atlanta on the east side Zone 6. A graduate of Redan High School, where he was voted most popular and eligible bachelor.

Now Freaky17 is an astounding entrepreneur along with his brother TP operating a successful luxury car lot,Top Notch Luxury Motors, in Decatur, GA. Freaky17 is also the CEO of his own label along with partner Ceo-Loki of Top Notch Music Group. Freaky17 is managed by business partner SuggaENT. 

He is no stranger to the industry and has been mastering his craft for several years creating many great hits such as “Fox5”, “Expensive Taste”, “Allotta” & “ApeShit” which had over 20K views on mymixtapez!

Freaky17 talents are unparalleled in the industry as he is a phenomenal creator of all his music. Stay tuned for more but for now check out his latest releases “Slayed”, “Racks On The Floor”, & “We The Wave”.

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Instagram @freaky1seven
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2020’s Latest Video To Their Single “Feels”

Honestly, this song came out of thin air! I was gaming at home and listening to beats. I found this beat and I knew off top the first verse had to be crazy! From there, I later linked up with the guys and we just had fun with the track.”

20020 is a hip hop trio composed of three “brothas” from different parts of Illinois. Dario (Cartay) of Joliet, IL jumped into music at the young age of 10. Earl (Eazzy) of Chicago, IL has always had a love for music and basketball. Roger (Rogy) of Bolingbrook, IL began his musical journey during his teen years. At the young age of 20 and with a clear vision of where they wanted their musical careers to go, the group developed the stage name 2020

As childhood friends, collaborators, and well versed artists, group members Cartay, Eazzy, and Rogy work tirelessly to continue building their brand and catalogue. These multi dimensional artists make for a great team. While all three are musicians, they each play a part in being the voice behind the creativity of their projects including but not limited to music videos, skits, cover art, etc. The team takes pride in creating new beats, dope sounds; their goal is to produce unmatched sound quality. 2020 strives to keep everything in house under their brand name ESS20. 

Collectively, the group is looking forward to their next move. They plan to continue building strong connections through networking and partnering with other artists. As social media continues to lead the way for major exposure, the group plans to put great efforts into building their following on all platforms. What we have here is a group of content creators, the opportunities are endless!

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